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laserhaas's Journal
laserhaas's Journal
August 4, 2016

Convicted Attorney Marc Dreier No Interest in Cooperating for Release

There's some surprises coming down the quest for justice highway, relating to eToys racketeering case of Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital (its infamous owner) and their henchman, Paul Traub (a/k/a the "Brown Bag King of New York&quot .

A new suprise, this very day, is Marc Dreier's former counsel stated Dreier isn't interested in quest for his release.

Reportedly, New York attorney at law, Mr. Marc Dreier, who owned Dreier LLP and was living the hundred millionaire lifestyle, had such clients whom he bilked (Justin Timberlake, Jon Bon Jovi and Bill Cosby), in numerous ways, including trying to be an international imposter, in Canada, to pick up a cool $50 million. (see Wiki - HERE )

Fortune specifically stipulates:

Former company: Dreier L.L.P.

Pleaded guilty to: Conspiracy to commit securities and wire fraud; wire fraud; money laundering

Attorney Marc Dreier’s law firm Dreier LLP, which he ran like a corporation rather than a traditional firm, turned out to be a Ponzi scheme that stole a total of $400 million, mostly from hedge funds, by selling them fake promissory notes. Dreier earned particular interest in the press at the time of his arrest thanks to juicy details like the celebrity clients (Justin Timberlake, Bill Cosby, and Jon Bon Jovi among them) that have come forward to file claims against him.

Upon calling Marc Dreier's counsel, per instructions of federal judge's clerk, in the beginning of this year, about my trying to help Marc Dreier get released, along with Tom Petters, from prison, NY attorney at law, Gerald Shargel, informed me, at that time, he was no longer representing Marc Dreier, but he would still try to convey the message to Marc Dreier.

Today, with a special note going to USAG, Mr. Shargel informed me Marc Dreier doesn't have an interest in the matter.

WTF - how good could life be - that a man sentenced to prison for 20 years, has no interest in getting released?

Explanation - below

Picture from Fortune.com "Orange is the new white collar"

[center][font color=navy size=4]
Marc Dreier = Paul Traub = Tom Petters Ponzi
All Benefiting Goldman Sachs & Mitt Romney


Wikipedia makes note, on Marc Dreier's dedicated page - of the fact that;

Traub Bonacquist & Fox
In September 2006, Dreier acquired a well-known bankruptcy law firm Traub, Bonacquist & Fox. Founding member and managing partner Paul Traub participated in several of the largest retail bankruptcies in previous years, including Kmart, FAO Schwarz Inc., KB Toys Inc., Stage Stores, Office Max, and eToys.com. During his legal career, Traub has had his own ethical controversies, especially conflict of interest issues which continue to shadow him.Traub became a Dreier partner, earning in the range of $1 million or more,and was co-chair, with Norman Kinel, of the bankruptcy practice. On December 5, 2007, Traub sent a letter to clients announcing that he and other bankruptcy lawyers had resigned from the firm, but would continue to practice together as their former partnership, Traub, Bonacquist & Fox LLP. "In light of recent developments, of which we were unaware until yesterday, we have resigned from Dreier LLP, effective immediately", the letter states.

In February 2009, Epstein, Becker & Green, a firm specializing in government contracts, brought the seven-member Traub/Dreier bankruptcy team into their New York office, which included Paul Traub, Steven E. Fox, Wendy G. Marcari, and Maura I. Russell. Associates included Brett J. Nizzo, Anthony B. Stumbo, and Bradford Tobin. The firm has 400 attorneys based in eleven US cities. As of December 2008, Harold F. Bonacquist, a passive partner, is a political attaché at the United States Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

The issue germane here, is that Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital have benefited from fraudster Paul Traub, who was partners with Marc Dreier and Tom Petters Ponzi, vis-a-vis the Traub Bonacquist & Fox ("TBF&quot law firm; which we forced to close.

According to the Tom Petters Ponzi Receiver, Douglas Kelley (another story about conflicts of interests, for another time), Paul Traub was the "controlling" partner of Tom Petters.

Petters considered Traub part of his close network of advisors and consultants and, consequently, Traub possessed considerable control over Petters. He leveraged his position with Petters to receive massive amounts of money and other gifts.

All main stream media outlets are afraid to tackle the issues; because of justified fear of being suicided, as was the brother of Minnesota Assistant United States Attorney, James Lackner - who's brother Marty Lackner - was a Tom Petters Ponzi feeder fund executive (at Lancelot/Sky Bell).

SEE this story, by Pioner Press, Twin Cities "What did the money man know"


The Bell case took a tragic turn in June with revelations that a Bell associate named Martin Lackner had committed suicide. Sources say Lackner, 48, had helped bring investors to Lancelot earlier in the fund’s genesis. There’s no record he was charged with any crime. His wife, Diana, and three children survived him.

Martin Lackner is also the brother of Jim Lackner, an assistant U.S. attorney in the Minneapolis office. Jim Lackner declined comment. A spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office said Jim Lackner never worked on the Petters or Bell cases. When the U.S. attorney’s office learned about Martin Lackner and his relationship to Jim, it notified defense attorneys for both Petters and Bell, he said.

Speciously, the Minnesota (conflicted) DOJ keeps saying Tom Petters Ponzi, is a mere $3.7 Billion; which boggles the mind when there are 2 - separate (Mike Catain and Larry Reynolds) - $10 Billion plus money launders who confessed such. (Bell/Lancelot Funds, alone, raised $2.7 Billion, then there was Palm Beach Links Capital, also in excess of a Billion).

49. Bell and the Lancelot Funds raised approximately $2.6 billion dollars
between 2001 and August 2008. Almost all of this money was used to invest in the Ponzi
scheme. On October 7, 2009, Bell pled guilty to wire fraud in connection with his
transactions with Petters and was recently sentenced to five years in prison.

This issues are further compounded by a federal court docket item that actually admits the Tom Petters Ponzi is in excess of $40 Billion; but - if they admitted that, then the Bernie Madoff Ponzi would have an out right competitor.

See paragraph 40 on PDF page 14

Petters operated the Ponzi scheme through business organizations that he
directly or indirectly owned and controlled from approximately 1993 through on or about
the date of his arrest by federal agents on October 3, 2008. Petters, through various
entities that he controlled, including PCI, PGW, PCB and Petters Capital, laundered what
is estimated to be an amount in excess of $40 billion.

On top of all the issues, including Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital being partners in the Tom Petters Ponzi Fingerhut deal (which, by the way, was never seized by the feds). Along with the fact that Polaroid was seized by the feds, but sold in a sham auction for $83 million, to the 2nd highest bidders Gordon Brothers (who were partners/clients of Paul Traub, and then there was an immediate announcement that Gordon had a brand new, $2 Billion dollar license deal that - mysteriously 0 no one seemed to know about, during the auction process.

All of which is further complicated by the Marty- James Lackner links, and the Larry Reservitz Reynolds WISTEC $12 Billion.

Now, Marc Dreier likes his prison stay, sooooo much, he doesn't want to look into a reason to leave.

Guess where he is spending his prison stay, of all the places to be, in Club Fed, America?

That's right - Mini-Soda!

There's gonna be much splain'n to do, very shortly, on why feds in Minnesota were even allowed to prosecute this case, much less do the one thing that you never see feds do -

Tout that their arrest of an in excess of $40 Billion dollar, Ponzi, is only $3.7 Billion.

Which is, perhaps, the reason the DOJ and Federal Courts in Minnesota decided that the Mandatory Victims Restitution Act ("MVRA&quot was too dang complicated to use in the Tom Petters Ponzi case, when Federal Receiver, Douglas Kelley, turned over a mere $15 million, to the DOJ.

Beyond the questions that beg, of the "suicide" of Marty Lackner, and the particular of what it was, exactly, that Congress meant for anyone to find arbitrary, about the word "Mandatory"

How is it that Douglas Kelley, was first the attorney for Tom Petters - who was then made Receiver of the Petters Ponzi?

I'm just sayin......



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