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Gender: Male
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Home country: USA
Member since: Mon Jun 16, 2008, 10:59 AM
Number of posts: 8,621

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I think the modern Olympics are a colossal waste…

IMLHO, all the Olympics are is:

An excuse for a certain class of “boosters” in a different city, in a different country, every two years to puff out their collective chest and show off how “great” is their city and / or country.

To spend billions of dollars to bring people to that city, so they can be sold a bunch of crap, and charge wildly inflated prices for services.

To tax the hell out of, and inconvenience the life of the people who live in that city, so some in said city can make boatloads of money.

So the IOC can make boatloads of money off everyone in sight.

So some sports network can make boatloads of money off everyone in sight.

To have a bunch of transnationals spend a bunch of money hawking their crap.

To have a bunch of “amateur” athletes, using every bit of modern technology available, perform like a bunch of circus performers for the entertainment of the masses.

If it were up to me, I would pick two permanent sites, one for the Summer Games, and one for the Winter Games, maybe in the middle of nowhere. Build them especially for the needs of the Olympics, and keep them up as needed. That would save money in the long run, and sure as hell wouldn’t inconvenience the life of the people who just want to go about their daily business in their home city.

What the Space Shuttle booster saw


You've likely seen other videos taken from cameras attached to the Space Shuttle and its boosters, but this is one is exceptional in two regards: it's in HD and the sound has been remastered by Skywalker Sound.

Watch, and more importantly, listen to the whole thing...at the very end, you can see the second booster land a few hundred yards away from the first one. Who knew that being in space sounds like being trapped with a whale underwater

Neat! Be sure and watch it in Full Screen.


Ron Perlman is a Hell(boy) of a Nice Guy

From SuperHeroHype Ron Perlman Puts on the Hellboy Make-Up Again

Take note of one of the most heart-warming stories we've ever posted on SuperHeroHype.

Spectral Motion, a well known special effects company which has worked on the Fantastic Four, Hellboy, and X-Men films, has been the location of two Make-A-Wish children's wishes. For one of them, Zachary wanted to meet and become Hellboy. When Ron Perlman heard about it, he couldn't refuse to don the horns once again.

Spectral Motion said: In the past three weeks, Spectral Motion has been honored to host two wonderful Make-A-Wish children, Caleb and Zachary. Zachary loved his visit for two very special reasons. It was Zachary's wish to meet Hellboy and also to become Hellboy. When the Make-A-Wish Foundation contacted Spectral Motion with this request, Mike thought it would be fantastic to have Ron Perlman reprise his role for the day. Ron loved the idea and donned the makeup once more (with the assistance of Lufeng Qu and Eden Elizalde) and also ordered a Hellboy sized meal of burgers, shakes, and fries for Zachary and his family and the entire Spectral crew to enjoy. Later in the day, Zachary was transformed into Hellboy with the assistance of makeup artists Lufeng Qu and Neil Winn. Both of the Make-A-Wish days were a complete thrill for the families of the children, as well as for the crew at Spectral Motion!

When you think of the many spoiled, narcisstic "celebrities" out there, it's good to see there are decent human beings like Perlman among them.

Biker almost killed by idiot driver

Damn, I don't ride, but this video scares the crap out of me. Be sure and watch the video to the very end.


Mother and her 4 girls have 13 boob jobs...

...now she wants one for daughter, 14.

MEET the Marshall girls — the family who’ve had more boob jobs than any other in Britain.

Mum Chantal and four of her daughters are all swelling with pride after a series of ops — and now they want youngest sister Britney, 14, to go under the knife.

Chantal, 53, is a size 32GG after four boob jobs. Emma, 30, is also 32GG after three ops, Ripley, 21, is 32DD after one, Terri, 27, is 34HH after three and Tara, 26, has had two ops to become 34F.

In total, the busty fivesome had nearly three litres of silicone put in their breasts in 13 ops.

Words fail me.....

35mm movie film print production / projection to cease worldwide by 2015

In other words theatrical movies will be all digital in the US, France, the UK, Japan, and Australia by the end of 2013. The rest of the world will follow in 2015. I've been expecting this to happen, but not so soon.

Time is running out for theaters that haven’t made the switch to digital projection. Studios’ use of conventional 35 mm prints “is projected to cease in the United States and other major markets by the end of next year, with global cutoff likely to happen by the end of 2015,” according to the latest IHS Screen Digest Cinema Intelligence Service report. There’s still a ways to go: The firm says that 51.5% of worldwide screens had digital projectors at the end of 2011, an increase of 82% from 2010. But IHS notes that soon it won’t be sufficient to have a digital projector. Director Peter Jackson is lobbying for theater owners pay for the software upgrade needed to show his upcoming The Hobbit films at 48 frames a second. That’s the speed at which he’s shooting the movies, up from the conventional 24 frames. At the end of 2011 about 50,000 of the world’s 63,825 digital screens, including 19,000 in the U.S., would be capable of being upgraded. Theaters with Series 2 DLP and Sony projectors will be able to accommodate Jackson. Pressure to upgrade won’t abate after The Hobbit.

One major reason for the shift: the price of silver (which is heavily used in film processing) shot up from $5 an ounce in 2010 to about $25 an ounce this year; and thanks in large part to that fact, the number of feet of film screened by distributors in 2012 dropped by 8 billion over the same 2-year period - from 13 billion feet of film a year in 2010 (equal to five trips to the moon and back) to less than half of that, down to about 5 billion feet of film in 2012.

The death of traditional film—outside of arthouse films and the occasional film student project—has been a long time coming. Film reels are more expensive than digital storage, degrade faster, and are physically much heavier to ship and carry around. Ars noted in 2006 that Canon and Nikon were taking losses on film cameras. We reported a few months later that some filmakers felt that digital film produced better movies, as it allowed them to keep the camera running while actors performed, rather than spending money on long rehearsals, only shooting when necessary.

James Cameron will give theater owners even more to worry about, because he plans to shoot his Avatar sequels at 60 frames a second.

Not that's power, isn't it? Essentially, if you want to show our films in your theaters (films that will likely be top ticket sellers) you had better pay for those upgrades, theater owners.

Note: A 60fps "standard" is part of the old "Showscan" cinematic process developed by Douglas Trumbull in the 1970s / 1980s.

Studios are making fewer film prints, opting instead to send out much cheaper data files. The problem for small theater owners like Wagner is that the equipment to play those files costs between $70,000 and $100,000.

“Basically, a lot of small towns in America I think are going to be without a movie theater," Wagner says. "I’m having a harder time getting prints as we speak.”

Some estimates predict as many as 10 percent of the nation’s theaters could shut down over this.

Shakespeare Insult Generator

Now here's a truly classy way to insult folks, directly from the Master.


Truly thou art damned, like an ill-roasted egg, all on one side.

Taken from: As You Like It

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