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Gender: Male
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat May 24, 2008, 12:33 PM
Number of posts: 3,384

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by Victor Krag

'TWAS the winter of our discontent
The five of us living in this tiny tent
So very poor, though never a bore
Happy hiding out in an R.E.I. store.
Then, "Get out you! Go On! Shoo! Scram!"
The night-clerk yelled as we ran and we ran
Into the breezeway onto cold hard cement
The perfect preserver of floor condiment.
Chewing the Power Bars that we grabbed running out
Dipping them in catsup and the mustard strewn about
Bundling up boxes, all we could as we're moving
Cardboard was warm and gentle and soothing.

'To the far lot' I called to my good family
Taking shelter beneath a tall Christmas tree
The little one cried "Daddy, I think that I'm sick"
'Oh donít worry Tim, here comes fat old Saint Nick'
"Ho Ho Ho, now who have we here?
Easy now son, have some of my beer"

Things were looking better, though not as good as before
"Who's got it better than us?" was our chant in the store
"Nobody!" we yelled with all the pride we could give
Long after Levi's Stadium was built on the field where we'd lived.

Santa was cheerful and kind, but smelly
Offering us his moldy peanut butter and jelly
While Santa was ranting and burping bloviations
I began having some wild hallucinations
Moldy rye bread Iím told was hallucinogenic
And Santa's sandwich was hardly fresh nor authentic
Whoa, I see Dasher! now Dancer! now Prancer and Vixen!
Comet with Cupid and Donner and Blitzen
What's going to happen when this stuff really kicks in?!
My family are now elves drinking eggnog mint juleps
Christmas tree lights shooting laser-like bullets
And my boy Tim syncing Tip-Toe Through The Tulips

Our Santa is now kissing the Christmas tree vendor
Yep, Christmas is here, in all of it's splendor.

copyright 2013 Victor R. Krag

If Hillary Clinton was such a 'disaster' in the Senate, why did the Trumps give her all that money?

Trump, wife Melania & daughter Ivanka each donated $2k+ to her RE-ELECTION campaign.


Trump: 'So many people tell us how we need to be politically correct and those

people are calling me the bully. Well look, the media is liberal biased!'

Okay, he didn't say that, not that I know of,

But think about it.

Flat tax - no such thing. A poor person pays a higher tax rate vs income on ALL goods.

Flat tax - no such thing. A poor person pays a higher tax rate vs income on ALL goods.

Example: If you make 100 bucks a day and buy a coat for 20 bucks, you're going to pay approximaely an additional 1.70 in sales taxes. = .017 % tax of income. If you make 500 bucks a day and buy the same coat = .0034 % tax of income. So the guy who makes 5 x as much is paying 1/5 of the taxes on that coat vs income = less income tax for the more you make. How are you going to work that into a "flat" tax? Eliminate all taxes but income tax? Good luck with that.

Just look at all of these USDA Socialist / "Commie" Programs that benefit CONSERVATIVE RURAL AREAS!!

Deadline to Enroll in Cotton Ginning Cost-Share Program is Aug. 5
Dairy Producers Can Enroll to Protect Milk Production Margins
FSA Unveils Monthly Webinar Series
USDA Encourages Producers to Consider Risk Protection Coverage before Crop Sales Deadlines

See more at link::

Direct Loans
Guaranteed Loan Program
Beginning Farmer Loans
Loans for Targeted Underserved Producers
Youth Loans
Borrower Training


Helium walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve

noble gases here." Helium doesn't react.

Excellent Way to Explain the Need for Public Financing of Our Elections

A true democracy needs an informed voter who knows who is funding the person that they plan to vote for and who's funding the other side as well. We need to know the political motivations of the financial backers of every candidate. Who do they actually represent? How can a voter trust a politician who owes favors to commercial / corporate / secret donors? Most common sense persons do not trust our representatives which in part, leads to the record-low approval ratings of Congress.

It is also obvious that our elections have become too long (Canada = 78 days), too expensive and politicians will write laws that are going to bring them the most election funding from large donors -that's not you or me - it is mostly oil and coal energy companies, defense contractors, insurance, banking, pharmaceutical and agri-type of conglomerates that donate the Big Bucks to national candidates. State elections have their own issues.

THE BIG PICTURE: Voters here in the U.S. must demand PUBLICLY FINANCED ELECTIONS with strict spending limits because WE ARE ALREADY PAYING for elections THROUGH THE HIGH COSTS OF insurance, education, prisons, crime, pharmaceuticals, energy, food and even war. Much of the money you spend on goods goes into the pockets of a politician who may vote on legislation that is bad for you, or worse, for the entire country.

You know the saying, "the best Congress money can buy! " - it is more truthful now than ever with the previously conservative-led SCOTUS making "Citizens United" legal. The word "Citizens" is really 'Corporations', but conservative leaders don't tell us that. Many Dem leaders have called for the end of "Citizens United" but not ONE single word coming from Republicans. Care to guess why??

We are quickly on our way to becoming a third-world country where leaders are paid-off by corporations and the "we people" are left out of the picture.
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