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Hillary Clinton Aide DECLINES To Answer Questions About Email Server Setup


Mrs. Clinton has maintained that she thought she was following the precedent of other secretaries of state, including Colin Powell, who used personal email.

“It was still a mistake, and if I could go back I would do it differently,” Mrs. Clinton said on CNN Tuesday. “I understand people may have concerns about this, but I hope voters look at the full picture of everything I’ve done in my career and the full threat posed by a Donald Trump presidency.”

Mrs. Clinton’s email setup is also being probed for the possible loss or mishandling of classified information. As part of the public release of her emails, the government ultimately deemed that more than 2,000 emails in Mrs. Clinton’s inbox contained information that is now considered classified, including emails from aides and other State Department staffers.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign notes that those emails contain no marking showing they were classified and has argued that the government often over-classifies information.

As part of another Freedom of Information Act request, the Republican National Committee obtained copies of nondisclosure agreements signed by Mrs. Clinton’s top aides, including Mr. Pagliano and top policy staffer Jake Sullivan. Those documents, provided to The Wall Street Journal this week, show that all State Department employees were warned against unauthorized disclosure of information and cautioned that such information can be “marked or unmarked.”

Mr. Sullivan was the author of more than 200 of the now-classified emails found in Mrs. Clinton’s inbox, while Mrs. Clinton herself wrote about 100. The rest came from dozens of others inside and outside government.



Jerry Brown vs. Bill Clinton - 1992 Democratic Primary DEBATE

"You're not worth being on the same platform as my wife," Bill Clinton told Jerry Brown in a 1992 Democratic primary debate in Chicago after Brown accused Clinton of funneling Arkansas state money to Hillary Clinton's law firm.

Hillary Clinton Says Email Scandal Depends On Meaning of 'IS' Is


It's NOT JUST the Speeches: Hillary Clinton QUESTIONED Over Son-in-Law’s TIES to Goldman Sachs

The California primary is just over one week away, and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in a dead heat. Hillary Clinton has changed this week’s campaign schedule to add more California stops in order to try to reverse Sanders’ growing momentum. Yet multiple issues have continued to dog Clinton’s campaign, including the question of her connection to Goldman Sachs. The Wall Street giant paid Clinton $675,000 in 2013 to give three speeches. And now new questions are being raised about the ties between Goldman Sachs and Hillary’s son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky. Mezvinsky worked at Goldman for eight years and then formed a hedge fund in part with help from Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein. For more, we’re joined by Intercept investigative reporter Lee Fang. His recent piece is headlined "Hillary Clinton Won’t Say How Much Goldman Sachs CEO Invested with Her Son-in-Law."

Hillary Clinton Might Be GOING DOWN Over Emails But Timing Is Everything


Hillary Clinton’s situation was described plainly by Dan Metcalfe, the former director of the Justice Department’s Office of Information and Privacy, in an article he wrote for Law Newz. Dan is now retired, but he served in the Justice Department for over 25 years. Mr. Metcalfe dispels the half-truths told in the media concerning Hillary’s email.

“No, her self-serving email set-up was not ‘allowed’ under the State Department’s rules. No, she was not ‘permitted’ to use a personal email system exclusively as she did. No, what she did was hardly just a matter of her ‘personal convenience.’ No, there is no evidence that any State Department attorney (other than perhaps Secretary Clinton herself) ever gave ‘legal approval’ to any part of her special email system. No, everything she did was not ‘fully above board’ or in compliance with the ‘letter and spirit of the rules,’ far from it. Yes, she was indeed required by the FRA to maintain all official emails in an official system for proper review, delineation, and retention upon her departure. Yes, her private server equipment was in fact the subject of multiple attempted intrusion attempts (i.e., hacks), including by foreign nations. The list goes on and on.”

Hillary Clinton really is in a lot of trouble, according to Mr. Metcalfe. The emails were negligently handled in clear violation of State Department regulations. Then, half the emails were deleted and the account allegedly hacked. The FBI was able to save the emails with hard drive forensics, and so the FBI is now reading her emails. This leaves three potential issues. First of all, the potential to be charged with criminal negligence for her careless treatment of classified information. The second issue is the likelihood that the emails were hacked by foreign powers. The third issue involves the contents of the emails themselves. What will the FBI find? What was Mrs. Clinton hiding?


Hillary Clinton’s email case is being investigated by one of the finest FBI directors in history, according to Mr. Metcalfe. He firmly believes this man will hold Clinton responsible for her actions, regardless of the political mess it could make.

“The ongoing investigation of Ms. Clinton’s misconduct is being conducted by the FBI, under the leadership of FBI Director James Comey. Those of us who worked under him when he was the deputy attorney general during the George W. Bush Administration know him to be an exceptional man of utmost integrity, one who can be counted on to recommend a criminal prosecution when the facts and the law of a case warrant it, regardless of political circumstances. Given that the facts and law are so clear in Ms. Clinton’s case, it is difficult to imagine her not being indicted, unless Jim Comey’s expected recommendation for that is abruptly overruled at ‘Main Justice.'”

Hillary Clinton is likely to go down with James Comey at the helm of her investigation. Mr. Metcalfe then poses an interesting question: At which time would be most advantageous to Democratic Party leaders for Hillary’s indictment to happen?

“Sometime between now and, say, (a) the time of the convention at the end of July; (b) the time of the general election in early November; or (c) Inauguration Day in January. Which possibility would you prefer?”

Hillary Clinton’s email situation will be used in some way by the Democratic Party and other movers and shakers in the political scene, according to Dan Metcalfe. He postulates on how government and business figures will deal with the situation in order to maintain the status quo for four more years. He admits his further speculations are fanciful, but is there a thread of logic in what he says? Considering the man’s vast experience, he certainly has a unique perspective on insider politics.

“(1) Clinton gets indicted as she ought to, but not until shortly after the convention; (2) the evidence presented in the indictment (as well as that proffered to her and her attorney privately) overwhelmingly proves to her that she in fact has bigger concerns in the coming months than running for the presidency; (3) Clinton is thereby forced to step down as the nominee (a difficult prospect to conceive of, to be sure); (4) the Democratic Party (translation: President Obama, as its leader) declares an ‘unprecedented’ emergency and asks everyone to rally around a replacement ticket; and (5) slyest of all, the Democratic Party asks Senator Sanders to please not fight this, which he could not so easily do anyway once his ‘clout’ is dissipated upon the convention’s conclusion.”

Hillary Clinton is going to have to resign right after the convention, but not before, speculates Dan Metcalfe. If she were to be forced to resign prior to the convention, then Sanders would become the nominee, and that is not what the Democratic Party or big donors want. Those in power want to rid themselves of the outsiders, both Trump and Sanders. Mr. Metcalfe’s theory is that once Hillary has named a VP, that person would become the candidate and then the U.S. President. He predicts that either Joe Biden or John Kerry would be likely choices for vice president, and then eventually the Democrat candidate if Hillary is unable to continue. Donald Trump echoes the same idea in the video below. It is, of course, simply speculation on the part of Dan Metcalfe, but it will be interesting to see if he is correct.



Can A Person Be ELECTED President

If they are stripped of security clearances because of negligence?

Bernie Sanders CALLS Hillary Clinton's Plans for Puerto Rico ‘Too Little, Too Late’


Sanders Calls Clinton Plans for Puerto Rico ‘Too Little, Too Late’

MAY 30, 2016

OAKLAND, Calif. – U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday called Hillary Clinton’s shifting positions on critical issues facing Puerto Rico “too little, too late.”

“As has happened many times before, Secretary Clinton has changed her mind and is inching closer to positions I have taken,” Sanders said, “but what she says only days before Election Day in Puerto Rico is too little, too late.”

Clinton had supported a controversial bill in the U.S. House of Representatives to establish a control board stacked with Republican congressional appointees which could impose harsh austerity measures to deal with Puerto Rico’s $70 billion debt. After Sanders came out against the bill, Clinton now has voiced vague reservations about the measure.

On another important issue, Sanders was the first presidential candidate to call for the release from prison of Oscar Lopez Rivera, an ailing 73-year-old political prisoner. Now, one week before Puerto Rico’s presidential primary, she says she would “evaluate the case.” Sanders said, “I am glad that she wants to review the case of Oscar Lopez Rivera but the time for review is over. Oscar Lopez Rivera should be freed.”

What to do about Puerto Rico’s debt is perhaps the key immediate issue. While Clinton’s posture is shifting, Sanders has been a clear and outspoken opponent of the disastrous House Republican plan to impose an unelected control board that could slash pensions, close hospitals, fire teachers, raise taxes and privatize government assets without any input from the island’s 3.5 million American residents.

Clinton now says Puerto Ricans should “have a voice in any oversight board.” Sanders position is clearer and stronger. “I am glad she is taking a new look at the control board but this is too little, too late,” Sanders said.

Sanders said he will soon introduce legislation that would allow Puerto Rico’s debt to be restructured in a way that protects pensions and ordinary investors. His legislation will make it clear that the Federal Reserve has the authority to facilitate an orderly restructuring of Puerto Rico’s debt. It also would provide emergency assistance to Puerto Rico to create jobs, reduce the poverty rate and end the territory’s reliance on dirty fossil fuels.


Bill Clinton Reportedly Talked On The Phone w/Trump To ENCOURAGE Him To RUN Last Year

Lee Fang @lhfang

Bill Clinton reportedly talked on the phone w/Trump to encourage him to run last year.

What if Trump recorded the call and will release?

Bernie Sanders Campaign CHALLENGES Frank and Malloy Roles at Democratic Convention


Sanders Campaign Challenges Frank and Malloy Roles at Democratic Convention

MAY 28, 2016

WASHINGTON – In a formal credentials challenge, Sen. Bernie Sanders’ campaign on Friday asked for the ouster of two “aggressive attack surrogates” for Hillary Clinton from key Democratic National Convention committees.

The campaign called for the removal of Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy as a co-chairman of the Platform Committee and former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank as head of the Rules Committee.

“Governor Malloy and Mr. Frank have both been aggressive attack surrogates for the Clinton campaign,” Sanders campaign counsel Brad Deutsch wrote in a letter to the party’s Rules and Bylaws Committee. “Their criticisms of Sen. Sanders have gone beyond dispassionate ideological disagreement and have exposed a deeper professional, political and personal hostility toward the senator and his campaign.

“The chairs therefore cannot be relied upon to perform their convention duties fairly and capably while laboring under such deeply held bias. The appointment of two individuals so outspokenly critical of Sen. Sanders, and so closely affiliated with Secretary Clinton’s campaign, raises concerns that two of the three Convention Standing Committees are being constituted in an overtly partisan way designed to exclude meaningful input from supporters of Sen. Sanders’ candidacy.”

Under party rules, Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz recommended 25 at-large appointments to the party’s executive committee for each of the three standing committees: rules, platform and credentials.

To read the letter, click here.


Chuck Todd: "Convenience" WAS NOT The Reason Hillary Clinton Had A Private Server

MSNBC's Chuck Todd comments on Hillary Clinton's attempt to triangulate an effective counterstrategy to Donald Trump, while trying to explain away the revelations about her private email server.

"If she said she did it because she was trying to make it harder for Congress to do what they always do -- she could have made it political... and said that was wrong. But admitting that that was the reason, making it harder to do investigations, she could have spun it, saying they'll come after me on anything."

"By trying to come up with other reasons, that doesn't make sense. What was the most logical reason to do this? Convenience isn't it. It is not a convenient thing to have a server in your house. Nor is making it so it is outside the reach of the federal records law, that is the only logical reason to do it."

Andrea Mitchell: "And Freedom Of Information Requests (FOIA)


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