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laserhaas's Journal
laserhaas's Journal
March 29, 2016

HuffPo's RJ Eskow: Bernie's Right - Wall Street's Model Really is Fraud

Richard J. Eskow opens up his new Huffington Post "Bernie's Right. Wall Street's Business Model Really is Fraud" with Hillary's remark that "I've said if the big banks don't play by the rules, I will break them up". Then Mr. Eskow notes a survey (here) commissioned by the law firm of Labaton Sucharow that has found;

a deeply immoral culture had taken root among British and American bankers

The survey showed that bankers’ ethical behavior is bad and getting worse. The percentage of bankers who believed their own colleagues had engaged in illegal or unethical behavior has nearly doubled since 2012. More than one-third of those earning $500,000 or more annually said they had first-hand knowledge of wrongdoing in the workplace.

And, you must really pay attention to this additional remark that:

It also showed that financial institutions seem to condone, encourage, and protect illegal behavior. The survey found that “nearly one-third of respondents (32 percent) believe compensation structures or bonus plans in place at their company could incentivize employees to compromise ethics or violate the law.” And it found “a proliferation of secrecy policies and agreements that attempt to silence reports of wrongdoing ...”

William Dudley, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, said in 2013 that there was an “important problem evident within some large financial institutions—the apparent lack of respect for law, regulation and the public trust,” adding: “There is evidence of deep-seated cultural and ethical failures ...”


[font size=4 color=burnt]
Wall Street Fraud Continues Because the Dept. of Justice Doesn't Care

Laws are for the wee little people: Wall Street Banks Just Pay Fines

Last year, Senator Elizabeth Warren and JP Morgan Chase's CEO Jamie Dimon had a one on one discussion (see Bloomberg story - HERE). When the Senator spoke about the bad faith behavior after Mr. Dimon complained to Senator Warren about "stiffening regulations".

Senator Warren responded that the CFPB (Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau) rules might take effect that would spell trouble for banks like JP Morgan Chase. To which, as iterated by Senator Warren, then Jamie Dimon responded, as he "leaned back and slowly smiled";

"So hit me with a fine. We can afford it"

The reasons why Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein and Mitt Romney can all be so smug about doing frauds, is that there's never been any prosecution of their companies, or the executives high up therein, for doing frauds. And, unfortunately, this is because every Dept. of Justice head, from the FBI, the SEC and the U.S. Attorney's office, have better things to do, then to punish Wall Street.

Like taking advantage of the multi-million-dollar revolving doors.

Former United States Attorney General received a DPA $50 million NO BID contract from former under employee Chris Christie, who was the New Jersey top federal prosecutor. You may wonder what a "DPA" is? It is a deferred prosecution agreement.

We used to call it something else when top fed prosecutors getting millions in dollars, to forget about prosecuting.

HuffPo's Eskow points out that the Department of Justice has settled over $200 Billion dollars in fines with Wall Street banks. Richard then goes on to point out the following;

If the purpose of Wall Street’s “business model” is to help bank executives get rich without personal risk or penalty, there is no question that fraud is at its heart. Senior bankers at our too-big-to-fail institutions have made a lot of money from fraudulent activities, but other people always seem to pay when those activities come to light. The American people bail them out, and bank shareholders pay the fines.

Then Huffington Post's Eskow concludes with the following - apropos - opinion;

Fraud isn’t just a sideline. It gives bankers a much-needed edge.

Play by the rules? For bankers, Rule #1 is “win at any cost.” As long as they can commit fraud without suffering personal consequences, fraud will be the business model for Wall Street.

We have the case that Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital have never been fined for, about, nor even investigated (because the United States Attorney, over the case, Colm Connolly, was one of those "revolving door" lawyers who worked for Goldman Sachs/ Bain Capital law firm of Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell {"MNAT'}).

If Bernie Sanders becomes President of the United States, he will be able to pick a U.S. Attorney General that will actually go by the law. This is why Goldman Sachs CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, stated Bernie Sanders was dangerous.

Heck, if Senator Bernie Sanders - even mentions eToys - Humpty Fraudster Dumpties will fall off their high hubris Walls.

Wouldn't that be a sight to see?

Just sayin........
[font size=6] Proof of Goldman Sachs Mega Frauds in [/font] [font size=6 color=red]e[/font][font size=6 color=navy]Toys [/font]

1. Goldman Sachs ripped off eToys public offering (see NY Times 2013 "Rigging IPO Game&quot

2. MNAT law firm, lies about Goldman Sachs to become eToys attorney (see Chief Justice Opinion pages 24 through 29)

3. While benefiting from Perjury, MNAT handpicks Paul Traub to sue Goldman Sachs (in essence, Sachs sued Sachs & eToys lost).

4. Obstruction of Justice occurs when MNAT lies under oath to help Goldman Sachs destroy eToys case evidence
(funny thing is, we learned about this Smoking Gun tidbit, from Goldman Sachs counsel in NY - Jeremey Bates)

4. Paul Traub was also partners with fraudsters Marc Dreier and Tom Petters Ponzi (Petters REceiver Complaint)

6. Colm Connolly, a partner of MNAT, becomes the U.S. Attorney over the eToys case (see DOJ Resume Office of Legal Policy)

7. Corruption by Connolly is reported to a Task Force - and that Unit is Shut Down with prosecutors threatened to be silent
See Los Angeles Times article "Shake-up roils federal prosecutors"

In essence, Goldman Sachs ripped off eToys, from beginning, during the bankruptcy and at the very end of eToys suing Goldman Sachs, which settled the billion dollar fraud case, for only $7.5 million that MNAT, Traub and Barry Gold got to keep.

MNAT continues to conceal, to this very day, the frauds of MNAT representing both eToys and Bain Capital (that owns Kay Bee) when the sales prices of eToys to Bain/ Kay Bee were reduced by MNAT.

By the way, yours truly knows all of this, being I'm the one who sold eToys to Bain/Kay Bee, for tens of millions. MNAT and Paul Traub tossed me out and put in Traub's partner, Barry Gold (who worked for Michael Glazer and Romney at Stage Stores) - using a forgery to the Delaware Bankruptcy Court, after they confessed deliberately lying under oath, saying moi "waived" my right to be paid and gave away eToys for free.

MNAT submitted this "HAAS Affidavit" but the judge wouldn't allow HAAS to inform the court it was a forgery.

Did someone really need to tell the court that I didn't give away my year long work - payment?

This bankruptcy fraud on the court issue means there's NO statute of limitations. Once Bernie Sanders team has the time to look at this - Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital are doomed!

Just sayin.......
March 20, 2016

Unless you are leaving your house to someone, emotionally, you should cash out.

Yup,,,, I know..... none of my business - that's why what I'm saying, is okay..... it doesn't matter unless you want it to do so. Moi is just asking you to think everything through. Have you ever wanted to go to Hawaii for a week - or Costa Rica for a month .. or a certain New Car?

Just sayin......

You've done it, paid off your home, and your entire life savings is sitting in an account you can't access. What is it to struggle, all your life, just to get by, in perpetuity, when you don't have to? Whether its $100,000 or more, you're paying taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc., etc.

Owning a house is overrated, especially when everyone is all grown up. I've had several. My kids and ex all complained (actually it was my ex stirring them up) about that, or how we lived in Embassy Suites, Residence Inns or some other such (while our houses stayed empty - one I bought but never moved into, in Tulsa).

By the way, my kids now confess they miss the old days.

YES,,,, absolutely...... you achieved the dream. The paid off mortgage is proof you did more than most. But, as you did with the torch of the deed, no one can ever take the achievement away from you.

I've lived a great life, born poor, mom on welfare, never seeing my father from 10 years of age, until I went to find him at 18. Always laughed at in school because we wore Salvation Army clothes that were too small (even today it makes me cringe to hear someone say the term "highwater&quot . Then, in my own way, moi became a success and clients paid for our oligarch life style. They could write it off and yours truly kept climbing up the ladder, to the point that over 1000 worked for me (in eToys).

Today, I choose a life of poverty. Now don't get me wrong, having money is great; but that's overrated - also. It is how you get it that is what is really important. It is a matter of what your priorities are.

Me, I've chosen to fight a good fight that is worth more than money, win or lose.

You, on the other hand, have chosen to take care of those you love. I'm just suggesting you do that in - possibly - a better way.
Why struggle, to make ends meet, when your golden goose is in your hands? Just suggesting may be better way.

If you have 2 or 300,000 in worth, in your house, you could keep 1/3 cash, 1/3 in stocks and bonds, tax free, making 10% (it is inflated bucks, but still a growth) and/or you could put 1/3 into a gas station, or own a hotel (with a house attached - there are many).

Life is an adventure.

March 20, 2016


March 19, 2016

Film Producer Tells Me Romney Story is Too Much To Absorb

It's is amazing, when Hollywood ilk comes a callin, how they talk down to you like you are privileged to be amongst them. They call me and insist I bring counsel (an entertainment counsel to counsel is standard protocol). Then these film making professionals, condescending geniuses that they are, say there's too much there and they ask me to "pitch" them.


Each and every time a writer, ghost writer, script person, agent, or what have you, finds me (not hard, how many friggin Laser Haas's are out there in this corrupt world), they all act as if they aren't interested, then they call, and email, and call, ad nausea.

So, I try to save us all time, and tell them this same "sch-peal" each and every damn time -

"Look, I'm not in this for me, if it was about money, I would've taken Mitt's fruk'n bribe $ and became a roaming Robber Baron stooge like Michael Glazer, Jack Bush, Paul Traub, or Barry Gold. As Taibbi told part of our story, in his "Greed and Debt" Romney article, Michael Glazer got $18 million, for his second Mitt/Bain Cap. gig.

Nope that's not why yours truly is here. Every single damn day Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital are ripping off thousands of people, causing annual losses, for tens of thousands, in the tens of billions.

- I'm here to find a way to get the story out and beat up/take down those who buy & sell city hall's like monopoly game board pieces. - If you have the guts enough, to tell the true story, you can have my working with you for free, I just need 1 thing and 1 thing only - Final Edit rights"


You may as well have asked them to get a blood transfusion from an aids patient.

Then they scream holy f==c, throwing their arms up in the air, telling me how unrealistic I am. Neither Robert Redford, nor Julia Roberts are able to get "final edit" rights - It just doesn't work that way.

To which, I reply;

"Okay, let's talk reality, being that such is your top argument. We can do a Alex Gibney 'Casino Jack' verses Kevin Spacey's 'Casino Jack' (grand larceny of the film's name).

Jack Abramoff (who just so happens to be involved in our case too) was sent to prison for corrupting politicians, mainly seeking lobby dollars for support of Indian Casino's. Two films were done about his story. One by the studios, with Kevin Spacey, and the other by renowned documentary film producer/director Alex Gibney.

Alex Gibney did "Casino Jack: The United States of Money" that cost a few hundred thousand dollars to produce. While one of my favorite stars, Kevin Spacey, was part of the $30 million production that - literally - hijacked the name (because Alex Gibney couldn't spend $1 million to defend his rights) - in another similar (but actually not as good) film, also titled "Casino Jack".

Alex Gibney's film made money and Kevin Spacey's version lost $30 million (did only $1 million at the box office). When your $30 million film, with a star like Kevin Spacey does worse than Affleck/J. Lo's "Gigli" it is pathetic.

I'm more aware of the "realities" of the film's dilemmas, than you apparently are.

We need to care about, and totally think through, how to do, and promote this film, in such a way that the one chance, in a lifetime, to tell 'Romney-gate' doesn't get lost in the hogwash of politics and flame [not sic].

We already have the billion dollar baby in the FACTS of the case that Romney has been trying to hide. Why do you think, in 15 years, Mitt's never once, tried to sue me for defamation or slander?

BECAUSE - It's all true - everyone single word that I'm saying!

Hence, it is up to you professionals, the geniuses of the film industry, to come up with a way to solve "final edit" problem.


Needless to say, just like Mitt & his gang will never understand why moi didn't take the biggest payday of my life, and the career chance of a lifetime, these Hollywood'rs simply don't get why someone doesn't want fame and fortune.

That's because - they never look at me, for what I really am - nothing more than - a victim.


[center][font size=6 color=burnt] Getting Justice Against Wall Street
is Too Much To Absorb


This pic above sums it up, in a nutshell. Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and Mitt (the pitts) Romney are now, and always have been, Too Big to Fail and Too Big to Jail, making it necessary for me to be Quixote, in my quest for justice.

If one can't beat city hall - it's even harder to beat those who own many city halls.

Just sayin.......

I'm not allowed to put in this thread, the item listing the issues for the movie, as we both signed a non-disclosure on the paperwork of the meeting. Therefore, I'm going to list the crimes that have been done, by Mitt & gangs, and let you see that it is true, there's soooooo much to absorb here;

but - should such prevent - justice from coming?

This is what yours truly has been trying to change, for a decade plus. We not only have legal proofs and Smoking Guns beyond compare, we're actually blessed with confessions, parties in jail, law firms closed down, and so much more.

To put it all into perspective, this one time, I'll list everything, without providing proof;
but it's available, if you care to ask, in the comment section.

All of this has been publicized, and/or testified to, under penalty of perjury.

[font size=4] Known Romney Shenanigans [/font]

Here's a listing of the items that main stream has already published, greatly...

Mitt gets his backing, for Bain Capital, from Salvadoran Death Squad oligarchs

Staples Funding......and exiting.

Kay Bee Toys gets $100 million out, before filing bankruptcy of Kay Bee

Makes platform, by workers hands, then Bain Cap parties stand on platform, and fire whole company, to move to China

Takes down American flag from business and puts Chinese flag on top
(Rev. Jesse Jackson gets arrested - but main stream mostly silent)

Says corporations are people.

Condescends that "47 %" of the United States are handout bums taking from free load giver Obama

Takes over Olympics, gives contracts to Bain, destroys records upon leaving.

Becomes Governor of Massachusetts (when he doesn't even live there - {son's basement- Puuuhhhhllllleeeaaassseee})

Staff buys computer hard drives and destroys them

Mitt Romney forms Stage Stores with Michael Milken junk bond monies (see Taibbi's "Greed and Debt&quot

Stage Stores then files bankruptcy with Michael Glazer as director, Barry Gold director's assistant.

Gold hires Paul Traub for Stage Stores and gets caught about undisclosed connections (lying under oath).

Mitt Romney is distant cousin to GW Bush

Jack Bush, from Dallas Texas, is a roaming Robber Baron executive of Bain Capital

At Stage Stores, with Michael Glazer, also as a director, is Jack Bush

Items tied to those above that you don't know about

Romney owned 'The Learning Company' merged with Mattel, and investors lose $3 Billion - immediately

MNAT law firm handled Mattel merger with The Learning Company

In 1999, eToys went public, with Goldman Sachs

Romney and Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital are partners
(involved in hundreds of millions of dollar dealings)

Michael Glazer, simultaneously was CEO of Kay Bee, while director at Stage Stores
(Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi missed this fact, when he cancelled our get all facts conference call - before "Greed and Debt&quot

As part of 'The Learning Company' merger, with Mattel, Romney & Bain get 12 million shares of Mattel stock

This marches Mitt's Bain towards Toys R Us

Bain Capital gets control of Kay Bee, with Glazer CEO, in mid-2000

Then Romney's Bain/Kay Bee/ Glazer, march over to eToys, to buy it for $5.4 million

Yours truly, with my CLI company, halt the sale to Bain/Kay Bee;
and force them to bid tens of millions of dollars.

MNAT (keeping it a secret it was with Romney's merger of Learning with Mattel) lies and becomes eToys counsel

Traub, while still at Stage Stores, lies to eToys court, to become eToys Creditors counsel (Mattel is Chair of Board)

Then MNAT, Traub put in, secretly, Barry Gold (who is also partners with Traub) as President/CEO of Bain Capital

Laser Haas and his CLI company are tossed out of eToys when MNAT forges an Affidavit
(the HAAS Affidavit is purportedly a total "waiver" of $3.7 million in fees & expenses)

Romney's team offer moi a bribe, and I report it to the Delaware Dept. of Justice - in mid-2001.

Mitt then (reportedly) quits Bain Capital, in August 2001, to retroactively retire back to February 11, 1999.

Colm Connolly, the Assistant U.S. Attorney who was to be investigating The Learning Company/ Mattel merger
quits the DoJ and becomes partners with MNAT - in 1999

Then, all of sudden, when Romney reportedly resigns Bain Capital, in August 2001 (retroactively)
---- Colm Connolly is nominated by Mitt's distant cousin, GW Bush, to become the United States Attorney, in Delaware.

In August 2001 (I know I said no proofs - but this one is very important - see Colm's DoJ resume - HERE)

MNAT destroyed eToys books and records, while lying under oath that MNAT had no connections to Bain & Goldman Sachs

Barry Gold and Paul Traub lied under oath, about their being partners, when Traub (eToys Creditors counsel) put in Barry Gold to be eToys post-bankruptcy petition President/CEO.

Then they toss moi out - and reduce the sales prices of eToys.com bankruptcy assets, to Bain Capital/Kay Bee

Yours truly finds Smoking Guns (3 years later) and this forces Barry Gold, Traub and MNAT to confess lies under oath;
but the Delaware U.S. Attorney (Colm Connolly) says MNAT, Bain and Goldman Sachs did no wrong.

February 2005, Assistant United States Trustee believes me, and puts in a Motion to Disgorge Traub

Then he (Frank Perch) is forced to resign, and Mark Kenney gives Paul Traub immunity from prosecution
(problem with this is, US Trustee has NO legal authority to give pardon - MUST report it to US Attorney {Colm Connolly})

Judge says - even after Traub confesses deliberately lying to the court (fraud on the court) that no perjury happened.

Laser is forbidden to even file papers in court and MNAT's forgery of HAAS Affidavit is allowed to stay in record
(How in the sam hell can a law firm that admits lying under oath, get to stop HAAS from telling court that's not HAAS affidavit)

MNAT is law firm that represented Howard Hughes

Franklin William (Bill) Gay is MNAT associate who helped form Howard Huges Summa Corporation with MNAT

Bill Gay's son is Bob Gay - that was partners with Mitt Romney, from Bain Capital beginnings (found $9 million Salvador)

Brother in law of Bill was the doping physician of Howard Hughes

Upon Howard Hughes death, from drug overdose, MNAT switches sides and represents Mormon Church taking Hughes estate

MNAT represents Bain Capital in Kay Bee Toys case $100 million fraud

Romney's Sankaty is illegally working Kay Bee case

Paul Traub and Barry Gold's entity Asset Disposition Advisors, is also illegally working Kay Bee

In 2005, during Kay Bee bankruptcy, Traub asks to be one to prosecute Bain & Michael Glazer
(Glazer paid himself $18 million and Bain Cap $83 million, before filing Kay Bee Bankruptcy)

Laser points out the fraud of Traub pretending to prosecute Glazer and Bain (when Traub works for them in Stage Stores)

Mark Kenney comes to the rescue - again - and gives all immunity, asking court to through out Laser

Third Circuit Court that MNAT partner is on (Walter K Stapleton) says Fed Rules of Appeal Procedures don't apply to this case

Laser learns Colm Connolly, the party he has been giving all the evidence to, is also a partner of MNAT.

DoJ Public Corruption Task Force gets December 7, 2007 memo about Colm Connolly

Mitt Romney is running for President in 2008

Public Corruption Task Force shuts down and career prosecutors are threatened to keep silent, as to why

Romney comes in 5th, at Iowa, and quits

Bain Capital then bids on Wall Street Journal; but gets outbid by Ruppert

Clear Channel Communications is bought by Bain Capital

Red McCombs owns Clear Channel (renamed "iHeart&quot

Black Water (now renamed "Academi&quot is also owned by Red McCombs

USAG John Ashcroft tries to help the quest about U.S. Trustee Corruption, with letter to Hague on corrupt judges too.

Chris Christie, NJ US Attorney, gives Ashcroft $50 million No BID contract.

John Ashcroft becomes Academi/Black Water top dog

Christie becomes Governor (of a bridge not too far)

Romney and son Tagg are part of the Stanford Ponzi, in TX, via Solamere

Paul Traub is partners with Marc Dreier fraud

He is also partners with Tom Petters Ponzi

eToys was suing Fingerhut for botching 25% of Christmas orders

Traub, MNAT and Barry Gold settled Fingerhut

Then Tom Petters Ponzi bought Fingerhut

In mid-2008, just before FBI raided Petters, Traub flies in and Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital loan Fingerhut $50 million

The feds never seize Fingerhut (renamed "Bluestem" brands)

The feds seized Sun Country Airlines and Polaroid

Sun Country is given control to by former disbarred Minn attorney.

Polaroid is sold in sham auction to 2nd highest bidder Gordon Brothers, for $83 million.

Gordon Brothers got is original funding from Ed Land (founder of Polaroid)

Paul Traub is named as Gordon Brothers partner, who brings $2 Billion dollar Polaroid License deal to table

Marty Lackner is involved in Tom Petters Ponzi feeder fund, Lancelot

Marty and James are brothers

James Lackner is Minnesota Assistant United States Attorney, head of Criminal Division

Douglas Kelley is Tom Petters Attorney

Then, Doug Kelley switches sides (apparently it is okay with Bain/ GSachs deals, to do so)

Mr. Kelley is both Federal Receiver over decision to not seize Fingerhut

And Mr. Kelley is Bankruptcy Trustee (in all other cases Receiver and Trustee are polar opposites)

Tom Petters/Paul Traub partner Larry Reynolds, sat 25 feet away from Laser, during eToys case beginnings.

Lawrence real name is Reservitz and he confessed to laundering $12 Billion, for Petters Ponzi, and is doing 10 years

Larry "Reservitz" Reynolds was able to do his money laundering while in Las Vegas, also inside WISTEC

That is WISTEC, the Witness Protection Program


Murder and Mayhem

eToys shareholder Robert Alber joined Laser's quest for justice.

Jack Abramoff's self professed partner, Johann Hamerski (from Alaska) offers Alber a bribe.

Alber turns down the bribe and is told "people like you, who turn down bribes, wake up dead"

In mid-2010, Jack Abramoff gets out early and career criminal Michael Sesseyoff tries to kill Robert Alber

Michael Sesseyoff is shot and killed by Robert Alber, in Kingman Arizona


John "Jack" Wheeler is former West Point, worked for 3 Presidents and also the SEC

His knocking on corrupt Colm Connolly's office building (Nemours building in Wilmington, DE) - results in homicide

Jack Wheeler is found dead of blow to the head, tossed into garbage and found in dump, in Delaware, Christmas Eve 2010

Laser puts out stories, seeking to find information to help investigation

Colm Connolly then announces he is Wheeler family counsel, posting $25,000 reward for info given to Colm Connolly
(may as well made it a million - as Colm is never going to investigate himself)


Maybe would could get information from Marty Lackner


He's dead too

Reached out, with his friends, to Laser

Wound up hung in his closet

Had 3 little kids, wasn't under investigation, and left no note for his wife

Hollywood is right, it is much to absorb.

All the above items are already testified to, by me, under penalty of perjury, many, many - times. So, how in the sam frug'uck does the film/book geniuses come to me and ask me to "Pitch" them?


All I am - is a victim. And yet, somewhere, there's an unwritten rule book that john doe citizen can't go against oligarchs (even when everyone in the country is bitching about doing that very thing - including Senator Warren and Senator/POTUS Sanders).

Our eToys v Romney case is the poster child proof that Wall Street can break laws, O P E N L Y, and get away 'Scot Free'.

They are able to blatantly and flagrantly corrupt the federal systems of justice, and even confess, the Judge said she didn't care, they are "good ole boys" who really didn't mean noting by it, and she has to get back to Tweeter (see FireDogLake's Daniel Wright's January 2015 story "Unending eToys Bankruptcy" - that helped stop Mitt from running, back then).

How do you get final edit - who knows. My bigger problem is, how do you stop federal corruption from protecting organized crimes that cause brothers of Assistant United States Attorneys and Jack Wheeler (the key man at the Vietnam Memorial) from winding up dead.

To shut up Hollywood, every time I leave the meeting (knowing they are never going to call again - anyway) is that I tell them they are wrong about me, I'm not nutz for taking on Goldman Sachs and Romney - they took on me.

My real goal is to stop the corruption that is allowing them to get away with racketeering of our federal systems of justice. I'm just one victim, in a million, of those civil slaughtered by Goldman Sachs and Mitt Romney.

If you think taking on Mitt & gangs is nutz, what do you think of my wanting. to dismantle the United States Trustee's office.

Too Much To Absorb - absolutely YES....... Try living it

Just sayin.................


March 13, 2016

Sanders v Romney: Who Gets to Pick USAG

There's going to be much debate, between now and july, until the dust settles, where both sides learn who is their POTUS race guy. In the interim, we banter and sling mud, to the joy of Clear Channel (now iHeart) and the rest of MSM. For they, by law, get top $ rate, filling in dead air time, with billions of banter dollars, about the issues of the 2016 POTUS race.

Arguably, the 2016 POTUS race boils down to the issue, of who gets to pick the next USAG.

[br] (Carton by Prize Winner Steve Sack
Tribune has it no longer
so you can go - HERE)
[font size=5]
Fighting Wall Street Fraud, To No Avail, Since 2001
As some of you may know (my having posted a hundred threads about the topic, here, at DU), I've been fighting Mitt Romney and Goldman Sachs power centers/Wall Street Frauds, since 2001, when I blew the whistle on a bribe offer, to become partners with Mitt's gang.

Obviously, as most argue, one can't fight city hall; and, even more so, you purportedly can't fight those who buy off city hall.
Be that as it may, I'm never going to give up, nor surrender. It is a moral imperative, to not stand idle by, when tax paid public servants are taking your dollars and helping organized criminals steal your pensions.
We can prove that there are more than 100 crimes, including Perjury, Bribery, Intimidation of Victim/Witness, Mail & Wire Fraud, Retaliation, Conspiracy to Defraud, Corruption, Attempted Murder (and homicides complete, beneficial), Bankruptcy Fraud, Grand Larceny (over a Billion), Scheme to Fix Fees - in federal cases, Collusion, Obstruction and more.

Also, I'm one of Romney's "retroactive" secrets, so is his MNAT law firms former (presumably) partner, Colm F Connolly.

How Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs deliberately destroyed our eToys public company, and have gotten away (thus far) totally 'Scot Free', is the fact that Colm Connolly came from the Department of Justice (where he failed to prosecute Romney and Bain Capital for ripping off Mattel investors of $3 Billion, 1999, of 'The Learning Company' merger with Mattel) and then Colm was made a partner of the MNAT law firm (that Connolly was supposed to be investigating). When we reported a bribe offer, in eToys case, Colm Connolly became the prosecutor and Mitt Romney "retroactively" resigned. (See Colm Connolly's resume - HERE)

It's a simple question - Could Al Capone "retroactively" retire from his organized crimes?

Therefore, the reason protest parties are put in jail, and the Wall Street fraudsters are able to stay 'Scot Free', is because the authorities are abusing their power, by punishing the victims/ whistleblowers/ protest parties, and granting the Capone/Nitti's their very own Justice Department "get out of jail free cards".

This can stop, but only if Bernie Sanders becomes president.

My concern is that Hillary or Romney will become POTUS; and that doesn't bode well for those of U.S. who know that the Wall Street fraudsters have never faced justice.

You can argue that I'm wrong - but why?

Yeah, I know, everyone believes Trump is on top, on his own, and that Romney's Clear Channel Communications (renamed iHeart Radio) with its shows of Mark Levine, LameBlah, Ham'itup'ity and Bleech, have absolutely nothing to do with it.


Even if I'm wrong, as I've been saying for a year now, and Mitt is more unpopular than Trump, or Romney doesn't have enough power, any more, to broker the GOP convention, do you really believe the other candidates will actually pick a USAG that will do the right thing, against Wall Street fraudsters, such as Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs?

One thing for sure, Hillary's loyalties are divided, between U.S. and Sachs.

But, if Bernie Sanders were to get elected, and have the chance to be the POTUS, this could change everything. Most certainly, we couldn't count on RMoney, if he does steal the WH, instead of HRC, to investigate Bain Capital.

After all, Mitt knows he didn't do it

If Senator Sanders succeeds and becomes President of the United States,
----------------------------------who do you suggest, or think, he will/should pick as USAG?

just askin...................

March 10, 2016

Bernie Sanders: Goldman Sachs boss right to call me dangerous

Source: Congressional News from The Hill

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) says the head of Goldman Sachs is correct to describe him as dangerous.

"I am proud that the gentleman who is the head of Goldman Sachs ... said I was dangerous, and he's right. I am dangerous for Wall Street," Sanders said to cheers during Wednesday night's Democratic debate hosted by CNN and Univision, apparently referring to an interview that Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein gave to CNBC's "Squawkbox" program.

Clinton said, as she has often before, that before the financial crisis she went to Wall Street to tell them to stop their reckless behavior.

Sanders mocked her for that claim, saying sarcastically, "Clearly the Secretary's words to Wall Street has really intimidated [Wall Street], and that is why they have given her $15 million in campaign contributions."

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/presidential-races/272484-sanders-goldman-sachs-boss-right-to-call-me-dangerous

We have the very case that President Sanders can thrust the proverbial sword of truth straight through the heart of Goldman Sachs decades plus Wall Street frauds.

Our eToys case will close the Goldman Sachs law firm, in Delaware, of MNAT. Possibly, dozens would wind up in jail, if Senator Sanders gets to handpick the new U.S.A.G. that investigates Wall Street Fraud, legitimately.

For sure, if the case were to be - properly - investigate and prosecuted, Goldman Sachs public offering works would die - big time!
March 9, 2016

Now Mitt Romney is attacking Bernie Sanders

Source: Salon

Asked his thoughts on the tightening delegate battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side, Romney called Sanders “an authentic guy, an honest guy,” but “incredibly misguided.”

“What Bernie Sanders knows is simply wrong,” Romney continued. “He’s not gonna help people come out of poverty, he’s not gonna build a strong middle class with policies that have been a failure around the world.”

Read more: http://www.salon.com/2016/03/09/now_mitt_romney_is_attacking_bernie_sanders/

Mitt Romney is planning to enter the race, in June, and he just got a wake up call.

It is a fact that Mitt's family has taken control of Michigan Republican party (after he lost his "home" state, in 2012), with a niece now the head thereof. But all the plans of mice and men, are to no avail, when polls had Hillary ahead by double digits, and she lost Michigan.

Sanders v Romney, in the general election, would be a clear, super, win, for our side, as they are polar opposites.
March 9, 2016

Those "eke" outs are mired in controversy

Just sayin........

March 8, 2016

IHeartMedia, Lenders in Fight Over Disputed Share Transfer

Source: Bloomberg Business

A group of IHeartMedia Inc. creditors are going to battle with the debt-laden radio broadcaster over its decision to reduce the lenders’ hold on $500 million in assets by moving them from the parent company to a unit.

IHeart said it received notices of default from its bondholders, according to a filing Monday. The lenders claim that the company violated debt covenants by transferring the shares of Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings Inc. to its Broader Media LLC in December. The creditors represent at least 25 percent of the outstanding principal of four of the company’s priority guarantee notes.

The broadcaster, which is weighed down by more than $20 billion in debt, said it disputes the allegations and will contest the notices, according to the filing. The company filed a lawsuit Monday in state district court in Bexar County, Texas, seeking a declaratory judgment that it isn’t in default.

Read more: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-03-08/iheartmedia-unit-gets-notices-of-default-after-share-transfer

We've seen this juxtapose of assets that stuck it to others, in the Kay Bee Toys case, where Bain Capital acquired Kay Bee and owed mega millions to Big Lots {Consolidated Stores}.

It worked - and Big Lots got to suck wind.

Just sayin................

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