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Profile Information

Name: Laser Haas
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Anywhere USA
Home country: United States
Current location: NOMADIC
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2008, 01:12 PM
Number of posts: 7,805

About Me

Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

Journal Archives

It's Official -The Hill: RNC Delegates are Unbound

Here's the legal framework that Mitt Romney's battalion are going to utilize, to Dump Trump, so that the ( likely to be totally chaotic) Republican National Convention can nominate Willard Mitt Romney, to be the GOP general national election - candidate.

The Hill's article, from today, is titled

"All delegates are unbound"


The detailed history of the power struggles, is from 2 experts who wrote the book about the issue

Curly Haugland is a Republican National Committeeman from North Dakota and serves on the rules committees of both the Republican National Committee and the Republican National Convention.

Sean Parnell is a public policy consultant in Virginia.

They are co-authors of the book Unbound: The Conscience of a Republican Delegate.

In a nutshell, the proverbial "fix" is now "in"

And Mitt Romney's coming...

Update 2: Dump Trump Polling begins of Romney v Clinton

Preibus named a Romney gal, Enid Mickelsen, from Utah, as RNC Rules Committee Chair; and she instantly named another Mitt pal, from Massachusetts as her co-Chair.

New word is, come the RNC Rules Committee meeting, in Colorado, thus coming week…that there already are enough Committee member votes (28) to unbind delegates, for the Dump Trump movement to change the process and free up the state delegates to vote their conscience

So that Mitt Romney may be "drafted" to run.


[center][font size=5 color=burnt]
Pollings begin
Hillary v Romney

According to a news source DU claims is not credible ( though Bill Singletary has been 'Spot On' about Mitt Romney issues)....the following is transpiring

".... the payoff comes next week in Cleveland when Romney walks away with the nomination.”

Source close to the situation say

Pollsters are already hard at work conducting polling that pits Mitt Romney against Democratic presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton, in anticipation of a Romney-Clinton general election contest, according to one source close to the situation. The polling was spurred, say sources, by credible reports that the GOP Rules Committee has changed the nominating rules to open the door for Mitt Romney to challenge GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump at next week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland.


Have your popcorn ready…folks

Romney will be in Cleveland, for RNC Convention

Source: USPolitucs News Hub

Mitt Romney will be in Cleveland for the Republican National Convention. And he’ll be there for one reason, and one reason only: To steal the GOP nomination from presumptive nominee Donald Trump. So said a Romney insider on Wednesday who has been on the money with his Mitt Romney predictions for the past year-and-a-half.

"Rule changes. That’s how Mitt’s going to do it; how the GOP is going to do it,” referring to just how Romney is going walk out of Cleveland with the GOP nomination."

Source close to the situation


Read more: https://www.the-newshub.com/us-politics/mitt-romney-will-be-in-cleveland-for-the-republican-national-convention

Get your popcirn ready ladies and germs

Its about to get real seriously Mitt'funny

Nah...they're making a deal for Trumps exit

Priebus hand picked Romney Utah gal (Enid Mickelsen) for RNC Rules Committee Chair and she picked another Mitt-twit from Massachusets to be her co-Chair.

Add to that Romney saying his family is asking him to run

Plus articles like this (link below) .. the writings on the wall

They know Trump has no chance against Hillary; and Bain Capital's Clear Channel ( renamed iHeart) is bankrupt.

This will be the last time Blech, Ham-it-uppity and LameBlah will all be having the same 100 million plus audience.

Need much popcorn..for the show that's coming



Ive been a Gover Siegelman activist and worry..much

They are never going to let him...out

I didn't learn of my jewish heritage, until I was 40ish

The woman I thought was my grand mother .mwas actually my Step grandmother...my real grand mom died giving birth to my mother

This is why the arguments about Warren or Obama ..suck...because no one can testify to most things ...about when, where or how they were born....without guidance from elsewhere.

Be thay as it may...as a Progressive....YID...I am with the Honorable Cornel West.

My brothers and sister, black, jews, Palestinians, women, or Chinamens chance people ( do you kniw where that phrase arose) are those of oppression...and can only be addressed by the Caucasian male who admits oppression of all others has transpired.

The Causian male has always used an issue of defense, based on fears expounded, to justify being oppressive

I dont have to be a Jew to know what the Nazi's did was wrong...

I do not need to be a black person to know that blacks were...and still are...looked down upon by most Caucasian males

I dont have to be gay to know that LGBT still suffer

And that the weak always have a lessor voice ( such as kids or elders abused )

Nor do I need to be any other race, creed, color of skin or type of Religion...to know many evils have been done in the false claim of righteous superiority

But the one thing that is universally True...There always are those who have suffered more

That never means I have right to complain against those that suffered less.

A bully mentality is a bully mentality..

No matter how it is guised

We can't abuse prisoners, just because we put them in jail

And we should be aware that many who suffer dont live in a steal cage that their actions put them in.

Compassion requires that there be compassion

Otherwise...you are compassionless

Let's see..who is taking over :-) :-) RNC

Rules Committee

That would be Romney's gal from Utah

And her Co-Chair Romney guy from Massachusets

Romney Ally Named GOP Convention Rules Chairman

Cant put in LBN, because opinion banter; but we've been telling you Mitt is coming..

At least his friends are

Adios Donald

[center] [font size=6 color=burnt]

Another Romney cohort, Ron Kaufman of Massachusetts, has been named as Co-Chair, of the Rules Committee.

Do you hear that Donald?

Mitt's men and woman are coming, to protect the rules!

As reported on, by Bloomberg, reiterated via Valley News;
Republicans Fill Crucial Posts Ahead of July Convention

Ron Kaufman, a longtime RNC committeeman from Massachusetts who is a Romney confidant, will serve as co-chairman of the Rules Committee.

Earlier this year, Kaufman told Bloomberg Politics that party officials “have to make sure the RNC runs the convention by the rules, openly, honestly and transparently. And making sure people understand the rules, so it’s clear that we’re doing it by the book.”

Funny how they didn't mention, in the title - that it's Romney Republicans, a coming to the Rules Committee

and - by the way - did anyone forget that Mitt's niece is now the head of the RNC, in Michigan

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