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Colgate 64

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Member since: Tue Jun 17, 2008, 02:38 PM
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We will never be able to repay the courage of the unknown hero, he or she who potentially risked his/her employment in order to capture RMoney's famous 47% speech to his wealthy contributors. In a race as close as this one, I for one have no doubt that this one act of courage may have well been the one thing to bring home to the low-information voters and the apathetic public at large the REAL Mitt Romney. His own words validated in a way no others could our contention that the 'public Romney' was a fiction, an entirely different person than the 'real Romney'. Thanks to that video, people could see the real Romney with their own eyes and ears, and began to believe what we had been saying about him for months. Hats off to that great person, whoever you are!



Wednesday, November 07, 2012 7:42:42 AM · by · 40 replies
11-7-12 | Me

In protest: • I will NOT be spending any money which I absolutely DO NOT have to. Let this ass hat turn the economy around WITHOUT MY money and largesse • I have no confidence in him or his abilities, so I will sit on any plans I had to make large and unnecessary expenditures… Example: No remodeling in the kitchen, etc. • I will be the turtle who is going to crawl into my shell and wait out the storm. • I will carry on and increase, if possible, my ‘cultural dissidence’ by withholding MY disposable dollars… I will...

WOW! I guess THAT'LL show them, huh?


You just can't make this shit up. Taken from the septic tank a/k/a FreeRethuglic right now:

Wednesday, November 07, 2012 9:10:12 AM · by · 2 replies
11/07/12 | me

Revenge is theirs, they have control, they are in charge... they have wrested America away from us like a bully yanking a child's belongings out of his hands. We are the new minority but without minority status. They will remake America into their own liking, make constitutionalism a relic of the past. Our only power is to stand in resistance and thwart their aims, we will not give them an inch. We are Republican no more, we side with no party... we go underground now. We are the new minority, let us now become the New Resistance... we don't reach...

Like a bully yanking a child's belongings out of his hand. Wonderful! They are truly child-like in their belief that, polls and votes notwithstanding, their hero RMoney was going to pull it out and establish Jerusalem on the Potomac for them.

So, in the spirit of generosity and brotherly conciliation, I would like to say


Another 'tell' of Rethuglican panic

Just saw the latest of Rove's despicable 'Crossroads America's ads targeted to Latinos on Univision News (the largest Spanish language TV channel) tonight. It's the standard spiel with a Hispanic lady bitching about how Obama has been so mean to the indocumented immigrants that he actually deported some of them - Horrors! - but the best comes at the end. There's no plea to 'Vote for Mitt Rmoney'. In fact Rmoney and the Rethuglican party aren't mentioned at all. Instead, the money shot is the legend (in Spanish) "DON'T VOTE FOR OBAMA"

Shows real confidence in their candidate, don't you agree? The best that Rove and his fellow sewer rats can try to hope for is that they can get some Latino voters to not vote at all. Now, if that's not a winning message I don't know what is

Tonight could have been Rmoney's death knell

With the latest polling data, many of Rmoney's big money donors were quietly looking for the exit and potentially getting ready to stitch sides in order to be with the winner. Slimebags like Rove were beginning to shift monies away from Rmoney and put them instead in down-ticket elections for Senate and House. A good performance by the President might well have been the final touch to push all of them and make Rmoney's Presidential bid a dead item. But I fear that with the President's lackluster performance tonite, particularly when combined with his inability to challenge Rmoney on the myriad of lies he spouted are going to breathe a whole new life into the Rmoney campaign. The end result may well be an election a hell of a lot more in doubt than it should have been and that's a damn shame. I don't know why the President is unable to show more balls in confrontation with Rethuglicans. It's a trait which has in large part ruined much of his first term and may in the final analisys cost him his second term.

God, Chuck Toad is a loathsome little

woodchuck of a TV commentator. Watching Hardball and heard him pontificate on why Obama is only ahead because he got 3 or 4 'lucky breaks' during the course of the campaign until now, and how we can expect miracles from Rmoney because he's a 'seasoned debater who does well coming from behind in debates'. Do they really have to keep uttering this shit to keep the 'this is still a horserace' meme going?

The reviews for the First Presidential debates

are in from RW sources (With thanks to and acknowledgement of the source of these, the great BartCop):

"I thought Romney clearly won that debate. He looked confident,
- his answers were sharp and he appeared more presidential than Obama."
-- Bill Kristol, reviewing next Wednesday's debate

"It wasn't even close - not even close. Romney clearly won that debate.
Obama was flailing for answers - the president didn't have a good night."
-- O'Reilly, reviewing next Wednesday's debate

"Romney clearly won that first debate. Obama embarrassed himself.
Obama seemed tentative and meek, while Romney was calm and presidential."
-- Hannity, reviewing next Wednesday's debate

"Romney by a mile - and our post-debate polls show exactly that."
-- Lou Dobbs, reviewing next Wednesday's debate

" I half-expected Monica to come out and blow Obama."
-- the vulgar Pigboy, being the giant dick that he always is

Rude Pundit knocks it out of the park

with his description of Christie's eulogy to Republican Economics:

"Imagine you have a friend who a few years back heard that if you feed poodles money they will shit out gold bricks. So your friend starts feeding his hard-earned cash to all the pampered poodles he can find, and they gobble those bills down." clip

"Still, he clings to this bizarre, completely disproven idea: poodles shit gold. Now, after some time, he's low on cash. You tell your friend to stop putting out plates of money for the goddamned poodles. No, your friend says. Instead, he must cut back on other things, like doctor visits and food and more, just so he'll have the spare money to give the fucking dogs. "One day, these little bitches are gonna pay off," he tells you, sounding completely crazy, "and I'll be on easy street." But until then, he's just got hands that stink like dog shit. clip

I give up. How do you counter

the absolute witches brew of lies, distortions and half truths that the Rethugs and their willing handmaidens in hate radio and RW TV land of Faux spew into peoples' conscious and subconscious over the course of years now?

Had occasion to talk to a young guy who's putting in edging for some flower beds around the house. Turns out he's 20 years old, married a girl who he didn't love at 17 because she had a kid with another guy who left her and had nowhere to turn, is expecting his fourth kid soon and is struggling to start his own edging business. He loved to chat and I wasn't in any hurry. Somehow the topic of the November election came up and he asked me who I was going to vote for - I told him Obama.

He thought about it and then told me, "well, he (Obama)'s OK but I won't vote for him." So I asked him why. "It's because he's adding 14 billions of dollars in defect to the economy every year". I did my best to try to explain to him the deficit Obama was left with because of things like the Bush off-balance sheet wars, Medicare prescription drug expansion, etc, and he seemed to be getting it. But then, when I thought I might have actually made some progress he floored me with "well, it's really because of Obama's Health Plan that was caused when the Congress couldn't pay for the debt last year".

I tried my best to explain to him what had happened with the debt ceiling hostage negotiations last year and the Bush tax cut extensions, but I could see it just wasn't making any impression. What was apparent was that he had ingested a steady stream of RW talking points day after day, year after year and, although he had them all mixed up in his mind and didn't really understand any one of them clearly, what was clear is that his mind was made up. He's voting against Obama. Period.

How do we reach people like this nice kid who's one of the people Obama's policies will MOST help when they've been poisoned with the steady drip-drip of Rethuglican invective? Wish I knew...

Snow Snooki

Couldn't resist sharing the latest nom de guerre de Sister Sarah, compliments of a poster over at "News Hounds". Strikes me as absolute perfection.
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