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Romney LOVES Government Money, BRAGS to Board Room He Can Get It

"...Interestingly, Romney, who in recent months has been de-emphasizing the role of government in helping businesses function and survive, did use his success at getting government support as one of his qualifications when he was running for governor in Massachusetts.

So much of the success of the 2002 Olympics depended on government support that some campaign videos have actually been made emphasizing that fact:

The Olympic Bailout:

John McCain sums up Romney at 44 seconds on video:




Man o man, Darth Cheney has really pissed off Prada bear snowbilly and the tea bangers....

This calls for some......

"..Calling McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin for his Vice Presidential candidate a “mistake”, Dick Cheney told ABC News that there are two lists: the big list and the small list. The small list is active consideration, and the question is, ‘is this person capable of being President of the United States?’ He said the candidate’s being able to bring in a demographic shouldn’t override the “being ready” test. Cheney based his 2012 assessment of Palin not being ready based on her short time as Governor, which is odd given that by many accounts, Romney pulled a Palin on Massachusetts after his party lost the mid-terms, only as is Romney’s style, he didn’t have the guts to announce that he was quitting.

Cheney said, “I like Governor Palin. I’ve met her. I know her. She – attractive candidate. But based on her background, she’d only been governor for, what, two years. I don’t think she passed that test…of being ready to take over. And I think that was a mistake.”

So a two year governor isn’t ready, and yet:

W. Mitt Romney was basically on vacation the entire last two years of his term of Governor of Massachusetts. He pulled a Palin, only he never announced it.

It all started when W. Mitt bet heavily on his party taking over in the midterms in an attempt to set himself up for his 2008 run. Republicans lost big. It was a “stunning defeat” for Romney according to the Boston Globe. Instead of fighting, Romney just gave up and walked away from the job. In the last year of his term, he ended up spending on average more than 4 days out of the week traveling to drum up support for his 2008 White House bid.


Cheney is full of the usual Republican hot air, working hard to get Romney elected now. That’s why he’s distancing himself from the Palin pick. He put his foot in his mouth in stating his reason, though, as his logic only further paints Romney as less charismatic and more disappointing 2012 Palin. Back in 2008, Cheney said there was no reason why Palin couldn’t be a successful VP, but now he says that the fact that she was only governor for two years was the problem. Was he unaware of that fact in 2008?

Dick Cheney — the polarizing vice president who missed his party’s conclave in St. Paul, Minn., last week because he was conveniently out of the country — still had time to check out Palin’s big speech to the gathering and declared it “superb.”

Our colleague Johanna Neuman, over at the Countdown to Crawford blog, has more on what Cheney has to say about the woman who hopes to succeed him, including his evaluation that there’s “no reason” Palin “can’t be a successful vice president.”




Joe Scarborough SLAMS Mitt Romney for London Olympics GAFFES


Romney Violates PRE-NEGOTIATED AGREEMENT Cuts Off Press ACCESS To Israeli Fundraiser

"..Following a series of well-publicized gaffes in London, Mitt Romney’s campaign may be trying to restrict press access to the former Massachusetts governor as he travels to Israel, violating a pre-negotiated agreement.

Romney, who is flying with a group of reporters on his international trip, had agreed in April to allow limited media coverage of all finance events held in public spaces. But on Saturday, the campaign suddenly reneged on that deal and announced that a fundraiser with big-money American donors — including controversial casino magnet Sheldon Adelson — in Jerusalem’s King David Hotel would be “closed press“:

But Romney’s campaign announced Saturday that it would block the news media from covering the event, which will be held at the King David Hotel. The campaign’s decision to close the fundraiser to the press violates the ground rules it negotiated with news organizations in April, when Romney wrapped up the Republican nomination and began opening some of his finance events to the news media.

Under the agreement, a pool of wire, print and television reporters can cover every Romney fundraiser held in public venues, including hotels and country clubs. The campaign does not allow media coverage of fundraisers held in private residences.

Campaign spokesman Rick Gorka declined to explain the campaign’s decision to violate protocol with the Jerusalem event. Pressed repeatedly by reporters to offer an explanation, Gorka said only that the fundraiser was “closed press.”

“That’s all I’ve got for you — it’s closed press,” Gorka said.

Politico notes that Romney “allowed press into his London fundraiser Thursday night.”



In the classic GOP maneuver of pitting the 99% against itself, Mitt Romney might be taking a page out of Wisconsin’s playbook by focusing on what he calls overpaid government employees.

Don't say you weren't warned about the Republican Trojan Horse Agenda.

From USA Today:

" Mitt Romney’s spending plan includes a pledge to “align federal employee compensation with the private sector,” and it cites studies showing that “federal compensation exceeds private sector levels by as much as 30 to 40 percent when benefits are taken into account. This must be corrected.”

As far as President Obama’s campaign is concerned, that means Romney is talking about a federal pay cut of up to 40%.

“To pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, (Romney) drastically cuts pay for the men and women who secure our borders and skies, enforce our laws, inspect our food and search for better treatments and cures,” said Obama spokesman Adam Fetcher.


Do federal employees really earn up to 40% more than the private sector?

The short answer is yes. According to the Congressional Budget Office, federal employees average only about 2% more in actual pay, but they have better benefits, about 48% better on average.

The wage and benefits discrepancies are not across the board, however. Both wages and benefits are significantly better for those without a college education who choose a life in civil service. For those with graduate degrees, they are taking a cut in benefits, when compared to the private sector.

Here’s the chart:

Who are these federal employees?

For Romney to implement this plan with any significant savings, it would mean that much of that money would be coming out of the pockets of those serving in the military.

The vast majority (63%) are employed by the Department of Defense. The second largest agency is the post office, at just 15%. Of the 3.2 million DOD employees, nearly half are active duty military personnel.

The implementation of Romney’s plan would be especially hard on military personnel and their families. It would also have a lasting negative impact on the military’s ability to recruit. Benefit cuts to military personnel would presumably include cuts to the GI Bill, a program which helps veterans obtain an education, making them more valuable to the workforce.





"...Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer slammed Mitt Romney over his unfortunate remarks about the London Olympics on Thursday night.

On Thursday's "Special Report," Krauthammer launched into a rant about Romney's Olympics comment. "It's unbelievable, it's beyond human understanding, it's incomprehensible. I'm out of adjectives," he lamented.


LOL - NAME FAIL: Mitt Romney CALLS Ed Miliband 'MR. LEADER'

The Independent:

"...Mr Leader? Did Mitt Romney forget Ed Miliband's name?.."

- ....Romney said: "Like you, Mr Leader, I look forward to our conversations this morning ... and recognise, of course, the unique relationship that exists between our nations, our commitment to common values, our commitment to peace in the world and our desire to see a stronger and growing economy."

Mr Romney had already been perilously close to offending his British hosts by questioning the preparedness of London for the Olympics.

Speaking to NBC news ahead of today's meetings Romney said, “It's hard to know just how well it will turn out."


WOLF Blizter Gets His ASS Handed To Him On A Silver Platter

The faint sound you hear is the sound of republican heads exploding everywhere..... Wolf didn't know what hit him...

It was truly a thing of beauty. Wolf Blitzer did a live, on stage interview with Adm. Bill McRaven, Head of the U.S. Special Operations Command at the kickoff session of the Aspen Security Forum. Admiral McRaven was in charge of the Seals when they raided the bin Laden compound at Abbottabad, Pakistan.

If I had not seen this live, I would not have believed it. The transcript is from the CNN website and is heavily edited as is the video they posted. The video following the transcript is unedited and from the Aspen Security Forum. What you will see in the video but not the transcript is this little gem:

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney has suggested that the decision to launch the raid was a no-brainer. "Even Jimmy Carter would have given that order," Romney said in April.
McRaven refused to respond Wednesday when asked whether he agreed with Romney that any president would have made the same decision Obama did. However, at a couple of junctures, the Special Operations commander offered effusive praise for Obama.


Interview Excerpt:

WOLF BLITZER, CNN: This is the guy who's sitting right here who had the guts to tell the commander in chief we should do it, let's do it. And when you ordered that raid and when you said you think you - you didn't even know for sure that bin Laden was in Abbottabad at that compound about a mile or so away from the West Point of Pakistan, did you?

ADM. WILLIAM MCRAVEN, COMMANDER, U.S. SPECIAL OPERATIONS: Well, let me make one thing clear. I didn't order the raid.

BLITZER: But he told the president of the United States that he thought he could do it.

MCRAVEN: I mean, and this is not a small point. The fact of the matter is it was the president of the United States that ordered the raid.

BLITZER: And he deserves an enormous amount of credit for that decision.

MCRAVEN: Absolutely, he does.

BLITZER: And when he came to the head of special operations, that would be you, and said, what do you think, what did you say?

MCRAVEN: Well, first, I will tell you that it was a long process to get there.
And our piece of it, the military piece of kind of what I look at kind of three components was probably the easiest aspect of the entire raid. The two other pieces of this were the CIA's role. And I think when the history is finally written and outlined and exposed on how the CIA determined that bin Laden was there, it will be one of the great intelligence operations in the history of intelligence organizations.

And a tremendous amount of that credit goes to Director Leon Panetta at the time because he built the right team, he had the right people, he made some very gutsy calls. And he was not concerned about who got the credit. And so when you take a look at how he built that team, which was a military and intelligence team, tremendous amount of credit goes to the agency.

And the other piece of this really is the president and his national security team. I have made it very clear to people, again, the military piece of this, we did I think 11 other raids that evening in Afghanistan. Now, I don't want to diminish the nature of this raid. It was a little bit more sporty.

MCRAVEN: And we understood that there were some strategic implications to it.
But, at the end of the day, it was what we had been doing really for 10 years. The president and his national security team - I'm not a political guy, but I will tell you, as - as an interested observer in this, they were magnificent in how they handled the start to finish.

We went through a number of meetings. The president asked all the right questions. His national security team, with Secretary Gates, Secretary Clinton, Chairman Mullen, the vice chairman, Tom Donilon, Denis McDonough and John Brennan and others, really did a fine job of digging down to find out the facts, to make their recommendations based on the facts.

And of course the president gave me ample time to prepare once the concept was approved. But at the end of the day, make no mistake about it, it was the president of the United States that shouldered the burden for this operation, that made the hard decisions, that was instrumental in the planning process, because I pitched every plan to him.

So any indication that Bill McRaven ordered this raid, led this raid was, you know, the key piece of this raid is just patently false.

BLITZER: But you're a Navy SEAL.


BLITZER: And these men who went in there, Navy SEALs, they were taking orders from you directly.

MCRAVEN: They were.

BLITZER: You were speaking to all of them. You knew each one of them personally. Here's just a technical question. Did you rehearse it in advance?

MCRAVEN: Well, I'm not going to talk about the tactical details.
But, obviously, we're not going to do a mission like that without rehearsing. We rehearse every operation, particularly significant ones like that. As I said, I have made a point of not talking about the tactical piece of this, other than to say that it is what we do.

We get on helicopters, we go to objectives, we secure the objectives, we get back on helicopters, and we come home. I was short one helicopter, but...

BLITZER: Well, that stealth helicopter, when it went down - and all of us have read about it, we have heard about it, I have spoken to people who were in that room, the White House SITUATION ROOM, which as opposed to another SITUATION ROOM - but when that helicopter went down, there was a gasp, because a lot of the folks there, correct me if I'm wrong, thought of Desert One in 1980, Jimmy Carter's plan to rescue Americans in Iran.

MCRAVEN: Well, I wouldn't pretend to tell you what they were thinking.

BLITZER: What were you thinking?

MCRAVEN: I was too busy, frankly. I mean, we had a backup plan. We executed the backup plan.
And at that point in time, you're worried about getting the mission done and getting the boys back home. So we had a plan, suffice to say.

BLITZER: And it worked.

MCRAVEN: And it worked.

BLITZER: That helicopter, by the way, all the stealth technology and all that, is that gone? Has it been shared with bad guys?

MCRAVEN: I'm not going to address that.

BLITZER: You don't want to talk about it.

BLITZER: I'm curious.
All right, let's talk a little bit about - and I want to nail this down as best as I can. You didn't have 100 percent knowledge. The president didn't have 100 percent knowledge that bin Laden was holed up in that compound. Did you have 80 percent, 50 percent? Give me a ballpark. How confident were you that a tall guy was hiding out in that compound?

MCRAVEN: Well, again, I'm not going to address the tactical piece of that.
Suffice to say we were not sure he was there. And, again, that gets back to some tough decisions that were made. My job was to get him if he was there. If he wasn't there, we would know that pretty quickly. And our intent was to get up and get out.

BLITZER: I suspect you're not going to want to answer this question, but I will ask it anyhow.


BLITZER: And as the admiral and I know -- we just spent some quality time together -- this is the United States of America. We can ask the questions. He doesn't have to answer them. But we can ask the questions.

And I think it's an important question that at least I have always been very, very curious about.

Was the mission to capture bin Laden or was the mission to kill bin Laden?

MCRAVEN: You know, that's a great question. I'm not going to answer it.


BLITZER: All right.

But there were contingencies this guy would be brought out in a helicopter and brought somewhere?

MCRAVEN: Did they teach you this, to do the end-around when your first question doesn't work?



BLITZER: Just trying to make sure. You don't want to discuss that?


A big THANK YOU to 'Second Gen' who found the full video. Wolf begins with the 'Obama doesn't get credit' crap at 2:50 point. Enjoy folks it doesn't get much better:



BWHAHAHAHA: Daily Mail Political Editor James Chapman - ‘WORSE THAN SARAH PALIN’ ‘TOTAL CAR CRASH'

The British reaction to Mitt Romney has gone from openness, to skepticism, to mocking, to concluding that Mitt Romney is worse than Sarah Palin.

Daily Mail Political Editor James Chapman has been providing the world a play by play of Romney’s British implosion via his Twitter account. Romney started things off by criticizing London’s preparedness for the Olympics. He then forgot the name of British Labour Leader Ed Miliband, and then he admitted that he had been given a secret briefing by MI6. This led the British to ask aloud if they have another George W. Bush on their hands, “Romney blunders again by revealing he’s had (supposedly) top secret briefing by John Sawers, MI6 boss. Do we have a new Dubya on our hands?”

After his visit to Whitehall, Chapman offered two of the kinder reviews of Mitt Romney, “Serious dismay in Whitehall at Romney debut. ‘Worse than Sarah Palin.’ ‘Total car crash’. Two of the kinder verdicts.” Chapman also reported another verdict from British meet and greet with Mitt, “Another verdict from one Romney meeting: ‘Apparently devoid of charm, warmth, humour or sincerity’” Getting compared to Sarah Palin is one thing, but being called worse than Palin is an indication of the epic display of fail that Romney is putting on in London.

If you thought things couldn’t possibly get worse for Mitt Romney, you were wrong. How does one top being unfavorably compared to Sarah Palin? If you’re Mitt Romney, you get mocked in front of 60,000 people.

James Chapman Twitter:





The WAR AGENDA Of The Dark NeoCon Army BEHIND Mitt Romney


Ready for another war?
Since the beginning of Bush’s horrific war against Iraq, Americans have by and large ignored the real results of the war. Everyone needs to stop ignoring it and wake up before it’s too late.

Mitt Romney’s foreign policy advisers are made up of 70% Bush Cheney regime war hawks. Romney is beating war drums against Iran right now on his overseas “I’m not a foreign policy novice and I’ll prove it by refusing to discuss my foreign policy but instead, bashing the President” tour. Oh, and he added insulting Britain to his UK charm offensive.

Listen to Chris Matthews and his panel (Charles Blow and Joan Walsh) discuss the Bush Cheney regime behind Romney and tell me you’re not breaking out into a cold sweat:


Chris Matthews: Look at the army of the night riding behind the presumptive Republican nominee. It’s an army of neocons for lack of a better word. They bring war with them in every election. An agenda of a country they want us to fight. People voted for W, they got Iraq. Why? Because the army poised behind the uninformed ill-read W knew what he didn’t. When 9/11 struck, they struck. This time it’s Iran.
But don’t think they’re going to end it there. These old cold warriors haven’t been happy since the Berlin wall fell. Listen to Romney’s words. He didn’t write them himself. He’ll say what it takes to get the right wing behind him. But the right wing will follow him right to the White House. They will grab the levers of military power like Rumsfeld and Cheney before them. And they will use them. You can bet on that…


When you hear the phrase this is going to be “an American century” you need to beware. Note, when you voted for W, you got Iraq. See, they do tell us in their own way that they have their sights set on a new war. They won’t come out and say “I’m going to find any reason I can to invade this country” – they couch it in phrases like “a new American century” and “we don’t apologize for America”, and then top it off with some reliable fear-mongering (insert whatever works). But for the most part, while they feed the exceptionalism to the base, they try to keep the war talk off of Main Street.

If you’re not hearing much about it it’s because they don’t want you to. Romney said “real Americans” don’t care what his Afghanistan policy is. Clearly Mitt Romney doesn’t talk to our troops much, but he’s friends with the owners of our corporate vigilantes, who stand to make much profit off of yet another war.

Republicans like to pretend they’re the party of the “troops”, but I talk to our troops often. Let me clarify, I talk to real people fighting these wars. I don’t just talk to the Generals. And they’re proud to fight for this country, but they’re damn tired. They want out of Afghanistan. Sure, this is a general statement – not a poll. But it’s a common theme. They tell me with grim faces, “I hope the President sticks to his withdrawal plan.”



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