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Gender: Male
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Jun 16, 2008, 10:59 AM
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Airbus Makes Beautiful Crosswind Landing At The End Of The World


The approach to Ushuaia International Airport in Argentina, near the southern tip of South America, is known for being windy. Last week, an Airbus A340-300 made a beautiful cross-wind landing there, kicking the crab out with a little cross control to keep the wings level and the aircraft from drifting off centerline.


Notice how low the wings are situated on the A340’s fuselage, and how much lower the bottom of the engine nacelles are. This requires the pilot to keep the wings as level as possible so nothing strikes the ground right before landing. On smaller or high wing planes, a wing down into the wind approach can be used instead of a crab, this is called a side-slip. Side-slip approaches can end with only one side of the aircraft’s gear touching down first, and its wing still drooped into the wind. As the aircraft slows, the wing can be raised and the landing gear on the other side of the aircraft can touch down safely.

EDIT: Direct Link to Youtube video

Do Schumer and the other Iran Hawks really want another war?

I'm not asking a rhetorical question. I want those who are students of the Iran situation to educate me.

If they want a war, do they really think they can sell that after Iraq?

If they don't want a war, what do they really want, and what do they hope to get out of it?

Hypocrisy on the part of some Physicists.

My opinion has always been that if the bomb has been available 6-12 months sooner, or the war lasted 6-12 months longer, then Berlin would have been the first target. Those who now condemn the use of the bombs on Japan would not have said a thing about their use on Germany. Their attitude would have been that the dirty Fascists got what they deserved.

The Nazis were executing more people toward the end of the war in the concentration camps because they had perfected the mechanical means of the Holocaust. How many Jews, Poles, Gypsies, homosexuals and others might have been saved if the war in Europe had ended 6-12 months sooner?

Those scientists who worked on the bomb (many of the Jewish refugees from Hitler) did not seem to develop scruples until it was clear that Germany would no longer be the target. They knew for a fact that Berlin, and its civilians would certainly be the main target. They certainly didn’t have any concerns about German civilians being killed.

And for those who cry moral outrage I see no difference between the fire-bombing of Dresden, Tokyo and other Japanese cities and the atomic bombings. Dead is dead.

The Japanese were just as bad as the Nazis. But too many people weep tears for the “victims" of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as if the Japanese did nothing to start the war in Asia. The Chinese suffered between 20-35 million casualties during the Japanese invasion of China (1937-1945). The Japanese forced Korean women into sexual slavery as “comfort women” in field brothels where the women were forced to sexually service, as many as 70 Japanese soldiers a day. In other words these women were raped 70 times a day for years on end. Everywhere the Japanese conquered, they acted like barbarians toward Allied POWS and civilians. The Japanese beat, starved, tortured and executed men and women. They used living human beings as living test subjects in their infamous biological warfare Unit 731.

People these days find it easy to take some moral high-ground when they are not involved in a war to the knife for the future of civilization. Hindsight is easy.

Finally, I personally think if Truman had not used the bomb out of moral scruples, and Operation Downfall had gone ahead, then America would have suffered terrible casualties. The truth about the bomb would have come out. And I think Truman would have been impeached.

Millions would died of starvation.

That is what a naval blockade, without invasion, would have caused.
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