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Judge ALLOWS Utah To CONTINUE ISSUING Same-Sex Licenses

HEY UTAH............................

A federal judge on Monday denied Utah's request for a stay on the Friday ruling that struck down the ban on same-sex marriage while the state appeals that decision, according to Fox 13 News Salt Lake City.

County offices, which quickly began issuing licenses on Friday after the ruling can continue to do so while Utah fights the decision in court.


Duck Dynasty is a FAKE Yuppies-in-Red-Neck-Drag CON JOB


In this extremely funny and NSFW rant, my new pal Dusty truly cuts to the chase on this entire "Duck Dynasty/Free-the-Hate Speech" embroiglio in a way that no one else has before. First he points out the obvious that A&E has every right to hire, suspend and FIRE anyone they feel like, particularly if they think that person has damaged their corporate brand. Let me also quickly mention that Duck Dynasty creator Scott Gurney appears to have appeared in an Indie Gay Porn Film in the past, so he either is Gay or is sympathetic enough to be capable for playing Gay on film and therefore if anyone has a right to feel he doesn't need to Put Up With Robertson's comments - it just might be someone like Mr. Gurney. - Dusty then points out some other obvious things, such as the fact that Phil Robertson IS RICH, and although Jesus really didn't say anything definitive about Gays (although did mention people being "born Eunichs" whatever that means) He DiD. Talk. About. The. RICH!


Phil quoted that pretty accurately, but does he truly understand it because that particular section was really about lawsuits between the faithful. The point being that you shouldn't need lawsuits if everyone is behaving honorably and fairly. Anyway... the real kicker that Dusty brings up is the fact that Robertson's "Red Neck Pose" is just that - a Pose. It's Marketing. It's HYPE. Just have a look at these family photos from before and after their show began.


The Brothers in school



Interesting that none of the wives have chosen to present themselves in Costume as the Brothers have. Oh well, I guess they don't get as much screen time. Apparently all you have to do is stop shaving and cutting your hair for six months, add flannel and camo plus a little Yeehaw and PRESTO - Instant Red-Necktm.

Like most reality shows, this one is just another elaborate manipulation of the public. It doesn't matter what nuttiness Phil says to GQ, I'm willing to bet he doesn't even mean any of it and was simply out to stir up a pot of controversy - in the end it's all according to the script. This show now has more support and more eyes on it than it ever will. A&E couldn't have pulled off a multi-media coup like this if they Tried. I mean, as I type this there doing a Duck Dynasty story on "OMG! Insider", and doing it without mentioning a single word of what Phil actually said.

Free Media Marketing 101.

This is a Scam. These guys are Acting. America has been Pwned! Don't believe the Hype.



Rhema Marvanne's 'O Holy Night' Is Heartbreaking: 7-Year-Old Sings Like Angel In Memory Of Her Mom

Rhema Marvanne's solo rendition of "O Holy Night" is heartbreakingly moving, and she was just seven years old when she recorded it.

The tiny songstress has a heavenly voice, and she takes inspiration from someone that she believes is up above as well-- her mother Wendi, who died from ovarian cancer in 2008, just one year before this song was recorded.

Marvanne told the Fort Hood Sentinel, “When I sing, it makes me think of my mother, which makes me happy. I want to take my gift that makes me happy and share with those who are still sad and try to make them happy again.”

Watch it for yourself, and get ready for a jaw-dropping moment at 4:17.


Twas The (Republican) Night Before Christmas

A bit of a lark, riffing on the perennial holiday favorite. Here’s a Republican night before Christmas that may give them nightmares. Note the last stanza. GOP Christmas image by Elisabeth Parker for Addicting Info.

Twas The (Republican) Night Before Christmas.

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the House
Not a bill was debated, thanks to an orange souse;

The interns were stuffed in the offices with care,
In hopes that no journalists would make them share;

The lobbyists were counting their dough in their beds;
While visions of special bills danced in their heads;

And Michele with her corn dog, and King with his hate,
Had just muddled our brains, and sealed our fate,

When out on the steps there arose such a clatter,
John sprang from his bed to see what was the matter.

Away through the hallways he flew like a flash,
Threw open the doors and dropped some spare cash.

When what to John’s booze-reddened eyes did appear,
But a beat-up old Chevy and a man with a tear,

And a little old lady who shivered with cold,
John wished to ignore her, and anyone old.

More vapid than Bill-O John’s colleagues they came,
And he mumbled, and cried, and called them by name:

“Now, Denham! now, Duncan! now Perry and Olson!
On, Cantor! on, Chaffetz! on, Duffy and Hudson!

To the floor of the House! to the gallery, too!
Don’t let the poor and ill try to sway you!”

So up to the top of the Capitol they rose
While avoiding the poor folk who slowly froze.

“We Don’t want to know,” they cried as they went
“If poor folk are starving or can’t make rent.”

As they drew in their heads, ignoring the sounds,
More needy surrounded the Capitol grounds.

They were dressed all in rags, from their head to their foot,
And their clothes were all coated with ashes and soot;

A bundle of sticks one slung on his back
For fire, as money for heating they lack.

Their eyes—they were sunken! their hair very dirty
Their homes had been taken, it was not very pretty.

Their lips were drawn closed tight like a bow,
As they tried to shake off the cold and snow;

The sick folk had suffered and lost their good cheer,
That they needed insurance was really quite clear.

The hungry had barely any food in their bellies;
Not even some smelly old government cheese.

Yet John Boehner’s colleagues were very well-fed,
And had warm homes and comfortable beds;

The closing of eyes and votes for no help,
Soon gave us to know they were all for themselves;

They spoke no good word, but went straight to their work,
And slashed all the programs; making each one a jerk,

And doing the bidding of Walton and Koch,
Put the whole Middle Class in a horrible yoke;

They vote for the money and care for the rich,
And call unemployed folks “you sonuvabitch.”

But we vote next year to replace those on the right—
So, “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”


LET The Sun Shine IN

(Photo: Living Off Grid / Flickr)

Now the Koch brothers are coming after my solar panels. I had solar panels installed on the roof of our Washington, D.C. home this year. My household took advantage of a generous tax incentive from the District government and a creative leasing deal offered by the solar panel seller. Our electric bills fell by at least a third. When people make this choice, the regional electric company grows less pressured to spend money to expand generating capacity and the installation business creates good local jobs. Customers who use solar energy also reduce carbon emissions.

What’s not to love?

According to the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conservative network better known as ALEC, our solar panels make us “free riders.” What? Yes, according to ALEC, an organization that specializes in getting the right-wing agenda written into state laws, people like me who invest in energy-efficiency and shrinking our carbon footprints ought to be penalized. Why does ALEC want us punished? Since it’s bankrolled by, among others, the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, it’s hard not to surmise that they’re worried about a threat to fossil fuels businesses. Koch Industries’ operations include refineries, oil and natural gas pipelines, and petrochemicals That’s no conspiracy theory. Recently the British newspaper The Guardian wrote about the assault on solar panels as part of a broader exposé on ALEC.

John Eick, the legislative analyst for ALEC’s energy, environment and agriculture program, confirmed to The Guardian that the organization would support making solar panel users pay extra for the electricity they generate. That’s already about to happen in Arizona, where homeowners who use solar panels will pay an average of about $5 extra a month for the privilege, starting in January. The solar power industry called the new rule a victory only because power companies in the state were demanding assessments of as much as $100 a month — more than high enough to deter families from considering switching to solar. Making solar energy cost-prohibitive for homeowners and businesses is part of a larger ALEC objective, affirmed at its recent annual meeting, to continue its effort to eliminate state renewable energy mandates.

According to meeting minutes, ALEC has already succeeded in getting legislation introduced in 15 states to “reform, freeze, or repeal their state’s renewable mandate.” ALEC lobbyists are pushing policies through states that will speed up climate change and increase pollution. They’re threatening the renewable energy industry, which is already creating new jobs and saving money for homeowners and businesses. Without the current policy paralysis in Washington and a lack of bold, creative thinking about how to build a new, green economy at the national level, they wouldn’t be making so much headway. My organization, Institute for America’s Future — together with the Center for American Progress and the BlueGreen Alliance — recently published a report that shows what’s at stake with ALEC’s destructive agenda. Our “green industrial revolution” report recommends tying together a series of regional solutions that take advantage of the unique assets of each part of the country, such as the abundance of sun in the West and the wind off the Atlantic coast, into a cohesive whole.



Saudi Arabia Restored As Defendant In 9/11 LAWSUIT By Appeals Court

In a highly unusual move, a federal appeals court effectively acknowledged Thursday that its earlier decision to remove Saudi Arabia from the suit was mistaken.


This is an extremely interesting turn of events, thanks in no small part to the efforts of the Philadelphia law firm which filed the case. The discovery process should be very educational:

In a significant reversal, a federal appeals panel Thursday restored Saudi Arabia as a defendant in a lawsuit alleging that the desert kingdom financed and provided logistical support to members of al-Qaeda in the years before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, facilitating the terrorist group's emergence as a global threat.

The lawsuit, filed by Center City's Cozen O'Connor, has been wending its way through courts since it was filed in 2003. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in Manhattan ruled in 2008 that Saudi Arabia could not be sued under U.S. law. But in a highly unusual move, the court effectively acknowledged Thursday that its earlier decision was mistaken.

It restored not only Saudi Arabia, but also a government charity called the Saudi High Commission for Relief of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which plaintiffs attorneys charge provided cash and logistical support to al-Qaeda units in the Balkans during the armed conflicts there in the 1990s.

"I think it is an eminently correct decision," Stephen Cozen of Cozen O'Connor said of the Second Circuit's opinion restoring Saudi Arabia as a defendant. "The kingdom and the Saudi High Commission deserved to be back in the case as defendants, and we are prepared to meet any of their legal and factual arguments with substantial legal and factual arguments of our own."

The decision marked the second advance in the last week for lawyers representing 9/11 victims, their families, and insurers that lost billions covering businesses and properties damaged or destroyed when two hijacked commercial airliners slammed into the World Trade Center in New York City. Scores of people from the Philadelphia region lost their lives in the attacks.

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court asked the Obama administration to weigh in on an appeal by Cozen, asking for the reinstatement of another group of defendants - dozens of individuals and financial institutions accused of funneling money to al-Qaeda before the attacks. The request suggests that the court views the matter as having some importance and increases the odds that it may agree to hear the appeal.

Cozen O'Connor and several other law firms sued the government of Saudi Arabia, various Islamist charities, and alleged terrorism financiers in 2003, charging that they provided financial support to al-Qaeda over 10 years before the 9/11 attacks. The firms alleged that Saudi Arabia provided tens of millions of dollars to charities that in turn bankrolled al-Qaeda units in the Balkans, the Philippines, and elsewhere. Senior U.S. government officials warned Saudis before the 9/11 attacks that government-funded charities were bankrolling terrorist units, but, they said, the Saudis failed to react.



The Complete NSA Panel Report-- The One That REBUKES NSA and VINDICATES SNOWDEN

President Obama appointed a panel to assess and review intelligence and surveillance policies. The world is taking this report as a rebuke of the NSA and a vindication of Edward Snowden.

This is the transmittal letter and outline. The full almost 300 page document is available here.

12 December 2013

Report and Recommendations of The President's Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies

Transmittal Letter

Dear Mr. President:

We are honored to present you with the Final Report of the Review

Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies. Consistent with

your memorandum of August 27, 2013, our recommendations are designed

to protect our national security and advance our foreign policy while also

respecting our longstanding commitment to privacy and civil liberties,

recognizing our need to maintain the public trust (including the trust of

our friends and allies abroad), and reducing the risk of unauthorized


We have emphasized the need to develop principles designed to

create strong foundations for the future. Although we have explored past

and current practices, and while that exploration has informed our

recommendations, this Report should not be taken as a general review of,

or as an attempt to provide a detailed assessment of, those practices. Nor

have we generally engaged budgetary questions (although some of our

recommendations would have budgetary implications).

We recognize that our forty-six recommendations, developed over a

relatively short period of time, will require careful assessment by a wide

range of relevant officials, with close reference to the likely consequences.

Our goal has been to establish broad understandings and principles that



Sarah Palin PROVES Martin Bashir Right By DEFENDING Racist Homophobe Phil Robertson


It’s interesting that Palin is so willing to defend Robertson’s “free speech,” when she threw a fit and made sure that Martin Bashir was denied his right of free speech. If free speech means that Phil Robertson gets to insult gays and African African Americans, it must also mean that Martin Bashir has a right to use insulting language towards Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin is trying to claim free speech rights only for views that she agrees with. Ironically, the hundreds of thousands of evangelical conservatives who are running to Phil Robertson’s defense are confirming their bigotry and racism to the rest of the country.

Bashir lost his job, because he was right about Palin. He was right about the ugliness that she thrives and feeds off of. Her comments defending Phil Robertson confirm that Bashir was unjustly pushed out the door at MSNBC. The fate of Martin Bashir delivered a powerful message. The media will never stand up to right wing racism and bigotry, and they will remove anyone from their ranks who do.



Rand Paul: 'LYING' James Clapper DID MORE DAMAGE Than Snowden

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper's "lying" to Congress about the scope of government surveillance did more damage than fugitive contractor Edward Snowden's leaks, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said Wednesday.

"I find that really, that Clapper lying to Congress is probably more injurious to our intelligence capabilities than anything Snowden did because Clapper has damaged the credibility of the entire intelligence apparatus, and I'm not sure what to believe anymore when it comes to Congress," Paul said on CNN's "The Situation Room."


In March, Clapper told the Senate Intelligence Committee that the NSA does not collect intelligence on Americans in bulk, at least "not wittingly." The intelligence director later apologized in writing and said that characterization was "clearly erroneous." Paul said Snowden should not get off "scot-free" for leaking classified information. But the Kentucky Republican said in light of a district court's ruling that the NSA's phone records collection program is likely unconstitutional, he believes Snowden leaked information about a program that was breaking the law.

On the other hand, Paul said, Clapper's statements amounted to perjury. "I do think what our government is doing is unconstitutional, and I really think that in order to restore confidence in our intelligence community, I think James Clapper should resign," he said.


‘AFFLUENZA’ Judge Gives Poor, Black Kid MORE SEVERE SENTENCE For Lesser Crime

The ‘Affluenza Judge’ went easy on the spoiled rich white kid, but had no problem with handing out cold justice to a younger black teenager.

So you know how the “Affluenza Judge” did the world a disservice when she let a spoiled, sniveling rich brat off the hook — with no jail time — after driving drunk and killing four people? 16-year-old Ethan Couch was freed by Judge Jean Boyd due to a fictitious condition known as “Affluenza.” Couch’s lawyer claimed that this made-up condition occurs when a person’s wealth makes them unable to understand the consequences of their actions. Instead of jail time, the Affluenza Judge ruled that Couch gets probation and time in a posh treatment center paid for by his wealthy, workaholic dad. We’re sure this young sociopath has a career on Wall Street in the future.

The ‘Affluenza’ judge gives poor black kids tougher sentences for lesser crimes.

In case you were wondering if there was some sort of shot you can take for Affluenza, you probably can’t afford it– especially if you’re a black teenager. The Affluenza Judge didn’t seem to consider mental health issues when she sentenced a 14-year-old black kid to 10 years in Juvie for an unfortunate but far lesser crime. The teenaged boy punched a man, who then died after falling to the ground and hitting his head on the pavement. Obviously it was a reckless act and it’s sad that the man died from it, but it’s unlikely that the kid meant to kill him. The message sent by the Affluenza Judge is much like the message we get from Washington DC and Wall Street. It’s all about austerity, punishment, and “personal responsibility” for the poor and coddling, tax-funded handouts, and lack of accountability for the rich.



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