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Bernie Sanders | A Nation Based on LOVE


A Nation Based on Love

JUNE 14, 2016

Joining a nation in mourning over the massacre of 49 people at an Orlando, Florida, nightclub, more than 1,000 Vermonters on Monday marched quietly along Church Street through downtown Burlington.

The vigil organized by the Pride Center of Vermont began at the First Unitarian Univeralist Society and ended at City Hall Park, where Sen. Bernie Sanders urged the gathering to create “a nation based on love.”

“We know that one hateful person committed this terrible crime — not an entire people or an entire religion,” Sanders said. “To blame an entire religion for the acts of a single individual is bigotry, pure and simple. It is not what this country is about, and not what this city is about.

“Our job is not to allow politicians, Mr. Trump or anyone else, to divide us up by where our family came from, the color of our skin, our religion or our sexual orientation,” Sanders added.

To read more in the Burlington Free Press, click here.

To learn more about the Pride Center of Vermont, click here.


Hillary Camp Using INSULTS & Name-Calling To Win Over Bernie Supporters.

Instead of extending a unifying olive branch, Hillary Clinton supporters on social media are showing disdain and animosity to Bernie supporters.

The TrustVote.org LAWSUIT And The Bernie Sanders Statement

Should we read more into Bernie's statement of what's coming down the pipe or is it much to do about nothing?

Sanders: "We are gonna take our campaign to the convention with the full understanding that we're very good at arithmetic, and that we know who has received the most votes up to now."

"....and that WE KNOW WHO RECEIVED THE MOST VOTES up to now..."?

Is it possible that Bernie is prepared to expose the election rigging at the convention presenting the evidence gathered by TrustVote?

Just a thought......

TrustVote.org UPDATE: The Lawsuit And The California Exit Poll

Update to the update: Comments on the main page (that have the video) have been updated by trustvote.org It says:

6/12/2016/ update on the lawsuit: In the video of the Institute, we mentioned that the election integrity lawsuit would be filed on Monday, June 6th. This has been delayed because of our desire to include election data from California where over 2.6 million votes still need to be counted. -

sacbee.com -

Following is an exact accounting, county-by-county of the uncounted votes in California. -docs.google.com/spreadsheets -

We also want to be able to include the results from the citizen exit polls we have done since Edison had decided not to do exit polls in California, as well as include the results of Democracy Counts, the open source election audits that happened in San Diego, Los Angeles and Alameda County.


from Reddit:

My original post is below...

For those of you wondering about the lawsuit filing and the California exit poll being organized by Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity (www.trustvote.org) I have an update for you.

The lawsuit: The filing date of the lawsuit has been delayed but it definitely will be filed sometime next week at the Ohio state courthouse.

The exit poll: The California exit poll arranged for by the group did happen. Currently the data is being entered and an exit poll report will be issued as soon as possible so stay tuned.

Source: I spoke directly to Lori Grace from trustvote.org. She was in the process of writing up a press release with the updated information as we spoke, so I expect they will have it up today or tomorrow.

Good news!


Racketeering LAWSUIT Exposing Nationwide Vote Rigging in DNC Primaries Could Derail Clinton

Corte Madera, CA – A major lawsuit is on the precipice of being filed by the Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity, the implications of which could dramatically alter the landscape of the 2016 U.S. presidential race. The group claims that in about eleven states, there has been noted a significant difference between the exit polls and the electronic vote totals presented on the morning after the primaries. These differences show votes appear to be shifted from Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton. The chances of this kind of shift happening are considered to be statistically impossible between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in these eleven states. See the chart below.

“We are going to be filing a racketeering lawsuit under the Ohio Racketeering law, the strongest in the country and we can bring in every state, our RICO statute is coextensive with the federal RICO statute… So they’re nailed,” said Cliff Arnebeck.

Arnebeck, an election lawyer, got his J.D. from Harvard and is the chair of the Legal Affairs Committee of Common Cause Ohio and a national co-chair and attorney for the Alliance of Democracy. He will be joined by Bob Fitrakis, an election lawyer and political science professor, as co-counsel. Computer security expert Stephen Spoonamore, who worked with Arnebeck on exposing GOP election fraud in Ohio has noted that when exit poll data varies more than 2% from electronic vote totals, the electronic vote totals are questionable. In fact, 2% is the boundary by the US government when determining whether an election in another country has possibly been stolen. Please notice the exit poll differences in the 2016 DNC primaries listed above are significantly more than 2%. These differences point to questionable results for the electronic vote totals and likely electronic vote switching.

“This is not a Republican-Democrat issue, this is not a partisan issue, this is a Democracy issue, if you actually care about a Constitutional democracy in which each person votes, that vote is validated and the people who end up in office are reflected on the basis of the way people voted you care about this issue,” said Spoonamore.

According to the Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although we have taken note of the shift here from Sanders to Clinton, we are NOT in any way stating who has done the shifting. WE DO NOT KNOW WHO HAS DONE THE SHIFTING OF THE ELECTRONIC VOTE TOTALS. This situation has galvanized three organizations, The Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity (ADE) , the Columbus Institute of Contemporary Journalism, and Democracy Counts to set up our own exit polls and audits to track apparent election results in California.

Richard Charnin, a mathematician and statistician and author of the book, Matrix of Deceit, has been reporting on the apparent shifting of electronic vote totals and the non-release of raw data from Edison since 2004. Richard Charnin, well-known for what he calls the “Red Shift” which has been a shift between exit polls and electronic vote total differences of about 4-5% each year. This constitutes a shift to the political right.
Although he is unable to analyze the raw data, he has been able to get screen shots of what the exit polls showed minutes before all of the electronic votes have been totaled since 2004.

In 2004, when Edison Research initially got exit poll data that said that Kerry was winning and Bush was losing at 9pm on election night and that the reverse was true shortly after midnight, Edison Research made a choice to “adjust” the raw data after that time so that it would match the electronic voting machine totals. Edison Research definitely wanted to keep being hired by the Media Consortium which proposes to tell viewers the true election results but which also chooses to trust electronic voting machine data. That was the last time that the American public has been able to see raw exit poll data.

Unfortunately this year, substantial exit poll differences have been noted in the US primary. In this year’s primary, the Red Shift appears to have become the “Clinton Shift”.

Arnebeck was the lead attorney, with Fitrakis as his co-counsel in the King Lincoln Bronzeville v. Blackwell case, which exposed electronic vote rigging in Ohio’s 2004 presidential race. During the lawsuit, a very revealing deposition of Michael Connell, head IT guru for the Bush family and Karl Rove, provided insight into how the election fraud conspiracy operated. According to a report by Truth-out:

Connell served as the IT guru for the Bush family and Karl Rove. Connell ran the private IT firm GovTech that created the controversial system that transferred Ohio’s vote count late on election night 2004 to a partisan Republican server site in Chattanooga, Tennessee owned by SmarTech. That is when the vote shift happened, not predicted by the exit polls, that led to Bush’s unexpected victory. Connell died a month and a half after giving this deposition in a suspicious small plane crash.


One can clearly see how deep the rabbit hole goes, as the one person who could implicate the actual individuals responsible for the election fraud conspiracy happens to have an “accident” that kills him. Essentially the investigation could go no further upon the suspicious death of Connell, thus protecting those behind the conspiracy.



ABCNews: How Did Hillary Clinton SuperDelegate DONOR Get on Security Board?

State officials "stalled" ABC News reporter's questions about donor.

WikiLeaks to PUBLISH More Hillary Clinton Emails - Julian Assange

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has said his organisation is preparing to publish more emails Hillary Clinton sent and received while US secretary of state. Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, is under FBI investigation to determine whether she broke federal law by using her private email in sending classified information. A new WikiLeaks release of Clinton emails is likely to fan a controversy that has bedevilled her campaign and provide further ammunition for Donald Trump, her Republican presidential rival, who has used the issue to attack her.


Assange, a trenchant Clinton critic, said she was receiving constant personal updates on his situation. The WikiLeaks founder has been confined to the Ecuadorian embassy in London since July 2012, when he sought asylum to avoid extradition. Assange is wanted in Sweden over allegations of rape dating from 2010, which he denies, but he has not been charged. A Stockholm district court upheld an arrest warrant against the Australian last month, saying there was still “probable cause for suspicion” against him. Assange said it was highly unlikely that the US attorney general, Loretta Lynch, would indict Clinton. “She’s not going to indict Hillary Clinton, that’s not possible. It’s not going to happen. But the FBI can push for concessions from a Clinton government,” he said. He has attacked Clinton as a “liberal war hawk”, claiming that WikiLeaks had published emails showing her to be the leading champion in office to push for the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, despite Pentagon reluctance.

“They predicted that the postwar outcome would be something like it is … she has a long history of being a liberal war hawk,” he said.

He also accused Google last week of helping Clinton in her presidential campaign, lumping together two of his bugbears. Google “is intensely aligned with US exceptionalism” and its employees will likely be rewarded if Clinton wins the presidential election come November, Assange told an international media forum in Moscow. His attacks on Clinton may be dismissed as highly partial, but the email controversy continues to dog her. An internal report last month found she had broken several government rules by using a private server rather than more secure official communication systems. The 78-page investigation by the inspector general of the state department singled out several previously unknown breaches while Clinton was secretary of state, including the use of mobile devices to conduct official business without checking whether they posed a security risk.



Election Fraud: Should Bernie Sanders BE Speaking Out?

Join Mark & me as we discuss an upcoming lawsuit being filed to challenge the legitimacy of the primary elections, and address the question of whether Bernie Sanders should be speaking out about all the voting irregularities that have been reported nationwide. Plus, the real story (?) behind Karl Rove's 2012 election night meltdown on Fox News.

CA Landslide Possible for Sanders After Votes Counted, Election Activists SUE Media for Fraud

Making it clear that the “presumptive” nomination of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party nominee for president is far from a done deal, Bernie Sanders supporters in California are filing suit to demand that Secretary of State Alex Padilla insure all “provisional ballots” in all 58 California counties are properly counted, a vast number of ballots likely to tilt the final result markedly toward Sanders. The Fresno Bee reports that in Los Angeles County alone, the highest number of provisional ballots ever cast in a primary were cast last June 7th, 240,000, compared with 50,000 in 2012 and 176,000 in 2008. In total, approximately 1.3 million provisional ballots remain to be counted.

Provisional ballots are ballots which can be cast by independent voters, who in every primary this season have leaned heavily toward Sanders, by as much as 90%. Before the California primary, a furor ensued after poll workers were reported being told to give independents the wrong ballots for the Democratic primary, the “provisional ballots,” which have no candidate names printed on them, rather than regular Democratic primary ballots. Although both must be counted according to state law, poll workers concerned with fair elections revealed that in practice, provisional ballots were often not counted.

In an additional development, election activists who had filed a lawsuit against Republican operative Karl Rove in the 2004 presidential election for fraud in Ohio, the disputed swing state whose electoral votes gave George W. Bush a second term over Democratic nominee John Kerry, are today filing a lawsuit invoking RICO statutes in Ohio over electoral fraud benefiting Hillary Clinton. Included in the defendants are major media organizations, for complicity in criminal election fraud. Below are remarks by attorney Cliff Arnebeck, one of the filers of the lawsuit and chair of the Legal Affairs Committee of Common Cause Ohio.

Arnebeck said at the fair elections conference this week:

“There is no way the Democratic Convention is going to nominate somebody on the basis of obviously stolen votes…the facts are coming out and that’s a fact…We are suing the media as being complicit in the crime. They are acting as accessories after the fact. They are covering up evidence of criminal activity, it’s a crime”

Arnebeck said:

“In my opinion Hillary Clinton has been used for the purpose of scuttling Bernie Sanders campaign for president, she is being used…but they’ve been caught, it’s obvious, it’s just like Bernie Sanders when he talks about the system is rigged, ah the elections are rigged, the evidence is clear, everybody’s gona see it and the game is over…Bernie has won in fact…”“We are going to be filing a racketeering lawsuit under the Ohio Racketering law, the strongest in the country and we can bring in every state, our RICO statute is coextensive with the federal RICO statute… So they’re nailed.”

The Common Cause lawsuit takes place during a primary season which has seen unprecedentedly blatant evidence of vote fraud taking place against Senator Bernie Sanders, considered the outsider against establishment candidate Hillary Clinton. In Chicago, a citizens’ election watchdog witnessed the vote totals of hand-counted ballots at a mandatory vote audit being altered to benefit Hillary Clinton. In Arizona and New York, two critical states, hundreds of thousands of likely Sanders voters saw their registrations disappear from the voter rolls, or their party affiliation changed without their consent.



TrustVote Lawsuit Update

An update on the lawsuit: In the video of the Institute, we mentioned that the election integrity lawsuit would be filed on Monday, June 6th. This has been delayed because of our desire to include election data from California where over 2.6 million votes still need to be counted.

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