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Profile Information

Name: Laser Haas
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Anywhere USA
Home country: United States
Current location: NOMADIC
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2008, 01:12 PM
Number of posts: 7,805

About Me

Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

Journal Archives

Sanders hits Clinton Foundation over foreign donations

Source: The Hill

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders criticized the Clinton Foundation for accepting donations from foreign governments in an interview aired Sunday, calling it a conflict of interest.


Do I have a problem when a sitting secretary of State and a foundation run by her husband collects many, many dollars from foreign governments — governments which are dictatorships?
"Yeah, I do have a problem with that. Yeah, I do," Sanders said on CNN's "State of the Union."

When host Jake Tapper asked if he thought it was a conflict of interest, Sanders said, "I do."

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/282261-sanders-clinton-foundation-engaged-in-conflicts-of

Worse than that...it's quid pro quo ..CORRUPTION

Cemented as a crime...as the foundation took in foreign dollars..while she was Sec. Of State

Then she puts her name back on the foundation..right after she leaves office

Senator Stevens went to jail for a friign used chair

No greater manifest injustice than those paid to do good - betraying

I've been on the wrong side of the tracks, all my life; and will probably continue to do so, until the end. Unfortunately, I've grown weary and wary of - purported - public servants, or like kind, being of good faith.

It's as if, being good, is a disease, in America.

Betrayals of trust, comes in many forms. There's family members, nice, who turn ravenous, when someone's going to do and a good pile of green is about to be up for grabs. Also, there's cases like the ones I'm currently working. One is of a 92 year old, who's husband was dying, so the son porked the bank manager,r with money and more, as he rolled his dying father in and illegally signed his parents accounts, over to himself.

The other case, is a sweet 72 year old, who's son is an executive of a financial institution, who stole his father's inheritance, by schemes, then conned his dad to pay for a house (with the father believing that it was the father's house and it was in the son's name, to get cheaper interest). Only to then see the son evict the father, during Christmas. Now that same wretch of a man, has hidden away his aunt (his father's sister) so he can change the will to get the $700,000 house that's been in the family, for 6 decades.

As for me, having attorneys at law betray their client, is par for the course. Also, my partner of many years, who I helped make rich, only to see him gut me like a pig, because "everyone else is screwing you - I {my partner} may as well also.

I would have had a hard choice, at one time, out of love for the man, whether to take a bullet for him, or my family.

Now we have people telling me to lay down and shut up. You are Quixotic and vexatious. Being a Bernie or Bust is no damn good. That I'm no damn good. Even Elizabeth Warren, is now telling all of U.S., to get in line. President Obama's United States Attorney Generals have been no better - neither of them. Though I think Obama is greater than most, he's no JFK. Because I think that way, I'm just supposed to sit down, shut up and swallow the hemloc; for the greater glory of it all.

Wishing the demise of me, or any other adversary, is never a good thing.

So, to all of you telling me to give it up, to surrender to your whims, rigged outcomes, power centers, the annointeds, or the desires of the majority, I have to tell you as politely as I can -

to go stick it!

Never will I give up - Never will I surrender - to a mob, or mobsters, or the venal.

You feel me?

Despite all odds ...We're Still Here!

Bernie has many reasons to stay in..as Cali will show..

Mitt is a billionaire

Which is why he hid his taxes

Thanks...the battle continues

Cayse it ain't easy..to take down big sleazy...

But moi has a surpruse coming....

Please stay tuned?

Does Her Foundation $$ from foreigners, mean anything to Gov Siegelman?

Senator Ted Stevens went to prison (falsely) for a frigging chair and purported reduced prices of remodelings. Traficant went to jail (falsely) for a friggin Rent-A-Car (that was paid by someone he didn't ask to pay it). And I'm asking what Governor Siegelman thinks of Hillary Clinton taking millions from foreigners, while Sec. of State?

You don't see 100 prosecutors sending in letters that what Hillary did - is Okay - Do We!

It seems to me that the email issue, is not the primary one; and that we are all being snowed - in a very big way. While Hillary was Secretary of State, the foundation was reported (actually the Foundation confessed) to have been taking contributions from foreigners; and its a fact that is not in dispute, as noted by the year ago story from the Washington Post, titled:

[center] [font size=4]Foreign Governments gave milions to Foundation while Clinton was at State Dept[/font][/center]

The Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars from seven foreign governments during Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, including one donation that violated its ethics agreement with the Obama administration, foundation officials disclosed Wednesday.

Some of the donations came from countries with complicated diplomatic, military and financial relationships with the U.S. government, including Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.

Rarely, if ever, has a potential commander in chief been so closely associated with an organization that has solicited financial support from foreign governments. Clinton formally joined the foundation in 2013 after leaving the State Department, and the organization was renamed the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.


First of all, I'm thoroughly miffed that Obama's Administration thinks it has the right to assist the Foundation to circumvent the Code & Rule of Law; and such should be a matter of investigation.

Being POTUS and picking a U.S.A.G. doesn't grant one the right to be an above the law KING!

Secondly - Could anybody else take a position in the U.S. Government and then assign "claim" they are 100% dealing in "arm's length", pure "good faith" negotiations, for their sworn duty client (United States of America) when their family is taking in millions of dollars from those the purported arm's length/ good faith person has auspice over?

How come nobody's sayin......

Compounding that issue are the specious vanishings of tens of thousands of emails, of not only her, but here IT guy. If one - JUST ONE SINGLE SOLITARY EMAIL, of those tens of thousands missing, has anything to do with intent, or her State Department Duties - or discussions, heads up - ANYTHING - about the Foundation...

That's Obstruction of Justice by Destruction of Evidence.

And I'm sayin........

The big issue is the Foundation taking millions

From foreigners...while she was Sec. Of State

Its absurd that the media isnt pouncing all over influence peddling...Quid Pro Quo

Thanks for this

Bernie or Bust Faithfull are Heroes to Me

It simply amazes me, how contrary to be a progressive, this whole paradigm is, of the "I'm with Her" diehards; no matter how much bad faith is documented; and how much loyalty to oligarh'ism, Hillary Rodham Clinton resume empirically denotes. Even worse, is the fact that her loyalists are not just opponents, but that they actually despise me, and others alike, because I'm for Bernie Sanders. Now there's so much hate here, at DU, against U.S. Bern'rs, there's even a thread lambasting Bern's or Bust as not being heroes.

Bern or Bust faithful, are heroes to me!

All things considered, here we are, loyal to a 70ish ole man, who has spent all his life, 99% of the time, on the progressive side of things, L O N G before doing so was popular; and because we dare to be democratic about the Democratic election, we are disparaged - regularly.

Do you not understand, Bern or Bust is a commitment to U.S.?

Have those who look down upon U.S., their fellow citizens, with such disdain, ever even considered the fact that you likely need our vote, to win the general election?

Is there any time, ever, of Hillarians taking the time to review Clinton's actions, speaking louder than words, of how she represented a rapist, or Walmart (that rapes all of U.S., including their workers - monetarily), or Monsanto?

Or how about the fact that she took millions of dollars - from foreigners - as Secretary of State?

That really doesn't bother you? ..................................... REALLY!

If Bernie had done 1/10th of those things that Hillary has done, we would never be backing the guy.


Bernie Sanders is one true, red white and blue American, so good at what he does, he gets 25% of Republicans, to vote for him, in Vermont. This is a guy that Hillary's loyal lambast for his wife's tenure at a school that gones bust, as if such were Senator Sanders fault;

but you find no fault at all - whatsoever - of Hillary's vanishing 30,000 emails, and that of her aides too....


The definitions of heroes, are warped, as the very 1st item in most dictionary's, online, state it is a "man" distinguished. So in that sense, neither I, nor half of Sanders followers, fit the bill. But as for the 3rd or 4th, define (depending on where you're looking) it states a heror is "someone who fights for a cause".

As I've been called both a Quixote and a hero, I'll own both the quixotic moniker and this latter denote of fighting for a cause.

To all my fellow Anonymous, 99%'rs, decent progressives and, especially, my fellow Bern'rs

THANK YOU - you are heroes to me - as those who are fighting a noble and just, cause.

As for Hillarians, you are diehard loyal to her, and that's your choice; because you've adopted a stance that "what difference does it make" for her email server, vanishing items, decades of workings with the dark side; and don't even care about things like ManPADs.

What difference does your posture make - to me - is a permanent line in the sand. Hillary Rodham Clinton took money from Goldman Sachs, who deliberately destroyed our eToys.com public company, and my career, with my daughter being abducted and an eToys shareholder (Robert Alber) having to shoot/kill, a career criminal, when he turned down their bribe.

Goldman Sachs partnered with Bain Capital, using a MNAT law firm partner, arranged to be the prosecutor over our case. https://www.justice.gov/archive/olp/colmconnollyresume.htm

And the Public Corruption Task Force was shut down, to cover all that up - with career federal prosecutors being ordered to silence (as was those who raised questions about Hillary's non government email server), while Eric Holder didn't do a DAM thing about it.http://articles.latimes.com/2008/mar/20/local/me-shakeup20

With Bernie Sanders, I have a 99% chance of getting a new U.S. Attorney General that will look into the matter.

Unfortunately, with Hillary Clinton, the opposite is more likely to be true. I'll have a 99% chance she will never look into the matter. She's been taking money from big oil, big pharma, foreign persons and Goldman Sachs. The chances she'll pick anything other than a female version of Eric Holder, is not even a rhetorical question. For dang sure, with her as President, I'm not ever going to see justice.

The fact that Hillarians don't care about that - due to the diehardiness - is just plain sick.

As for the general election - we'll see.

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