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Member since: Tue May 13, 2008, 03:07 AM
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You Are Being MANIPULATED: 'Neutral' Media Pundits Have Financial Ties to Hillary Clinton Campaign

In the next coming weeks, you will be confronting a slew of David Brock/Podesta campaign disinformation ploys trying to control the narrative with Bernie supporters that the race is over.......

They employ an army of media taking heads to create whatever reality is required.

Media pundits are lying to voters about their financial ties to the Hillary Clinton campaign. The Intercept's Lee Fang revealed how supposed "neutral" democratic strategists are painting a pro-Hillary narrative under the guise of objectivity, when in actuality, they have financial ties to the Clinton campaign.


Even Critics Understate How CATASTROPHICALLY BAD The Hillary Clinton-LED NATO Bombing Of Libya Was

A Pentagon intelligence official told Seif Qaddafi that his messages were falling on deaf ears. “Everything I am getting from the State Department is that they do not care about being part of this,” he explained.

“Secretary Clinton does not want to negotiate at all,” the U.S. intelligence official added.

The New York Times published two lengthy pieces this week detailing Hillary Clinton’s role in the 2011 NATO bombing of Libya. Both are important documents, and provide much insight into how, as secretary of state for the Obama administration, Clinton played a uniquely hands-on role in the war. At 13,000 words in length combined, the articles are important contributions to the historical record. Yet although they are critical of Clinton and her leadership in the conflict, they fail to acknowledge the crimes of U.S.-backed rebel groups, and ultimately underestimate just how disastrous the war was, just how hawkish Hillary is and just how significant this will be for the future of the United States — not to mention the future of Libya and its suffering people.


Clinton’s leadership in the catastrophic war in Libya should ergo constantly be at the forefront of any discussion of the presidential primary. Throughout the campaign, Clinton has tried to have her cake and eat it too. She has flaunted her leadership in the war as a sign of her supposed foreign policy experience, yet, at the same moment, strived to distance herself from the disastrous results of said war. Today, Libya is in ruins. The seven months of NATO bombing effectively destroyed the government and left behind a political vacuum. Much of this has been filled by extremist groups.

Millions of Libyans live without a formal government. The internationally recognized government only controls the eastern part of the country. Rivaled extremist Islamist groups have seized much of the country. Downtown Benghazi, a once thriving city, is now in ruins. Ansar al-Sharia, a fundamentalist Salafi militia that is designated a terrorist organization by the U.S., now controls large chunks of it. ISIS has made Libya home to its largest so-called “caliphate” outside of Iraq and Syria. Thousands of Libyans have been killed, and this violent chaos has sparked a flood of refugees. Hundreds of thousands of Libyan civilians have fled, often on dangerous smuggling boats. The U.N. estimates more than 400,000 people have been displaced.

A disjointed peace process, mediated by the U.N. and other countries, drags on, with no signs of the war ending anytime soon.



LEE FANG: "This Is Fascinating And I'm Sure It Will Be IGNORED In The Post Election Analysis on TV"

Lee Fang Verified account @lhfang Lee Fang

Retweeted Nick Riccardo

This is fascinating and I'm sure it will be ignored in the post election analysis on TV, which heightens the problem

Nick Riccardi Verified account @NickRiccardi

Biggest predictor of Trump support is feeling voiceless. Fascinating stuff from Rand Corp


Bernie And His Campaign Are SMARTER Than You Think.

As the delegate totals rolled in and Bernie had his victory speech in Vermont, he had a very telling line.

“This campaign is not just about electing a president,”

Later his campaign manager, echoed this refrain by saying:

“You know, I think our supporters are enthusiastic about Bernie and his message, not enthusiastic about his delegate totals,”

These quotes both point toward the same conclusion. The Sanders campaign recognizes that the path forward to the White House is very steep, perhaps impossible. Despite that, the Sanders campaign is ready to fight for something more than electing a president. What could that be? To this Democrat, the ideal scenario would be that they could build the infrastructure of a lasting movement within the progressive community in the United States. A movement that organized small donors to compete against big donors. A movement to push political conversation to the left. A movement that just might help other progressive politicians get elected to other seats in the future. A movement that is bigger than just Bernie Sanders. Can they do it? It will depend on the voters he has mobilized. If they can see beyond Bernie, and attach themselves to the causes he supports rather than the individual running for President.

Win or lose this nomination, it appears to me that they are in this for the long haul.


Hey Hillary, What Do You Have To Say About BILL CLINTON BLOCKING VOTERS!

Interesting? Lee Fang

Lee FangVerified account‏@lhfang
Lee Fang Retweeted bostonmagazine.com

Michael Whouley, now advising Bill, previously used Gore's 2000 motorcade to block Bradley voters from NH polls

​UPDATE: #MoveBillGetOutTheWay hashtag now active:
Spencer Reed ‏@SpencerColeReed 5h5 hours ago

Video of Bill Clinton in MA apparently blocking a voting precinct for over two hours today. #MoveBillGetOutTheWay bit.ly/...

I thought that I had lowered my expectations in this election. But to have this outrageous theft of voting by blocking voting by Bill/Hillary Clinton is beyond the pale.

Bill Clinton, for those of you who haven’t heard, crisscrossed all over Massachusetts voting stations, and BLOCKED THE VOTING FOR SEVERAL HOURS while people were held in line to wait or told to come back. He blocked the vote of citizens of this country and used a bullhorn to urge people to vote for Hillary right within the polling station immediate area in violation of Massachusetts law, apparently. Coincidentally, this happened in heavily Sanders areas.

People do not have hours to wait in line to vote. They have work to get back to, children to pick up, apppointments to keep, and some people are not physically able to withstand that long a wait. This amounts to blocking the voting. I just cannot believe that this has happened. And so openly.


I cannot believe the utter contempt for the democratic voting process by the Clinton Machine…..


If you are a Clinton supporter and dont’ see what the matter is with this, then there is nothing anyone can do to explain it to you. Just imagine that a Bernie surrogate prevented the voting in a heavily Clinton area.

THIS IS SERIOUS. Mr. Sanders, do something to protect your voters and all voters. This is the type of shit that African Americans have had to put up with all their existence. Now it is being done to Bernie supporters.

This is unAmerican, unDemocratic……

A Massachusetts voter was fuming after she says her polling location was shut down to accommodate a visit by Bill Clinton on Tuesday.
Angela Grace posted cell phone video showing orange barrels and yellow police line tape at what she says was a New Bedford voting location.

“I haven’t seen one person be able to come in and be able to vote in here. Everything is blocked off. No person can park here.

“They are affecting the voting at this poll. It’s ridiculous. It’s fraud and illegal,” she declared while panning the camera across the scene showing the media and police milling about while dozens of observers are cordoned off.

“From one side of the street to the other, there’s no way anybody can get down here to vote.”

She laid the blame at the feet of the New Bedford mayor, Jon F. Mitchell.

“Mayor of New Bedford, MA campaigning for Hillary and blocking this voting poll!!! No one has come here to vote in the 2 hours I’ve been here by the door!!” she wrote in the video description.

Another video, posted by WFHN, shows Mitchell speaking into a bull horn after Bill Clinton addressed the crowd for several minutes.



APPLAUDING Bernie Sanders For Tonight's WINS

Bernie won:

* Vermont

* Colorado

* Minnesota

* Oklahoma

* * Close to tie with Massachusetts.


Van Jones vs. Jeffrey Lord SMACKDOWN!!

CNN's resident Van Jones vs. Jeffery Lord for Donald Trump fostering and feeding off of anti-black racism.





Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton responds to a young woman in Minnesota who appears to challenge Clinton on whether she has a plan on addressing diversity of elected officials.

"..So, why don't you go run for something then..."

As Super Tuesday Gets Underway, Bernie Sanders DIGS IN For The LONG HAUL


Following a big primary loss in South Carolina over the weekend, Bernie Sanders promised that he was in the race for the long haul—and then subsequently raised $6 million in one day to amass a total of $42 million in February alone. That's the most any presidential candidate has raised in a single month in 2016, including Hillary Clinton, his chief rival for the nomination.

"Tomorrow, all over the country our campaign is taking on the political establishment," the senator from Vermont told reporters during a press conference in Boston on Monday. "We will do well tomorrow if there is a large voter turnout, if working people, if young people, if people in many cases who have given up on the political process want to stand up and fight back and they come out to vote tomorrow."

Tuesday is one of the biggest primary days of the election season, with voting taking place in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming, and American Samoa.

"At the end of tomorrow, I think 15 states will have spoken," Sanders said Monday. "Last I heard, we have a lot more than 15 states in the United States of America, and I think it is more than appropriate to give all of those states and the people in those states a chance to vote for the candidate of their choice."

Recent polls have shown Clinton leading in those states, but more optimistic news for Sanders' campaign came Tuesday morning with a new poll showing that Sanders would win against GOP frontrunner Donald Trump by 55 to 43 percent—an even bigger margin than Clinton, who would win against Trump by 52 to 44 percent, according to the CNN/ORC survey of 920 registered voters. Sanders on Tuesday reiterated his attack against Clinton's reliance on big money donors, stating,

"I don't think real change comes about when your super PAC raises many millions of dollars from Wall Street, from the drug companies, from the fossil fuel industries."

His campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, noted that Clinton finished out the month with private fundraising events in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, and added, "Our supporters are a firewall protecting Bernie from the Clinton campaign’s wealthiest donors and super PACs. But with the amount of high-dollar fundraisers she's held this month, it's hard to see how we possibly raised more money than Secretary Clinton in February."


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