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Gender: Male
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Jun 16, 2008, 10:59 AM
Number of posts: 8,621

Journal Archives

When I was working on the railroad (no joke)...

We ran over a man laying between the rails, in a curve, near a street crossing. It was about 5am, light fog, the area was poorly lit, he was African- American and wearing all dark clothing and shoes. Truly the worst of all possible scenarios.

The train fully passed over him. Then it was my responsibility as conductor to go back and check on him. This was when we still had cabooses. He was dead of course. Considering what happened his body wasn't several injured. We were out of radio range, so I walked down the street to find a house with a porch light (this was before cell phones). It was the house of a preacher. I called the local police, they showed up, took our statements. The Justice of the Peace pronounced him dead, and they took him away in a hearse.

We were out of time, so they brought out a relief crew, and took us home in a crew van. We didn't have to testify in court, and I never heard the cause of death. In fact I never heard anything ever again.

Some crews I knew hit cars loaded with people and killed entire families, or even worse, carloads of teenagers from several families.

Those crews needed and got counseling. Then they had to undergo weeks testifying at trail.

The moral is when people try to beat a train, they're dancing with death, and most times they lose.

How the Chinese deal with those Giant Hornets.


Anyone doubt the power of a military flamethrower, here's the evidence.

You sound like some arrogant hipster calling out anyone..

Who dares to disagree with latest fad hipsters think is "cool". After all in this country, being "cool" is the ultimate goal in life.

And some people think Andre Serrano's Piss Christ is art but I'm not one of them. Just because someone labels something "art" does not make it so. I can call my hand a foot, but it doesn't make it one.

And yes, I'm am now an older person who finds tattoos unattractive. And it isn't about "outdated" tastes. My late uncle served in the Navy in WWII. He had tattoos covering both forearms. By the time I knew him, both forearms looked like someone had slopped blue-black ink on both of them. Not a single image was visible. So yes, I think about this young man who had tats done when we was 18, and 30 years later, he was still a handsome man, but his arms looked terrible. So that is what I think about when I think of people with lots of tats. Just wait until they get old.

You really are an extremely nasty person.

Wishing you Karma, and lots of it.

Wishing harm on another DU member is disgusting.

Your posts about, and toward gun owners are filled with nothing but anger, bile, venom, acid and hate.

You read just the like the very late, and very unlamented iverglas.

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