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Member since: Fri Jun 6, 2008, 03:47 AM
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Yes we are all Democrats. That is checking a box. No, we don't seem to have common aims in general.

Reposted as an OP by request.

No, it is not our common goal enrich the wealthy at the expense of workers.

It is not our common goal to propagate interventionist wars of aggression for wealth and power. 

It is not our common goal to export our jobs to pad pockets. 

It is not our common goal to loot the commons. 

It isn't our common goal to privatize public education. 

It is not our common goal to destabilize governments that don't play ball. 

It is not our common goal to continue the stupid and failed drug war. 

It is not our common goal to destroy regulation and oversight of business nor to turn it into a sham of "self regulation". 

It is not our common goal to crush the wages of the American worker. 

It is not our common goal to play global police force, particularly on our own budget destroying expense. 

It is not our common goal to prop and expand Too Big to Fail companies. 

It is not our common goal to cut Social Security nor does it appear to be a common goal to expand it. 

It isn't a common goal to subvert and destroy enumerated rights for security. 

It is not a common goal to whitewash and "look forward" and cover for torturing, murdering, destroying criminals. 

It is not our common goal to frack up the nation and drill, baby, drill anywhere except the very tippy top of the list of places it is irresponsibly insane to do so. 

It is not a common goal to set up a "just us" system where the rich and powerful are unaccountable. 

Sure there are common goals like wanting everyone to be able to vote or acceptance that someone has to pay to keep the lights on in the government, that government has a role in society, that generally speaking that at least the women who can afford an abortion hold have access to the service (if they can't gets a little more sticky, many support Hyde) but pretending they all are is absurd in its apparent belief that any outcome is possible from about any policy. 

No, I don't care one bit about the convictions of conservatives and corporatists other than they stop polluting the already too toxified nation with their nonsense not helping them fuck us over some more. 
No, it isn't my job to help anyone oppose and destroy much of what I struggle for to be "unified", some folks need to unify with the fucking TeaPubliKlans and stop trying to assimilate us to their worldview even if they are pro choice or the targets of racism. 

It is silly to work tirelessly to make the party come as close as possible to standing for nothing or everything and then turn around and be crying for absolute loyalty to the formless blob of nothing they created. 

It is a LIE, you cannot logically represent everyone someone will be represented and someone is going along for the ride and "Big Tent" is the refrain of those that demand more corporate and right wing domination. Never is it said to want more leftist voices...NEVER. It is wholly a guilt play to appeal to the liberal desire to be inclusive to advance contrary conservative interests. 

If you have been called a Conservadem, a Thirdwayer, or a DINO it is probably because you are corporate enabling, interventionist, free trading conservative that due to being temporarily embarrassed, not being overly churchy, a conservative minority the TeaPubliKlans will make a token of but never truly accept, embrace corporate politicians, or are a willing enemy to our civil liberties with a lame as circle D by your name while spitting venom about "the far left" like a Rush or a Prager, calling people lame shit like "firebagger" and "emoprog" and talking a lot of stupid shit about rainbow farting unicorns and ponies (no idea what the equine fixations are about, maybe this crowd really grew up wanting ponies). 
Posted by TheKentuckian | Tue Mar 3, 2015, 01:34 PM (185 replies)
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