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Name: Laser Haas
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Anywhere USA
Home country: United States
Current location: NOMADIC
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2008, 12:12 PM
Number of posts: 7,805

About Me

Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

Journal Archives

The Romneys will dine with Chelsea Clinton and her husband Friday

Source: CBS News

Former Republican nominee Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann are set to have lunch beside Chelsea Clinton and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, Friday at an event that could be awkward given some unkind words Romney had about Clinton's mother, Hillary, at an event this week.

The lunch was first reported by the New York Times. The Romneys and Clintons will both be at an event to benefit the Ann Romney Center for Neurological Diseases Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. The Romneys launched the center last fall to research and develop treatments and cures for a group of neurological diseases, including multiple sclerosis, the disease which has afflicted Ann Romney since 1998. Mezvinsky is on the center's advisory board.

Now that Romney is considering a third presidential bid, however, he has started looking for ways to attack former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who looks likely to be the Democratic nominee in 2016. During a speech at Mississippi State University on Wednesday night, Romney was heavily critical of Clinton's foreign policy work.

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cluelessly pressed a reset button for Russia, which smiled and then invaded Ukraine, a sovereign nation," Romney said. "The Middle East and much of North Africa is in chaos. China grows more assertive and builds a navy that will be larger than ours in five years. We shrink our nuclear capabilities as Russia upgrades theirs."

Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-romneys-will-dine-with-chelsea-clinton-and-her-husband-friday/

This is the link to the CBS Video


Going to be REAL strange thingy - if Chelsea still goes....

Press will be foaming at the mouth - to see what the younger Clinton (or anyone at the affair) will say on what is said...
[center][font size=6]UPDATE[/center][/font]
New York Times article (here) is referenced by the CBS article and it has the following notes:
Romneys and Clintons Lunch: What Would Miss Manners Say?

The event, conceived of weeks ago, was to be the picture of bipartisanship: members of the Romney and Clinton clans, sitting side by side at a luncheon in Manhattan.

But Friday’s hush-hush event — featuring Ann and Mitt Romney as well as Chelsea Clinton and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky — just got a little awkward.

Name Your Mitt for 2016: My Vote is for MitPrision

Look, Mitt is either here for the long haul, or just a blip on the screen to occupy time. Either way, having fun - at Romney's expense - is always a good thing. There are many new names out there - available. There's Romney Zombie, Mittmentum, MitDope, MitDumb and Mitt-Flopped or MittFits.


This pic above is by ZillyFerret at DeviantArt.com (here)
I have a few personal favorites McPick/McPet names of my own.


Mitquack (and Mitquakers)










(nope - don't go there....)

[center][font size=5]So, DU loyalist's - let the McBanter begin!

Dueling Mansion'jos: Romney Swipes at How Rich Hillary Clinton is.

Mittmentum is on the attack of Hillary Clinton. Romney's team points out that Hillary is no longer broke and living life with the jetset. As reported by CNN's story "Game On: Romney Team Points to Hillary's Wealth" - Romney's/team remarks are that;

(CNN)As Mitt Romney heads to the nation's poorest state Wednesday, his political team is fighting back against perceptions that his wealth could be a political liability if he runs for president again, arguing that Hillary Clinton is no model for modest living, either.

"It's going to be hard for Hillary Clinton to make Mitt Romney's wealth a fruitful line of attack, with her multi-million dollar mansions in Georgetown and Chappaqua and her jet-setting lifestyle of the rich and famous," a Romney aide said Wednesday.


And Hillary's camp responded - stating;

"While Mitt Romney tries in vain to reinvent himself as a friend to those who are struggling, Hillary Clinton is continuing her life-long work to lift up the middle class and level the playing field for all Americans," said Adrienne Elrod, communications director for the group, said in an email to CNN.


As many of you know, I've big bones that I'm picking with Pitten's.

------------------ It's not how much money you have; But how you obtained it - that's the issue!

Warning Shooter Marissa Alexander Released from Prison

Per a plethora of stories around the web (including HuffPo retell of Reuters story - HERE) the Florida gal (Marissa Alexander) who stood her ground and fired a warning shot, has just ended her 20 year conviction. She plead guilty to lessor charges. Time served, along with 2 years of restriction (including wearing) an ankle bracelet monitor, has finally put Marissa back with family and friends.

According to Huffington Post retell of Reuters story "Woman Jailed In 'Warning Shot' Case, Released"

this is what Marissa said upon her release;

Marissa Alexander, 34, was initially sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2012 but her conviction was later overturned. She faced another trial on charges that could have put her behind bars for 60 years before she agreed to a plea deal in November.

Her case helped to inspire a new state law permitting warning shots in some circumstances.

Leaving the courthouse, Alexander cried as she thanked her supporters, sharing plans to continue her education in order to work as a paralegal.

"My hope is for the people who were involved in this case to be able to move on with their lives," she said, reading from a prepared statement.


The pic above is from the active website and cloud funding efforts of "Free Marissa Now" that has raised over $50,000.00.

Hope all goes well - from this day forward - for Marissa Alexander and her family.

Anonymous Hackers - Friend (Barrett Brown), Snaps at FBI Over-reach; Resulting in Prison Time

As noted by Democracy Now's story that the journalist activist (Barrett Brown) who reported for Huffington Post, Vanity Fair, the Guardian and more, was also working (apparently too) close to the activist community known as Anonymous.. Mr. Brown has been held in custody since September 2013 and will do a couple more years. The - purported (original) offense - was Barrett plinking down a link that was already public - into a chat room. Then, when the feds went after his mother too, Barrett Snapped and threatened an FBI agent and the agents family.

He does deserve time - for being stupid!

Barrett's also ordered to pay a $900,000.00 fine! Mr. Brown is accepting his time in prison, in stride. He has sarcastically stated it is a new mission, to investigate the Bureau of Prisons. As per Democracy Now's "Barrett Brown Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison After Reporting on Hacked Private Intelligence Firms", - Barrett Brown has the following to say;

"Good news! —

The U.S. government decided today

------- that because I did such a good job investigating the cyber-industrial complex,

----------------------------they’re now going to send me to investigate the prison-industrial complex."


[center][font size=6]UPDATE[/font][/center]
Fellow DU'r pointed out that Barrett Brown plead guilty to threatening an FBI agent. (In actuality, Barrett also threatened the FBI Agents family). This was a HUGE - NO - NO and Barrett has to pay the price. As per "The Nation" story "Strange Case of Barrett Brown" - it reflects that

By his own admission, the FBI’s targeting of his mother made Brown snap. In September 2012, he uploaded an incoherent YouTube video, in which he explained that he had been in treatment for an addiction to heroin, taking the medication Suboxone, but had gone off his meds and now was in withdrawal. He threatened the FBI agent that was harassing his mother, by name, warning:

“I know what’s legal, I know what’s been done to me.… And if it’s legal when it’s done to me, it’s going to be legal when it’s done to FBI Agent Robert Smith—who is a criminal.”

“That’s why [FBI special agent] Robert Smith’s life is over. And when I say his life is over, I’m not saying I’m going to kill him, but I am going to ruin his life and look into his fucking kids…. How do you like them apples?”


Democracy Now has a Transcript of conversations (here); which contains this following excerpt -

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: A journalist accused of working with the hacking group Anonymous has been sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to pay nearly $900,000 in restitution and fines. Barrett Brown, held in custody since September 2012, pleaded guilty to charges of transmitting threats, accessory to a cyber-attack, and obstruction of justice, for interfering with the execution of a search warrant. After his sentencing on Thursday, Brown released a satirical statement, saying, quote, "Good news!—The U.S. government decided today that because I did such a good job investigating the cyber-industrial complex, they’re now going to send me to investigate the prison-industrial complex."

AMY GOODMAN: Before Barrett Brown’s path crossed with the FBI, he frequently contributed to Vanity Fair, The Huffington Post, The Guardian and other news outlets. In 2009, Barrett Brown created Project PM, which was, quote, "dedicated to investigating private government contractors working in the secretive fields of cybersecurity, intelligence and surveillance." He was particularly interested in the documents leaked by WikiLeaks and Anonymous. In the documentary We are Legion, Barrett Brown explains the importance of information obtained by hackers.

BARRETT BROWN: Some of the most important things that have been—have had the most far-reaching influence and have been the most important in terms of what’s been discovered, not just by Anonymous, but by the media in the aftermath, is the result of hacking. That information can’t be obtained by institutional journalistic process, or it can’t be obtained or won’t be obtained by a congressional committee or a federal oversight committee. For the most part, that information has to be, you know, obtained by hackers

Emphasis is mine.

Barrett Brown's prosecution seems to be a way to scare those anywhere near Snowden or Juliann Assange cases. The issue being that the Government has the right to protect itself from hackers; but hacking appears to be the only way to get information.

That - or whistle blowers!


Hang in there Barrett - An exposed - Anonymous warrior - paying a price for freedoms!

[center]We thank and commend you for being a knight during dark days![/center]

SO....that's what it is called

Corruption = regular business and politico too

Duh...No Shit,..category kind

FOIA: Department of Justice CCIPS Notes On Aaron Swartz Investigation

Source: Fired Dog Lake by Journalist DSWright

In early 2013 I sent a series of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests out to three government agencies that I knew were investigating the late Aaron Swartz. Swartz committed suicide in January of that year arguably in part due to the harassment he was facing from state authorities. I was not a personal friend of Swartz just an admirer and, like many who use the internet, a beneficiary of his work. And, more to the point, his case seemed worth exploring as an example of both overreach by careerist prosecutors looking to make a name for themselves and the abuse of the problematic Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).

While there may have been more than three agencies investigating Swartz the three I sent FOIA requests to were the FBI, Secret Service, and the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice.

Read more: http://news.firedoglake.com/2015/01/23/foia-department-of-justice-ccips-notes-on-aaron-swartz-investigation/

The story links to this video - Dead Men Don't Lie


We applaud DSWright's efforts and reporting this on FireDogLake.com

Smoking Gun: Romney (brother Scott) Alleged $800 Million HARM to Indian Trust Funds

People come to us all the time, about Romney this and that. We even have some credible - but not fully substantiated - information that Romney has "another" gal issue with a kid. Now comes a story to us that we also find credible and just received a Smoking Gun proof about Scott Romney nixing the Saulte St. Marie Indians sale of a Greek Town Casino in April 2008 for $800 million. Then - Greek Town (purported) affiliated parties filed bankruptcy.


[center][font size=5]Is Scott Romney being investigated

and/or going to be sued for harm

to Soulte St. Marie Indian Tribe.[/font][/center]

We don't understand everything that is going on as there are a full decade plus of documents and corporate schenanigans to weed through. While we are coming up to speed, as the pic above (from DU party "retrieverman" poses the questions that begs, is it "RMoney" or their money.

Apparently, Scott Romney and his law firm are special counsel of a May 2008 bankruptcy and specifically had the case switched from bankruptcy Judge Rhodes (who did a fantastic job on the Detroit bankruptcy case) - to Scott Romney's desired Judge Walter Shapiro. While we are looking into that strange phenomenon, it appears that bad faith parties, with Scott Romney's assistance, are laying claim to Saulte St. Marie Tribe Trust Funds.

Unlike his brother Mitt (in pic) taking my money, Scott Romney is part of a theme harming Indian Trust funds monies from current and future generations. Thus far, there's $145 million in cash that is being documented to me and the HUGE allegation that Scott Romney nixed an $800 million dollar sale of the Greek Town Casino in Detroit - in April 2008. THEN - Greek Town Holdings purportedly filed bankruptcy to nix the sale, in May 2008 (case 08-53104).

And that ain't right!

How the frg do you NIX an $800 million dollar sale and then file bankruptcy a month later? We have no idea how far down the rabbit hole the schemes go; but we did receive a Smoking Gun proof of Scott Romney nixing the $800 million dollar deal.


Here's some of the banter upon Scott Romney's letter that was SO influential, witnesses say that the Tribe's counsel got up and walked out of the room. When the finance parties who were offering the $800 million asked WTF... scuffles ensued and several parties were put into handcuffs. Scott Romney successfully was part of NIXING nearly a billion dollars going to the Saulte St. Marie Indians!

[font size =5]This is the Smoking Gun[/font]


[center][font size=6]Issues of Bankruptcy Frauds[/font][/center]

One witness has come forward and others are joining. According to the source, she is filing her separate case against the parties, in the next few weeks. It would appear that the Department of Interior has rules, regulations, covenants and other such protocol to make sure stuff like this doesn't happen.

As can be seen at the 2005 meeting of the Michigan Gaming Control Board ---

Scott Romney's law firm represented other parties who may have conflicting interests concerning the 2008 bankruptcy cases. There are even allegations that bankruptcy assets were sold for $1 (including a possible sale to Cleveland Cavaliers owner).

Much more investigation work to be done - including (hopefully) by the feds!

The Board next considered the Executive Director’s Report and the Licensing Division’s staff recommendation regarding the eligibility and suitability of Barden Nevada Gaming, L.L.C., as a required key person/qualifier of casino licensee Greektown Casino, L.L.C.

Chairman Kassab invited Mr. McMakin to give a brief overview of the application.

After Mr. McMakin’s overview, Chairman Kassab noted for the record the presence of Mr. Don Barden and Mr. Len Wolfe, representing Barden Nevada Gaming, L.L.C. and Mr. Scott Romney, representing the Kewadin Casinos and Monroe Partners.

After questions from Board members were answered, it was moved by Ms. Rom and seconded by Judge Friedman that the Board enter an order finding and concluding that Barden Nevada Gaming, L.L.C., Barden Development, Inc., and Don H. Barden are eligible and suitable as required qualifiers of casino licensee Greektown Casino, L.L.C., under the licensing standards and requirements of the Act and Rules of the Board. A roll call vote was taken.

Chairman Kassab: Aye
Judge Friedman: Aye
Ms. Rom: Aye

Motion carried.

We will post more information as it comes. If Scott Romney and/or his law firm represented one side and then another in the bankruptcy, there's major federal law violation questions then that beg. Including - IF - Scott Romney informed the bankruptcy court of his various clients. Failing to disclose conflicts of interests in a bankruptcy case are HUGE issues. Especially after NIXING an $800 million dollar settlement. Hence, the cui bono and other bigs question remains, and MUST be answered. If your money and next generation of off springs monies vanished, you would be BEGGING....

[center][font size=4]Why did Scott Romney

NIX the $800 Million Dollar Sale of Greek Town Casino

and then become part of the Greek Town bankruptcy?[/font][/center]

He has MUCH splain'n to do!(especially about hand-picking a judge!


[font size=4] Reported the Crime to the Department of Justice[/font]

Yours truly called the Region 9 United States Trustee; but he's out of town until February 2nd. Left message on his direct line, about the facts there appears to be a crime transpiring in his jurisdiction. Also made note that we're submitting it to the Washington D.C. office as well as other agencies. As Romney's gangs have a habit of nixing much more than a sale of casinos.

[center][font size=6]UPDATE No1 - second half of above letter[/font][/center]

NOTE: It has Scott Romney's Signature[/font[/center]

[center][font size=5] Remarks of Diana Adams,

Direct descendant of Chief who signed 1870 Treaty[/font][/center]
Remark 1 provided by Diana - Testimonial of the actual event in 2008
Quoted from posted comment on thread (FB)....Chairman Payment feels.... I will ask without objection to have Betty Freiheit serve as the Sergeant at Arms for that meeting. What do you say Betty? End of quoted comment.....REALLY? I recall during a meeting April 8, 2008 this suggested Candidate along with BB and other BB supporters caused such a commotion whereas the POlice had to be called in...The reason for the intended disruption was to prevent the tribe Members from hearing from Investors who were there who wanted to buy Greektown Casino for $800 Million...

Remark 2 - Learning that certain Tribe members may have been bribed to rip off others
2001 Management Services Agreement between the Greek Partners (Owners of Greektown Casino) and the "selected" Sault Tribe Board of Director's were paid $110,000 a MONTH, HIRED by the Greeks as INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR'S because they possessed certain experiences and expertise in the management of casino operations.

I (Diana Adams) had it confused wondering why the tribe would pay the Greek Partners $110,000 a MONTH to manage the casino but it was the other way around. I can't imagine what the limited selected few have done with so much money. I just hope it was worth every penny to embezzle the Native American's trust funds so Greek's from another country could have an American Dream building a Detroit casino Empire using the land claims trust funds belonging to the Michigan Indians.

Romney n Jeb Bush Scheduled to Meet in Utah

New York times just published an item by Martin - that Romney and Jeb Bush are scheduled to meet this week in Utah.


According to the N.Y. Times report, the meeting was scheduled, weeks ago, out of respect (yeah...I chuckled too) for Romney being the formee 2012 POTUS candidate.

Then Romney announced his possible 2016 re-run

As for me, this is vexing on so many levels. If these 2 powerhouses align, they'd be even a greater force to be reckoned with.

One as THE P and the other his VP?

More scary..

Both camps have no comment. But...after speculation on IF the meeting will happen ...is resolved ..once the time comes. Then (depending on how long it lasts and what is "leaked".. the new fodder will begin.

As for me, I'm hoping it is still happening because both of them are too chicken to cancel. That it will simply be a quick Hello..and even quuker goodbye. Folliwed by quick grabs for handi-wipes..after shaking hands with one another.

A whole bunch of wasted time, monies and fear for our country would be resolved, if one woukd eat atomic tacos beforehand ...

And the other would light a match when the atom blast stench of tight arse taco farts begin...



Warning - Snark Vid - NO SIN ZONE: Fake Ann Romney Offends Many by Interview

If I do'd this - I might get a whop-pin

But I do'd it!


Have to add this compilation.....
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