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Gender: Male
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Jun 16, 2008, 10:59 AM
Number of posts: 8,621

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If this is your way of apologizing for calling the President

The vile name you did, I for one, am not accepting the apology. You're are going to have to do a lot better than that.

I expect vile name calling from Republicans. I don't expect it from a supposed Democrat, on a board that explicit supports the the United States Democratic Party.

I don't worship at the church of Will Pitt, either. You're lucky I'm not an Admin. If I were, I'd have PPR'd you in a second, and you would never be allowed back.

Treat MH370 tragedy rationally (official Chinese newspaper)


The Chinese government is telling their citizens to calm down and start planning funerals. It is already having an affect. Last week, family member were calling Malaysian officials "murderers", this week, the family members are "thanking" the Malaysian government. And they used the phrase "social norms" twice in the sentences. That is a big deal. After all, if the Chinese could be calling the Malaysian government names this week, they might be calling the Chinese government names, and that would be unacceptable.

However, today no matter how distressed we are and how many details that are not clear, it is certain that flight MH370 crashed in the Indian Ocean and no one on board survived. All the related parties can do is to continue to search for the wreckage, carry on negotiations with the Malaysian side for more information and prepare to make arrangements for funerals.

We should acknowledge that in the face of the tragedy of flight MH370, Malaysia did not pass the buck, and the whole of Malaysian society showed their deep sorrow and shame. Malaysian citizens, media and scholars all openly criticized the authorities for their misconduct in handling the case. Their public opinion did not claim that the incident was masterminded by an individual that does not represent Malaysia and its people and they did not retort to outside criticism and pressure. Chinese people should refrain from inciting criticism and instigating boycotts against Malaysia so as to avoid hurting the majority of people in Malaysia.

All Chinese people sympathize with the relatives of the passengers on board MH370 and share their sufferings. But we should also remember that a time of adversity is no excuse for trampling on social norms.

We can understand and tolerate those victim families' emotional catharsis as long as their behavior doesn't violate social norms.

Here in the US, CNN is basically non-stop Flight 370. Some of the things they have been saying are disgusting. Wolf Blizter has essentially come out and said the pilots did it on more than one occasion. And Ashely Banfield isn't really much better.

Toyota to pay $1.2 billion over unitended acceleration.




The Justice Department is set to announce as soon as Wednesday a billion-dollar agreement with Toyota to settle a federal probe of the automaker's handling of customer complaints related to unintended acceleration, people familiar with the deal said.

Toyota recalled millions of cars in 2009-10, after years of doing little beyond changing floor mats in response to complaints to federal auto safety regulators about acceleration problems in popular models.

The Toyota agreement comes with Bharara's office just starting to look into a safety issue at General Motors. The FBI, which conducted the Toyota probe, is now gathering evidence on the GM complaints.

GM has recalled 1.6 million vehicles worldwide over an ignition switch problem. GM engineers apparently knew about it years ago but the Detroit automaker did not move to recall vehicles until last month

One point two billion dollars. And it wasn't floor mats, stuck accelerators or driver error. And how many people died?

But, not one single SOB at Toyota, (or probably GM for their ignition switch flaws) will go to prison for any of this.
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