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Colgate 64

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Member since: Tue Jun 17, 2008, 02:38 PM
Number of posts: 14,732

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Can you believe the arrogance of this jackoff?

Went to renew my wife's passport by mail (hoping that someday we may be able to use it again). Everything was going fine until I looked at the mailing instructions: It says

For routine service, mail to

National Passport Processing Center
P. O. Box 640155
TRUMP, TX 75064

These people are impervious to reality.

I went Roto-Rooter diving over at FR to see what the intellectuals there were thinking.

The majority seem to be butt-hurt that Dummy left them in the lurch when he "gave up and left". Quite a few seem to have been Q believers, waiting until the very end for Trump to rise up and imprison all those nasty Democratic pedophiles/cannibals. Another genius suggested that Trump had no choice but to turn over power because he "read that they threatened to kill Barron if he didn't." "Where is Barron?", he asks. "Probably in protection".
But even among the less delusional remainder of the eductationally challenged, the disappointment was palpable. Perhaps the best example of this was this poor soul who chastised another Freeper for criticizing Trump for "leaving me hanging".

"I don’t know how much more we could expect from one man. <

To be honest, I expected a presidential news conference around mid-December. At the conference Trump would lay out all the evidence pointing to a stolen election (and I do believe the election was stolen).

Yes, we got tweets. But we never got that news conference

I don't think they'd recognize Irony if it bit them in the ass.

After this disgusting fiasco of rioters

occupying the Capitol unmolested Biden should, as one of his very first acts call for a complete investigation and reform of the Capitol Police force. Their acquiescence and complete subservience to the mob shows that, not only were they unprepared but they were also unwilling to do anything to stop the mob in its hours-long rampage. The force is obviously corrupted to the core. It needs eliminate every officer who failed to do his/her duty this disgraceful afternoon.

For those itching to see what Freepers think

about Trump's resounding defeat by the Supremes tonight, here it is for your dining pleasure:

You’d think that Kavanaugh or Barret or Gorsuch might have a little appreciation. But no. They are all cowards.

There’s a biker movie called “Stone Cold”. With William Forsyth and Lance Henriksen. At the end the bikers machine gun a State Supreme Court at the end. I have a copy. I think I’ll watch it again. Just for giggles.

16 posted on 12/11/2020, 10:57:31 PM

When some of our people start talking about "reaching out to

our opponents in the interest of working together", I offer this little tidbit from an ardent Trumper posted on FR tonight. I believe it more than adequately illustrates the folly of ever thinking that we can reason with these folk. Quote:

"Donald, like everyone else in the world I have known you for decades. I was always impressed with your success and I knew you were always Pro-USA.

I joyfully, gladly, and thankfully voted for you then, and I joyfully, thankfully, and proudly voted for you 4 days ago.

Nothing anyone would say would make feel any different.

I’ve donated to your campaigns and I donated twice since Tuesday to help pay for lawyers to fight the bastard democrats.

No matter what, my heart will always be with you, my prayers will always be with you.

I pray to our Father who art in Heaven that he blesses you and your team to defeat the evil that has gotten hold in our government. I KNOW that God chose YOU for this time, and I trust in HIS Will for the outcome.

I say unabashedly that I love you. I know that America loves you. I know God loves you. You are David. I am so grateful to God that He gave you to us.

No matter what, please, please, please, never forget that we stand with you and behind you, and we will stand in front of you when the time comes."

If Dipshit Donny actually goes ahead and holds

a 'rally" his weekend the networks ought to refuse to televise it, just as they did when the cut away from his bullshit 'pResidential address". No point in further exposing the country to all that poison and string of lies that will characterize all of his public pronouncements from now on.

Has Joe officially won Wisconsin?

Sorry -have been away with medical issues for my wife, just got home. I read a post saying that Joe had won Wisconsin but I can't find any validation. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

The only thing worse than Meet the Press with Chuckles Toad

is Meet the Press with Steve "Tigger" Kornacki.

"The infected President"

That's what Mika just called Dummy. It's absolutely perfect!

How do I post a clip from You Tube to a post in DU? Thanks!!!

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