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laserhaas's Journal
laserhaas's Journal
June 19, 2015

Roof Roommate Says Charleston Suspect Planned Shooting For 6 Months

Source: Talking Points Memo retelling of ABC News

The roommate of the white, 21-year old man who allegedly massacred nine people at a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina said Thursday that he thought the suspect had been planning the attack for about six months.

Dalton Tyler told ABC News that he'd known Dylann Storm Roof for about seven months to a year. Tyler told the news outlet that he last saw Roof about a week ago and knew he'd been planning something like the Charleston church attack "for six months."

“He was big into segregation and other stuff,” Tyler told ABC News. “He said he wanted to start a civil war. He said he was going to do something like that and then kill himself.”

Read more: Roommate Says Charleston Suspect Planned Shooting For 6 Months

Pic from Cynthia Roldan's Tweet.

Cynthia Roldan ✔@CynthiaRoldan

A man inside #DylannRoof's home declined to speak, adding we should get off his property before he called deputies.
10:09 AM - 18 Jun 2015 · South Carolina, USA, United States

They went to the house and there's a Tweet; but I do not know how to properly embed here.
[center][font size=6]U P D A T E [/font][/center]

Apparently (according to comment 26 below and link to mainstream source).....the inutial reports oh his dad buying the "felon" a gun...are inaccurate!
June 17, 2015

Facebook News Break: Governor Siegelman Judge is Toast!

That's right folks, the title is correct, of the many social media outlets among U.S., we now have the underground Facebook News (many here post DU items there - too). Brought to my attention by fellow activist Andrew Kreig, is the Donald V. Watkins piece titled "A Facebook News Exclusive---The Straw That Broke Mark Fuller’s Back"

Judge Fuller is the corrupt Karl Rove pal who unscrupulously put Governor Siegelman, from Alabama, utilizing "Color of Law" violations to do so. Most have no idea that Judge Fuller is reportedly worth over $300 million dollars from oil contracts and other dealings.

As the item on Facebook News by Mr. Watkins has a big "Copyright" notation and we all are aware that Facebook doesn't play nice, you'll have to go to Mr. Watkins piece - directly - to get what is said there]). Meanwhile we have many things coming out in the Governor Siegelman, Judge Fuller case - including this from another activist (Roger Schuller) of the Legal Schnauzer Blog that supplies the pic above as the Legal Schnauzer Blog states;

Legal Schnauzer:

"Riley had John McCain, in the U.S. Senate, covering up his ties to Jack Abramoff. And he had Mark Fuller, on the federal bench, taking care of his prime political opponent--Don Siegelman.
"This is the real story behind Mark Fuller. Yes, he is a bad guy who beat his wife in a private setting. But his behavior in the public setting was just as bad--and much more far reaching. That's where he used taxpayer dollars and a lifetime appointment to trample the U.S. Constitution.

"Did Mark Fuller abuse his wife? Yes. Did he also heap abuse on our democracy? Absolutely."

Also noted by the Legal Schnauzer Blog, is the fact that Governor Siegelman was put in jail for a crime that doesn't exist (in our Constitution). (It is the opinion of moi as an activist - that Governor Siegelman went against the powers that be - as either a secret society or something of that kind; which is why they put him in prison and seek his dying there - to bury some huge secret).

As noted by Roger Schuller's Blog;

Fuller played a central role in the most notorious political prosecution of the period--and perhaps in American history--when he presided over the case of former governor Don Siegelman in the Middle District of Alabama. Siegelman remains at a federal prison in Oakdale, Louisiana,

[link:Fuller played a central role in the most notorious political prosecution of the period--and perhaps in American history--when he presided over the case of former governor Don Siegelman in the Middle District of Alabama. Siegelman remains at a federal prison in Oakdale, Louisiana, for a crime he did not commit--for a "crime," in fact, that does not exist under U.S. law.|for a crime he did not commit--for a "crime," in fact, that does not exist under U.S. law].

Our hat tips to Roger's Blog, Mr. Watkins and also Dana Jill Simpson and her fights (she has been ill of late - so please stop by her FB page and wish her well).

We need more people like this - who don't give up against evil - in spite of overwhelming odds against!
June 16, 2015

Koch, Bush, Scott FL Water Poisoning Corruption Case Heats Up.

DailyKos has a new Diary piece by 'Leslie Salzillo' on the citizens and State of Florida's dilemma as a result of corruption by Jeb Bush and Rick Scott to benefit the Koch brothers bottom line at the expense of poisoning the St. John's river.

Kossack's Salzillo new piece is titled "UPDATE New Legal Action Exposes Bush, Scott, Koch Brothers Scandal".

As iterated by Leslie Salzillo's piece, this has been a protracted litigation against some powerful people, for a long period of time. A judge who was handpicked by Jeb Bush, has constantly ruled for the Koch brothers.


According to Leslie, she was asked to do a previous story on this issue by Florida attorney at law, Steve Medina. She did the first thread in response to his request in Salzillo's February 2015 piece titled "Pipeline Scandal".

It's not often that any attorney goes against huge powers that be and publicly seeks someone to tell the dirty tales. Our KUDOs much goes out to Steve Medina (who is working the case pro bono - by the way).

This is counselor Steve Medina's original letter to Leslie Salzillo, in Feb. 2013 - stating the case that;

We have learned recently that Florida Governor *Rick “Fifth Amendment” Scott is, how shall we say, ethically-challenged. Actually, that has been known for a long time, but who’s counting the past, this is Florida, land of forgiveness, opportunity, and no state income tax! Give them your relaxed, your wealthy, your huddled plutocrats yearning to breathe free. Put your wretched refuse beneath their teaming shores. Send these, the multi-homed, tempest-tossed, to them: Their elected officials snuff out their lamp beside the golden door.
You may know Florida’s immediately past commissioner of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement seems to have been given the heave ho by Governor Scott not only for patently political reasons but without particular attention to Florida law. http://www.dailykos.com/... (In Florida, if you are Governor Scott, perhaps you would not want an FDLE commissioner who actually investigates things, especially potential white collar crimes involving public corruption.)

Meanwhile, you probably don’t know that, for the past two years, thanks to Governor Scott, a veritable fountainhead of toxic waste has been directly dumped every day into the heart of “Florida’s American Heritage River,” http://upf.com/... the St. Johns. As discussed below, it is released through what is contended in a legal action to be an illegally-approved pipeline, the circumstances of which Governor Scott, as the current chairperson of Florida’s Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund, refuses to investigate.

To investigate these circumstances would be to investigate the highly questionable actions of yet another state agency, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. These actions in turn reach back into the Jeb Bush administration (1999-2007), when then Governor Bush and the Florida Cabinet, over the objection of then Attorney General Charlie Crist, gave preliminary approval for a Georgia-Pacific pipeline from its Palatka paper mill to the St. Johns River.

There's a whirlwind around the web about the water poisonings going on, in our country and around the world. So much so, yours truly acquired a website that will soon begin, titled "Global-Anti-Fracking-Initiative.com".

Enigmatically, our oligarchs (such as the Bush's) are buying up water rights, as Cheney and others poison waters by fracking chemicals and Florida politicos Jeb Bush and Rick Scott help the Koch brothers scandalously poison the St. John's river in Florida.

These blights upon our world are corrupting our courts, systems of justice and our future - for the sake of unjust enrichment and it MUST be STOPPED at ALL COSTS.

[center][font size=6] PETITION SEEKING INVESTIGATION [/center][/font]

We see it all around U.S. (and the world) and we are like spell bound children looking upon our first lightning storm; in awe at the impending doom coming straight at U.S.

If you care to join the fight, then please sign the PETITION a Criminal Investigation of Governor Rick Scott's give away of land (and poisoning water rights) to the Koch brothers.

Here's a link (Kock Brother's Rick Scott Scandal) to the DU thread by our veteran 'eridani' - with some more links to the DailyKos earlier piece by Leslie Salzillo (shame more of us here at DU aren't paying attention).

There's also a Scribd link (HERE) by attorney Steve Medina, who put up his filings for all to see.

Thank you Mr. Medina, DailyKos Leslie Salzillo and our own eridani - for bringing this troubling matter to our attention.

Wouldn't it be nice to nail these turds upon our world - before the election!

I'm just sayin........ (and wishin....)
[center][font size=6] UPDATE [/font][/center]

Here's the link to the DailyKos story - but it seems to be working 1/2 the time.

Attorney Steven A Medina is doing this case out of his own pocket and I ask that someone help start a Go Fund Me or something to assist. He now works for the public defenders office in Florida and emailed me a nice thank you.

One of the good ones!

This pic is from the Dailykos story and shows how the system really works.

And a great WOO HOO to all of you signing the PETITION - that is getting real close to 10K


A quote on the DailyKos thread by Salzillo.... of our VP - on corruption....

"Fighting corruption is not just good governance.

It's self-defense. It's patriotism

~Joe Biden
June 10, 2015

Elizabeth Warren rips SEC chief: ‘disappointing’ (?Lying to a Senator?)

Some may have paid attention to the fact that yours truly has finally found an attorney who won't be bribed off our case verses Mitt Romney, Paul Traub, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs. Immediately after our publicizing this issue, an alarming event took place where the SEC's head, Mary Jo White, has announced that she is placing the head Goldman Sachs attorney in charge of personnel at the SEC.

Apparently we are not the only one's outraged about this issue as Senator Elizabeth Warren sent a 12 page scathing letter lambasting Mary Jo White for failing the American People.

As remarked by Kevin G. Hall's McClatchy story "Elizabeth Warren rips SEC chief: ‘Extremely disappointing’" it notes below the picture provided above - that Senator Warren "all but called" Mary Jo White an incompetent - as the pic sub-caption remarks;

Sen. Elizabeth Warren addresses the California Democratic Party Convention on May 16, 2015, in Anaheim, Calif. In a blistering 13-page letter Tuesday to SEC Chair Mary Jo White, the firebrand liberal Democrat from Massachusetts and sworn enemy of big banks all but called the former prosecutor an incompetent regulator.
credit pic to IRFAN KHAN — TNS
[center][font size=5]Mary Jo White as head of SEC has been a disappointment[/font][/center]
Those who have been following our case against Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs are well aware that the parties have been getting away with openly breaking the law for at least 14 years. In our eToys case, Goldman Sachs took eToys public for $85 per share and then only allowed eToys less than $20 per.

Amazingly, we have confessions that the eToys counsel (MNAT.com) was secretly working for Goldman Sachs when it applied (and lied) to the Delaware Federal court to approved as eToys Debtor's counsel.

But that Judge and the United States Trustee, along with the Delaware Department of Justice, all refused to investigate and/or prosecute MNAT and/or Goldman Sachs.

Federal Corruption of those investigating Goldman Sachs.

This was due to other issues of merry-go-round of conflicted personnel that wound up at the Department of Justice.

Plain to see is the Dept. of Justice resume of Colm Connolly (HERE) is that clearly shows Colm was an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Delaware until 1999. Then, in August 2001, Colm Connolly became the full United States Attorney in Delaware, who presided over the eToys, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs cases.

1992 - 1999 United States Attorney's Office
District of Delaware
Assistant United States Attorney

1999 - 2001 Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP

2001 - present United States Attorney's Office
District of Delaware
United States Attorney

Unfortunately, yours truly did not learn of the fact that the very person we were asking to investigate and prosecute Bain Capital, Goldman Sachs and MNAT - was also an MNAT partner from 1999 through most of 2001.

When we reported this issue of federal corruption to the Public Corruption Task Force in Los Angeles, on December 7, 2007 (once a retired FBI agent gave me proof about Colm Connolly's conflict of interest) - the result of that Complaint (HERE) was that the Public Corruption Task Force was Shut-Down and career federal prosecutors were reportedly threatened to keep their mouths shut - as to the reasons why.


As is plain to see (per the instructions of a federal judges clerk) yours truly requested and received a time stamp on each and every page of the Complaint. Also the corresponding pleading with greater details was time clocked on each and every page.

Per the clerk's instruction, we intentionally did not (completely) white out the California boiler plate mark at the time right hand side of the court's form. So that the Los Angeles federal prosecutors office would see that the form came from that region.

When the answer was due as to - whether or not - there would be any formal investigation and/or prosecution, we received no word. Then, to our chagrin and that of federal personnel assisting yours truly, the Public Corruption Task Force was shut down. According to the Los Angeles Times March 2008 article "Shake-up roils federal prosecutors" - career federal employees were also threatened to keep their mouths shut - as to the reasons why.

As noted by the Los Angeles Times article, critics state the dismantling of the Public Corruption Task Force would severely limit the DOJ's ability to prosecute complex federal corruption cases. As written;

The lawyers described a meeting last week in which an angry O'Brien derided attorneys in the office for working too few hours, filing too few cases and for speaking ill of him to subordinates.

They said O'Brien also threatened to tarnish their reputations if they challenged the official explanation for the unit's dismantling in conversations with reporters. Members of the unit contacted by The Times either spoke on the condition that they not be named or declined to comment. Several said they wanted to talk about the situation but feared reprisals if they did so.

Critics of the move said they were concerned that it would severely limit the office's ability to file long-term, complex corruption cases involving elected officials and other high-profile figures.

Believe it or not, parties related to our case argued that Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Colm Connolly and Mitt Romney did not meet the criteria to be classified as "high-profile figures" for a public corruption case.

[center][font size=4]Senator Elizabeth Warren's Scathing Letter to SEC's Mary Jo White[/font][/center]

Putting it succinctly (without the Senator addressing our particular case) Elizabeth Warren specifically letter (HERE) iterates that;

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) plays a critical role in the protection of the consumers and investors. On April 20, 2013, you {Mary Jo White} were sworn in as the Chair of the SEC. I {Senator Warren} voted for your nomination despite my concerns about your lack of experience as a regulator. As I said at that time, my hope was that you would be "the strong leader the SEC needs to be a tough watchdog for the American people."

You have now been SEC Chair for over two years, and to date, your leadership of the Commission has been extremely disappointing.

Unfortunately, we are going to learn - the hard way - if what Senator Warren wrote - is consequential. But the indications hereof do not bode well. As is noted by Senator Warren, SEC Chair Mary Jo White appears to have provide "misinformation" to Senator Warren as recent as May 21, 2015. As noted by Senator Warren's 2nd page of her letter to SEC Chair Mary Jo White;

During this confirmation hearing and in the period immediately after, you also made promises to the members of the Senate in four key areas. In each case, you appear to have broken those promises. First, under your leadership, the SEC has failed to finalize important Dodd-Frank rules requiring disclosure of ratio of CEO pay to the median worker. Second, the SEC has failed to curb the use of waivers for companies found to be in violation of securities law. third, the agency has settled the vast majority of cases without requiring that companies admit guilt. And fourth, you have been unable to participate in numerous cases because of recusals related to your prior employment at a Wall Street defense firm, and you have been and will continue to be unable to participate in certain cases because of recusals relating to your husband's ongoing employment at a Wall Street defense firm.

These four major issues are not the only areas where there are concerns about your time as SEC Chair. You have also failed to act to address undisclosed corporate campaign contributions, have presided over new SEC rulemakings that have created large loopholes in important Dodd-Frank disclosure rules, and have issued new rules for small business capital formation that preempted important state consumer protections.

I am disappointed by the significant gap between the promises you made during and shortly after your confirmation and your performance as SEC Chair. We have continued to talk, and you and I met personally on Wednesday, May 21, 2015, to discuss these issues. At that meeting, however, you said little that indicated that you would be changing your practices at the SEC.

As bad as all that condemnation of the poor performance of SEC Chair Mary Jo White is, this following remark of Senator Elizabeth Warren, should be enough to get President Obama and/or the Senate to call for Mary Jo's resignation/firing. For, it appears by Senator Warren's remarks - that

Mary Jo White as SEC Chair - LIED to Senator Warren

per the following writing of Senator Elizabeth Warren about SEC Chair Mary Jo White that;

Even worse, at that same meeting, you provided me with what appeared to be misleading information about the timing of new CEO pay disclosure rules that was contradicted by an Office of Management and Budget (OMB) publication released that very same day. My questions and your answers at that meeting were both clear; there could have not been a misunderstanding, and I am perplexed as to how and why you would have provided me with this misinformation.

Below, please find additional information on the concerns related to the failure of SEC under your watch to consistently and aggressively enforce securities law and protect investors and the public, and specific requests related to each of these issues.


In our eToys/ Goldman Sachs case, as reported by the New York Times March 2013 OpEd "Rigging the I.P.O. Game" - it is readily apparent that Goldman Sachs knew and schemed about eToys stock price going to $80; but eToys only received less than $20.

Goldman Sachs counsel of MNAT lying under oath to become the eToys Debtor's counsel is one of many crimes that continue to be unaddressed by the Department of Justice and SEC.

As a matter of fact, as counsel for both eToys and Goldman Sachs, the MNAT law firm (while benefiting from perjury) did nominate Paul Traub to be the one to prosecute Goldman Sachs in the New York Supreme Court case of eToys v Goldman Sachs (case number 601805/2002).

Hence, like all other things at the SEC, Goldman Sachs sued Goldman Sachs...

[center]and, as is always like Senator Warren says of Mary Jo White, {the eToys}

victims & American people - LOST![/center]

[center][font size=6 color=burnt]UPDATE[/font][/center]

This just in from a reader with a deep sense of what is really going on (somehow, yours truly missed this tidbit). Does this item shock you? It surprises, but is no shock to moi... that;

Top Goldman Lawyer Named SEC Chief of Staff

That's not the shocking little twist. The Goldman Sachs lawyer is Andrew "Buddy" Donahue. And 'Buddy' came from being a partner at the firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius.

Want to know who else is a partner at Morgan Lewis?

None other than the Goldman Sachs/ MNAT partner in crime and very corrupt former federal prosecutor over the eToys, MNAT and Goldman Sachs case of - Colm F'n Connolly;

A former United States Attorney, Colm F. Connolly helps companies and individuals faced with complex legal issues across a wide spectrum of subject matters. A seasoned litigator with a national reputation for his courtroom advocacy, Colm has tried dozens of cases in federal and state courts and has made 12 oral arguments before the US Courts of Appeals for the Second and Third Circuits. His practice includes complex commercial and intellectual property litigation, white collar criminal matters, and corporate investigations. He is Managing Partner of the Wilmington office.

- See more at: http://www.morganlewis.com/bios/cconnolly#sthash.4zBgEDt8.dpuf

Real neat how Colm Connolly's resume at Morgan Lewis actually hides the name of his clients represented.

Would be neat to depose him about such... wouldn't it?

[center] Buddy is really a buddy to MNAT, Goldman Sachs and Colm F'n Connolly[/center]



[center][font size=6] UPDATE No. 2 [/font][/center]


L.A. Times article states

[center][font size=5 color=navy]
Elizabeth Warren declares war
on Mary Jo White's SEC

and its about time

I love this reporter (Michael Hiltzik) of the Los Angeles Times and the story follow up on Senator Warren and SEC titled "Elizabeth Warren declares war on Mary Jo White's SEC and its about time".

These are Michael Miltzik's opening remarks of his OpEd;

The longest-running scandal in our financial markets is the indulgence shown banks and other wrongdoers by federal law-enforcement and regulatory agencies, which love to settle criminal cases with little more nebulous admissions of wrongdoing, if that, and modest financial settlements. (Yes, even a multibillion-dollar penalty can be modest for a huge Wall Street firm.)

Pretty cool stuff - I might even do another thread...

June 1, 2015

Preet Bharara creeps closer to Cuomo with latest indictment

Source: New York Post

US Attorney Preet Bharara moved “a giant step closer” to Gov. Andrew Cuomo late last week with an indictment that alleges insurance exec Anthony Bonomo, a top Cuomo contributor whom the governor made chairman of the New York Racing Association, gave a lucrative no-show job to state Sen. Dean Skelos’ son, sources have told The Post.

“Bonomo is Cuomo’s guy, and he wouldn’t offer anything to Skelos’ kid without first making sure it was OK with the governor or his people,’’ said a senior state Democrat.

“The fact that Bonomo, like Dorego, is cooperating with Bharara brings the whole investigation a giant step closer to Cuomo,’’ the Democrat added, referring to Charles Dorego, a top official at Cuomo megacontributor Leonard Litwin’s Glenwood Management.

Glenwood, a real estate development firm, has been linked to the Skelos indictment and the indictment of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Dorego is cooperating with Bharara’s probe.

Read more: http://nypost.com/2015/05/31/preet-bharara-creeps-closer-to-cuomo-with-latest-indictment/

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