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Profile Information

Name: Laser Haas
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Anywhere USA
Home country: United States
Current location: NOMADIC
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2008, 12:12 PM
Number of posts: 7,805

About Me

Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

Journal Archives

Citizens Arrest Attempt Results in Murder of Heroic Effort of Troy Cansler (Turley Blog)

Troy Cansler {47 years old}, in Cherry Valley, California, made a an effort to do a citizens arrest of armed robber Vincent Alex DeLeon (age 26); after DeLeon stabbed/robbed a woman who had a baby in a stroller.

According to News stories posted online, Troy witnessed the stabbing robbery and told the mother "I'll get him for you".

News show accounts report that Troy caught up with DeLeon; resulting in a scuffle and fatal stabbing of Cansler.

Some comment parties are being critical of the effort of Troy Cansler (see Professor Jonathan Turley's blog posting of "California Man Dies in Pursuit of Suspect Who Stabbed Mother in Parking Lot" and United Kingdoms "Daily Mail article titled "Good Samaritan Slain Chasing Robbery Suspect".
In this day and age where too many people sit idle by, it bugs me that a person sacrificed his life;
and the cheap seats find fault with him for trying to do a good thing.

Can you imagine the victim, widow and Troy's daughter reading all the condescending banter!

R.I.P. Troy Cansler


WOW - Romney in 2016 - Who'd of thunk, after MoveOn.org asks DOJ to Investigate?

In the land of opportunity, even a "boss" has a 2nd and now possibly a 3rd chance (given enough vote rigging and media buying) to run (again) in the race to become President of the United States of America ("POTUS". As I've been telling everyone - all along - if Mitt can openly break the law once, he can do so again. MoveOn.org documented, expertly - what yours truly has been saying all along. That Romney lied and continued to lie in his quest to become POTUS.

Will Mitt Romney run again in 2016?



Aside from the fact that Mitt lied on his federal election campaign finance form (see MoveOn.org legal analysis - here) and (letter by MoveOn.org to the DOJ - here). Compounded by the speciousness of the facts that Mitt never (properly) disclosed his tax records. Along with the issues of his claims of "retroactive" retirement (after Romney's campaign finally admitted Mitt DID have something to do with Bain {after February 11, 1999}). On top of all of those things, Mitt Romney also confessed (in his very own documentary) that "we kind of - had to steal the {GOP} nomination". This, with the fact that his Bain Capital entity owns 800 stations with 100 million listeners under Clear Channel (Rush Lameblaugh and Jerk Hand'nity); and Romney's ties to voting machines (see Forbes article - here).

AND - in spite of the fact that Romney claims he wish he never ran, didn't want to run. Now rumors are swimming out there - EveryWhere - that MitTwit is thinking about running again. Here's Bob Schieffer's take on the issue - (here) - that;

But, on Sunday morning, CBS' Bob Schieffer said not to write off the idea of a 2016 campaign by Romney so quickly. "I have a source that told me that if Jeb Bush decides not to run, that Mitt Romney may actually try it again," Schieffer said.

During a political panel discussion, the "Face the Nation" host said that he has been told that Romney will consider seeking the Republican nomination for the presidency in 2016 if former Florida governor Jeb Bush chooses to sit the race out.

There's the Examiner piece "Increasing evidence Romney might run"


Though there are many more articles; here's a Facebook "Mitt Romney for President 2016".

What say ye? - WILL Mitt (the pitts) Romney run again?

Update: "Haas v Romney" Racketeering Lawsuit. Grim Reaper Coming

On October 18, 2013, yours truly filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles federal court (Central Division) against Willard Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, Goldman Sachs and cohort attorneys/executives. The case evidence chiefly arises from public docket records and federal archives that are beyond contestation. Be that as it may, it matters Not, how much proof one has, when you are an insignificant and they are some of THE most powerful persons and entities on the planet.

As was foretold by naysayers and supporters alike;
the powers that be would come to bare to shut down this case.

For those who care to look at the evidence, it is easy to gain their support for the cause and instill outrage. However, that's not easy to do; because they (Romney & gang) have done much wrong and yours truly is not an attorney at law who failed English )(and hence, can't tell the story as it must be told). So, here we are, more than 180 days into the heretofore civil war that has turned into a RICO case. Where the insignificant amoeba versus a horde of tyrannical Goliath's tries as he may, to seek justice. Unfortunately (said to say) the case has begun to fray.

As was documented by PoliticusUSA.com's Rmuse - Romney fled Bain Capital to avoid prosecution. You can see the details of the story concerning Rmuse's pic below, titled "Public Records Reveal Romney Profited from Fraud, Corruption and Racketeering at Bain".

Rmuse also has other articles about this subject, like;

"Tell the DoJ to Investigate Romney's Serial Frauds"


"Post Election Romney & Bain Face Federal Corruption Perjury Probe"

Remaining a troubling matter is the fact that there's NEVER any investigation into Romney & Bain. If they did, those two would go down rather swiftly. Evidence abounds of Mitt Romney's bad faith and his desire to be "retroactively" retired from Bain Capital in August 2001 - back to February 11, 1999. Mitt lied on his federal election Campaign finance 278 OGE Form.

But it is okay to lie, if your Mitt RMoney guy!


Right now, a hearing is scheduled for June 2, 2012, on - whether or not - the court will dismiss the case against Romney and gang. Meanwhile, yours truly has filed a Motion to Reconsider
; because the Judge (for now) has dismissed the case against Romney/Bain law firm and executives, MNAT, Greg Werkheiser and Barry Gold.

It's a simple fact that Romney & his gang can never permit this case to go to trial (nor can Goldman Sachs); because they've done everything I've alleged. There's even no question of culpability. MNAT law firm and Paul Traub's law firm, already confessed supplication of erroneous affidavits to the court.

There's only the question of accountability.

You can read more about the cases intertwined in this at Wall Street Journal 2005 (here), Rolling Stone Taibbi 2012 (here), New York Times 2013 (here), Rmuse's "Meet the Man Battling Romney Bain 12 years" (here). Addicting Info Nathan's (well researched) story "Romney Slapped with Racketeering".

Plus, Ann Werner of Liberals Unite stories;

"Mitt Romney Sued for Racketeering in Federal Court"

and Ann Werner's followup story (updates)

"Update Federal Racketeering Lawsuit Mitt Romney"

Ann Werner has the following quotes of my saga - that;

{Laser} Haas owns Collateral Logistics, Inc. (CLI) and was assigned to handle the liquidation of eToys and asserts that in that capacity he discovered evidence of perjury and multiple frauds. As an executive of eToys, Haas was required to report what he found to the estate managers and attorneys. Failure to do so would have been punishable by being fined and/or imprisoned for up to three years. In his affidavit, Haas states that not only were the misdeeds he reported ignored but “the bad faith parties were given the keys to the vaults they were fleecing and the promise by the police to be willfully blind.”

And Ann Werner points out my affidavit states to the court that;

His {Laser Haas's} affidavit goes on to say:

As wind down coordinator of the eToys liquidations, my company, Collateral Logistics, Inc., and I were the court appointed fiduciaries to keep everything kosher and “maximize returns with minimum expense” in eToys. When Bain Capital had announced they were buying the entire estate of eToys for $5.4 million, we halted the auction and forced them to pay tens of millions of dollars more.

That is when they offered me an $850,000 bribe and I told them no! This caused a panic in their ranks, because I reported the bribe to the Delaware Department of Justice. Who informed this layman that it was not really a bribe – until accepted.


As yours truly keeps telling Romney's counsels - "you guys need everyone to be on bended knee to the lord"

"and Laser Haas only needs 1 honorable public servant willing - To Do Their Job"

Here's my Motion to Reconsider the Court's decision to give Romney, Bain, Goldman Sachs crony attorney's a walk.

It clearly was an error to dismiss the case against them;
based upon the 1881 case of Barton v Barbour


Please Stay Tuned.

My APOLOGY to Matt Taibbi - My issue is with the Q&A didn't justify assaults upon Taibbi

In the last few days, Matt Taibbi's new book was released titled "The Divide" about the 'American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap'. During his promotion of the book, discussing the issues of Wall Street always getting away (nearly 'Scot Free'), Matt went on air with Amy Goodman at Democracy Now's show titled "Who Goes to Jail" Matt Taibbi on "American Injustice Wall Street to Main Street".

As a staunch Obama supporter, I took umbrage with Matt's answer to Amy Goodman's question "Who was tougher on corporate America, President Obama or President Bush"? Mr. Taibbi responded "Oh, Bush, hands down".

Now, please bare in mind, I do still feel that Matt Taibbi put forth an errant reflection;
but the real issue is THE QUESTION that started the whole thing.

Regardless of my opinion on the issues and remarks, I - IN NO WAY - meant to appear to be Taibbi's opponent. My remarks were (in part) advocacy of my personal battle against Mitt Romney & Gang; which is the same things he's fighting (but he broad strokes and mine are case specific). We can disagree on points; but that shouldn't make us adversaries. It was NOT my intent to infer that Taibbi is a bad guy - or - that he did anything major wrong. My reflections are that he could have said it differently; because the problem lies with Eric Holder.

Amy Goodman's question should have been "Who prosecuted Wall Street more, Eric Holder or the Previous USAGs"?

GW Bush and his father before him (whom many seem to forget was in the CIA), are both tools of special interests - including their own. GW Bush was the one who CREATED the mortgage crisis mess and war mongered. Friends in the oil business of the Bush's benefited - Vastly - from the take down of Enron. There's SO much more wrong with the Bush era than one can readily fathom. It just is simply FLAT WRONG to give that wacko piss of cow dung credit for anything. Much less at the expense of President Obama.

Be that as it may, Matt Taibbi requested my respect and that caught me off guard; because I already DEEPLY respect Matt Taibbi (dang near worship the guy). It does no good for me to come down on him (likely in an inept manner) at a time of his transition and book selling; simply because I'm miffed that Rolling Stone yanked out the eToys part of the Romney equation in Taibbi's "Greed and Debt" story. For my inability to write in good style as Matt, I'm a twerp and must apologize for making the points incorrectly.

I - Laser Haas -APOLOGIZE to Matt Taibbi for anything wrong I said

-------------------------- You are a GREAT activist Matt Taibbi

---------------------------------------------------------and (as I said to you in email) I = DO = RESPECT You!

This is why Matt Taibbi is the writer extraordinaire - and I'm just Laser the liquidator.

He makes his points with words well

----------------------------------------and I don't.

Please, Matt Taibbi, do continue your great works and don't get bogged down by the naysays or inarticulate twerps like me!

I've got my own (REAL solid) bones to pic with Taibbi; but he's only human. Cut him some slack OKAY!

Here's my thread on this issue;


Taibbi & I Exchange Words after he States a No NO of "Bush HANDS DOWN Tougher"

For more than a decade I've been battling the White Collar fraudsters of Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital (and their cronies like Romney); and Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone did try to help (some) with his "Greed & Debt" Story (pic below from Rolling Stone September 2012 Cover Story "A True Story About Mitt Romney & Bain Capital".


As I'm one of the sources of the "Greed and Debt" story I take umbrage with Taibbi's contention (especially since Rolling Stone {apparently} prevented Taibbi from telling the whole story about Mitt Romney and Bain Capital) - that GW Bush was "Hands Down" tougher on Corporate America.

BTW - Rolling Stone's "Greed & Debt" - Left Out eToys!

Then, after Taibbi exited RS {and I've waited some time for Matt to show U.S. how he's going to continue his campaign against Wall Street White Collar Crimes}, Matt goes on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman and says this {c}hit... That GW Bush was "Hands Down" much tougher on corporate America!



Here's the link to Democracy Nows story "Who Goes to Jail - Taibbi" and interview by Amy Goodman (with the Transcript).

That has the following Q&A

AMY GOODMAN: Who was tougher on corporate America, President Obama or President Bush?

MATT TAIBBI: Oh, Bush, hands down. And this is an important point to make, because if you go back to the early 2000s, think about all these high-profile cases: Adelphia, Enron, Tyco, WorldCom, Arthur Andersen. All of these companies were swept up by the Bush Justice Department. And what’s interesting about this is that you can see a progression


The Video of Amy Goodman's interview of Matt Taibbi, I'm having trouble getting link to post.

HOW Taibbi is Getting it Wrong!

GW Bush prosecuted parties; because it served secret interests better. Most are not aware of what REALLY went on at Enron, Tyco and Worldcom; and I won't argue those cases now (and the secret agendas thereof).

The issue is - they ALL were transpiring on GWB's watch!

It was GWB's administration that permitted the mortgage crisis to begin with. It was GWB who gave Wall Street a $700 Billion bailout before he left office. It was GWB whom Rumsfeld worked for when Rumsfeld went before the nation and said "We've lost $2.3 Trillion dollars".

During GWB we had the Rothstein, Freeman, Palm Beach, Frank Vennes, Lancelot, Marc Dreier, Tom Petters, Stanford, Okun and Madoff scandals. (Without even going into Abramoff, Delay, Scott Bloch etc etc).

President Obama's administration got a quick guilty plea to the SEC by Sheldon Adelson;
(once Romney failed to get in and hire that "friendly" USAG Mr. Adelson sought).

As the title states, Matt and I took swipes at each other today (his email to me being rather snide, where mine to him begged a question that I'm most certainly allowed to ask). I still have high praise for Matt Taibbi - but he got that remark WAY wrong - and put a foot in his mouth in so doing. He's worked all these years, building a reputation and gaining our trust in him for advocacy against white collar cronyism and corruption.

Then he goes and shoots himself in the foot by giving a gangster/war monger credit - where NO credit is due.

Sure GWB punished Enron; but who do you think benefited? Matt needs to be more sharper than this. He's now out (basically) in a new independence format; and such requires that he garnishes our adoration for him more so (not vexing U.S. with crap remarks such as this).

I still need him (and so does the country) - to tell the whole story of "Greed and Debt" (
He left out the middle (eToys).

WTF is he doing - and where is he going - with these remarks

- Who Knows ?

UPDATE: on the banter between the media guy and the victim of Romney guy.

Some people, including Matt Taibbi, take things the wrong way.
(I use to be thin skinned myself - it is human nature to take things personal).

After Matt let me have IT (and perhaps he had good cause and was right to do so); then we bantered some more and I saw a point (human side) - I didn't see heretofore. Thus, I must remember that we all have "days" (and we aren't perfect). I simply disagree with the Bush remark being proper form for a warrior; but respect Mr. Taibbi's right to say what he wishes (hoping he respects I have the right to disagree). Matt stands by his remarks as "keeping it real"; and that's commendable. Still wish he hadn't said it - but it is FAR from the end of the world. As for my views on him, I'll quote what I said to him (during our heated banter).

I'm in your corner; and have great respect for you - - Keep up your good works


------------------------------------We are in a Civil War!

And need not waste time against each other.

THEY - are the ones - we need to get accountability of!

This REALLY bums me out. I've reading Crossing the Rubicon four times.

I've also had my bones to pick with Mike Ruppert.

But this REALLY bums me out.

If the staunch of the staunch simply give in and let the bad guys when
(by shooting one's self so they can say "see - he's nuts"

Then how can one such as I, fighting a corruption war that few really care to hear of

have ANY hope to effect justice?


Josh Romney uses Mitt tax pic to swipe at Senator Reid: Racketeering Romney pic swipes back

Twitter is all buzzing on Josh Romney's pic taking swipe at Senator Reid. Politix has a story helping to fuel the Romney fame that is titled "Mitt Romney's Family Clearly Doesn't Forgive and Forget". It shows pic of Mitt Romney (below) in line to pay taxes and Josh Romney's tweet stating;

Hey @SenatorReid here's a shot of @MittRomney paying taxes. Does it every year. It's how you get your paycheck.



So, yours truly responded to Josh Romney's tweet (here) with one of my own (here) that states;


Yours truly has sued Mitt Romney for Racketeering (see more details - HERE);
and it is likely the powers that be will crush my case (as they've done many times before.

Unless the main stream suddenly wakes up and realizes how BIG the story really is.

Liberals Unite Ann Werner wrote an update story on the case

See it here - at Samuel Warde's link


Liberals United article "Update On Federal Racketeering Case Against Mitt Romney"

I'm begging the Department of Justice to do their job now - for 13 years.

As is reported by Liberals Unite (Samuel-Warde.com) Ann Werner - that;

Back in December, I {Ann Werner of Liberals United} reported former presidential candidate Willard Mitt Romney was being sued in federal court by Stephen “Laser” Haas on charges of racketeering. Mr. Haas has been looking for justice for the past 13 years, fighting a David and Goliath battle that began with the liquidation of eToys.


Mitt (the Pitts) Romney - wipes the Haas dust off of his shoes

As is readily apparent by the pomposity of having your shoes shined on a tarmac;
Mitt (my pitts) Romney, has no cares in the world - and is above U.S. all.

Yesterday, due to the power, money & might makes right, the Los Angeles Federal District Court did what was desired by some, expected by most and hated by this pursuer of justice. A "color of law" reason was plucked from a 130 year old case of "Barton" to allow the "confessed" co-Defendants/co-conspirators of Willard Mitt Romney,

to get OFF 'Scot Free'!

Ann Werner is doing the best job she can, as has Rmuse at PoliticusUSA.com before her, to tell the whole story unvarnished. In her picture above, there are 1000 words there. The Robber Baron Romney has stolen The Learning Company merger with Mattel (losing investors $3 Billion), Kay Bee $100 million (at the direct loss to Big Lots and creditors), Stage Stores (who knows how many tens of millions) and eToys hundreds of millions (if not a Billion).

Doing so by breaking the Law openly;
without any remorse or relent.

Ann Werner quotes me stating;

As wind down coordinator of the eToys liquidations, my company, Collateral Logistics, Inc., and I were the court appointed fiduciaries to keep everything kosher and “maximize returns with minimum expense” in eToys. When Bain Capital had announced they were buying the entire estate of eToys for $5.4 million, we halted the auction and forced them to pay tens of millions of dollars more.

That is when they offered me an $850,000 bribe and I told them no! This caused a panic in their ranks, because I reported the bribe to the Delaware Department of Justice. Who informed this layman that it was not really a bribe – until accepted.


To put it simply, Romney & his RICO Gang stole many hundreds of millions;
and did it openly - because he owned the U.S. Attorney Colm Connolly.

Will justice come?

How long will this Civil War continue?

As Ann Werner said in her story "Stay Tuned"

The court continued a motion by Mr. Haas to file a Second Amended Complaint until June 2, 2014, for consideration in conjunction with the motions to dismiss filed by defendants Bain Capital, Michael Glazer and Willard Mitt Romney.

Stay tuned.

Why am I refusing to give up on this quest for justice;
because everyone else thinks it is okay to give up

and let the bad guys win.

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