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laserhaas's Journal
laserhaas's Journal
December 9, 2015

A fateful mistake haunts Goldman Sachs

Source: Wall Street Journal repeated by eFINANCIAL NEWS

Goldman Sachs is entangled in an increasingly contentious fight over a 2014 takeover on which it advised, underscoring the treacherous legal environment for mergers and acquisitions bankers.

Goldman faces fresh allegations that it failed to spot in time, then covered up, a share-count error that shortchanged Tibco Software investors by $100 million when the company was sold last year. The lawsuit, whose allegations Goldman denies, seeks unspecified damages for Tibco investors.

It comes as scrutiny of bankers’ advice, one of the top sources of Wall Street fees and bragging rights in a record year for M&A, is on the rise.

The Tibco case is among a slew of lawsuits targeting bankers for their advice. Plaintiffs’ lawyers have been looking closely at bankers, searching for conflicts of interest or errors that could skew takeovers. As the case has proceeded, more allegations against Goldman have come to light, a number of them not previously reported. Goldman is seeking to have the case dropped, and a Delaware judge will rule in the coming weeks.

Read more: http://www.efinancialnews.com/story/2015-12-08/tibco-lawsuit-mistake-haunts-goldman-sachs

[center] [font size=4 color=blue]Covering Up Goldman Sachs Crimes Results in Untimely Deaths [/font][/center]

Some are going to argue that this is a hi-jack and (frankly) I don't give a dang. Better people than the naysayers here, have done their utmost best, to brown nose Romney, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs, to help bury this story. The issue is Goldman Sachs are financial terrorists who betray everyone and their brother, to benefit from Wall Street fraud and federal corruption; and they are about to be exposed for it, on a whole new level.

It is a matter of fact that my fellow eToys shareholder, Robert Alber, had to shoot and kill career criminal Michael Sesseyoff, after Robert Alber turned down a $175,000.00 bribe from a Jack Abramoff partner. (See Kingman Arizona story - HERE). Robert Alber was never charged with homicide, because his self defense was justifiable; but that doesn't mean they won't come after him again.

Additionally, Marty Lackner was involved in the Tom Petters Ponzi. Marty tried to reach out to me (and his friends finally did get me the details that) James Lackner was the brother of Marty Lackner. That's Minnesota Assistant United States Attorney, former head of the Criminal Division presiding over Tom Petters Ponzi - J. Lackner.

And then Marty Lackner was found hung dead in his closet (see HERE & HERE).


Here's the proof that Marty Lackner was the brother or Minnesota Assistant United States Attorney J. Lackner = and that proof specifically states that;

Martin Lackner is also the brother of Jim Lackner, an assistant U.S. attorney in the Minneapolis office. Jim Lackner declined comment. A spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office said Jim Lackner never worked on the Petters or Bell cases. When the U.S. attorney's office learned about Martin Lackner and his relationship to Jim, it notified defense attorneys for both Petters and Bell, he said.

The Department of Justice corroborates (HERE) the fact that J. Lackner was Crime Division Chief!

James Lackner (Appellate Chief)

Prior to this appointment, Lackner served as Senior Litigation Counsel from December 1994 to August 2005; Criminal Division Chief from August 2005 to April 2007; and First Assistant U.S. Attorney from March 2006 to December 2006. Lackner, who joined the Office in December 1983, graduated from Macalester College in 1975 and Northwestern University Law School in 1978. He joined the Office after working in the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office.

Then, beyond the fact that these crooked fraudsters had a hand in my daughter's abduction, to warn me to "Back Off", there's this tragedy that still remains a Homicide Unsolved. When yours truly offered a place for the investigators to look, some scoffed, others balked and the worst of all possible scenarios happened. The man I believe had a hand in John ("Jack&quot Wheeler's New Year's Eve, 2010 untimely demise, jumped up and becomes Jack Wheeler's Widow's counsel.

We now have video proof that Jack Wheeler was in the Nemours Bldg - that houses DOJ offices and Corrupt Connolly's too.


Speaking publicly for the first time about what he saw the day Wheeler vanished, Dill told USA TODAY that he wondered whether he had stumbled onto a crime scene. A side door to the house was open — not much, just a crack. Chairs had been knocked over, and the radios were silent. Dill had left them on a few days before. That's how Wheeler liked it when he was gone: radios on and tuned to NPR. As he once told Dill, the sound made it seem as though someone was home.

In the kitchen, broken plates sat in the sink. A tall plant had been overturned. And Wheeler's cadet sword from West Point lay on the floor, unsheathed. Dill remembers a heavy dusting of Comet cleanser on the kitchen's wood plank floor — and what he believes was the print of a bare foot in the powder.

Had Wheeler, who battled bipolar disorder, simply become unhinged, trashed his house and left? That wasn't the Jack Wheeler he knew, Dill says. If Wheeler's home had been robbed, nothing seemed to be missing — not the sculptures nor the paintings Wheeler's wife, Katherine Klyce, collected. Not the TV or the stereo.

Dill says he decided to first call Wheeler and his wife, rather than police. He left voicemails for both. He never heard back.

Don't you find it just a little strange that this witness was never contacted by the Police? Yours truly spoke with the Wilmington, Delaware Detective, who was purportedly handling Jack Wheeler's case. John (Jack) Wheeler was a West Point man, one of the key person in getting the Vietnam Memorial completed and maintained. He also was part of MADD (Mother's against drunk driving) and had a Vietnam Children's Orphanage Charity. On top of all that, Jack Wheeler worked for President's Reagan, George HW Bush and GW Bush.

But it was his stint as SEC prosecutorial staff that was of importance to yours truly;

and whom do you think we were asking Jack Wheeler to investigate (and what files vanished from his ransacked house)?

Goldman Sachs, Colm Connolly and MNAT - THAT's WHO!


So, please forgive me, if it "appears" that I'm hi-jacking a subject that is so apropos - it is frightening - for the sake of justice.

For, it could very well be - that moi is suddenly yanked into the realm of surreal - joining Marty and Jack; because, unlike Robert Alber - I don't believe in carrying guns. If I did, Paulson, Blankfein, Connolly and Mitt would already have seen justice - Ole West Way!

Justice - IS - coming.


[font size=6 color=blue] Goldman Sachs [/font][font size=6] Woes Loom Large [/font][/center]

As you see, in the picture above, Bernie Madoff is far right and Tom Petters is in the middle. You probably haven't heard too much about Tom Petters Ponzi, even though he bought Sun Country Airlines, Fingerhut and Polaroid. The feds have always said that the Tom Petters Ponzi is a mere $3.7 Billion dollar fraud (in real terms, the Tom Petters Ponzi is more than $50 Billion and one federal authority already has stated over $40 Billion (see court filing - HERE).

In September 2008, the FBI raided and arrested Tom Petters; but Paul Traub (secret Frank Nitti for Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs), the [link:June2012_DKelley_PaulTraub_Complaint_Lawsuit_PettersFraud|controller of Tom Petters Ponzi], got off 'Scot Free', after Paul Traub paid a small fine of a few hundred thousand dollars.

Fingerhut that was owned by Paul Traub and Tom Petters - was never seized by the Feds; which is because Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs are part of the deal (see article - HERE and HERE).

However, thanks to attorney at law David H. Relkin and the Relkin Law firm and His Honor District Court Judge Jed S. Rakoff, the facts are now being scrutinized, about federal corruption; which includes mass amounts of willful blindness, to these Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs organized crimes.

His Honor Judge Jed S. Rakoff is one of the true justices who abides by the law. His Honor Jed S. Rakoff presides over Marc Dreier Ponzi and he is going to see the case (Relkin Law - HERE).

Now more facts are coming to light about Goldman Sachs Wall Street Fraud, Federal Corruption and Cover Ups!

This is sooooo - apropos! Goldman Sachs is in hot water, in more than just one case. We've been fighting Paul Traub who secretly lies and fleeces his own court approved clients for the furtive, unjust enrichment sake of Mit Romney, Bain Capital and their partners in many bad faith acts - Goldman Sachs.

Now, after 15 years of fighting Wall Street Fraud and federal corruption protecting such, we are also - making GSachs nervous.

Our company was eToys and it was taken public in 1999, with Goldman Sachs as agent. Our initial public offering (IPO) of eToys.com stock, soared to $85, after Goldman Sachs executive Lawton Fitt made bets it would hit $80.

Somehow, eToys.com received less than $20 per share (in a classic pump-n-dump "Spinning" fraud scheme).

Yours truly arranged that Goldman Sachs would be sued, by eToys and the lawyers did that effort, in the New York Supreme Court case of eToys (renamed ebc1) v. Goldman Sachs (case number 601805/2002). Unfortunately, unknown to myself at the time, the Delaware Bankruptcy Court approved counsel for eToys, Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell (MNAT.com) was also working for Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital, when eToys was sold to Bain Capital/Kay Bee, for prices discounted by the deceitful lawyer at MNAT (Greg Werkheiser). and MNAT also nominated the party (Paul Traub) to prosecute Goldman Sachs, in the New York Supreme Court case.

Hence, in essence, Goldman Sachs sued Goldman Sachs, for a Billion dollar fraud - and eToys (of course) LOST!


[center][font size=4 color=burnt] Goldman Sachs & Romney OWNED U.S. Attorneys Connolly & Lackner [/font][/center]

Of the Bernie Madoff, Tom Petters, Paul Stanford and Marc Dreier Ponzi schemes, everyone keeps tossing around the question that begs - of - How do fraudsters manage to get away with it, for so long?

The answer simply is - your posses/OWN the very United States Attorney investigating your cases!

------------------------------------------------You may say it is not possible, but we have proof.
[font size=3 color=navy] U.S. Attorney Chris Christie Pays Off former USAG Ashcroft $50 Million [/font]


Long ago, in 2007, yours truly found out that the Delaware United States Attorney, Colm F. Connolly, was a former MNAT partner (see Colm's Dept. of Justice Office of Legal Policy - archived resume - HERE). Problem with that is, MNAT is the local counsel for Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs, in Delaware. Colm Connolly never disclosed this to yours truly; but kept telling us that there were no crimes and/or any reason to investigate and/or prosecute Bain Capital, Paul Traub, MNAT and Goldman Sachs.

This is the essence of federal corruption that Sheldon Adelson paid $100 million to Romney's campaign for.

When we found out that Colm Connolly was a crooked prosecutor, it was reported to the Dept of Justice Los Angeles Branch, where the Public Corruption Task Force was housed (see Time Stamped/ Clocked Copy Complaint - HERE). Instead of properly investigating and prosecuting Delaware United States Attorney Colm Connolly, then the Public Corruption Task Force was SHUT DOWN and career federal prosecutors threatened to silence (HERE).

As iterated in the L.A. Times March 2008 article "Shake-up roils federal prosecutors"

Just prior to that period of time, United States Attorney General John Ashcroft had stepped up to the plate and was trying to help expose the federal corruption within the Dept. of Justice, the United States Trustee's office and the collusion with federal judges. As is noted here, during public hearings, of the Government in Sunshine Act, where Francis C.P. Knize reiterated Ashcroft's remarks that;

"Bankruptcy court corruption is not just a matter of bankruptcy trustees in collusion with corrupt bankruptcy judges. The corruption is supported, and justice hindered by high ranking officials in the United States Trustee Program. The corruption has advanced to punishing any and all who mention the criminal acts of trustees and organized crime operating through the
United States Bankruptcy Courts. As though greed is not enough, the trustees, in collusion with others, intentionally go forth to destroy lives. Exemptions provided by law are denied debtors. Cases are intentionally, and unreasonably kept open for years. Parties in cases are sanctioned to discourage them from pursuing justice. Contempt of court powers are misused to coerce litigants into agreeing with extortion demands. This does not ensure integrity and restore public confidence.

The American victimized and held hostage by bankruptcy court corruption, have no where to turn."

This is a true synopsis of the real way the United States Trustee program is working, in collusion with federal justices, corruption of the highest order, where tax paid public servants are betraying their oath of office and helping those like Goldman Sachs who are openly assaulting the Constitution of the United States and giving the finger to our systems of justice.

But that can change - if Diogenes quest is fulfilled. When you have honorable heroes like David H Relkin and His Honorable Justice Jed S. Rakoff, then you just may have a chance for justice.

You certainly can't have it with men who figure out grand scheme ways to back off the USAG's efforts.

Chris Christie Gifts his former Boss Ashcroft, $50 million and Poof, Christie Becomes a Governor



Then, out of the clear blue, John Ashcroft's proper lambaste of federal corruption extraordinary, starts vanishing from the web. When we search for the reasons why, we found out that New Jersey United States Attorney Chris Christie gives former boss USAG John Ashcroft a $50 Million NO BID deal, for a Deferred Prosecution Agreement.

As noted by WaPo, who also provided the pic above (HERE)

Former attorney general John D. Ashcroft defended a government-sanctioned contract yesterday that could earn his consulting firm more than $50 million, saying that nothing is improper about the selection made by one of his former U.S. attorneys

OH REALLY! - Nothing wrong he (Ashcroft) says - with the $50 million dollar deal.

What was that hallowed antiquity term we use to utilize for the event of the top federal prosecutor receiving millions of dollars in payments, for federal prosecutors to forgo doing prosecution of crimes?

Just sayin.........

Goldman Sachs is above the law and doesn't consider what they do, as crimes/ mistakes.

What GSachs does consider a mistake - is the fact that they are about to get caught.

We are mere amoeba's fighting a horde of Goliath's, who benefited from the demise/ cover up - via homicides untimely - of Marty Lackner, Anna Schaeffer, Harry A and Jack Wheeler, just to name a few.

Obviously, though we've managed to assist in closing the law firms of Dreier LLP, Traub Bonacquist & Fox, Hutchins Wheeler, Kronish Lieb and Dewey LeBeouf, we are not doing our true job, until MNAT.com goes down and Sullivan & Cromwell get spanked for helping Goldman Sachs's organized crimes in the eToys and other cases.

But it ain't over yet - and the fat lady is warming up her vocal cords!

We can see justice happen, if only a few thousand people pass this story around, before Bain Capital, Goldman Sachs and other manifest injustice powers that be, try another cover up/ bury - of the truth.

Stand ye not by idle when evil is amongst you - lest faith and hope for justice - be all in vain!

Heroes such as David Relkin and Judge Jed S. Rakoff are now going where thousands of others have fear to tread. They are doing their job of protecting their clients - U.S. - the American citizenry, from the organized criminal enterprises of Bain Capital, Paul Traub and Goldman Sachs.

Mitt Romney claims to have "retroactively" retired from Bain Capital, in 2001, back to February 11, 1999. Strange thing is, this is the exact period of time that the corrupt federal prosecutor, Colm F Connolly, was a partner in Mitt Romney, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs law firm of MNAT.com and crimes of Stage Stores, The Learning Company, Kay Bee and eToys transpired (See Colm Connolly's resume - HERE).

So, I ask you, could Al Capone have simply "retroactively" retired from his organized crimes?


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