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laserhaas's Journal
laserhaas's Journal
January 30, 2016

Trying to Cram Hillary Annointed Crap Down Our Throats Made U.S. Puke

We shall not point, direct fingers, to those profuse posts, full of much hubris, for the better part of 2015, barking about how anyone who wasn't a die hard for Hillary, couldn't call themselves a real progressive. To the contrary, empirically, against all things logical, Democratic and Progressive, and the main stream powers that be, DWS included, have all failed - miserably -

in trying to cram that crap down our throats

Even now, there are those (absurdly) claiming that Senator Elizabeth Warren is going to announce herself as supporting HRC. [font color=white]......................[/font] Really!



Yours truly has been fighting tyranny, cronyism and corruption, for 15 years now, as a profession (unpaid to boot). Over and over again, moi has cried foul about how (former) U.S. Attorney General's are bending over backwards, to give Wall Street slaps on the wrist, for doing organized crimes.

I'm just sayin.......

and sayin.............

[font color=white].............................[/font] and S A Y I N..........................

Yet, our own progressives, for the sake of her highnerous, keep telling me to lay down, shut up and be quiet; because, from near the beginning of Senator Sanders announcing, I've been saying (and praying) that out salvation is a Sanders/Warren ticket.

And FB actually froze when our Group started to go viral 1Million by Plus 1 Bernie Sanders for President -

Good things is, our group was blessed with meeting journo H.A. Goodman, who has been boldly touting Bernie from the beginning.

Along those same lines of weird happenstances there's been the hugely disingenuous banter that Senator Elizabeth Warren shouldn't run (because HRC diehards knew damn well, Warren would have spanked that ass). All that gobbledygook about we need her {Warren} in the Senate, because she can serve U.S. better there...

made me want to puke!

Very pathetic state of affairs to hold to the premise of the fact that (a potential replacement of POTUS should, G-d forbid, anything untoward and/or accidental occur) the number 2 person in our country isn't as important, as valid, or even worth a Senator.

How good a grade would a summa cum laude probable get, as a Harvard Law School graduate, with a thesis that proffered the premise of, given the choice to be No. 2 in the nation, or 1 of 100 (with much of the rest of the remaining 99, being lame or worse)....that the to be graduate would argue to be Senator?

Have we all been so repetitively, verbally, slammed by babbling bull chit, by Faux and Clinton News Networks - that this Is IT?

It is axiomatic that - if you are not one of the people who has been pointing out Hillary's powers that be tried to forced feed U.S., then, chances are - you were part of the force feeding brigade.

That's OKAY - we forgive you.

Shai'it'lry is Bern'd so bad, the toast is beyond being edible. Just this week Chelsea had to reduce $2600 per dinner plate, to $60; and her mom couldn't even fill a room, in Iowa, that holds 1000 ppl (see pic above and this link - HERE).

Meanwhile, Senator Sanders is beating Obama's record for number of donations and crowds.

[center] [font size=5] Time now, to join the winning team - And[/font] [font size=5 color=navy] FEEL THE BERN[/font][/center]

All the arrogant banter, heretofore, of the issue that "if Hillary wins, will Sanders followers vote for her", now comes full circle. HRC is not our gal, and you are going to see that logic, in complete candor, come Iowa and New Hampshire. Even Hillary's major donors are now reaching out to Bernie (tepidly).....

What are you going to do?

As for me, I'm the guy who is suing Mitt Romney for Racketeering, along with Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, and their "Brown Bag King of New York", attorney, Paul Traub.

They have done over 100 felonies and brag about, including abducting my daughter and trying to kill Robert Alber.

Who do you think will give me a better chance, of ending 15 years of organized crimes and corruption.


[font color=white]...................[/font]Really!

[font size=4 color=white]...................[/font]Puuuuhhhhhhhllllllleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee[/font][br][br]

[font size=4 color=navy] FEELING THE BERN[/font] [font size=4] - Fanning the [font color=burnt]Flames[/font] -[font size=4] Against Manifest Injustice[/font][br][hr][br]

Change is as real as you make it.

just sayin..........
January 11, 2016

Need Help for Evicted Person 100% Legally Blind

To Whom it may concern that has the ability to assist, please consider helping Regina Tucker of Long Beach, CA?

As many of you who follow me know, I try to help victims of unjust rulings by the courts, such as myself. For, it is a lonely place to be when courts rule for crooks, in an arbitrary and capricious way (actually Civil Rights violating "Color of Law&quot that is an extreme bad faith manner.

Regina Tucker is 100% legally blind. She has been living at the same apartment for 19 years. Regina only gets less than $1000 per month and doesn't even have a cell phone (very hard on a legally blind person to have to go about - doing without the safety of 911 and other communications).

There were roaches,water leaks, torn carpets and broken mirrors, with even worse going on, that Regina complained about. By law she was allowed to withhold her rent until the landlord (the VA) fixed the problem; but the new manager and Regina simply don't get along.

Even though the fixes occurred, after the eviction process was touted as retaliation, the mean manager doesn't care how hard it is for a totally blind person to move somewhere new.

I've paid the legal research and paperwork filings for Regina and can't assist her with any more money.

We found a free attorney, who will file a hardship request; but we need $350.00 more.

Please consider helping?



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