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Gender: Male
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Home country: USA
Member since: Wed May 28, 2008, 03:30 PM
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God Did Not Write or Inspire the Bible

Here's my argument: Most modern theists believe that God either wrote or inspired the Bible. I don't accept this. Notice that nowhere in the Bible does God condemn slavery, misogyny, or war. In fact, He allowed all of them and even encouraged them.

Nowhere in the Bible does God encourage or even suggest democratic values, representative government, gender equality or other values that are important to modern Americans. Did these things never occur to the Supreme Deity? Apparently they did not.

I submit that the answer is obvious. God did not write or inspire the Bible. The Bible was written by humans, all of them males. The thinking of these males reflects the prevailing patriarchal culture in which they were born and grew up.

So, unless you want to believe that slavery, gender inequality, and non-representative government are God-approved eternal values and that democracy, representative government, and gender equality are modern innovations that are contrary to God's will, I suggest you discard the idea that God wrote, inspired or even approved the Bible.
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