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Profile Information

Name: Laser Haas
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Anywhere USA
Home country: United States
Current location: NOMADIC
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2008, 01:12 PM
Number of posts: 7,805

About Me

Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

Journal Archives

Dem Convention is a Week after GOP

Will things change when Trump is overthrown; and someone like Mitten's steps in?

GOP wants anyone (Any ONE) to run against Hillary, other than The Donald.

Just sayin......


[center] [font size=6 color=burnt] UPDATE [/font][/center]

This just in ...Romney's guy named RNC Rules Committee Chair



[center] [font size=6 color=navy] UPDATE No. 2 [/font][/center]

Another Romney guy is now named as co-chair of the Rules Committee

{MITT} Republicans Fill Crucial Posts Ahead of July Convention

The Republican National Committee has found someone to do what could be an intensely challenging job in July: serve as chairwoman of the Rules Committee at the party’s convention being held in Cleveland.

Mickelson accepted the post amid reports this week of some delegates planning to block Donald Trump’s nomination.

If such efforts gain traction, decisions made by the Rules Committee during meetings before the convention could have a big impact on how things play out.


Ron Kaufman, a longtime RNC committeeman from Massachusetts who is a Romney confidant, will serve as co-chairman of the Rules Committee.

Somethin's a happen'n


Very soon, Im going to try to force USAG Lynch

To pay personal attention to our eToys case being racketeered by Mitt Romney's Bain Capital in partnership with Goldman Sachs.

There's no question of guilt, as we have confessions in the federal records.

At issue is the staunch refusal - i llegal - to prosecute the guilty parties.

Crooks and Liars January 2015


Fire Dog Lake Jan. 2015 (now called Shadowproof)


NY Times March 2013

Rolling Stone cover September 2012



Wall Street Journal July 2005


First guy with guts enough to try to tell the WHOLE story, was Rmuse at PoliticusUSA.com ; which..combined with my prompting Matt Taibbi ...resulted in the "Greed and Debt: The True Story about Mitt Romney and Bain Capital" Rolling Stone September 2012 cover story (that prevented Taibbi from getting a Pulitzer; because they buried the eToys/ Colm Connolly pieces of the puzzle)

Of the 1/2 dozen stories by Rmuse, I asked him not to write this one


Smoking Gun video details Hillary's email mindset

With Guccifer 2 & 3 items looming large, a tidbit arises, from yesteryear, of Hillary Clinton clearly saying she shouldn't use emails, because of all the times she's been investigated.

See time stamp 3:30


Toke 1: Microsoft moves into Legal Weed bizness

According to 'The Next Web' report that was posted 22 hours agovyesterday ( too late for LBN) - as per the title"Microsoft is getting into legal weed business".


Specifically, the article quotes Microsoft that:

The goal of this relationship is to leverage each company’s resources to provide State, County, and Municipalities with purpose built solutions for track and trace (‘seed to sale’ in the cannabis industry) technology,” Kind said in the statement"

The article concludes:

It's one of the most tightly-regulated in the country, it’s mostly devoid of investment funds and it still resides in a sort of government-created purgatory as states (where it’s legal) fight against the federal government (where it’s not).

L.A. County Board Hears Testimony on Vote Fraud

According to todays report by 'The Inquisitor" the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors heard testimony of vote system irregularities so irregular one vote supervisor said it reeked of fraud and he considered refusing to put his name to certify.

Testimonies given (as noted in the story - HERE ) include mulitple accounts of switching anomalies, family of 4 all being switched to a party they never heard of, and the lack of proper ballots being printed.

Furthermore, there was a million new regustered voters, and, accirding to CBS, the largest chunk were new voters 18 to 29 years of age.

Currently, Hillary leads Bernie, in L.A. County, by 170,000 votes with over 368, 000 provisional ballots remaining.

Unfortunately the article has a little bit of bad math, in reporting that Bernie needs to take 193 delegates away from Clinton, to take lead in July Convention.

Neither Hillary, nor Bernie will have anything " finalized" come the start of the Democratic Convention.

In the meantime, a wildcard GOP race is of serious concern, as the powers that be, in the GOP, are planning a whole new effort of the "Dump Trump" variety.

Can Hillary Clinton beat Mitt?

Bernie surely can!

Here's a video of the Board of Supervisors meeting.


Woo Hoo ..We're Still Here

Despite all the rhetoric and incongruous banter that Bernie Sanders was dropping out

We're Still Here

Computer Technician Arrested Following Panama Papers Leak

Source: Forbes

Officials in Geneva have arrested a computer technician who worked for Mossack Fonseca, the Panamanian law firm tied to one of the largest whistleblower data leaks in history. The unnamed IT worker at the law firm’s Geneva office allegedly “brought out a large volume of confidential data” from Mossack Fonseca, according to Swiss newspape

Süddeutsche Zeitung reporter Bastian Obermayer, who spearheaded the Panama Papers investigation, tweeted: “According to our information the #mossackfonseca IT person arrested in Geneva is not #panamapapers” source “ John Doe.””

Read more: http://www.forbes.com/forbes/welcome/#6399cdfa27ad

Harvard & Stanford Reviews Document Media/Vote Bias Against Bernie

Fitting for the last day of freedom is a discussion about the main stream media bias and vote irregularities that always pounced upon Senator Bernie Sanders efforts, via the Democratic Primary, in the hopes of becoming President of the United States; because Harvard University ftound extreme media bias and Stanford found empirical evidences of anamolies bias, during the 2016 Democratic Primary, against Bernie Sanders.

Even if, arguendo, you are always for Hillary, these findings should upset you.

[font color=navy]Here's US Uncut Politics review of Harvards study on media and the primaries.[/font]
Media Coverage of the Primaries Was Awful, Harvard Study Confirms

[center] [font size=5]

Harvard Study Confirms
Media Coverage of the Primaries
Was Awful

The perception of the Clinton vs. Sanders race created by the media’s earliest coverage generated an aura of inevitability for Hillary Clinton and encouraged a dismissive attitude toward Sanders despite his early mega-rallies on the West Coast and huge advantage with small-dollar donations.

The Shorenstein Center’s study should vindicate supporters of Bernie Sanders and non-Trump Republican candidates alike, as it proves the media’s inherent bias in covering the billionaire real estate developer and the former Secretary of State for the purpose of driving ad revenue and clicks rather than for the purpose of informing the public.
[center][font size=5 color=navy]

Rodolfo Cortes Barragan, of Stanford,
did a joint Study on Election Fraud with,
Netherlands Tilburg University's - Alex Geijsel [/font]


Their June 7, 2016 paper (Here) is titled "Are we witnessing a dishonest election" and it poses the question by "A between state comparison based on the used voting procedures of the 2016 Democratic Party Primary for the Presidency of the United States of America".

Quotes at top of the discussion paper:

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you
cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” ­ Abraham Lincoln

“No one has yet figured out a straightforward method of ensuring that one of the most revered democratic institutions – in this case, electing a U.S. president – can be double checked for fraud, particularly when paperless e­voting systems are used.” ­ Larry Greenemeier, Scientific American


Are we witnessing a dishonest election? Our first analysis showed that states wherein the voting outcomes are difficult to verify show far greater support for Secretary Clinton. Second, our examination of exit polling suggested large differences between the respondents that took the exit polls and the claimed voters in the final tally. Beyond these points, these irregular patterns of results did not exist in 2008. As such, as a whole, these data suggest that election fraud is occurring in the 2016 Democratic Party Presidential Primary election.

And the last sentence of the paragraph makes a very disturbing conclusion that:

This fraud has overwhelmingly benefited Secretary Clinton at the expense of Senator Sanders.

emphasis is mine.......

I'm unfamiliar with the Netherlands University and the Stanford Professor; but they bright line what we've all discussed.

As for me, I'm Bern or Bust and must bridle my tongue, or be bojo'd

(fret not Laser haters, I am who I am and my bags are already packed)

As for the rest of you, let the banter wars - for the last day that they may - B E G I N
(and - end - rather swiftly).

Oppression is..as oppression does

Bullies delight in might makes right
Tis now to fear the dawn of silent night

Cannot bear the fear to tread
Can you see democracy is now dead

Life will carry on, despite
Your haughty spurn of goodbye or goodnight

Games of throwns will still be playin

And that's all I'm......
[center]just sayin......[br]

Bern or Bust Movement FOREVER. HRC took money

From Goldman Sachs...who deliberately destroyed our eToys public company...along with my career

And people died

Never Hillary....NEVER
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