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Profile Information

Name: Laser Haas
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Anywhere USA
Home country: United States
Current location: NOMADIC
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2008, 12:12 PM
Number of posts: 7,805

About Me

Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

Journal Archives

I didn't learn of my jewish heritage, until I was 40ish

The woman I thought was my grand mother .mwas actually my Step grandmother...my real grand mom died giving birth to my mother

This is why the arguments about Warren or Obama ..suck...because no one can testify to most things ...about when, where or how they were born....without guidance from elsewhere.

Be thay as it may...as a Progressive....YID...I am with the Honorable Cornel West.

My brothers and sister, black, jews, Palestinians, women, or Chinamens chance people ( do you kniw where that phrase arose) are those of oppression...and can only be addressed by the Caucasian male who admits oppression of all others has transpired.

The Causian male has always used an issue of defense, based on fears expounded, to justify being oppressive

I dont have to be a Jew to know what the Nazi's did was wrong...

I do not need to be a black person to know that blacks were...and still are...looked down upon by most Caucasian males

I dont have to be gay to know that LGBT still suffer

And that the weak always have a lessor voice ( such as kids or elders abused )

Nor do I need to be any other race, creed, color of skin or type of Religion...to know many evils have been done in the false claim of righteous superiority

But the one thing that is universally True...There always are those who have suffered more

That never means I have right to complain against those that suffered less.

A bully mentality is a bully mentality..

No matter how it is guised

We can't abuse prisoners, just because we put them in jail

And we should be aware that many who suffer dont live in a steal cage that their actions put them in.

Compassion requires that there be compassion

Otherwise...you are compassionless

Let's see..who is taking over :-) :-) RNC

Rules Committee

That would be Romney's gal from Utah

And her Co-Chair Romney guy from Massachusets

Romney Ally Named GOP Convention Rules Chairman

Cant put in LBN, because opinion banter; but we've been telling you Mitt is coming..

At least his friends are

Adios Donald

[center] [font size=6 color=burnt]

Another Romney cohort, Ron Kaufman of Massachusetts, has been named as Co-Chair, of the Rules Committee.

Do you hear that Donald?

Mitt's men and woman are coming, to protect the rules!

As reported on, by Bloomberg, reiterated via Valley News;
Republicans Fill Crucial Posts Ahead of July Convention

Ron Kaufman, a longtime RNC committeeman from Massachusetts who is a Romney confidant, will serve as co-chairman of the Rules Committee.

Earlier this year, Kaufman told Bloomberg Politics that party officials “have to make sure the RNC runs the convention by the rules, openly, honestly and transparently. And making sure people understand the rules, so it’s clear that we’re doing it by the book.”

Funny how they didn't mention, in the title - that it's Romney Republicans, a coming to the Rules Committee

and - by the way - did anyone forget that Mitt's niece is now the head of the RNC, in Michigan


Dem Convention is a Week after GOP

Will things change when Trump is overthrown; and someone like Mitten's steps in?

GOP wants anyone (Any ONE) to run against Hillary, other than The Donald.

Just sayin......


[center] [font size=6 color=burnt] UPDATE [/font][/center]

This just in ...Romney's guy named RNC Rules Committee Chair



[center] [font size=6 color=navy] UPDATE No. 2 [/font][/center]

Another Romney guy is now named as co-chair of the Rules Committee

{MITT} Republicans Fill Crucial Posts Ahead of July Convention

The Republican National Committee has found someone to do what could be an intensely challenging job in July: serve as chairwoman of the Rules Committee at the party’s convention being held in Cleveland.

Mickelson accepted the post amid reports this week of some delegates planning to block Donald Trump’s nomination.

If such efforts gain traction, decisions made by the Rules Committee during meetings before the convention could have a big impact on how things play out.


Ron Kaufman, a longtime RNC committeeman from Massachusetts who is a Romney confidant, will serve as co-chairman of the Rules Committee.

Somethin's a happen'n


Very soon, Im going to try to force USAG Lynch

To pay personal attention to our eToys case being racketeered by Mitt Romney's Bain Capital in partnership with Goldman Sachs.

There's no question of guilt, as we have confessions in the federal records.

At issue is the staunch refusal - i llegal - to prosecute the guilty parties.

Crooks and Liars January 2015


Fire Dog Lake Jan. 2015 (now called Shadowproof)


NY Times March 2013

Rolling Stone cover September 2012



Wall Street Journal July 2005


First guy with guts enough to try to tell the WHOLE story, was Rmuse at PoliticusUSA.com ; which..combined with my prompting Matt Taibbi ...resulted in the "Greed and Debt: The True Story about Mitt Romney and Bain Capital" Rolling Stone September 2012 cover story (that prevented Taibbi from getting a Pulitzer; because they buried the eToys/ Colm Connolly pieces of the puzzle)

Of the 1/2 dozen stories by Rmuse, I asked him not to write this one


Smoking Gun video details Hillary's email mindset

With Guccifer 2 & 3 items looming large, a tidbit arises, from yesteryear, of Hillary Clinton clearly saying she shouldn't use emails, because of all the times she's been investigated.

See time stamp 3:30


Toke 1: Microsoft moves into Legal Weed bizness

According to 'The Next Web' report that was posted 22 hours agovyesterday ( too late for LBN) - as per the title"Microsoft is getting into legal weed business".


Specifically, the article quotes Microsoft that:

The goal of this relationship is to leverage each company’s resources to provide State, County, and Municipalities with purpose built solutions for track and trace (‘seed to sale’ in the cannabis industry) technology,” Kind said in the statement"

The article concludes:

It's one of the most tightly-regulated in the country, it’s mostly devoid of investment funds and it still resides in a sort of government-created purgatory as states (where it’s legal) fight against the federal government (where it’s not).

L.A. County Board Hears Testimony on Vote Fraud

According to todays report by 'The Inquisitor" the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors heard testimony of vote system irregularities so irregular one vote supervisor said it reeked of fraud and he considered refusing to put his name to certify.

Testimonies given (as noted in the story - HERE ) include mulitple accounts of switching anomalies, family of 4 all being switched to a party they never heard of, and the lack of proper ballots being printed.

Furthermore, there was a million new regustered voters, and, accirding to CBS, the largest chunk were new voters 18 to 29 years of age.

Currently, Hillary leads Bernie, in L.A. County, by 170,000 votes with over 368, 000 provisional ballots remaining.

Unfortunately the article has a little bit of bad math, in reporting that Bernie needs to take 193 delegates away from Clinton, to take lead in July Convention.

Neither Hillary, nor Bernie will have anything " finalized" come the start of the Democratic Convention.

In the meantime, a wildcard GOP race is of serious concern, as the powers that be, in the GOP, are planning a whole new effort of the "Dump Trump" variety.

Can Hillary Clinton beat Mitt?

Bernie surely can!

Here's a video of the Board of Supervisors meeting.


Woo Hoo ..We're Still Here

Despite all the rhetoric and incongruous banter that Bernie Sanders was dropping out

We're Still Here
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