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Name: Laser Haas
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Anywhere USA
Home country: United States
Current location: NOMADIC
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2008, 01:12 PM
Number of posts: 7,805

About Me

Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

Journal Archives

The Hilt was supposed to slam dunk Michigan


IHeartMedia, Lenders in Fight Over Disputed Share Transfer

Source: Bloomberg Business

A group of IHeartMedia Inc. creditors are going to battle with the debt-laden radio broadcaster over its decision to reduce the lenders’ hold on $500 million in assets by moving them from the parent company to a unit.

IHeart said it received notices of default from its bondholders, according to a filing Monday. The lenders claim that the company violated debt covenants by transferring the shares of Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc. to its Broader Media LLC in December. The creditors represent at least 25 percent of the outstanding principal of four of the company’s priority guarantee notes.

The broadcaster, which is weighed down by more than $20 billion in debt, said it disputes the allegations and will contest the notices, according to the filing. The company filed a lawsuit Monday in state district court in Bexar County, Texas, seeking a declaratory judgment that it isn’t in default.

Read more: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-03-08/iheartmedia-unit-gets-notices-of-default-after-share-transfer

We've seen this juxtapose of assets that stuck it to others, in the Kay Bee Toys case, where Bain Capital acquired Kay Bee and owed mega millions to Big Lots {Consolidated Stores}.

It worked - and Big Lots got to suck wind.

Just sayin................

Concur... NO Dallas Dynasty III and NO Bill Clinton part Deux

It is an Oligarch Civil War - upon U.S.!

Dear President Obama FILM: Because Fracking Hillary = Yes, Bernie = NO

Move over Josh Fox, your Gasland documentary now has some assistance from the Hulk-man, Mark Ruffalo, who is part of a Frackland documentary by an Oceans 8 Film, out this March, written and directed by Jon Bowermaster and narrated by Actor/Activist Mark Ruffalo.

It is now, well known, that Actor Mark Ruffalo supports Bernie Sanders. These guys are super cool.

For those who vote with their mind's eye and their heart, instead of being loyal to a pathway laid out before Bernie came on the scene, by the anti Democratic tools, such as Debbie WorserThan Shultz; then you can clearly see that Senator Bernie Sanders has been, slam dunkingly, sweeping the Dem Debates.

Last night was no exception, including Senator Sanders defeat of the obfuscating banter of Hillary on the subject of fracking (and her massive global sell of the water poisoning program, heretofore) and Hillary's backtrack, last night.

As for Senator Bernie Sanders, it was a simple, "No", Bernie has always been against fracking.

You can find the release dates and links to tickets about the film at Dear President Obama Film's website - that states;

The film takes a cross-country look at drilling, highlighting its variety of contaminations, the stories of its victims, the false promise of an economic boom, with a focus on clean energy solutions that would allow us to proceed towards a future that does not rely on yet another dirty fossil fuel extraction process. Interviews with scientists, economists, health professionals, geologists and whistle-blowers provide the core information we think will convince the current President and those that will follow to join the “anti-drilling” majority growing across the United States and call for fossil fuels to be left where they belong, in the ground.



The Rosendale Theatre is the first date listed - for viewing;

Here's the link to the Twitter account of Dear President Obama

And here's the film's trailer - found on their Facebook page
and the film's website


Racketeering Romney Thump of Trump

For over a year now, we've been warning everyone that moi is one of Romney's "retroactive" secrets. And, to as many as we could, who cared to know, we have told you of the fact that Mitt is coming to the POTUS race, in June 2016. Have you forgotten the Bishop had a reported, "prophetic" dream, of riding a white horse into the White House?

If Magic underwear can't get you there - what can?

As is par for the course, no one has paid attention. If people won't latch on to the fact that we have rock solid evidence that Mitt Romney is a Racketeer, then who will care that he's also a schemer out to be the RICO boss of the United States. Moi must be a dreamer, also; because Karly Rove really wasn't there, in 2012, with more than 500 lawyers lined up, to do a Bush v Gore part 2. Surely no one can steal the Presidency - right?

Uh Oh - by the time the facts slap America in the fact and state "told you so" - it will be too late for U.S.!


[font size=5] RICO Mitt's Scheme Backfired
Hence, Romney/iHeart and All
Must Now Thump Trump [/font]

It really is quite simple, Willard Mitt Romney wants to be President of the United States. But Mitt was exposed, in 2012, for being a Robber Baron who lied about when he left at Bain Capital. And what Romney is hiding (his "retroactive" secrets) did end his POTUS campaign efforts - swiftly. So Willard tried to do it again, in January 2015; but 3 articles arose about our eToys case and his retroactive secrets (eToys, Colm Connolly, Bain/Kay Bee and me) - which showed Mitt, it did not bode well, to have two years of scrutiny, upon those facts. So a plan was hatched to reduce the amount of time the media could dwell upon the issues.

Hence, Carson, Cruz, Rubio, Carly and Trump, became Mitt's hopeful, merry-go-round obfuscation, June 2016 convention bound. No one was supposed to leap to the fore, as Trump has (who would've thunk). So - NOW - the (Mitt) campaign, has to make an adjustment, to bring Trump back down to size (though one is hard pressed, even of The Donald's hair, to define what "down to size" means {though the "little hands" remark might bode fairly well - being a scientific fact}).


Back in January 2015, Romney began to try - once again - to run the POTUS race; but the Truth do Tell all too well and quickly ended that effort. So a quest began, to put an end to our proof of "retroactive", Racketeering, Mitt Romney/Bain Capital news.

Springing upon U.S. all, in January 2015, several articles arose, in response to Romney's planning a 3rd run, without the editors there consulting yours truly (damn - I really missed the boat of the mega bucks on Google Adsense) about yours truly battling Mitt, from our eToys company, for many years (See FireDogLake's "Unending eToys", and CrooksandLiars "Romney Slapped with Racketeering" and the real surprising ("Sankaty" headed story of Addicting Info's "What is Romney Hiding".

But you have to Add Together - many of the stories - who doth only, tell each, a tiny part of the tale.

The whole story is there, in black& white, if you care to take the time and toss the pieces here into the collective there. All anyone need do is LOOK at the evidence, overwhelming, profuse and irrefutable. Mitt Romney (and Bain Capital/ Goldman Sachs) continue to benefit - Even NOW - from Racketeering.

Please take a look at the July 2005 Wall Street Journal "eToys investors claim conflict at law firm" that is compounded by the Rolling Stone September 2012 cover story, by Matt Taibbi, titled "Greed and Debt: A True Story about Mitt Romney and Bain Capital".

Of these - collective - facts, anyone can see that Willard Mitt Romney has been able to dodge federal prosecutions. Beyond a shadow of any doubt, Mitt is publicly known, and visibly linked to, national frauds like Stanford, Petters, Dreier and our eToys.

Mitt is even able to arrange to possess his very own Justice Department "get out of jail free card" (by federal prosecutors such as Colm F Connolly (see Colm's Department of Justice Resume that provides proof Connolly was an MNAT partner, from 1999, until August 2001, and this is when Romney claims to be "retroactively" retired).

These oligarch secrets, along with FBI agents, judges willfully blind, United States Trustees who can't be trusted, compounded by the fact that Romney/Bain Capital are partnered with Goldman Sachs revolving door with the SEC, is the Tale to Tell. However, be that as it may, though his lordship can do all that, he still is not able to steal the White House.

At least - not yet!

Romney owns Bain that owns Clear Channel/iHeart and LameBlah, Ham'it'me and Blech

Of the "best laid plans" and prophetic dreams of white horse riding's, Willard hasn't been able to overcome. This, in spite of the the other facts that Romney has Faux News on his side, with nuclear waste billionaires who can move aquifers and other ilk crooks like Sheldon Adelson giving him hundred million dollar backings. Mitt even owns a media empire with more than 800 stations (once Clear Channel Communications -now iHeart Radio).

Bad guys hate their secrets being run through the main stream media; and Mitt is no exception. Thus far there's more than one-hundred (100) online articles about Romney, and his Racketeering gangs, bad faith acts. If any honest, federal, public servant (Diogenes Quest continues) were to look at all the facts, already in the record, they would see that Mitt, in January last year, was "testing" the water - and RMoney got blown out.

Willard Mitt Romney owns Bain Capital that owns Clear Channel/iHeart. And those 800 radio stations have over 100 million listeners through such shows as Mark Lah'Vin, Handle (not) the Law, Rush LameBlah, Ham'it'me and Glen bleech. And those bought and paid for propagandist have been able, until now, to stew the pot and make the GOP primary a soap opera.

But they didn't plan on Trump becoming so popular!

Hence, Romney is going to do his ultimate best today, to Thump Trump; but it is all just part of the game plan. The thing is, will it work? Can Mitt's masterminds actually cause a ruckus where The Donald falls? Does Trump have "retroactive" secrets.

Bigger question is, are Donald Trump and Mitt Romney friends - gaming U.S. all - collectively?

Just sayin....................

not so...in our eToys case

We have Smoking Gun...confessions
Along with corrupt judges and venal fedral agents/ agencies...such as
The SEC...Selective enforcement commission

Very well stated - Spot On!

I would rather have Mitt in the White House, than $hillary; because this corruption of the process Ain't Progressive!

And - anyone that knows who I am - are Well aware how I REALLY despise Romney.
(at least, with Mitt, we have a clear focus - but with HRC, this in fighting will continue, amongst U.S. Dems)


we are...51 delegates each is sending terror thru msm

Lord forbid they wont be able to get rack rates and share in 6 or 7 Billion in campaign monies...because Bernie proves the main stream is not needed

Judge Rakoff Fired Laser's Attorney, Relkin Law, from Marc Dreier case.

Every single day, upon awakening, it dawns upon me - How in the Sam Hell did this Goldman Sachs/ Bain Capital racketeering case, find its way into my lap? Each and every time we get close to a chance for justice, another betrayal of trust comes our way.

This time, Relkin Law did major screw ups (like forgetting, after being a lawyer for 35 years, to put in a COS {certificate of service notice to all concerned parties, such as the United States Attorney and U.S. Trustee}), and, as His Honor was most certainly right in so doing, the Honorable Judge Jed S. Rakoff - fired Relkin Law from his court.

See His Honor's polite F... off to my former counsel

[font size=4] Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital Racketeering via Paul Traub[/font]
It took me 2 years to feel out and believe I could "trust" David Relkin/Relkin Law. It appears that the man's heart (may) be in the right place; but his head is up is arse. How in the flying frig'uck do you forget to close your arguments and put in a standard certificate of service (especially when the court commands you to notify particular parties)?

Not only did he fail to close his arguments (in a CLOSED case, where you need to be redundant on why you are asking a court to RE-open such), but counsel (former) went out of his way, like a little child, to pander to the judge, with a Shakespearean quote that had to be elaborated on, in a footnote, at the end.


The only point that needed to be made (outside of the fact that one does need to point out docket records are vanishing), is the fact that Paul Traub (picture right side) was the influencing partner of the guy put in jail (Marc Dreier, pictured left).

Immediately, my emails and calls screamed at Relkin to fix it; but all counsel would say is "I like to wait and see what the other side will do".

To which I replied "you stupid f......n idiot, you are giving the judge every reason to toss out the case - Send your COS {certificate of service} IMMEDIATELY".

He said, he'll wait.

Didn't really matter. While I'm yelling, screaming (and crying inside) at my former counsel, from the moment he filed the item, up until Wed. morning, when the Judge's Order was revealed to me, it was already too late, as Mr. Relkin was fired by the court, on Valentines day (Order signed February 14, 2016).

Amazingly, Relkin had told me, just before he filed the item, of the fact that he had an epiphany, of how the case he had in his lap wasn't just a 2 Karat diamond; but the Hope, 100 Karat diamond of a case.

Then he takes the drafting that gave him such a revelation, hacked it up, didn't even save it first, in MS Word (as is required by all Federal case filings, for a dozen years now) and put in this bull crap, titled askew, with Shakespearean babble, attempting to pander to the judge:

"I believe that the following quote may perhaps encapsulate some of the aspects of the depravity of these Cases"

As stated by King Claudius:

O, my offense is rank, it smells to heaven,
It hath the primal eldest curse upon't--
A brother's murder. Pray can I not,
Though inclination be as sharp as will

So, he claimed he knew what the judge wanted, how His Honor loved literature and this is literature babble would be what would sway him. And I argue with him that it is childish. As if a kid in 6th grade was waiving his hand to he teacher.... "I know the earth is the 3rd planet from the sun"

But, then, Relkin does even further, off the deep end, as he condescends to the judge, who Relkin claimed would "get it" about the quote, by putting in a closing footnote, explaining to the master of literature, what the student Relkin knows, that the judge doesn't.


[font size=5 color=burnt] All that was needed was Traub = Dreier [/font]

If Relkin had simply stuck to the crux of the matters that had given him his epiphany, then all would have been well. But he just had to prove to everyone that he is a genius. Outrageously, Relkin told me his I.Q. was higher than Einstein's.


The wayward counsel (or saboteur) did put in one of the two exhibits needed, to make the case to the judge. That of the Tom Petters Ponzi Receiver stating that "Dreier LLP" had "acquired" Paul Traub's law firm of Traub Bonacquist & Fox ("TBF" as is seen in paragraph 3 of this federal complaint:


And, in paragraph 5 of the Tom Petters Ponzi Receiver's complaint against Paul Traub, it stated this:

"Traub possessed considerable control over Petters"

Add to that the compounding factor that Traub had already confessed, in 2005, of the fact that TBF did intentionally leave false affidavits to stand before a federal court; which TBF was sanctioned for, in the amount of $750,00.00.

As is noted in the Published Opinion by the Chief Justice of the Delaware Bankruptcy Court.

Paul Traub was required, as a matter of law, and NY Model Rules of Professional Conduct, to report his being fined, for such an egregious offense, to both the New York State Bar and the Chief Justice of the New York Supreme Court.

But he (Traub) didn't do so

--------- and neither has Mr. Relkin done so, strange as that appears to be!

just sayin..................... working with crooked lawyers, who betray their clients -- Sucks the Whammy!

Romney claims a GOP POTUS candidate called him and hope Mitt reconsiders 2016

So Do I

Cause this time, Mitt gets a spanking.

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