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laserhaas's Journal
laserhaas's Journal
August 31, 2014

BREAKING (my will they think) NEWS: 9th Circuit Rejects "Haas v Romney" for Racketeering

On October 18, 2013 - yours truly sued Mitt Romney & gang for Racketeering; because Congress and the Supreme Court of the United States affirmed that an ordinary citizen can become a "Private Attorney General" to fill in "Prosecutorial Gaps" (See U.S. Sup. Ct Sedima v Imrex {here}).

A week ago - (I just got the word Friday) - the 9th Circuit rejected the "Haas v Romney" as frivolous.

What blows my mind, is that the 9th Circuit is supposed to be "THE" liberal Circuit Court in America. Everyone who wants to see justice in my case - really believed the issues would get a fair shake there. After all, a trial is all I'm seeking, so that a jury may determine the weight of the evidence. The evidences - by the way - are pretty substantial;

as I'm armed with a thing called CONFESSIONS!


Is Willard Mitt Romney a Racketeer?

Now, before you scoff (or get assuaged from making a true logical conclusion due to the 1/2 baked banter of trolls) - stating RICO is only for mobsters; 1st consider what the definition of a mobster is. Do you think it only means the Italian Mafia? (shame on ye).. Can it not also mean (as pic'd by Ann Werner from Liberals Unite above) a Wall Street Robber Baron?

Organized Crime is what the 1970 Racketeering Influence & Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act is all about. Think of it as the Al Capone Act (which many judges argues it is - but was not named so - to prevent Capone from being glorified). If you'll remember, Capone was consider "untouchable" by any local, state and even federal prosecutor. Either they were bribed and/or too scared to take Al Capone's organization on (which some calculating parties said was a Trillion dollar empire by today's standards).

And - if you'll remember - Capone was taken down by "untouchables" for Tax Evasion.

----------------------------------------------Now (of Romney's Tax secrets) - how apropos is that!

Mitt's evading of prosecution includes the fact that he lied upon his Federal Election Campaign Finance OGE 278 Form that MoveOn.org sent a letter requesting a federal investigation for; but we've heard of NO investigation (cause Pitten's is going to be POTUS in 2016 - but more on that in another thread). You can see MoveOn.org's well reasoned complaint titled "Legal Analysis Outlines Potential Crime In Mitt Romney's Financial Disclosures". MoveOn.org has it 100% correct; but there's no response noted by the feds.

Here's my SEC proof that Romney was still CEO of Bain Capital in 2001 (here).

The crimes that I've got Romney as a RICO boss upon, include Federal Election fraud, The Learning Company (that no main stream press reported about); which is a $3 Billion dollar fraud upon Mattel Toys. Kay Bee Toys $100 million (that was reported by me to Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone and made a part of his September 2012 Cover Story "Greed and Debt&quot . Also in "Greed and Debt" you'll see the issues of Stage Stores and Kay Bee; where Romney formed Stage Stores by fraudster Michael Milken's money - because the Judge's wife was an executive in the deal.

Taibbi missed a few things (cancelling our conference call);
such as Michael Glazer was at Kay Bee and Stage Stores
and Romney was still CEO of Bain Capital in 2001 (see - here)!

In the Kay Bee Toys case, Michael Glazer was CEO, who paid himself $18 million and Bain Capital $83 million; before he filed Bankruptcy of Kay Bee in 2004. MNAT law firm that handled the merger of The Learning Company, is only in Delaware. MNAT is representing Bain Capital of the $83 million fraud in Kay Bee (see the proof - {here}). Paul Traub asked to be the one to prosecute Michael Glazer and Bain Capital - and (when I tried to get him punished for that crime) the Delaware Department of Justice had the evidence stricken from the record (here).

Proof (here) - in Romney's Stage Stores - that Barry Gold & Traub's TBF worked there.



Romney is a Racketeer - Who Owned a Federal Prosecutor - Colm Connolly

As you can see by much of the evidence, EVERYWHERE we go - it is the same players (Romney, Bain Capital, Goldman Sachs, Paul Traub, Barry Gold, Michael Glazer and MNAT law firm); but they are never prosecuted. In The Learning Company (merged in Delaware), Colm Connolly was the Assistant United States Attorney in 1999 (See his DOJ OLP Resume - {here})

- The Case that ties it all into Racketeering.

In Stage Stores, owned by Romney, Michael Glazer (also CEO of Kay Bee Toys at the time) is now CEO; but was a Director at Stage Stores, with Jack Bush, in 2000/2001. Bain Capital acquired Kay Bee in 2000. At that time Paul Traub and Barry Gold worked together on other Romney cases such as Jumbo Sports too.

Barry Gold was also the director's assistant who hired Traub's TBF firm at Stage Stores (proof - here).

In our eToys case, the Delaware Bankruptcy Court approved my company (CLI) being the court approved Liquidation Consultant (see Court Orders - {here}), Though Romney's Bain Capital bragged they were buying eToys.com assets for $5.4 million. See NY Times discussing another eToys bankruptcy (Parent Company) and detailing the history (here) that states;

EToys filed for bankruptcy protection in 2001 and its assets were bought by KB Toys, one of the nation’s biggest toy retailers, for more than $5 million. KB Toys, which filed for bankruptcy in 2004, filed again this month. It has already begun going-out-of-business sales.

What is bogus about all of that, is the fact that MNAT lied to become eToys Debtor's counsel. Paul Traub lied to become eToys Creditors counsel. And then they schemed to put in Barry Gold as CEO and tossed me out (because I made Romney's Bain Capital bid tens of millions of dollars). By tossing me out, MNAT, Traub and Barry Gold could get back the extra millions to their boss.

In 2004, I found proof that MNAT worked for Romney's Bain Capital at The Learning Company and also worked for Goldman Sachs. MNAT confessed Goldman Sachs; but never admitted (to this very day) it works for Bain Capital. If MNAT ever does admit - the Law Firm Will CLOSE; because MNAT sold out a client - for the sake of a secret client.

MNAT even had eToys Books & Records DESTROYED (see - {here})


Colm Connolly was a Corrupt Federal Prosecutor

Going back to that Department of Justice Office of Legal Policy Resume of Colm Connolly (here); we can take note of the 2 most important things about "retroactive" Romney/ Colm Connolly.

Mitt claims that he was "retroactively" retired from Bain Capital as of August 2001; back to February 11, 1999. If you will gaze upon Colm Connolly's resume, you will see that he was a MNAT partner from 1999 to August 2001. That is the same period of time that "The Learning Company", Kay Bee Toys, Stage Stores and eToys frauds all transpired - in the BILLIONS of dollars.

But, on August 2, 2001- Colm Connolly became the Delaware United States Attorney;
who buried Romney & gang from investigation and/or prosecution for 7 years.

Now - I ask you - does my case seem frivolous to you

---------------------------------------- Or do you see where there's a Prosecutorial Gap?


August 31, 2014

Airline Gives Unaccompanied Minor to Wrong Person: Abductor (not that) Jennifer Lopez

It was the Jennifer Lopez thingy that caught my eye. How is it that a major news source doesn't have to put up a disclaimer (like I did in my title) - clarifying the obvious - that isn't so much so, until you read the story?

This is upon my Facebook page - by WTSP 10 News - stating;

WTSP 10 News
AIRLINE MIXUP: This little girl's dad is trying desperately to get his baby back after she flew on Delta as an unaccompanied minor. The airline gave her to the wrong person - and the person they gave her to was just released from prison.

{The wrong person is a Jennifer Lopez - but not the one we know - who was imprisoned for having hubby beaten/crippled}.

and then my FB page asks this question...

How would you handle this?


This is the link to WTSP website that (apparently) is reporting a local Houston station (KPRC) and CNN.


It states that;

The 7-year-old was flying as an unaccompanied minor,

but was turned over to her mother-- who just got out of prison and shouldn't have custody of her.


The story continues to reveal the details that;

{the child} was picked up by a relative -- but not one who is supposed to have custody of her. Angelina was greeted and taken by her mother -- 39-year-old Jennifer Lopez.

Butler -- who lives in Cincinnati -- still bears the injuries from the last time he saw the mother of his child. He walks slowly with a pronounced limp.

He was too emotional to talk to us on camera -- but says six years ago Lopez and several accomplices beat him severely and kidnapped Angelina and another child.


So - as my FB page asked -

How would you handle this?


Father & Daughter Reunited

Fortunately - they were reunited quickly - as the father flew down and picked up his daughter.


Wonder if the mother Lopez - will wind back in prison - for picking up the daughter;
and/or - if another family member arranged for all this to happen.

May never know.....

What if the story title had been Jennifer Lopez's daughter abducted by - Jennifer Lopez....?

I'm just sayin.......
August 29, 2014

CBS News: Americans Pessimistic - Blame Wall Street & Washington

On CBS News this morning (Aug. 29) - CBS News contributor Frank Lutz displayed a focus group to poll on the current state of affairs. He offered a question of - whether or not - the people would take a check to leave the United States.

When he polled those there and asked who blamed Wall Street alone - only 1 person raised their hand. Same result when he polled the question of "do you blame Washington D.C. alone". However, when he asked how many felt that it was both Wall Street and Washington D.C. to blame - everyone else raised their hands.

Here's a link to the video (that I'm not techy enough to place here);
and the pic is by CBS




What say ye -

Do you blame Wall Street


--- or both?
August 29, 2014

Romney's Bain Bled Burger King Dead: Inversion Perversion is Maneuver for Life Support

Willard Mitt (the Pitts) Romney has established a most profitable business model; it's called glean n dump. Show them a pic of the moon, promise the sun, while providing a little red wagon of dirt to get within. Then you meet, greet, scheme the entity for all its worth. If the chief executive can be bought (like Michael Glazer of Kay Bee & Stage Stores); you win easily. Others (hard cases like yours truly), you hire away, fire and/or destroy.

Then you milk & bilk for all the company is worth and get away ('Scot Free').

Burger King has been dying for decades. You take it public, bleed out the cash; then rinse lather and repeat, as long as it lasts. Recent reports (prior to this Canadian merger) state that Burger King Worldwide (stock symbol BKW) - has been up in sale, up in profits - and beating out the rest of the fast food chain world, along with exceeds of Wall Street analysis.

Have you been in a Burger King lately - during lunch/dinner rush;

-------------------------------and seen the reality there isn't - any - r u s h?

Burger King's REAL History

For some reason yet to be fully determined, Romney & his Bain only go IPO as a last resort. Choosing, instead, to stay away from the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) as much as possible. When they do get involved in public entities and/or IPO's (those not thwarted like yours truly did to Toys R Us {with the help of Joe Nocera of the NY Times "Rigging the IPO Game"}) - they then dump the dying carcass upon another. See NYT Nocera's OpEd "Burger King the Cash Cow".

In the case of Burger King - Romney's group got in for $210 million, took out $500 million and went public owning 76%.

Then, Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, along with Bain Cap. & TPG, sold Burger King to 3G Capital for $3.3 Billion.

See some of the details in NY Times Nocera remarks that;

But the private equity investors also cut themselves an incredibly sweet deal. Their $1.5 billion purchase price included only $210 million of their own money; the rest was borrowed. They immediately began taking out tens of millions of dollars in fees. Four years later, they took Burger King public. But, first, they rewarded themselves with a $448 million dividend. In all, according to The Wall Street Journal, “the firms received $511 million in dividend, fees, expense reimbursements and interest” — while still retaining a 76 percent stake.

Does it need to be said that Burger King was soon back to its old struggling self? Or that the solution, once again, was to sell to another private equity firm? Of course not! In 2010, Bain, Goldman and TPG cashed out, selling Burger King to 3G Capital, for $3.3 billion. In sum, the original private equity troika reaped a fortune by selling a company that was in nearly as much trouble as it had been when they first bought it. Surely this represents the apotheosis of financial engineering.

What has 3G done? According to Howard Penney, the managing director at Hedgeye, it has prettied up the pig by laying off a large percentage of the staff in Burger King’s Miami headquarters. Burger King’s owners grew earnings, he said, “by cutting expenses. They have not improved the business one iota.” And, of course, 3G pulled out fees and dividends, too. In all, Penney wrote recently, private equity firms have taken for themselves “$1 billion or more in capital that could have been used to improve the company’s relative standing versus its competitors, many of whom Burger King struggles to keep up with.”


The STREET Reports on (current) Burger King Extraordinary Success

Burger King - according to its report - is (reportedly) kicking arse in sales;
as reported upon by The STREET - that -.
The net income growth from the same quarter one year ago has exceeded that of the S&P 500 and greatly outperformed compared to the Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure industry average. The net income increased by 19.4% when compared to the same quarter one year prior, going from $62.90 million to $75.10 million.

The gross profit margin for BURGER KING WORLDWIDE INC is currently very high, coming in at 85.07%. It has increased significantly from the same period last year. Along with this, the net profit margin of 28.75% significantly outperformed against the industry average.

Net operating cash flow has significantly increased by 71.15% to $87.80 million when compared to the same quarter last year. In addition, BURGER KING WORLDWIDE INC has also vastly surpassed the industry average cash flow growth rate of -5.65%.


For the last few months - BK was selling 2 for $5 major sandwiches - including the Whopper.

Have you been in a Burger King lately?

When it sounds too good to be true........


MoveOn.org has a Petition Against the Inversion that is a perversion;

all this is but a prelude to the other BK for Burger King


August 24, 2014

Turley Blog - Veiled RW: Blocks Comments Proving Brick n Mortars Aren't Dinosaurs

Professor Turley's Blog - is where I found some awesome Progressives; but the purpose of that realm - is definitely Right Wing agendas. Today, a weekend poster has a story out about "The End of Brick n Mortar Retail". It leads in with SEARS and pic thereof, then goes on and on why box retailers are doomed. The cases in point help make my {racketeering} case for me.

The end of box retail stores theory is ALL Bull {c}hit!

Here's the various comments that JT's blog refuses to even allow 1 line thereof


Laser the Liquidator has handled 1000 companies - online and bricks

Outside of COI issues in bankruptcy and racketeering bustout/ bankruptcy rings; this just so happens to be my area of expertise. (Having handled over 1000 scenarios of liquidations, salvages, turnarounds, bankruptcy and bank replevins.

Sears - too - happens to be a particular area of focus.

As for the "END" of brick and mortar - It's all hogwash!

Our eToys.com has much written about it, throughout the past 15 years. It was one of most lauded I.P.O.'s in the country. The stock, starting at 18, soared to $85. Most press entities (possibly fueled by a pump-n-dump scheme of Goldman Sachs misinformation), stipulated eToys was now worth $8 billion.

True story of eToys

Each year, eToys had phenomenal sales growth; but it was NOT making a profit. The (true) profit center of eToys, was the BabyCenter.com division.

------ Online retailing is Mail Order part deux.

Having handled such brick n mortars as Channel Lumber, Ames, Sky City Dept. stores, SEARS Catalog Centers, along with duel online/bricks of NCA Computers, MicroX, Campfields and more, for 3 decades; one gets to see it from all sides.

In 1999 and 2000, I forewarned lenders and vendors to "be careful" of how much credit they extend to "online"/ dot coms. Telling them that mail order companies were being replaced by online retailers (and that such was not - necessarily - a good thing).

Whereas, as an older mail order, you had control of your clients. Who ever mailed you (regularly) had a good chance that disposable income and/or windfall cash flows - would wind up at Clair's etc; because your mailing was upon the buyers coffee table.

In online sales - EVERYONE's catalog - is upon the table!

On top of that the various vendors out there, now have to compete with the likes of Walmart etc., - super low/ high volume transaction mechanisms with State of the Art (Rapistan etc.,) order processing centers.

Additionally - upon the crunch of lower profit margins; there's the high cost of 2 way shipping of returns. (In brick n mortar retail, your customer provides the labor of picking the item, engaging in the payment transaction and hand walks the product back to you - for return.

Such isn't so with online retailing - where customer returns nearly double!

One transaction I handled just prior to eToys, was ToyTime.com that was sold to online retailer Overstock.com (me and Patrick had a war - so to speak - and he lost). Overstock didn't want the open case goods, as it was going to be a nightmare for his processing centers. Where - brick n mortars - would gobble it up with glee. (BTW - I do appreciate how Patrick Byrne & Goldman Sachs are putting on/taking off - the gloves - Often)!
eToys & Fingerhut

What you don't realize, is pulling a single customer item is cost prohibitive for any warehouse (basically what online retailers are). In eToys, I had this worked out with Fingerhut and/or Scholastic. (BTW - both those scenarios turned out to be nixed; but - such was a result - of federal crimes not of Fingerhut and/or Scholastic's design).

Our plan was to say to all the Toy vendors (Mattel/ Hasbro etc.,) that, with Fingerhut, we can be the Amazon of the Toys industry. SEARS, Walmart, Target, Kmart, Costco ...on and on.... could (online wise) SELL EVERYTHING that existed.

Because it would all be stocked at eToys!

Instead of Walmart, Kmart......... that could not possibly put every item in the world in their warehouse; and deal with individual customer sale nightmares -

they would all be buying via eToys.com/Fingerhut - Amazon pro of Toys sales.

Bain Cap & Goldman Sachs, along with Paul Traub & Ted Deikel;
are the ones who nixed the Fingerhut deal as it went via Petters Ponzi.

But the program would/could work -

IF YOU DIDN"T HAVE ganefs (who can't do regular biz) running the show.


For a background on SEARS - the real story - you have to go back to the Kmart bankruptcy and eToys.

Yours truly had eToys merged with Scholastic - that crooks (ganef's) nixed, by their racketeering schemes. So that eToys, FAO Schwartz and Kay Bee could wind up at Bain Cap (under Toys R Us); once Romney & gang did their "The Learning Company" $3 Billion fraud on Mattel Toys (resulting in 12 million shares of Mattel's stock, to the bandits - who are now "inside" the upper rooms).

The Learning Company merger (by MNAT in Delaware) with Mattel;
happened in 1999.

Then (with Mitt & gang inside) Bain Cap acquired Kay Bee Toys mid-2000.

eToys was then put into bankruptcy on March 7, 2001 (quite possibly not being insolvent at the time). MNAT then falsifies documents (confessed) to become eToys Debtor's counsel (hiding the fact that MNAT is also working for Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital).

Michael Glazer, CEO of Kay Bee, is a Director (now CEO) of Stage Stores that is also in bankruptcy (in Houston TX); and Barry Gold is the director's assistant at Stage Stores who hired Paul Traub's NY law firm (one partner living in Houston).

They all go to eToys with Traub falsifying documents to become eToys creditors counsel and his law firm, with MNAT putting in Traub's secret partner (also confessed) of Barry Gold - shoving yours truly out - so Barry Gold can be post-bankruptcy petition CEO and Confirmed Plan Administrator.

At that time, I was totally unaware - as were many of the creditors - that they were all one big gang (behind the scenes). Debtors counsel and creditors counsel - are required by law - to be diametrically opposed.

But - when they boasted of buying eToys for $5.4 million, yours truly cancelled those sales (as the federal court appointed chief of eToys bankruptcy); and we - instead - caused Bain Cap (Mitt CEO)/ Kay Bee (Glazer CEO) to have to outbid others by tens of millions of dollars.

So - they tossed me out (illegally) and Barry Gold got Mitt his money back.


Then, Kay Bee CEO Glazer pays himself $18 million (reward) and Bain Capital $83 million; before Kay Bee Toys filed bankruptcy.

MNAT (openly) represents Bain Capital in the $83 million fraud conveyance;
and (believe it or not) Traub is Creditors counsel who asked to prosecute.

Meanwhile, Traub and Barry Gold formed a company to compete (delete) my company of Collateral Logistics Inc; as in April 2001 (after eToys filed bk) - Traub and Barry Gold became co-owners of Asset Disposition Advisors (which was working the Kay Bee case).


Kmart files bankruptcy - Traub is assigned as shareholders counsel;
all stock holders get stiffed (except for Ron Burkle/ Ralph's).

And Kmart comes out of bankruptcy so strong - it buys SEARS for cash!



Brick n mortar retail will NEVER die - customers need to see/ touch/ smell; and there are other items (eggs, milk, medicine & manure) that simply can't be mailed - or wait to be mailed.

Getting started on how Walmart does engaging in bad faith power pushes to assure it is always pumping profits - is a whole other story itself.

Toys R Us IPO failed - after NY Times "Rigging the IPO Game" story on eToys case came out; because institutional investors are not so easily duped now.

Bain Cap owns FAO Schwartz, Dunkin Donuts, Guitar Centers, Kay Bee, Sports Autority, HCA, Clear Channel, eToys/Toys R Us and on and on

not because it does good business

but - Because - THEY steal (racketeer) cash flows to reinvest.

The business model is perfect. Put monies in, promise more, get your guys "inside" and get rid of those who can't be bought like me. Take out all the cash you can, file bankruptcy and stiff all the creditors.

Rinse, lather, repeat (eToys & Kay Bee in BK multiple times but back to Bain); but it is ALL illegal. Good Bankruptcy Ring Robber Barons - can't compete "Legitimately"! That's the only problem with online v brick n mortar.

All business (if I or another honest guy was at the helm);
are required (in this day n age) to be BOTH brick-n-mortar and online!

Fingerhut is a crime of major proportions;
because Traub, Gold & MNAT settled eToys v Fingerhut

Then Traub (controller of Petters Ponzi as per court Receiver documents);
bought Fingerhut and had the address of 655 Third Ave NY NY

Traub Bonacquist & Fox's home office address!

N'est-ce pas!
August 21, 2014

Justice Integrity Project/Legal Schnauzer: Siegelman's Corrupt Judge Stripped of Cases &;

BACKGROUND Judge Fuller & the Governor Siegelman Prosecution.

It has long been argued that Karl Rove, along with other special interest parties, worked to bring down a rising Democrat influence in the hard right wing state of Alabama. As a result of what is alleged as corrupt efforts, U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller (a multi-millionaire from Oil profits) put Democrat Governor Siegelman - in prison!

Reportedly, by the Justice-Integrity Project of Washington D.C., with reporter/activist Andrew Kreig at the helm - and - the Legal Schnauzer Blog Roger Shuler, Governor Siegelman is incarcerated by a bogus legal theory and a corrupt U.S. Attorney (Canary) whose husband is part of Commerce and a Karl Rove buddy.



Karl Rove Goes Off on Jill Simpson during Great Van Susteren Interview

It is well documented by Mr. Kreig & Legal Schnauzer that the allegations of a corrupt prosecutorial process have substantial merits. There's much corroboration, in great part due to the fact that Jill Simpson, was inside the system and witnessed how U.S. Attorney Canary feigned recusing herself from the case; but kept controlling the prosecution of Governor Siegelman secretly.

So much is going on - behind the scenes - that Karl Rove bounced off topic, during a Faux News Greta Van Susteren interview; as Rove went on a diatribe rant against Jill Simpson (pic above provided by 60 Minutes) and the Governor Siegelman case. This is a link (here) to the "Crooks & Liars" report on Rachael Maddow review of the bizarre tangents of Karl Rove.

It is rumored that Karl Rove went off; because his gay affair was outed during Romney POTUS run.
(See Roger Shuler's Legal Schnauzer piece on Salon - (here)) and a prior DU thread (here).

As to be expected, there are man rants & raves by Karl Rove, full of falsities, against Jill Simpson and Governor Siegelman. Karl Rove was pardoned by GW Bush; but can hope for no such blessing by the Obama Administration.

Here's Justice Integrity Project Fact Check on Rove's rant/lies - titled;


Wife Beating Arrest Results in Judge Fuller Being STRIPPED of Cases.

As (should) be expected, a U.S. District Court Judge is to be held to higher standards than those trodden by the crowd. However, such has not be true (heretofore) for His Honor {sic}. There are previous issues of domestic violence with Mark Fuller. This time, it being a public display, the Judge was (properly) arrested; and has now been stripped of his case load by the reviewing appeals court. For more details, we look to Andrew Kreig's story titled;


As reported by the Justice Integrity Project;

A federal appeals court in Atlanta took the rare step last week of reassigning all cases from a prominent judge who had been arrested on a charge of battery against his wife.

Separately, a Fulton County court forbade U.S. District Judge Mark E. Fuller, 55, from contact with his wife Kelli Gregg Fuller, 41, a former deputy court clerk for Fuller who phoned police late Aug. 9 from a luxury hotel to say her husband was beating her after she accused him of having an affair with a law clerk

As it is very important, the Justice Integrity Project focuses on Judge Fuller's spousal abuse history and sexual escapades; but there's one passage that is extremely import (in the question of - SINCE, Judge Fuller's cases are now yanked - Can Governor Siegelman finally get a fair shake).

As is reported by the Justice Integrity online article;

In October, Siegelman's attorneys will argue that his current convictions should be voided.

One reason, they say, is because Middle District U.S. Attorney Leura Canary failed to recuse as she promised verbally. Her husband, businessman William Canary, was campaign manager for Siegelman's gubernatorial opponent. That was two-term GOP Gov. Bob Riley (2003-2011), who succeeded Siegelman following a close re-election vote in 2002. Also, Siegelman argues on appeal that Fuller wrongly increased Siegelman's prison time by including offenses for which he had been acquitted.

Under both the Bush and Obama administrations, the Justice Department has always fought Siegelman's trial and appellate arguments despite many protests by legal scholars and members of the public that he was being prosecuted for political reasons, as defense attorneys and multiple whistleblowers claimed.


It is a shame that corruption has become such a normal thing; our nations people simply accept the abuses and stand by idle. Fortunately, for U.S. neither Jill Simpson, Roger Schuler and/or Andrew Kreig are standing by idle. They continue their quests for justice, in spite of vast personal risks & losses (Roger Schuler recently lost his home, reportedly due to the corruption. He was put in jail, for an extended period of time, after he pointed out Governor Riley's political son, arguing against abortion, had a girlfriend obtain an abortion). You can see more of Roger Schuler's massive evidences at his Legal Schnauzer Blog (here).

HAT TIP to local Alabama Journalist Bob Martin

According to Andrew Kreig -

Longtime Alabama political writer Bob Martin, now editor of the Alabama's Montgomery Independent, is one of relatively few mainstream Alabama journalists to dig into these matters in recent years.


THANK YOU - Bob Martin - we certainly need more like you!

Please keep up the good words, Jill Simpson, Roger Schuler (and his dedicated stand by wife) and Andrew Kreig! Your dedication and sacrifices for the common good earns = one of my rare - 3 Smilely Awards.

August 20, 2014

WHO??? - Wants Gov. Perry to go Down?: WaPo Details Major Corruption Todd Willingham Case!

As for me, I'm less concerned whether its the Bush's, Romney and/or other powers that be, behind the efforts to bring down Governor Rick Perry. The issue is that he goes down; which is a good thing. As the Washington Post points out (seconded by the Los Angeles Times linking to WaPo's article); there's much splain'n to do in the Cameron Todd Willingham case.

Here's the Los Angeles Times OPINION
"Opinion Cameron Todd Willingham's ghost won't stop haunting Rick Perry"

NOTE: L.A. Times story is dated August 6; and it links to WaPo's story of August 3 - titled;

"Fresh Doubts Over a Texas Execution"

I've just, an hour ago, finished another thread, in GD, about Governor Perry Corruption in Willingham case titled;
"Proof Governor Perry Corruption/Cover Ups: Cameron Todd Willingham Debacle"

WaPo Details Prosecution Suborn of Perjury of Informant, to Nail Willingham

Prosecutor Jackson worked diligently with jailhouse informant Webb - as the WaPo article details new letter evidences;

“Mr. Pierce and I visit on a regular basis concerning your problems,” Jackson wrote to Webb in August 2000, eight years after the trial, when his former witness was threatening to recant. (Jackson misspelled the rancher’s last name.) “We worked for a long time on a number of different levels, including the Governor’s Office, to get you released early in the robbery case. . . . Please understand that I am not indifferent or insensitive to your difficulties.”


HOWEVER - during the trial, the following exchange between Prosecutor Jackson and informant Webb transpires;

Jackson emphasized that Webb was testifying at great personal risk. “My life has been threatened as well as my family’s life,” Webb said on the stand. “And if I make it to the penitentiary, then I’m going to be in deep trouble.”

Jackson concluded Webb’s direct testimony by asking,

“Johnny, have I ever promised you anything in return for your testimony in this case?”

“No, sir,” Webb replied. “You haven’t.”

“As a matter of fact, I told you there is nothing I can do for you,” Jackson said.

“You said there was nothing no one can do for me,” Webb said.


That's suborn of Perjury; which Governor Perry helped bury by rigging the investigating Commission!

Though the former wife (Stacy) of Cameron Todd Willingham - actually witnessed the execution and (apparently) came to believe Cameron was guilty; there's now a green light for her and Cameron's family to sue for Prosecutorial misconduct.

The most heinous kind - resulting in the death of victimized innocent!


There's no question that Governor Perry needs to go down;

------------------------------ The real question is; who's actually driving these stories & Perry's demise?

[center]N'est-ce pas![/center]

August 20, 2014

Proof Gov Perry Corruption/Cover Ups Occur: See Cameron Todd Willingham Execution Debacle

Cameron Todd Willingham's 3 young children were killed by a fire; which his local town and a wacko forensic expert stated was arson. Even though there were no documentation of motive - because Willingham had prior arrests for petty crimes - he was labeled a sociopath, homicidal murderer. Governor Perry made sure Cameron was executed and will engage in corruption to cover up the prosecution/ execution blunders of the state.

Governor Perry's hubris, is to be his downfall. Though there are many arguments throughout the web realm, on the the merits of prosecuting Governor Perry for abuse of power; there can be no debate that he hasn't done such heretofore. In the Cameron Todd Willingham case - Gov. Perry sanctioned the execution - in spite of exonerating evidence substantial.

Then, Governor Perry lied publicly - and he also "rigged" the Commission - to nix the report!

A Wikipedia discussion (here), seemingly biased toward giving Gov. Perry the benefit of the doubt; still provides the following candid reflection that;

The Texas Forensic Science Commission was scheduled to discuss the report by Beyler at a meeting on October 2, 2009, but two days before the meeting Texas Governor Rick Perry replaced the chair of the commission and two other members.

The new chair canceled the meeting – sparking accusations that Perry was interfering with the investigation and using it for his own political advantage

Here's a video of Governor Perry justifying the execution; and his lying to prove his point.
(Note: at 45 seconds into the video, Governor Perry's testimonial on what the wife said).



Murder/Execution by Junk Forensic Science - of Cameron Todd Willingham


A full length story documents, very well, the heart wrenching affairs of the Willingham saga. One investigative journalist, who began to research the case (actually interview CTW in prison); wound up paralyzed by an auto accident and credits Cameron for giving her the strength to make it through the ordeal.

I still weep, for the man, his children and a system of justice perversely killing for blood lust sake. Please take the time to read the New Yorker lengthy article that details the fire, deaths, arrest, conviction, false testimony, fake forensic science and corrupt cover up/rigging of the system (by Governor Perry).

As the video above details, Governor Perry claims that the wife stated Cameron confessed;
but here's what the New Yorker reported on the interview of Stacy (Willingham's wife).

Willingham had often not treated me [wife Stacy] well, she recalled, and after his incarceration she had left him for a man who did. But she [Stacy] didn’t think that her former husband should be on death row.

“I don’t think he did it,” she said, crying


Governor Perry has, long ago, needed to go down;
this prosecution is just a Capone-Tax Evasion way of getting the job done right!

August 18, 2014

11th Circuit Says - Prominent Attorney And Judge Acted Improperly, Reverses Bankruptcy Sale

Source: Daily Business Review

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit has reversed a bankruptcy sale, finding both U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Raymond Ray and prominent Fort Lauderdale bankruptcy attorney Chad Pugatch acted improperly.

The unanimous unsigned opinion Friday returned the case to of ordered a lower court to reverse an entire bankruptcy of a Deerfield Beach-based Global Energies LLC to bankruptcy court.

The panel said Pugatch of Rice Pugatch Robinson & Schiller knowingly provided false testimony in a deposition.

Lawyers involved in the case said emails provided by former Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler attorney Steven Lippman were crucial in reversing the case.

Read more: http://www.dailybusinessreview.com/id=1202667122155/11th-Circuit-Says-This-Prominent-Attorney-And-Judge-Acted-Improperly-Reverses-Bankruptcy-Sale-#

Rothstein, Vennes, Stanford, Tom Petters, Lancelot/ SkyBell, Palm Beach Links Capital, Marc Dreier and Okun 1031 Tax Group frauds - are all documented frauds, resulting in convictions; but most people (and main stream media) are totally obtuse to the fact that they are - actually - LINKED!

Senator Cornyn, in statements published by the Blog of Legal Times in an article titled "The Owe Us", stipulates that venality in the federal bankruptcy system is permitting people to chose a venue (assure a particular verdict). The Senator references issues raised by UCLA Law Professor Lynn LoPucki on "Courting Failure" How Competition for Large Bankruptcy Cases is Corrupting the Courts.

It is corruption by Romney, Bain Capital & Goldman Sachs, of the U.S. Courts;
which led to my suing them for Racketeering in case "Haas v Romney".

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