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Name: Laser Haas
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Anywhere USA
Home country: United States
Current location: NOMADIC
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2008, 12:12 PM
Number of posts: 7,805

About Me

Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

Journal Archives

Am I allowed to put my foot in Romney's arse?

What does one do when you have proof of organized (White Collar) crimes and your even blessed with having confessions to lying under oath to a Federal Chief Justice; but everyone continues to be willfully blind because it's Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and Mitt Romney?

Am I allowed to put my foot in Mitt Romney's arse;
because our federal authorities are too scared to do their job?

History of my case against Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and Mitt Romney's Gangs

It is time - once again - to make a summary of the issues versus Mitt (the Pitt's) Romney and his cronies. In 1999 the www.MNAT.com law firm merged 'The Learning Company' with Mattel; and (reportedly) Mattel investors lost $3 billion quickly.
Also in 1999, eToys was taken public by Goldman Sachs. MNAT represents both Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs in Delaware.

As reported by the September 2012 Rolling Stone cover story "Greed and Debt: The True Story About Mitt Romney and Bain Capital" - it details the facts that Romney owned Stage Stores; which was formed with Michael Milken fraudster monies. Due - in some part - to the fact that the Judge presiding over Milken's case, had a wife who was on the Board of one of the companies Romney was merging into Stage Stores.

Also mentioned by the "Greed and Debt" story is the fact that Kay Bee Toys CEO - Michael Glazer - paid himself $18 million and Romney's Bain Capital $83 million; before filing bankruptcy of Kay Bee.

MNAT represents Bain Capital in the $83 million probable fraudulent conveyance. Paul Traub who worked for Bain/Romney in Jumbo Sports and Stage Stores under Glazer; asked the court for permission to be the one to prosecute Glazer and Bain Capital.

This - Of Course - is Collusion to utilize bankruptcy for unjust enrichment!

Rolling Stone's Taibbi talked to me before coming out with the "Greed & Debt" article; but his Editor and General Counsel cut us off - so Taibbi missed certain KEY points. Such as the fact that Michael Glazer was also a "Director" for Romney at Stage Stores. Jack Bush of Dallas Texas goes from one Bain/ Romney company to another (such as Jumbo Sports and Stage Stores). Mr. Bush was a co-director with Glazer. Barry Gold was the "director's assistant" at Stage Stores who hired his partner Paul Traub.

THEY GOT CAUGHT for Traub failing to disclose (lying under oath) - about all the inter-relationships.

Then, everyone moved over to eToys and pretended to be opponents; in a Conspiracy to Defraud a public company and steal a federal bankruptcy estate. MNAT has confessed it lied about connections to Goldman Sachs, in order to become eToys Debtor's counsel. But Perjury acts continue as MNAT seeks to hide the additional conspiracy crimes of MNAT's links to Mattel and Bain Capital. Paul Traub's law firm lied in order to become the eToys Creditors counsel; then MNAT and Traub sneaks in Barry Gold as the post-bankruptcy President/CEO of eToys. (See part of the story in the Wall Street Journal - HERE).

Being that Traub, Gold and MNAT, all having ties to Bain/Kay Bee/ Glazer and Goldman Sachs; and then sell eToys to Bain Capital (while Romney was still CEO) and Kay Bee/Glazer - this is also ORGANIZED CRIME!

The Perjury acts and collective conspiracies makes this a huge Racketeering case;
which is further complicated by the fact of Federal Corruption.

Why these crimes were never investigated and/or prosecuted (including Traub confessing Gold is his partner and MNAT confessing about Goldman Sachs) - where those deceits were achieved by many Perjuries that still continue. MNAT, Traub and Gold even helped Romney/ Bain/ Glazer/ Kay Bee steal additional millions. Such as the eToys.com domain name was sold to Kay Bee for $10 million; while benefiting from Perjury - MNAT, Traub and Gold reduced that to $3 million.

And - when they offered yours truly a bribe of $850,000 - it was reported. According to Romney's Campaign Mitt then retired in August 2001 ("retroactively" back to February 1999). One guy was partners of MNAT from 1999 to August 2, 2001. - MR. COLM F CONNOLLY. On August 2, 2001 - Colm Connolly became the United States Attorney in Delaware; and Romney/ Bain/ Glazer/ Kay Bee/ TRaub/ Gold/ MNAT and Goldman Sachs were never investigated or prosecuted (even though they confessed to Fraud & Perjury).
(See Department of Justice Office of Legal Policy archived Resume of Colm Connolly - HERE).

And that - brother and sister readers - is just the TIP of the proverbial iceberg!

We were delayed in our new case against the Racketeering Gang;
because the NY Supreme Court heard the case of eToys (ebc1) v Goldman SAchs on May 29, 2013


We are about to turn this case right-side - UP!

Goldman Sachs Is Above the Law and There's Nothing We Can Do About It.

Last week I became really excited. For the 1st time in 12 years of my battling Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital fraud in our eToys case, a true blue attorney said he would consider taking on the eToys case.

This new found hope is one guy that will obviously not take a bribe. He made a promise to me and I was making arrangements to comply with his terms after our phone call happened on Thursday. Then, this weekend and today, everything has changed; and I'm pissed off ballistic!

Unfortunately Goldman Sachs is Above the Law; and it appears there's nothing I can do about it.

In 2005, we provided Smoking Gun proof that Goldman Sachs law firm lied to become eToys law firm and they (www.MNAT.com) confessed. The Wall Street Journal reported on part of the story (here). The problem with that is Goldman Sachs is the party who took eToys public for $85 per share; but eToys only received $20 each. As reported by the New York Times in March 2013, this is a "spinning" pump-n-dump stock scheme (see Joe Nocera's New York Times article "Rigging the I.P.O. Game".

Goldman Sachs MNAT Law firm utilized Perjury to Destroy Evidence!

Our eToys entity went public in 1999 and Goldman Sachs law firm said it was insolvent in 2001 (which was likely a false "cooked" book report). That is when Goldman Sachs law firm put eToys into bankruptcy. A bribe was offered to buy off the executive, was rejected and reported. So Goldman Sachs law firm puts in a Goldman Sachs CEO and Destroys eToys Books & Records (here) & (here).

Goldman Sachs Sues Goldman Sachs in New York Supreme Court

To make sure that the culprits get away with their crimes, Goldman Sachs law firm (while benefiting from the Perjury deceiving the court and shareholders to become the eToys attorney) - then suggest the firm to the Delaware Bankruptcy Court to sue Goldman Sachs in the New York Supreme Court to recover the monies that Goldman Sachs stole from eToys (which was renamed ebc1 when Bain Capital/ Kay Bee stole the eToys.com domain names).

- - Of course Goldman Sachs can't lose in this case. As Capone has picked Nitti to be the prosecutor.

Ordinarily, once the parties get "caught" (as Goldman Sachs lawyers did in 2005), they would get arrested, go to jail, get a trial and hopefully be convicted. But this is Bain Capital partnering up with Goldman Sachs we are talking about -

And they are ABOVE THE LAW!

To make sure that they would never be prosecuted, in the same way that Goldman Sachs parties magically wind up as senior officials of the SEC. Because - you know - those gals give up $50 million a year to be good public servants.

But one of the best ever Goldman Sachs "arrangements"; is the MNAT law firm partner (Colm Connolly) becoming the Delaware U.S. Attorney in August 2001 (See Colm's Resume from the Department of Justice - HERE).

- - Armed with their very own federal prosecutor, Goldman Sachs attorneys had no reason to stop. They make one of their own CEO of eToys, who - along with Goldman Sachs MNAT law firm - elects Paul Traub to prosecute Goldman Sachs in the New York Supreme Court and they place the ENTIRE case docket under seal (see Nocera's story again - HERE).


eToys v Goldman Sachs case Re-opens in September 2012

Goldman Sachs wins appeal to shut down eToys (ebc1) suit against Goldman Sachs. But the truth is one thing that can't be destroyed. Yes, you can put things under SEAL and tried to hide them. But when you put an entire docket under SEAL - this tends to raise some eyebrows; especially in the New York Supreme Court. So the case of eToys (ebc1) v Goldman Sachs that was closed in 2009 and looked at again, gets closed in 2011. Then, miraculously, eToys v Goldman SAchs gets "RE-opened" in September 2012 (here) and is heard on May 29, 2013 (here).

- - On top of that, yours truly gets a former Federal prosecutor (one who won't take a bribe) to consider taking the case. We talk last week and inform the various parties that they better change their tune on the cases. After all, MNAT has confessed lying under oath and Paul Traub/ Barry Gold confessed they are partners. HENCE

Goldman Sachs parties are fleecing the vaults - AGAIN - after confessing to fraud and Perjury!

Public Corruption Tasks Forces Get Shut Down to Protect Goldman Sachs Crimes

- - But none of the confessions, the evidences and the massive amount of frauds and Perjury acts matter. For we are in the Above the Law Goldman Sachs world. They own federal prosecutors, they put their $50 million per year staff inside the SEC and revolve doors in the Fed and everywhere else. When this pursuer of justice discovered that a Goldman Sachs law firm partner was made to become the Delaware U.S. Attorney (Colm Connolly) - who then refused to investigate and/or prosecute the cases for his entire seven (7) years in office. It was reported to the Public Corruption Task Force in Los Angeles - AND

They SHUT DOWN the Public Corruption Task Force/ Threatening Career Assistant U.S. Attorneys (HERE).

Goldman Sachs Utilizes Federal Corruption to Defeat New York Supreme Court Case

- - Now granted, the various issues of federal venality was because Goldman Sachs partnered up with Bain Capital in the eToys fraud. If Sheldon Adelson can spend tens of millions to put his hand picked man in the White House and get a "friendly" U.S. Attorney General, then Goldman Sachs is entitled to same (and they don't have to spend $100 million and FAIL in the task) Thus having that Colm Connolly federal prosecutor benefited two nefarious masters; Goldman Sachs succeeding in the "spinning" pump-n-dump frauds get hundreds of millions of dollars and Bain Capital getting eToys basically (illegally) for free.

Goldman Sachs is Settling With Goldman Sachs to Make the Whole Thing Go Away!

I'm sorry I don't understand how to make the picture bigger (will work on it tomorrow)

But there they are, placing everything Under SEAL once again. Even the lawyers fees are being redacted out where no one can see them (because we can back the math out and figure the whole dealings out otherwise).

Thus they will shut down the NY Sup Ct case of eToys (ebc1) v Goldman Sachs, as the crooks who have been allowed to keep the keys to the vaults they are fleecing. Now Goldman Sachs has successfully settled with Goldman Sachs, as they're agreeing with each other that it is okay to give back a little of what they stole from eToys. After all, other Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital friendly (handpicked) law firms will get to take part of that money away in "success" fees.

- - Remember - Goldman Sachs is Above the Law!

It is not the Wall Street Bankers like Blanfein & Romney who go to jail

It's those who protest about the crimes those guys are doing;
the demonstrators are the truly undesirable blights upon society.


eToys Shareholder Robert Alber had to Shoot/Kill an Assailant After His Life Was Threatened.

As is inevitable, when you have organized criminals doing what they want, there's mayhem, mendacity and murder. They warned me to "back off" in 2004, when I blew the whistle to the federal court. My own attorney (Henry Heiman) emailed me the threat from Paul Traub's firm. Then another attorney abandoned me and my daughter was abducted on my birthday.

eToys shareholder Robert Alber then joined my efforts. He is now knocking on heavens door for trying to do the right thing. In 2010 Alber's lifetime friend (Gary Ramsey) who was also co-owner of their Kingman, Arizona house - simply vanished into thin air. Johann Hamerski offered a bribe to Alber and it was rejected. They told me that "people who chase ghosts become one" and told Alber that "people like you who turn down bribes - Wakes Up Dead"!

Then Alber had to shoot/kill Michael Sesseyoff!

All the local papers skipped all of this stuff when they pointed out how nice a guy Michael Sesseyoff was and made Alber look like the bad guy. Problem is, Michael Sesseyoff was a career criminal with 36 felony convictions; but you won't find that in any of the press stories.

Marty Lackner, directly involved in some of the frauds purported killed himself. He was the brother of J. Lackner.

That's Minnesota Assistant U.S. Attorney J. Lackner!

And don't even get me started on how John "Jack" Wheeler wound up dead in a Delaware Dump!

That's why I'm of the same sentiment....

Chances are Blankfein and Romney don't know this stuff happened. All they had to say is that they needed the problems to go away; and the rank/file simply set out to get it done. Being that the feds are obviously involved in the corruption; whom do you go to - in order to get them investigated and prosecuted?


The Judge in the eToys.com Bankruptcy Case - that is going to approve putting all the crimes under SEAL, is the same judge who told Alber and I that it would be wrong to punish Plaintiff's and reward conflicted attorneys. But then, after Goldman Sachs law firm buddies www.MNAT.com and Paul Traub confessed to lying under oath, she accepted a forgery from them that said yours truly "waived" his right to be paid and gave eToys for Free to Mitt Romney's.

When I said to the judge, during a hearing that is record - that this is absurd - she said;

"Mr. Haas, I'm not going to hear about it"

"Now, if there's nothing else, I'm going to get back to Tweeter"

-------------------------------- That's how overworked your courts are!

Univ of Mich Covers Up Rape by Star Kicker Brendan Gibbons: Teammates Threaten To RAPE Again

- - Most of U.S. are aware of the Penn State controversy and cover ups of sexual abuses by those deemed to be "important" to athletic programs (see Wikipedia details - HERE). Turns out that other Colleges and Universities are also guilty of the same bad faith conduct. Now there's a new website reporting on the University of Michigan cover ups of a Rape of a young athlete who was first assaulted by Football star kicker Brendan Gibbons in the bathroom. When the victim said no and exited the restroom, Gibbons forced her onto a bed (see Washtenaw Watchdogs Website details of the Police reports - HERE).

In the wake of that scandal the University of Southern California is now "caught" for being duplicitous in the cover up of sexual abuse & rape cases; but USC victims & activists managed to get attention to the matter by protests (see orange realm Diary on the matter - HERE). You can also look at a HuffPo story - (HERE).

--- Just this past week, one University (Vanderbilt) was reported to have taken a more ethical approach to a similar scandal (and much worse abuse). Vandy expelled the alleged perpetrators quickly, upon learning the news. (Please see my prior DU thread on this issue named "Dismissed Vandy Football Players Indicted for Rape".

This crap has to stop! Bullying by sexual abuse & rapes of our great young minds being educated is intolerable!

University of Michigan is Successful in Quest to Grab Rising Star Football Player Brendan Gibbons

- - - Many a team wanted the multiple talented Brendan Gibbons who had powerful legs (See recruitment blog - here). Though most kickers tend to be smaller than the average football player,

Gibbons is large & powerful at 6' 1" 205 lbs.

Brendan Gibbons rape victim was about 1/2 his size at 106 lbs.




Ann Arbor Police Mug Shot of Brendan Gibbons

Obviously the Football star was never expecting to see his picture circulated around from a Police mugshot;

Picture the courtesy of Ann Arbor, Michigan Police


Univ. of Mich. Football Players Threaten to Re-RAPE Victim

- - - Though there is no question that the rape did transpire, as the Chi Psi Fraternity National Headquarters did immediately respond by putting the UofM Chapter on suspension and banned the presence of Alcohol at the Frat House future events (see link - here). As if this tale of abuse and woe did not already have enough carnage, the victim has been terrorized by fellow classmates and football players to keep her mouth shut.

Here's the Ann Arbor's Police picture of where the rape transpired.
WashtenawWatchdog.com Website Provides Pictures and Details of Police Report

- - - As reported by the Washtenaw Watchdog website, the victim was taken to the hospital immediately; which did a rape case review and found vaginal tearing. As reported by the blog;

After the rape, the woman left the Chi Psi house immediately. She called a friend who met her on the way back to her dorm. She was crying hysterically and she told her friend what had happened[7]. She reported the incident to the resident advisor of her dorm, to a university housing security officer, campus police and to Ann Arbor police.

Washtenaw Watchdog Blog provides the "UN"redacted verbatim Police report (here) and the picture of the "redacted" Police Report as is seen here;
All American Football Player Taylor Lewan Threatens to RAPE the Victim Again


As reported by Washtenaw Watchdog, Brendan Gibbons roommate and fellow football player Taylor Lewan contacted the rape victim and threatened her to keep her mouth shut or else he would Rape Her Again! Mr. Taylor was told he would face criminal charges if he did it again.

He should ALREADY be facing criminal charges for Threatening/Intimidating a Victim/Witness

As reported by the Watchdog blog;

Shortly after the woman reported the rape, she began to receive threats from Gibbons roommate and fellow football player, Taylor Lewan (now an All-American), that he would rape her again if she pressed charges against Gibbons.

The threats were reported by two other football players to the Office of Student Affairs who reported them to the University police. The University police did a “wellness check” on the young woman[9] and met with Taylor Lewan. They warned Taylor Lewan not to threaten the woman again and that he might face criminal charges[10]. No criminal charges were ever filed by the campus police.


- - I would ask that all who read this: Share it with as many people as you possibly can?

University of Michigan Cronyism & Corruption Helps Cover Up RAPE!

We simply have to put a stop to bullying and sexual assault. The very fact that the rapist and his fellow player/ friends simply DON"T GET IT - that what they did is wrong. That THREATENING to rape a victim who was already RAPED is extensively heinous and egregious - is a CRY for Big Justice.... The University of Michigan refused to help the victim -

and that Ain't RIGHT.....

This young woman has suffered greatly. Not only was she victimized by her rapist and by his roommate’s threats to rape her again, but the University denied her both protection and justice. At the very least, Brendan Gibbons should have been expelled and Taylor Lewan suspended. Instead, Brendan Gibbons is about to complete a successful football career at the University of Michigan and Taylor Lewan is an All-American.


- - It is up to people like you and I to care enough to put a stop to this bull [c]hit!
Victim Now Seeks to Help Make a Systematic Change

The victim is a person remarkable. Though she has ever right to simply slide away and help bury the whole affair, she has decided otherwise. As reported by the WashtenawWatchdog.com Blog;

She became very active in the cause of sexual assault prevention on campus and has been honored for that work.

“Michigan needs to reform having an in-house way of dealing with sexual assaults that helps the survivor heal while also pursuing justice for the crime. Because situations like this only make our society think sexual assault is normal and if one doesn’t press charges they were lying. The false report rate is an insignificant percent, but the way our society deals with assault is the reason why it is never reported and no justice is served. I want to change this.

I want this campus to be a model for justice. With Joe Biden's 1 is 2 many campaign which focuses on the epidemic on campuses, Obama speaking out and making April sexual assault awareness month while also sending a letter to educational establishments explaining that it is the law for colleges to take responsibility in taking action for justice and the safety of their students.

I want to do something to change this problem and I want to make this story/statistic reality for Mary Sue Coleman and I want my rape which is highly documented and I did everything right so I want my situation to be a model to go through her new system and ensure the outcome was different. Because if her new policy doesn't change that outcome, then the policy is useless.”

She states the problem very well. I hope President Coleman is listening.


I'd like to thank activist University of Michigan Professor Bill Kauffman for bring this case to my attention.

Would also commend the Washtenaw Watchdog Douglas Smith for doing a good job on reporting the case after he was contacted by the victim through his Facebook (here).
I'll end this Thread with a chart given to me by LGBT activist and friend Horace Boothroyd III (I often refer to him as Mr. III). This chart shows the number of rapes and the percentage of justice in such cases.

It is disheartening!

SEC settles fraud case against Anchor BanCorp, former CFO

Source: Wisconsin State Journal

Just two days after Anchor BanCorp Wisconsin announced a plan to recapitalize through a bankruptcy reorganization, the company and its former chief financial officer were accused of fraud Wednesday in a civil lawsuit brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The suit has been tentatively settled.

At issue is the accuracy of information disclosed in a quarterly financial report filed four years ago by Anchor BanCorp, parent company of Madison-based AnchorBank.

“This is a financial fraud case,” the 17-page complaint, filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., begins. It says Anchor and its then-CFO Dale Ringgenberg “intentionally or recklessly made misstatements” in the report filed in August 2009 for the bank company’s finances during the three months that ended June 30, 2009.

The four-year delay in filing the complaint is not surprising, said UW-Madison professor of finance Mark Ready, formerly a chief economist for the SEC.

Read more: http://host.madison.com/wsj/business/sec-settles-fraud-case-against-anchor-bancorp-former-cfo/article_6f870b3c-1f94-50fb-8d47-e88fa8ea8fec.html

- -
We must take issue with this case (and quite frankly, most cases {especially LACK thereof} ) by the SEC.

Though I posted the first 3 paragraphs of the Wisconsin State Journal story and could have left it alone at that point, it just seems noteworthy to point out the obvious. Hence, I jumped down the page a bit and wish to reiterate now - the following;

The four-year delay in filing the complaint is not surprising, said UW-Madison professor of finance Mark Ready, formerly a chief economist for the SEC.

This is a TellTale remark!

- - While I'll reserve my judgment until becoming more informed of him, on the bias of Mr. Mark Ready (what a quaint name for the "chief economist for the SEC" - the fact of the matter remains that his {re}marks, no matter what may be the true mindset of Mr. Ready - is a troubling matter of national significance and importance.

Unfortunately, I'm about to engage in a teleconference call on our eToys/Romney/ Goldman Sachs matter; and therefore I'm afforded little time to research the issues more thoroughly. Be that as it may, it is a serious matter that the SEC took four (4) years to do anything about the bad faith acts transpiring.

- - It is also plausible that the only reason they did so now, is to head off the bankruptcy case. It is a specious timing at best. One can only hope that the federal justice presiding over the SEC "settlement" case will take the stance of Judge Rakoff in NY and his on going battle with the SEC. Whereas Judge Rakoff flatly REFUSED to rubber stamp an SEC settlement with Citi Bank.

The SEC brought forth litigation to challenge the authority of Judge Rakoff to say no!

- - Can we have our enforcement agencies (and I'm alleging that they are really [lack of] enforcement entities) - demanding a justice simply agree with their wants and desires to sweep everything under the rug quietly?

I say No - HELL NO - Kudos to His Honor Rakoff and the many others who have followed his mindset.

- - Time is the enemy of justice and equity. Bankruptcy courts have Code & Rules that mandate Chapter 11 bankruptcies present a "PLAN" of reorganization within 180 days. After that time, the creditors can then bring forth their own plan and request the courts approval. For the last decade or more, this common sense principal has been expunged through arbitrary & capricious abuse of process for the sake of "good ole boy" firms sucking up as much in bankruptcy fees as possible.

In this particular case (which I plan to investigate this weekend) - there's a chance we are all being snowed!

-------------------------------------------------------------- What do you think?

My Abusing Crook (Tom Petters Ponzi Scheme) Seeks Less Jail Time and I Must Agree!

- - Undoubtedly there are going to be quite a few of you who think I'm nuts; but this is one debate worth having. I'm the owner of the http://www.Petters-Fraud.com/DOJ_Cover_UP.html website (as well as many other webs/blogs on manifest injustice issues). It took massive prodding by myself and others, to get Tom Petters schemes arrested in 2008.

Tom Petters got 50 years when he was found guilty and now seeks a reduction (See Star Tribune story = HERE)

- - I'm compelled to state that I agree with a lessor sentence and will note the various reasons why - Below

- -

My nickname is 'Laser the Liquidator'. Though my quest in life has been to "turn around" chaotic business scenarios, more often than not, people call for my services way too late. Fortunately for me, the biggest case of my lifetime career (35 years) was eToys.com; which was a successful "turn around" (though it still resides in the hands of crooks at Bain Capital/ Toys R Us). Prior to that time, of the 1000 cases plus that we handled, including computers, mushroom farms, furniture, toys and rental medical equipment etc., - upon occasion - I ran into bad faith parties.

Tom Petters is Paul Traub's partner (whom I'm still trying arduously to get arrested). Petters took me for $750,000 and left me standing in 105% heat during the liquidation of 'The Wiz' in New Jersey.

His cohort Mike Catain took me for $50,000. And their cohort (Larry 'Reservitz' Reynolds) laundered $12 Billion for Traub/ Petters/ Romney; and may possibly have been the one who arranged the abduction of my daughter (long story -in 2000/2001 Larry Reynolds sat only 17 feet away from me; but he was not in my same group of entities).

Catain also laundered $10 Billion +. Mike Catain got 10 years when he plead guilty, Larry 'Reservitz' Reynolds also is doing 10 years; but Tom Petters got 50 years.

I do not agree with the 50 years for Tom Petters and will assist him, if need be, to get a lessor sentence.


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Calls For ReVamp of Federal Sentence Guidelines!

- - Just when you are ready to call for his impeachment, Mr. Brilliance Eric Holder stops U.S. in our tracks with his new request. It's almost too apropos that we are having this discussion. Just the other day, United States Attorney General ("USAG" Eric Holder went upon the public record calling for an overhaul of the federal system of justice sentencing guidelines. (See one viewpoint on the Eric Holder remarks - HERE). Granted USAG Holder is talking more about Drug sentences (and there should be severe debates about all the 3 strikes laws); be that as it may, we have to start somewhere - And Start We Have!


Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi asks the questions that BEG - Why do big fish get away 'Scot Free'?

Meanwhile, in a germane connected part of the puzzle, Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi has this tidbit with his most recent article about federal investigations into Big (TBTF) Banks, the Goldman Sacks Fab Tourre affair and the unfairness of Welfare fraudsters having to pay back 100% of what they allegedly stole, while doing their time and jail. And - YET - the big bad Too Big To Fail (also too big to jail) parties get away with a less than total harm fine and no jail time. (See Taibbi's article "New Bank Investigations: Real Action or More of the Same".

I concur with Taibbi (while picking bones with him) - That the inequality SUCKS!

- - Meanwhile, others are discussing other issues that are interrelated. Such as the fact that the new Securities Exchange Commissions Chief is letting the clock tick away on the Mortgage Crisis cases (see New York Times article "Dear SEC Chief: Clock is Ticking on Mortgage Cases". A less formal insight can be found at the Wall Street on Parade Blog (HERE).


Cover Ups and None Prosecutions - Including Sexual Assault Cases

This one bugs any decent person. Most of U.S. are well aware about the cover ups of the Penn State debacle. More recently there's the case of University of Southern California ("USC" and how the victims, along with other concerned classmates finally got together and said HELL NO - NO MORE Sweeping it under the rug! (See the "orange realm" Diary on the case - HERE). There's also the major issue of Military cover ups of sexual assaults.

- - But, there's also good cases out there (as the DK diary reveals) of where good faith Administrators won't indulge the "Cover UP" mentality. Most recent is the Vanderbilt case (my school) - where (purportedly) football team students raped an unconscious woman. Arrested have been made, while the school did expel the purported offenders quickly (see DU thread - HERE).

This picture is from a fellow DK'r who is also my FB friend & Twitter follower. Horace Boothroyd III (I call him Mr. III) - is a LGBT activist and all around great human being (whom I've yet to meet personally). This is his chart on Rapes, cover ups and such.


BACK to Tom Petters and my vote for reducing his sentence.

- - Tom Petters (as far as I know) is a NON-violent offender. It serves no good purpose (except for the pretense that the DOJ is doing an good job) for him being in jail for 50 years (a life sentence in essence). There are also contributing factors of extreme national significance and importance.

1st of all - Paul Traub (Romney's secret attorney) - was named as the "Controller" of Tom Petters and the Ponzi scheme. This remark by Federal Receiver Douglas Kelley floored me in June 2012 (see Star Tribune article - HERE). If Petters was not (and I sincerely believe that he wasn't) the head boss, then he does NOT deserve any more of a sentence than Michael Catain and/or Larry 'Reservitz' Reynolds. It is a fact of public record that Paul Traub was also the partner of fraudster Marc Dreier. Mr. Traub was also involved in the Enron case, Kmart (which has never been reviewed - as far as we know), the FAO Schwartz, Kay Bee and eToys frauds, Stage Stores, Palm Beach Links, Sky Bell, Lancelot and Rothstein /Discala. As well as playing a fraud prank on the Okun 1031 Tax Group case (Okun getting 100 years).

- - Paul Traub confessed lying under oath and deliberate fraud on the court in 2005!

Had the feds acted properly, halting/arresting Paul Traub and his cohorts/cronies in 2005/2006; chances are the Marc Dreier, Tom Petters and OKUN cases, along with Palm Beach, Lancelot and Rothstein cases - would have been greatly reduced. (As a matter of fact Palm Beach/ Lancelot/ Sky Bell never would have transpired).

- - Marty Lackner is dead, eToys shareholder Robert Alber had to kill an attacker and Rothstein has a murder case also.

(PLUS - there's a John "Jack" Wheeler case this activist believes is connected).

However, because Paul Traub's frauds benefited Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and Mitt Romney; his DOJ files (purportedly) are red-flagged (marked "hands off". Traub's law firm of Traub Bonacquist & Fox has the other partner (Harold Bonacquist) still working for the U.S. Government as counsel for the Consulate General in Istanbul!

- -

What we have is a federal system of justice in total disarray. Just today, Professor Jonathan Turley's Blog has a story of how a federal prosecutor was accused by a federal justice of doing serious prosecutor misconduct (see JT's blog story - HERE). Professor Turley points out that the Washington D.C. BAR association engaged in mischievousness by only addressing the most minor offense of the wayward federal prosecutor, giving him nothing more than a verbal scolding.

And the DOJ is keeping the bad faith prosecutor on their payroll.

- - It is up to U.S., the citizenry to cry foul, when bad faith issues of our federal system of justice are transpiring and we are made aware of same. If we, those affected most by tyranny, cronyism and corruption, simply don't care enough to say "Stop the Bullying" - then there's NO motivation for remorse or relent. In the Tom Petters case there's the issue of Paul Traub, the fact that Tom Petters own lawyer (Doug Kelley & Wolter Lawfirm) were made the Federal Receiver over Tom Petters seized assets. Doug Kelley and his crony friends have received more than $75 million in fees and the Judge ruled that the Mandatory Victim Restitution Act does NOT apply in this case (see story - HERE). If the MVRA does not apply and Doug Kelley only gave the victims money of $15 million to the U.S. Attorney (who is under NO obligation to give any to victims) - then WTF is the Receiver there for anyway? Crooks illegal and crooks legal, either way we get screwed and Paul Traub gets to keep Fingerhut & Polaroid for Free!

I'm just sayin........


Great Thread! - Wish we had many more endearing one's like this.


Dismissed Vanderbilt football players indicted for rape

Source: USA Today

NASHVILLE -- Four former Vanderbilt football players have each been charged with five counts of aggravated rape and two counts of aggravated sexual battery, Nashville Metro police said Friday.

Brandon Vandenburg, 20, from California; Brandon Eric Banks, 19, from Maryland; and JaBorian "Tip" McKenzie, 18 from Mississippi and Cory Batey, 19, of Nashville, were charged in the indictment. Vandenburg was also charged with one count of tampering with evidence and one count of unlawful photography.

Police said the four raped an unconscious woman in Vandenburg's dorm room June 23. Police first got word after university officials checked a hallway security camera in an unrelated incident and saw suspicious behavior by the four.

Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson called the evidence, "compelling" and "unsettling"

Read more: http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/sec/2013/08/09/vanderbilt-football-dismissed-players-indicted-rape/2637039/

- - People and issues across the country come to me for help, due to my battle against manifest injustice (Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital & Mitt Romney). Where, as an amoeba I've been fighting a horde of ostensible, powerful, Goliath's for over a decade now. After the Penn State affair, we've been getting reports of similar sexual abuses debacles and cover ups from all over the country. Most recently, the University of Southern California had several girls come forward and complain how the University staff's are doing cover ups (Student Protest of cover up about sexual assaults - HERE).

- - For the last several months, I've been working with former federal and college officials on a scandal - on going - at the University of Michigan that allegedly involves a cover up of a sexual assault by the now famous kicker there.

We've agreed to become part of a collective to bring that case to justice.

- - In this particular case of the "former" Vanderbilt football players, unfortunately the case has hit a nerve; which made me more aware of why people circle the wagons. ("former" being that they were expunged from the team upon the realization of what allegedly transpired). From my college basketball scholarship days decades ago, I was cajoled by a brighter than most coach to go to Vandy, instead of Louisville or Univ. of Kentucky. Seeing Vandy disparaged in headlines, made me cringe.

But fr--k that stuff, this guys purportedly raped an unconscious girl;
that's extensively heinous and egregious.

IF the allegations are true -- They should get LIFE without parole!

TAKEN: Under civil forfeiture, Americans not charged are stripped--Is that all we're losing?

Source: The New Yorker

They pulled into a mini-mart for snacks. When they returned to the highway ten minutes later, Boatright, a honey-blond “Texas redneck from Lubbock,” by her own reckoning, and Henderson, who is Latino, noticed something strange. The same police car that their eleven-year-old had admired in the mini-mart parking lot was trailing them. Near the city limits, a tall, bull-shouldered officer named Barry Washington pulled them over.

The officers found the couple’s cash and a marbled-glass pipe that Boatright said was a gift for her sister-in-law, and escorted them across town to the police station. In a corner there, two tables were heaped with jewelry, DVD players, cell phones, and the like. According to the police report, Boatright and Henderson fit the profile of drug couriers: they were driving from Houston, “a known point for distribution of illegal narcotics,” to Linden, “a known place to receive illegal narcotics.” The report describes their children as possible decoys, meant to distract police as the couple breezed down the road, smoking marijuana. (None was found in the car, although Washington claimed to have smelled it.)

The county’s district attorney, a fifty-seven-year-old woman with feathered Charlie’s Angels hair named Lynda K. Russell, arrived an hour later. Russell, who moonlighted locally as a country singer, told Henderson and Boatright that they had two options. They could face felony charges for “money laundering” and “child endangerment,” in which case they would go to jail and their children would be handed over to foster care. Or they could sign over their cash to the city of Tenaha, and get back on the road. “No criminal charges shall be filed,” a waiver she drafted read, “and our children shall not be turned over to CPS,” or Child Protective Services.

Outraged by their experience in Tenaha, Jennifer Boatright and Ron Henderson helped to launch a class-action lawsuit challenging the abuse of a legal doctrine known as civil-asset forfeiture. “Have you looked it up?” Boatright asked me when I met her this spring at Houston’s H&H Saloon, where she runs Steak Night every Monday. She was standing at a mattress-size grill outside.

“It’ll blow your mind.”

Read more: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2013/08/12/130812fa_fact_stillman?mobify=0

We've all heard the stories of cars being seized for speeding tickets, towed when there were no signs and police saying its not their job to find out where the car went. Get caught trying to have a rumble in your car with your Prom Queen and your parents may lose their house, if the car is in their name and you had money with you that night (where the Police claimed it was a Hooker Ring).

It is all wryly humorous, until it happens to you.

Then you lose your car - your job - your home;
because the police "must of had good reason"!

What most don't understand, is that this leads to more and more abuse of police and executive powers. On a route between Atlanta and Athens Georgia, a town of 132 people had a bend in the road, with street signs that said speed limit 25 mph ahead. If you slowed down to 25 "before" the bend, the local yokel took you straight to the judge (his relative) to pay the fine for going to slow. If you were 1 mph over the 25 when you turned the bend, you still were hauled in. The feds finally put a stop to this one day, but it took the seizure of an out of state woman who was the wife of a politico to make it happen.

It leads to more and more executive order abuse;
because HEY - that's just police "business"!

And don't get me started on how many more rights are being violated - at the drop of hat these days!


Please Sign Trayvon Martin Mother/Father Petition to Address Stand Your Ground Bad Faith Law?

Reprinted from the Orange realm (cause - hey - I told myself I could).

It all began a little over a year ago. George Zimmerman, a wannabe Policeman, was stalking Trayvon Martin. After Zimmerman called 911 (transcript - HERE) and was instructed [informed he didn't need to do so] to wait for the arrival of the real Police. Instead George said [of Trayvon] "he looks black" and then "a dark hoodie" and "he's got his hand in his waistband and he's a black male". When Trayvon Martin ran away from the stalking George Zimmerman, GZ told 911 "these assholes always get away". Then George Zimmerman took it upon himself to chase after Trayvon Martin.

When the "stalked" Trayvon "Stood his Ground" - George Zimmerman shot/killed Trayvon!

- - A non black man followed a young black teen with a vehicle (alarm bells going off in parents all around the country, whose kids have vanished under similar scenarios). Then the "stalker" got out of his vehicle with a "Concealed Lethal Weapon" and pursued the fleeing teenager, where a confrontation began and ended with disastrous results.

At the time of the homicide transpiring, thereafter the Sanford police lied to Trayvon Martin's mother and told her the killer of her son, George Zimmerman, was "squeaky clean" and it was reported that George was Captain of the Neighborhood watch;

Both of those contentions were a lie!

A non white was killed by the son of a retired justice who was lighter skinned than the deceased. Everyone there in Sanford, with the authorities, except for Trayvon Martin's mother, wanted this to be the end of the story. Then a Petition was started by Trayvon Martin's mother. [T]hen at DailyKos registered users got involved when it was only 25,000 signatures (see prior Diary - HERE). We helped get it to 2 million and the Police Chief was forced out of office and a proper investigation/ prosecution case began. But the authorities, deliberately or not; blew the case and George Zimmerman is now 'Scot Free'.

Trayvon Martin's Mother is asking that we sign her new - -

The petition is now at 288,000 signatures -

LET's help get it as high as we possibly can - Please?

A diametric result on gun violence - intolerable!

Over at the orange realm (DK) - I also added to the discussion that another Florida discharged weapon case was that of non-Caucasian Marissa Alexander get 20 years, for shooting a wall.

Granted there is much debate about the fact she went to the car to get the gun, so it is NOT a stand your ground issue. That's the point. George Zimmerman was not a stand your ground issue.

Black Marissa Alexander shot a wall and got 20 years.

Trayvon Martin, a black you was "pursued" by a non-black carrying a concealed weapon, who then killed him

and isn't going to do a day for it!

Also added a POLL (that I'm unable to afford to do here) - asking

whether or not

one believes there is racial inequality in America.

25% of the respondents said NO.....

MAKING THE CASE against George Zimmerman is really rather simple.

For reckless endangerment/ stalking - unjustifiable homicide.

    Zimmerman has been educated and trained in criminology/ Police work.
    (Though he is not an expert, he is more sophisticated than your average Neighborhood Watch Person).

  1. Hence, GZ is educated in Police procedures, protocols (mitigating - instead of INSTIGATING - dynamics).
  2. Trayvon Martin is walking/talking on his cell phone in
  3. According to GZ, when Trayvon notices GZ is following him, Trayvon turns toward Zimmerman
  4. Zimmerman was carrying a "Concealed" Lethal (loaded) Weapon
  5. George called 911 and asked for the Police
  6. 911 did inform GZ that the {real} authorities were en route
  7. Zimmerman said he's looks black, he's looking at me and reaching in his waisteband
    (DOES anyone of sound mind run after a person who "he believes" is carrying a weapon)?
  8. Trayvon is fearful enough that he speeds up his pace (NOTE: GZ said running away)
  9. Zimmerman rushes after Trayvon and informs 911 "these f----- always get away"
  10. Trayvon is then impeded/confronted by Zimmerman in an ALLEY WAY
  11. A physical confrontation results
  12. Trayvon Martin is shot dead by George Zimmerman
  13. First person on the scene finds Trayvon Martin on the ground - with George Zimmerman on top of him
  14. That WITNESS is asked by George Z - NOT to call 911
  15. Police arrive who know GZ (and that he is the son of a retired justice) and rule it justifiable SYG homicide
  16. Trayvon Martin's mother is lied to and told that GZ is "squeaky clean".
  17. Medical Examiner testified that Trayvon had NO findings of DNA of GZ in Trayvon's nails or clothes.
  18. Physical expert gives sworn testimony that Zimmerman's wounds insignificant
  19. EMS on the scene testified that GZ had no membrane breaking inside the nose

Exhibit A - Original 911 Transcript

Exhibit B - Pics of George Zimmerman immediately after

Exhibit C - Medical Examiner/ EMS/ Physical expert testimony at trial

Exhibit D = Police interview of Zimmerman immediately after incident

Exhibit E - Time STAMP of POLICE interview Zimmerman

Exhibit F - Jenna Lauer 911 call - where you don't hear the words GZ claims

Exhibit G - Youtube producer Teeslaw has 911 calls all TimeLINED

Exhibit H - Youtube of Trial playing other 911 Call (WARNING if you have a heart, tear jerking)

Exhibit I - MarinadeDave Award Winning Blogger (Casey Anthony case) - Map of the crime scene

Exhibit J - Synchronization of Trayvon Walk, George Zimmerman Talks film/ crime scene

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury. The only questions germane to this case are;
    Did GZ possess a lethal weapon - Concealed - with training/ license and Criminal Law Enforcement Training.
  • - Could GZ be fabricating reasons to justify his pursuit of Trayvon Martin
  • After being told Police were en route - should GZ have stood down and waited for their arrival?
  • Would Trayvon Martin or anyone else be justified in defending themselves from the pursuing/stalking Zimmerman?
  • Is it not both lacking in common sense, any training and reckless for one to pursue a person into an Alley Way?
  • Could Zimmerman be the only aggressor in this case?
  • Could it be that it was Trayvon Martin who was screaming help?
  • Did Zimmerman handle this entire affair all wrong
  • Could GZ have waited?
  • Should GZ stopped from physically/personally confronting Trayvon?
  • Wouldn't it have been simple common sense for GZ to pull his gun and tell Trayvon to Freeze?
  • Is it possible that GZ is lying about any of the events in this case?
  • Was this affair Zimmerman's fault?
  • Did George tell the police that the 1st witness found him on top of Trayvon.
  • Was there testimony by the medical experts that there was NO signs of GZ's DNA on Trayvon or under Trayvon's nails?
  • Could George Zimmerman have self inflicted his wounds?
  • Are there more than one detail of GZ's account of what occurred; which has NO corroborative evidence?
  • Would the majority of trained and untrained persons you know, have handle this whole affair differently?
  • Was George Zimmerman UNjustified in his pursuit and responsible for the killing of Trayvon Martin?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, if you find yourself answering yes to all of those questions;
then you must find that YES - George Zimmerman's reckless is responsible for the killing of Trayvon Martin!

, his father is a retired justice, he tried (unsuccessfully) to become an Policemen.
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