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Member since: Tue May 13, 2008, 03:07 AM
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John McCain ACCUSES Republicans of Using FOREIGN MONEY Against Obama

John McCain has indirectly accused his fellow Republicans of using Citizens United to get foreign money into their campaign to defeat President Obama.

Just when you think John McCain has gone completely off his nut and is going to spend the rest of his golden years trapped in a vortex or warmongering and 2008 bitterness, a flash of the old McCain emerges when he talks about campaign finance. Sen. McCain long ago proved himself not to be the foreign policy expert that the media makes him out to be, but he does understand campaign finance and the destruction being wrought on our country via Citizens United.

Sen. Oscar the Grouch (McCain) was correct. The right wing ideologues on the Supreme Court seemingly didnít give a second thought to the can of worms they were opening with the Citizens United decision. McCain had to say maybe foreign money is coming into system through super PACs because thanks the Supreme Courtís decision, we have no idea where the money is actually coming from.

Since there are no disclosure laws for super PACS, there is nothing stopping any foreign national from trying to buy an American election. We have no idea if the Iranians or the Chinese are dumping millions of dollars into our electoral process in order to influence governmental policy. The truth is that is it almost a certainty that foreign money is being spent on our elections, and almost all of that cash is being raised and spent to support Republicans and defeat President Obama.



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