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laserhaas's Journal
laserhaas's Journal
May 28, 2013

Fed Law Mandates Whistleblowing - Consequences Regardless

Hey - Did you know that whistleblowing is a requirement of federal law?

It's True!

- - - Most of you have heard, or are aware of, the issue of being an accessory, before, during and/or after the fact. The issue germane - is that if a person has knowledge of a crime that shall, is or has occurred you are considered an accessory to the crime = unless you report it.

- - - What you probably aren't aware of (and truth is, neither was I until the legal case took twists and turns in 2005) - is the legal vernacular is titled - "MisPrision of a Felony". The actual United States Code is 18 U.S.C. which states (as per Cornell School of Constitutional Law) that -

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

- - In other words, if you are aware of a felony being planned, transpiring or that has occurred already - and you fail to report - You TOO, can go to jail. Thus, each and every one of U.S. are Commanded By LAW - to blow the whistle.


Family & Friends disown you - when whistleblowing cost's you standing;
and - many say "How much of a bribe do you need - NOT to blow the whistle"!

- - - Oft times, I reflect on the various issues surrounding me on a day to day basis. Why am I where I am! Why am I alone! Given the fact that Goldman Sachs, Romney and Bain Capital are (apparently) - Above the Law (and may always be that way) -should I have just taken the bribe to become a partner with Mitt Romney! - Yeah, I know - YUC...

- - - You all will never have any idea how many friends and family call me an idiot. Many said "If the Department of Justice persons were telling you it was okay to take the "inducement" - that it may not ''technically" be a Bribe; then you are stupid for not taking it&quot $850,000 that Romney's Gang offered to me. With the last offer for it to be rounded up to $1 million).

You simply can't fight City Hall and those who are protected by its power! (They Said)

- - - Then there are the "others". Those who say everyone has a price. After Romney's Gang failed to bribe me in eToys, Mitt (reportedly) resigned as CEO of Bain Capital in August 2001 and one of his attorney's (Colm F Connolly of www.MNAT.com ) was arranged to be the Delaware United States Attorney (who then refused to investigate and/or prosecute Romney/ Bain etc - for his entire 7 years in office).

SEE - City Hall can do anything/everything - to make sure you can beat them!

- - - So, the "others" stated to me, "Your simply holding out for more money". OR - "You're mad that they gave the CEO of Kay Bee Toys $18 million and only offered you $850,000". This one really is something, when someone says to me " Your full of (c]hit - Nobody turns down that much money and the chance to be a friend of a future President of the United States".


Some articles give Laser credit, most don't even care to mention me.

Question is - "Is Laser Haas (your's truly) really a whistleblower?

- - - Rmuse of PoliticusUSA.com has helped me in more ways that one and I'm forever grateful/ indebted to him. Ron wrote several stories on Romney the Racketeer and Rmuse did a piece that I'm grateful for (as he is the only one decent reporter that ever gave me credit) that was titled "Meet the Man Battling Romney for 12 years". If you pan down in that article, right before the comments, there are several other Rmuse story attempts to garner attention to Romney/ Bain Capital's Racketeering. Including "Was Romney Running His Own Bankruptcy Ring" and "A Court Clerk Indicates Romney & Bain Capital are Above the Law" (where I filed a federal complaint in court against Mitt Romney on October 25, 2012 and the Clerk of Court wanted to make sure the media didn't get wind of it. So she simply refused to submit the case into the docket record - until November 6, 2012 (it was apparent that Romney would lose).

- - - However, my new found friend and hopefully one day, super activist/journalist Rmuse go a couple of things wrong. For one, I don't know if I consider myself a real whistleblower. In eToys, even without knowing about the MisPrision of a Felony Law, the fact of the matter is, it was a federal case and the Chief justice approved of my being hired. I am one of those few who feared breaking the law.

- - - Additionally, they were asking me to sell out everyone - when they offered the bribe. I would have had to betray the entire toy industry (whom had respect for my works). Would have harmed all the other creditors and the eToys shareholders also. Plus, it would mean breaking the law, over and over again, to cover it all up.

---- Finally, Rmuse says I'm not doing it for the money and that's simply incorrect. I appreciate him trying to paint me as a saint; but I'm far from it. The fact of the matter is, Romney's RICO Gang stole from me, the creditors (who weren't in on the schemes) and the eToys shareholders.

Aren't we entitled to our money back - that Mitt Romney's organized crime guys stole?
Whistleblower Organizations Always Say No Thanks to Laser Haas

- - - In 2005, the Wall Street Journal reporter Joe Pereira was going to tell the tale of how Laser studied the law online, slept in the warehouse I used to give charity money to and was beating the crooks. Instead, I persuaded him to not make the story about Haas. If you make the battle - in the media - Laser v Romney;

I LOSE....

- - - Romney owns 800 radio stations with 100 million listeners plus. All they have to do is have Rush Limbaugh say I'm a slut who has sex with Dolphins and Ted Nugent is calling for my execution and posting a bounty.

---- What is funny though, is the fact that the WSJ July 25, 2005 story "EToys Investors Find Conflict at Law Firm" - not only gives credit to shareholders who "DID NOT" do what the WSJ claims (and Joe Pereira said the editor refused to put my name in as Laser Steven Haas. But the shareholders wanted my head on the platter for doing the story with the WSJ without their permission.


------ Be that as it may, Joe Pereira was ordered off the story; but I'll never forget what he did. He even offered to pay for my hotel room. Wish there were more like him.

As for whistleblowing in general - IT REALLY SUCKS the WHAMMY!

------ Though I think he handled it wrong, Mr. Markopolos is more commendable than I. In the eToys case, the fact of the matter is, I'm Laser (the Liquidator) Haas. Though I did turn down a bribe - without a nano second of consideration of taking it; the fact of the matter is, I'm there for the money.

Mr. Markopolos was after the SEC to address Madoff and he had nothing to gain;
but everything to lose.

----- Be that as it may, Mr. Markopolos has "Linked" to me; but will not talk to me. Neither will Erin Brokovich, nor many others. When Matt Taibbi and I corresponded through email, he was all fast and hungry, only to drop me like a lead balloon. Many Whistleblower organizations turn a deaf ear to this case. Which absolutely blows my mind.

It doesn't get any bigger than Romney the Racketeer!

---- Just this past week, a guy who I consider a kindred spirit, talking to me every day (sometimes many times a day) - all of sudden, out of the blue - refuses to speak to me anymore.

I'm a disease - without a cure.

---- Dov Avni is also another hero like Markopolos. Unfortunately, you will probably never hear his name in the news. In Stage Stores (and I told Taibbi about this), Dov Avni blew the whistle. He owned $4500 worth of stock and found out about Romney/Paul Traub's frauds.

The Court sicked the U.S. Marshals on Dov Avni to get $389,000 - SHHEEESSSHH

---- In my case, the eToys shareholders had one overbear of a guy. His name was Robert Alber. I really shouldn't be saying "was"; because he's still alive


----- Jack Abramoff's self professed partner (Johann Hamerski from Alaska) - bragged about his connections in Washington D.C. Hamerski threatened Robert Alber when Alber turned down $175,000 for his $2000 worth of stock. Johann told Alber'

"People like you who turn down bribes - Wakes Up Dead"!

------ Then, Jack Abramoff gets out early in 2010. All of sudden, Alber's lifetime friend (and co-owner of their Kingman Arizona home) - simply VANISHES into thin air.

Then Robert Alber has to Shoot & Kill a career criminal (see bogus news story - HERE ).

A month before that, 37-year-old Michael Sessoyeff was said to be unarmed when he was shot by Robert Alber after the two argued about a locked gate on their shared property. Alber has since only been charged with trafficking in stolen property after police investigating the murder allegedly found him in possession of a Taser stolen out of a Department of Public Safety cruiser weeks before the shooting.

----- The news story is a fabrication. The purported stun gun/ taser was NOT found in Alber's possession. A drug dealer came to the Police (who did NOT have jurisdiction over Alber who lived in the county). The Sherrif ruled the homicide justifiable. The media makes it out that Robert Alber is the bad guy; but fails to report that Michael Sesseyoff was a career criminal CONVICTED 36 times. The stun gun was given to the police by a drug dealer who was a friend of Sesseyoff. The drug dealer told the court that Alber was a known fence of stolen goods and that the "Police" promised the drug dealer his kids back from Children Protection Services, if he testifies against Alber. Like Robert Alber would turn down a bribe for $175,000 and then get involved in a $100 crime.

The Drug Dealer then went to jail another 2 years on a new charge.

------ Robert Alber is destroyed, he is in pain all the time, has suffered manic depression and takes pills like water. He sleeps 22 hours a day and his girl Sheryl, is fighting cancer. IT BREAKS MY frigg'n heart and makes me cry even now.

I SWEAR AN OATH HAMERSKI, Abramoff and Alber's traitor friend (Gary Ramsey) will be held accountable!

Here's a sample response from a D.C. Whistleblower organization; about our case

Via Electronic Mail to: [email protected]

Dear Mr. Haas:

Our staff has reviewed your application and discussed your case internally. Unfortunately, we have determined that Government Accountability Project does not have adequate resources to offer any services to you. As you can appreciate, as a nonprofit organization, our funding is very limited. We are only able to handle a small percentage of the thousands of well-founded requests for our services. Furthermore, the foundation and grantors who fund us have tightly limited the scope of our services. It is difficult for us to decline applicants who have important cases and a compelling need for our help, but we must do so.

Applicants often ask us why our staff cannot at least give some legal advice or review papers to see if they are pointed in the right direction. Unfortunately, because of professional insurance and licensing standards a lawyer is prohibited from giving such help unless the applicant has been interviewed by an attorney who has read all key documents and performed the required legal research. Because almost all legal rules and laws have exceptions, there are no "short answers" to seemingly simple legal questions. Therefore, we do not give legal advice, guidance, and second opinions or otherwise try to point people in the right direction unless we take on a full attorney-client relationship. We are unable to do that for you.

Please understand that our declining of services to you does not indicate that our staff thinks your case to be unimportant or without merit. It simply means that we do not have sufficient staff to take on your case. We encourage you to keep trying to find a lawyer or organization to help you. We recommend finding a lawyer or lawyers through the National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA), a professional organization exclusively comprised of lawyers who represent employees in cases involving employment discrimination and other employment-related matters, lawyer referral service on its webpage http://www.nela.org/. NELA also has state affiliate chapters that can also provide a referral for lawyers. You can find information about your state affiliate chapter on NELA’s website. Further, all state bar associations now have "Lawyer Referral Services", usually with toll free telephone numbers. As part of these referral programs, there is often a provision that requires participating lawyers to offer the first consultation at little or no cost. If you have not already, we hope that you will contact your state bar association to obtain a referral. One easy way to find the toll free lawyer referral number in your area is online at http://www.abanet.org/legalservices/lris/directory.html. (Just click on your state). If you would like to view an online list of employment law lawyers in your area, as well as self-help resources see http://public.findlaw.com/employment_employee/.

Keep in mind that every citizen or legal resident of the United States and every state has a right to file his or her own legal case without being represented by a lawyer. (There are a few exceptions, such as False Claims Act "qui tam" cases.) This means that if you can't find a private lawyer, you should consider filing your agency or court claim yourself. If you do so before your statute of limitations expires, then you can later have a lawyer enter an appearance in you case and represent you. But, you need to understand that every case where a person seeks redress or justice within a court or administrative agency has a statue of limitations or other "deadline" at some point in time. Therefore, we urge you to contact a private lawyer, or an agency, to figure out when your claims expire, or to make this determination yourself. Online resources for employment law, both nationally and by individual states are at http://public.findlaw.com/employment_employee/.

For further information about being a whistleblower, be sure to visit our website at

We hope for the best result in your case and are sorry we cannot help you beyond this letter.

- - - I've spoken to hundreds of organizations. Senators, Congressmen, Judges, former U.S. Attorneys, City HALL - Chief Federal Prosecutors, the OGE, OIG, OPR, FBI, SEC, Public Integrity Section, State AG's, President's Corporate Fraud Task Force, Federal Election Commission and on and on and on. They all say take the case somewhere else.

Both the FBI (thrice) and DOJ have threatened me.

We damn near elected an Organized Crime Boss as POTUS, who probably would make Colm Connolly USAG and Paul Traub the head of the U.S. Trustee's. Alber's homicide is not the only one. There's a brother of an Asst. U.S. Attorney involved (who then purportedly committed suicide) and John JACK Wheeler (whom I sincerely believe Colm Connolly may have murdered).

When you are a whistleblower - you are worse in the nations eyes than organized criminals.

But -as this thread details - IT IS THE LAW to Blow the Whistle.

[center] Should I have taken the bribe?


Will we ever see justice

I don't know


I hope so

Robert Alber, Jack Wheeler, Mr. Markopolos an Dov Avni are Whistleblowing HEROES

I'm just a victim who wants my eToys company and the money they stole back.

You can be sure of 1 thing - I promise you.

Either I'm going down
They ARE!

Romney's Bain owns Clear Channel Communications 800 stations

That's 100 million listeners through the perverted Rush Limbaughs, Hannity's, Becks etc

Because they bought Clear Channel with organized crime profits - they can be RICO Seized

Otherwise - we may lose the Senate in 2014

and then the GOP get the WH in 2016

PLEASE - don't give a damn about Laser Haas;
but do care enough about our country to tell the story

STAND UP and FIGHT FOR Your Country

May 27, 2013

Do you wish to see Mitt Romney & Bain Capital indicted for fraud & corruption?

[center]It's a simple question

Do you care if Romney & Bain gets away with
and continue federal frauds & corruption?

In this picture there exist connections
to more than 300 crimes over $3 Billion.

Romney's Bain Capital utilized organized crime monies
to buy Clear Channel
and thus BUY influence in our elections
(including 2014 with Limbaugh etc)

[center][div style="display:inline; background-color:#F5F6A6;"] DO YOU CARE if Romney gets away with Billions in Fraud/Corruption and continues to do so?



[dl] - - It is okay to email me here or at [email protected] - at DailyKos, one of the big shots there is an attorney (troll) for the criminals. I'm used to the banter and ridicule. What I'm unable to accept as okay - is these absurd emails telling me to give it a rest already. Am I the ONLY 1 who realizes, they will steal the Senate using Clear Channel, if we don't get the PROPER federal investigation and RICO seizure of Clear Channel and other criminal enterprising outlets?

[center]People are DEAD - my daughter kidnap - their inheritance stolen

and I'm supposed to give it a rest
so you don't have to read about it



[center] Do you (the trolls and apathetic hordes)
believe I'm fighting Romney for 12 years;
and that I'm going to give up
- because you don't give a [ch]it?



[center] LINK to some articles written about the case

I suggest the naysay's read the one by PoliticusUSA.com

"Meet the Man Battling Romney for 12 years"

Romney & his RICO Gangs (that's right GANGSSSS) - are counting on your apathy.

Don't you care that people are dead?

Do you not give a damn about open, flagrant, blatant federal corruption?

Sheldon Adelson damn near boasted he was spending $100 million to buy a "friendly" Attorney General!



I'm putting my life on the line and have never seen nor held my 7 grandkids

Shut the F---- UP about me giving it a rest already.



[center] Are we now in an age where Nixon wouldn't have had to resign?

Does anyone REALLY care that Romney lied to our country on his Campaign Finance Form?

Is it okay to be a POTUS wannabe and get your BILLIONS by using a Corrupt federal prosecutor?



There's 60 Billion web pages / blogs out there - You DON"T have to look at mine!
I LOVE People for who and what they can be

I despise the way people don't look for the good and try to be good.

Why is it that the pathway of man to enlightenment
is through the bogus doorway of putting down of others?

I dream of the day when I can own a kitten again
or give my grand children a puppy and vanquish all this manure.


[div style="display:inline; background-color:#F5F6A6;"] UPDATE

- - I'm providing this for both the naysays and the good people encouraging
---------------------------------------(and one dear sweet gal who emailed me directly).

- -This is one of THE BIGGEST cases or organized crimes you will ever see. It is a fact, beyond contestation, that Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital (needless to say Romney) - are Above the Law. Though judges swear an oath to administrate the law to rich & poor equally; we all know that is hogwash. Money is power and money is corruption.

That's the way it is in the REAL World!

- - Be that as it may, there's one thing that tends to worry and harm those who are above the law. That is the inflexible sword of truth. Armed with nothing but the truth, there are many events that have transpired in this case, due to the resolve of myself and others.

There's also the abduction of my daughter, mayhem, murder and destruction.

- - For those reasons and more, I'm not going giving up. They are only enjoying temporary success. Romney and his racketeering gang can't count their ill gotten gains as a total victory = until I quit.

And I'm NEVER going to quit!

- - Below is a list of battles won against the nefarious horde; due to tenacity & truth.


- - The crimes of Romney and his RICO Gang, in the billions, are Stage Stores, The Learning Company, Kay Bee and eToys. They are getting away with it all (Thus Far) - due to the federal corruption on many levels. Including the fact that Colm Connolly as a federal prosecutor over Delaware (where all these crimes transpired).

[center]LIST of Penalties Paid by Romney's RICO Gang.[/center]

  1. Paul Traub confesses lying under oath in eToys - pays $750,000 fine
  2. MNAT also admits lies under oath (but pays an "UNdisclosed" fine) (REAL Strange)
  3. Bob White in prison
  4. Michael Catain in prison
  5. Larry Reynolds (who may have been the one arranging the kidnap of my daughter) - in prison
    (by the way Larry Reynolds laundered $12 billion for Traub/ Romney - while in Witness Protection)
  6. Marc Dreier in Prison 20 years (Traub's Partner)
  7. Tom Petters in Prison 50 years
  8. Okun 1031 Tax Group 100 years (Traub may have railroaded him)
  9. Chief Justice Mary F Walrath - NO longer chief
  10. Judge Sue. L Robinson - NO longer chief justice
  11. Judge KAJ promoted OFF eToys case (to 3rd Cir)
  12. NY Sup Ct Judge Moskowitz promoted off case (Sup Ct Appeals)
  13. Entire NY Sup court case eToys v Goldman Sachs now Under SEAL from public view
  14. DOJ Deputy Director of U.S. Trustee's Lawrence Friedman - RESIGNED
  15. Asst U.S. Trustee Frank Perch - RESIGNED
  16. Andy Vara Asst U.S. Trustee after Perch - moves away from DE (I hounded him vastly)


  • Petters & Traub take Thane Richtie for $250,000 million and Thane & I join forces -
  • Traub Bonacquist & Fox Law firm shuttled
  • Kronish Lieb Law firm shuttled
  • Marc Dreier LLP firm Closed
  • Rothstein in Jail (connected to Traub/Petters via Discala)
  • Traub's partner Harold Bonacquist moves all files of firm to Istanbul, Turkey
  • Epstein Becker & Green kick out Paul Traub
  • Gordon Brothers kick out Paul Traub
  • Jack Abramoff's partner (Johann Hamerski) rats him out (trust me - they're connected)
  • Gabriel Fund part of Cerberus, with Dan Quayle (whom Bonacquist represents in Turkey) part of Madoff
  • Tagg Romney gets "caught' for involve in Stanford fraud


  • Abramoff's self-professed partner (Hamerski) threatens eToys shareholder Robert Alber
  • Jack Abramoff gets out of prison early and Robert Alber has to shoot/kill Kingman AZ career criminal (2010)
  • Marty Lackner involved in Petters/Traub fraud (that Bain Capital & Goldman Sachs are involved in)
  • Before he can give me file - Marty Lackner is "suicided"
  • Marty Lackner's brother is MN Assistant U.S. Attorney over Criminal Divison J. Lackner
  • Madoff's son commits suicide (2010)
  • Denny Hecker's associate purportedly commits suicide
  • Overseas connection to Rothschild - suicide transpires
  • Rothstein's right hand gal husband murder's Rothstein's left hand gal
  • Jack Wheeler (works for 3 POTUS and Vietnam Memorial) - murdered and dead in dump (2010)
  • Anna Schaefer (whom I help pay to move back to MN to become Private Investigator) dies of super cancer (2010)
  • Harry A of Delaware - dies of super cancer (2010)

FINALLY - though not equal to the untimely demises - still breaks my heart all the same;

My daughter was abducted on my birthday in 2004 (in an attempt to drive me off the edge).

I've never seen, nor held my grandchildren (6 now);
because my family believes I've abandoned them and cannot handle the battle I'm in.

[center] Just remember this PITTEN's - YOU DIDN"T MAKE IT FRUK'r[/center]

I'm about to go after Romney = head on = with civil litigation. When you mess with the bull, you'll get the horns. This ebol poor excuse for a human being has big devil horns and much power/ money and evil (corrupted) influence.

Be that as it may - we are going to tangle - mono y mono!

As anyone can see - the truth hurts - and harm's ebol Goliaths.

You can also see that - when it gets real close to the big guy - the witness dies!
May 27, 2013

Romney the Racketeer Chronicles - Part 6: RICO Romney & a Plethora of Nitti's


If you have any questions about the case or evidence -
(including legal technicals);
please feel free to ask!

IF you desire to see a decade of efforts since finding proof in 2004
- the evidence postings online were almost daily![/center]

Also -PLEASE try to understand, though there seems to be some implied pre-requisites that one must be a journalist, attorney at law, have a PHD in English and otherwise be a professional storyteller as a one destroyed by organized criminals. The fact of the matter remains that I'm none of the above.

I'm simply a victim - no more - no less (and one who didn't even graduate high school).
Meanwhile here's some previous postings elsewhere.




http://www.dailykos.com/user/laserhaas/history - Laser's DailyKos Diary's[/center]


[dl] - - In this Part 6 of Romney the Racketeer Chronicles, we are going to take a background overview of the players. Just as Capone needed his right hand man (Frank Nitti) to handle Chicago, Mitt Romney needs a plethora of Nitti types to handle his nationwide (possibly World Wide) efforts in Racketeering.

[dl] - - For a successfuly prosecution of a Civil RICO case, one must document that there was a certain level of sophistication to the corruption of legitimate entities via a pattern of racketeering. Parties can be held accountable, even if they did not participate in the "enterprising" - as long as the plaintiff can demonstrate the named Defendants ("culpable" persons) - received a benefit.

Romney boasted - OFTEN - of his receiving millions each year from Bain Capital!

[center][div style="display:inline; background-color:#F5F6A6;"] How the money is funneled to Mitt (the Pitt's) Romney[/big]
----------------(and thus his "Off Shore" Cayman Island and elsewhere Tax Havens)
------------------------------------------------ is through his plethora of Nitti's.


  • Obviously, Mitt Romney is the RICO boss (head of the GANG)

    His Nitti's includes, but are not limited to, entities and persons - such as [/center]

    • Goldman Sachs (partners in eToys crimes and Tom Petters Ponzi and more)
    • Bain Capital (a legitimate entity "corrupted" by the racketeering)
    • Toys R Us is owned by Bain Capital
    • Kay Bee and eToys were in bankruptcy multiple times (always winding back with Bain).
    • Michael Glazer (CEO of Kay Bee and Director at Romney's Stage Stores)
    • FAO Schwartz - is also now owned by Toys R Us (thanks to Paul Traub)
    • Clear Channel Communications (acquired with Racketeering profits to sway elections and public opinion)
    • Dark Black arrow to eToys guy with glasses is Romney/Bain attorney (since NeoStar in 80's) Paul Traub
    • Traub Bonacquist & Fox ("TBF&quot law firm includes Harold Bonacquist, Michael Fox & Susan Balaschak
    • Next to Mr. Traub (your far left) is fraudster Marc Dreier (Traub's partner)
    • Below Dreier is Frank Vennes (more on him much later - after he's sentenced)
    • Immediately below Paul Traub is his other (Ponzi Partner) Tom Petters
    • There's also a key Bain Capital crony/ cohort (and Traub partner) Barry Gold
    • To the right of Petters - is Region 3 U.S. Trustee (& EOUST GC) Roberta DeAngelis (real scumbag)
    • Over to the right and slightly above DeAngelis is Colm F Connolly (former DE U.S. Attorney)
    • Below Colm Connolly is a picture of his DOJ Office of Legal Policy Resume (archived "retroactivity&quot
    • There's the www.MNAT.com law firm (where Connolly and Greg Werkheiser were partners)
    • You also see at teh bottom - the SEC emblem (our "Selective Enforcement Commission&quot
    • I'm debating about naming Eliot Spitzer and Jack Abramoff (they are involved; but hard to convict)
    • To our right of Romney in pic above - is Federal Receiver Douglas Kelley (a whole other book)

    [center][div style="display:inline; background-color:#F5F6A6;"] Romney's RICO Gang is an "Association in Fact" Bankruptcy Ring [/center]

    [dl] - - Understandably, the mafia does not go down to the local Sec. of State and file Racketeering Enterprise Local 101. Congress was well aware that organized crime has structure. A boss, capo's, henchmen, Lt's etc., etc.

    [dl] - - Between the RICO Act supplied by Congress and multiple U.S. Supreme Court and Circuit Court decisions, it has been established that a racketeering gang may also be an "association in fact". That is what my plan is to allege when we take this case to trial. That Romney's RICO Gang is an "association in fact" of organized criminals.

    [dl] - - Though they may be such on many levels (1 type as federal corruption, another type as political corruption etc) - the curent Plan is to argue that Romney's RICO Gang association is a "Bankruptcy Ring". This is due to the fact that Congress and the 3rd Circuit have addressed this issue (and - as a matter of fact - so did our former United States Attorney General John Ashcroft).

    [center]The case is In re Arkansas 798 F.2d 645
    USLW 2110, 4 Bankr. Ct Dec. 1112, Bankruptcy Law Reporter P 71,400 [/center]

    Which states;

    It is significant that Congress chose to place the requirement of court approval for the employment of an attorney, accountant, or other professional by the creditors committee directly in the Bankruptcy Code in 1978. 11 U.S.C. Sec. 1103(a). The legislative history makes clear that the 1978 Code was designed to eliminate the abuses and detrimental practices that had been found to prevail. Among such practices was the cronyism of the "bankruptcy ring" and attorney control of bankruptcy cases.

    my emphasis added
    [center]AND[/center] - more importantly - the 3rd Cir (which happens to preside over eToys) stated;

    In fact, the House Report noted that [div style="display:inline; background-color:#F5F6A6;"] "in practice ... the bankruptcy system operates more for the benefit of attorneys than for the benefit of creditors."
    H.R. No. 595, 95th Cong., 2d Sess. 92, reprinted in 1978 U.S. Code Cong. & Ad. News 5787, 5963, 6053.

    [center] 2 Nitti's Romney CAN'T Be a RICO Boss Without

    Paul Traub
    Colm F Connolly [/center]

    [div style="display:inline; background-color:#F5F6A6;"][center]Paul Traub has been with Romney/ Bain since NeoStar decades ago[/center]

    [dl] - - In all probability, Romney will never even be (properly) investigated, much less arrested, indicted, put on trial and convicted. Someone within his ranks would have to come foreward 1st and TESTIFY that Romney is the Boss. Either Paul Traub, Barry Gold, Michael Glazer and/or Colm Connolly were in on meetings with Mitt - who made the executive decisions. Chances are, one of those guys and/or someone else - will take the fall for RICO boss Mitt Romney.

    PAUL TRAUB has already CONFESSED lying under oath to Chief Federal Justice.

    [dl] - - There's NO question - whatsoever - about Paul Traub's duplicity in the crimes. Everywhere there's a crime, Paul Traub is there. Including Enron, K-Mart (that has yet to be investigated - one ioata). Plus Stage Stores, Fingerhut, Marc Dreier, eToys, FAO Schwartz, Kay Bee and Okun 1031 Tax Group.

    Traub's "pals" go to prison. Dreier is doing 20 years - Petters 50 - and Okun 100 (there's many more).

    [dl] - - One of the lessor known facts is the issue that the New York Supreme Court and N.Y. State Bar stipulate that Harold Bonacquist (of Traub, Bonacquist & Fox) - is to be contacted by calling the U.S. Embassy and/or Consulate General in the "Philippines" to make an appointment with Bonacquist in Istanbul.

    Talk about jumping through hoops.

    [dl] - - Fortunately, we don't need the files, that they will be alerted we seek, in the NON-extradict country of Turkey. Due to the fact that everyone (including master schemer Paul Traub and RICO boss Mitt) did fully believe Mitt Romney would become POTUS. Then he would be able to hand pick that "friendly" US Attorney General that Sheldon Adelson was dishing out $100 million to utilize.

    BUT - Romney DIDN'T Make It!

    [dl] - - The reason why Mr. Adelson was willing to invest the $100 million, is the fact that Paul Traub is rock solid proof Mitt Romney is able to get away - 'Scot Free' - with organized crimes. Though it is a fact that Paul Traub has admitted to lying under oath to a chief federal justice more than 17 times (PERJURY). The DE Bankruptcy Court Judge (by the way - having NO authority whatsoever to do so) did rule that those lies were in fact - NOT acts of Perjury. Then the judge refused to Notify & Refer the matter to the U.S. Attorney's office (see pages 50 to 52 of the Chief Justice Mary F Walrath decision - HERE ). The the Federal Judge went on to provide an Order (October 4, 2005) which basically gave Traub's TBF firm a kind of immunity. Problem is, bankrutpcy judges can't even hold a party in Contempt of Court. They have NO criminal statutory authority - WhatSoEver. As for the ruling that lying under oath is not Perjury;

    [center]Wonder what Martha Stewart would have to say about that?[/center]
    Paul Traub confessed eToys acts of Perjury and Fraud - gets away 'Scot Free'

    [center]Then Traub becomes partners in following fraud schemes[/center]

    • Marc Stuart Dreier fraudster (see WikiPedia details - HERE ).

    • CNBC - American Greed - story on Marc Dreier
      ( here )

    • Attorney/Producer Marc Simon also did separate documentary on Marc Dreier
      (see N.Y. Times detail - HERE )

    • My website www.Petters-Fraud.com

    • WikiPedia on Tom Petters ( here )

    • CNBC - American Greed - Tom Petters Ponzi Documentary -
      GENEROUS with Others People Money

    • Documentary on Petters Ponzi - Second Fraud -
      (how Trustee's/Receivers RIP OFF victims)

    • Traub & Fox (partners) work Okun case as opponents (case here ) and (100 yr sentence - here )


    [center]If they had investigated, arrested & prosecuted Traub in eToys in 2005

    Marc Dreier, Tom Petters, Okun and Romney's frauds are greatly reduced.

    N'est-ce pas!

    [div style="display:inline; background-color:#F5F6A6;"][center]Paul Traub had help from Mitt Romney's very own Corrupt U.S. Attorney COLM CONNOLLY[/center]

    [dl] - - It is also established by case precedents that the organized racketeering can be "closed ended" (such as "IF" Romney never runs for office again) and "open ended" (such as Kay Bee and eToys filed bankruptcy multiple times involved with Bain Capital and wound up back under Bain via Toys R Us).

    The fact of the matter is - Romney & his Racketeers have NO reason to stop - because they ARE Above the Law

    [center](thus far)

    Easy to do when you possess your very own federal prosecutor

    (Delaware U.S. Attorney Colm F Connolly - Part 7)[/center]

    - Romney the Racketeer Chronicles[/center][br]

    1. Part 1 ( here ) - I rant about Romney's Gang - 360 Views
    2. Part 2 ( here ), we discuss Bain Capital funding came from organized criminal pursuits. - 320 views
    3. Part 3 ( here ) - Romney's RICO benefits from federal corruption - 225 views
    4. Part 4 ( here) RICO Romney's Pattern of Obstruction/Destruction of Evidence -275 views
    5. Part 5 ( here ) Listing of RICO Romney Gang Felonies
    [center]NEXT - Part 6 - Romney's RICO Gang, The Players[/center]
  • May 26, 2013

    Romney the Racketeer Chronicles - Part 5: Profuse Felonies of RICO Boss Mitt Romney


    IF you wish to read ahead - since finding proof in 2004 - the evidence postings online were almost daily!




    http://www.dailykos.com/user/laserhaas/history - Laser's DailyKos Diary's[/center][br][hr]


    1. Wall Street Journal - July 25, 2005 EToys Investors Find Conflict at Law Firm

    2. Rolling Stone Cover Story Sept 2012 Greed & Debt The Real Story of Mitt Romney & Bain Capital

    3. March 2013 - New York Times Rigging the (eToys) I.P.O. Game

    4. PoliticusUSA.com Rmuse story - Meet the Man Battling Romney for 12 Years

    [center] [/center]

    [center][div style="display:inline; background-color:#F5F6A6;"][big] Making a CASE that Mitt Romney is a RACKETEER[/big]

    [dl][dd] - Make no mistake, Mitt Romney is a RICO boss and the proof is undeniable. However, what is also without question is how powerful a person the POTUS wannabe Pitten's really is. No one seems to care that he steals monies via Bain Capital, Sankaty, Liquidity Solutions etc., until it is their monies he is stealing directly. Then, like the stories of old, those victims are on my side of the fence, where the rest of the world could care less.

    [dl][dd] - Everyone (even most of my fellow eToys parties) believes/ thinks that eToys is old news from 2001; but that's not true. The eToys cases are still open. The Delaware Bankruptcy Court case of In re eToys (#01-706) has been open now for 12 years, since March 7, 2001. And, as the New York Times article "Rigging the I.P.O. Game" denotes, the entire case is under seal since 2002.; because Romney's corruption is centered in Delaware. If they closed that case before he ran for President, I might have been able to get an indictment already. [/dl][/dd]
    [center][div style="display:inline; background-color:#F5F6A6;"][big][big] What is Racketeering [/big][/big]

    [dl][dd] - RICO is an acronym for Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations ("RICO&quot Act. Specifically civil and felony violations of the United States Criminal Code 18 U.S.C. 1961 (list of qualifying "Predicate" Acts {statutory violations}) and 18 U.S.C. 1962(a)(b)(c) & (d).

    [dl][dd] - If you will remember, even Al Capone himself was not brought down for the massive crimes he did. Including the murders, the massacres, bombings, federal corruption, bribery, extortion, yidda - yadda.

    [center]NOPE, what Capone eventually went to jail for w-a-s - for Tax Evasion.[/center] [br][center]When you think about it - that is SO apropos of Mitt Romney![/center]

    [center] [/center]
    [dl][dd] - At the time that Capone was finally put in prison by Eliot Ness, the RICO Act did not exist. It came into being in 1970 as part of the Organized Crime Act (see Wikipedia - HERE ). It was speculated by a court that the Racketeering Influence & Corrupt Operations Act {“RICO”} statute of 18 U.S.C. § 1962 (c) may have been named after “Rico” (the gangster). As reflected in the Illinois case of Parnes v. Heinold Commodities, Inc., 548 F. Supp. 20, 21 n.1 (N.D. ILL. 1982). Where the court surmises;

    [dl][dd] - “Although undocumented, there may be a connection between the acronym RICO and the gangster charter “Rico” played by Edward G. Robinson in the classic film Little Caesar (1030). Based on Al Capone, Robinson’s “Rico” created an archetypal image of an organized crime figure which must have been known to the framers of the RICO law, and which persists in the American imagination to this day”.
    [dl][dd] - The beauty of our case, compounded with the haughtier of Romney & his RICO Gang leaving evidence all over the place. Is that the RICO ACT permits any citizen to become "Private Attorney Generals" to fill in prosecutorial gaps.

    [dl] - And, in our case with Mitt Romney - we have a major prosecutorial gap; because Mitt possessed his very own federal prosecutor (the Delaware U.S. Attorney Colm Connolly - pictured with his former law firm name - Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell {"MNAT"}). Obviously an organized criminal empire may not claim protection from our Constitution, for statute of limitations, when you have benefits of federal corruption (owning a federal prosecutor corrupt like Colm Connolly).
    [center][div style="display:inline; background-color:#F5F6A6;"][big][big] Section 1962(c) of the RICO ACT is for Civil RICO lawsuits by Private Attorney Generals [/big][/big]

    [dl][dd] - Congress designed Sub-Section (c) of the 18 U.S.C. 1962, as part of the RICO ACT for ordinary citizens to go after "Prosecutorial Gaps" of Organized Crime. In our particular case (of eToys etc) we have many areas of such. There is Grand Larceny, obstruction of interstate commerce, intimidation of Victim/Witnesses, Wire and Mail Fraud, SEC felony violations and federal corruption. That's just naming a few (the list of "technical" felony details will be placed here over the weekend - below). In the mean time, it is best to let Congress and the United States Supreme Court clarify it for you - in their top of the road venacular - the issues at hand. As reported in the ubiquitously adopted case Precedent of Sedima, the U.S. Supreme Court has clarified that;

    Whereas the United States Congress and Supreme Court have granted the authority to be a “Private Attorney General” under 18 U.S.C. § 1962(c) to address the “(1) conduct [of culpable person(s)] (2) by an enterprise (3) through a pattern (4) of racketeering activity via the Private attorney general provisions such as § 1962(c); which are in part, designed to fill in prosecutorial gaps”. Sedima, S.P.R.L. v. Imrex, Co., 473 U.S. 479, 484, 87 L. Ed. 2d 246, 351, 105 S. Ct. 3275, 3278, 3285-3276 (1985).

    [dl][dd] - Of course this is not going to be easy. Several rulings by U.S. Circuit Courts and the Supreme Court have clarified (further) certain issues about pursuing a Civil Racketeering case. As noted above - the RICO Act is to address issues of "culpable" persons (thus far, in our case - Mitt Romney, MNAT, Michael Glazer, Bain Capital, Goldman Sachs, Barry Gold, Colm Connolly and Paul Traub). Those "culpable" persons must be "corrupting" legitimate interstate commerce through a "pattern" of "racketeering" activity over an extended period of time that has harmed the plaintiff (yours truly) business and other victims too.

    [dl][dd] - Now the "culpable" persons need not be directly involved (though I'm going to allege that they all ARE). Thus, if we can provide proof that any of the alleged defendants are engaged in racketeering and the gains from the organized crimes went to any of the parties - then they HAVE benefited from RICO. Thank goodness that Romney has boasted - OFTEN - on how he gets millions per year from Bain Capital. Even = "IF" Mitt has destroyed all the evidence "directly" connecting him to the crimes, the fact of the matter remains he has benefited from Bain Capital (who is most definitely an Organized Criminal venture).

    [dl][dd] - Also, in order to "qualify" as Racketeering, the crimes must have happened over more than a year and (in most cases) during a 10 year period. However, in our case we have that issue of federal corruption. Colm Connolly was a MNAT partner and MNAT is Romney/Bain Capital connected law firm from 1999 (at least) and ever since. We also have the fact that MNAT has "confessed" lying under oath 15 times to a chief federal justice. This is what is known as Fraud on the Court by an Officer of the Court.

    [center][div style="display:inline; background-color:#FFFF66;"][big][big] There's NO statute of limitations for Fraud on the Court by Officers of the Court. [/big][/big]

    [dl]- - Rolling Stone's September 2012 cover story - "Greed and Debt" - The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital only delves into part of Romney's Bain Capital crimes. However, Taibbi did discuss the obvious federal crime of Kay Bee CEO Michael Glazer paying himself $18 million (bought off/Bribery) - as he paid Bain Capital $83 million. Per page 3 of the online story at Rolling Stone;

    In a typical private-equity fragging, Bain put up a mere $18 million to acquire KB Toys and got big banks to finance the remaining $302 million it needed. Less than a year and a half after the purchase, Bain decided to give itself a gift known as a "dividend recapitalization." The firm induced KB Toys to redeem $121 million in stock and take out more than $66 million in bank loans – $83 million of which went directly into the pockets of Bain's owners and investors, including Romney. "The dividend recap is like borrowing someone else's credit card to take out a cash advance, and then leaving them to pay it off," says Heather Slavkin Corzo, who monitors private equity takeovers as the senior legal policy adviser for the AFL-CIO.

    Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/greed-and-debt-the-true-story-of-mitt-romney-and-bain-capital-20120829page=3#ixzz2UQoxV7CL
    Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

    Bain Capital/ Romney's secret law firm (www.MNAT.com) represents Bain in the $83 million preferential transfer (probable fraudulent conveyance). Paul Traub (MNAT's cohort in crime in the eToys case) asked the Federal justice for permission to be the one to prosecute Glazer and Bain. What Traub failed to inform the court of - is that Michael Glazer was also a Director at Romney's Stage Stores entity and Paul Traub was hired by Stage STores "director's assistant" Barry Gold (and Traub/Gold are also partners in other company's). When the Department of Justice and Federal Justice are informed of this additional $100 million fraud (on the court) effort (provided by yours truly) - the Dept of [IN]justice had the evidence Stricken & Expunged from the record.
    [dl] - - Providing additional corroborative detailing that Romney benefits from fraud = we have Rolling Stone's comment that Romney was still CEO of Bain Capital at the time (though I would Object to the conclusions as lacking foundation and argue that Taibbi is stipulating to facts not in evidence). What Taibbi/ Rolling Stone are inferencing correctly, is the fact that Romney benefited. As the buying off (Bribery) of Michael Glazer went down the way Rolling Stone details here;
    At the time of the KB Toys deal, Romney was a Bain investor and owner, making him a mere beneficiary of the raping and pillaging, rather than its direct organizer. Moreover, KB's demise was hastened by a host of genuine market forces, including competition from video games and cellphones. But there's absolutely no way to look at what Bain did at KB and see anything but a cash grab – one that followed the business model laid out by Romney. Rather than cutting costs and tightening belts, Bain added $300 million in debt to the firm's bottom line while taking out more than $120 million in cash – an outright looting that creditors later described in a lawsuit as "breaking open the piggy bank." What's more, Bain smoothed the deal in typical fashion by giving huge bonuses to the company's top managers as the firm headed toward bankruptcy. CEO Michael Glazer got an incredible $18.4 million, while CFO Robert Feldman received $4.8 million and senior VP Thomas Alfonsi took home $3.3 million.

    Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/greed-and-debt-the-true-story-of-mitt-romney-and-bain-capital-20120829page=3#ixzz2UQr20Jhs
    Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

    LISTING of Organized Crimes

    --------------------------------- (as defined by RICO Act Section 1961 "predicate acts&quot

    • SEC Fraud pump-n-dump
    • Collusion
    • Intimidation of Victim/ Witness
    • Bribery
    • Extortion
    • Grand Larceny
    • Conspiracy to Commit Murder
    • Mail Fraud
    • MisPrison of a Felony
    • SEC "Spinning" Schemes
    • Bankruptcy Fraud (about 100 crimes)
    • John Gellene "Eat What You Kill" Fraud
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Civil Rights "Color of Law"
    • Federal Corruption
    • Perjury (about 300 times)
    • Racketeering

    [dl][dd] - This isn't going to be easy. Actually, there's a chance I may not live through it (even a brother of an Assistant U.S. Attorney was involved and (purportedly) committed suicide. But it is our country in trouble. Bain Capital still owns Clear Channel Communications and controls 800 stations with more than 100 million listeners. Our 2014 elections are at stake and Romney still believes he can pull a Nixon and get in.

    It is my job - with the help of you all publishing this around the web - To STOP HIM!

    Otherwise - from Toys R Us owner -this is what we will see from Mitt
    [center][div style="display:inline; background-color:#F5F6A6;"][big][big] Rob-(R)Money [/big][/big]


    [center]DON'T FORGET- Al Capone's Organized Crimes ended due to Tax Evasion

    HOW apropos that is to Mitt (the Pitt's) Romney & his RICO Gang

    Wouldn't it be cool to get the answers to Romney's off shore tax havens
    Because Mitt's RICO Gang decided to destroy amoeba Laser Haas?[/center]
    - Romney the Racketeer Chronicles[/center][br]

    1. Part 1 ( here ) - I rant about Romney's Gang - 360 Views
    2. Part 2 ( here ), we discuss Bain Capital funding came from organized criminal pursuits. - 320 views
    3. Part 3 ( here ) - Romney's RICO benefits from federal corruption - 225 views
    4. Part 4 ( here) RICO Romney's Pattern of Obstruction/Destruction of Evidence -275 views
    [center]NEXT - Part 6 - Romney's RICO Gang, The Players[/center]
    May 24, 2013

    Exclusive: Mitt Romney’s Message to Classmate in 1965 High-School Yearbook

    Source: Vanity Fair - HUMOR Satirical (probable Snark)

    One Kelli Allman, a high-school friend of President Obama, shared with Time magazine the message a young “Barry” wrote in her high-school yearbook. Obama, whose best friend Greg accompanied Kelli to prom, calls her “extremely sweet and foxy” and suggests they keep in touch. You hear that, Kelli? He asked you to be in touch. Call him up! Classmates.com this thing!

    Hours after the publication of the Obama note a man who graduated from the Cranbrook School in 1965 e-mailed our offices to say that he discovered a message from his classmate: none other than Mitt Romney, noted teenage bully and future presidential candidate. A scan of Romney’s note to this man, who asked to remain anonymous, is below: [at the Vanity Fair link]

    Read more: http://www.vanityfair.com/online/daily/2013/05/exclusive-mitt-romney-s-message-to-classmate-in-1965-high-school-yearbook

    You will have to go to the Vanity Fair article link ( HERE ) - in order to see the actual picture of Mitt Romney's Gay bashing episode apology.

    Evidently, even back in High School - Romney was a flip flopper training politico.
    May 21, 2013

    Romney the Racketeer Chronicles - Part 4: Obstruction by Habitual Destruction of Evidence

    ..........In Part 1 ( here ) - I rant about Romney as RICO boss. In Part 2 ( here ), we discuss how Bain Capital funding came from organized criminal pursuits and continues to foster same. Then, in Part 3 ( here ) - we discuss the fact that Romney's Racketeer and organized crimes spread to federal corruption; causing Mitt to become "retroactive" (in vain hopes to dodge Perjury prosecutions).

    -------Now, in this Part 5 of the chronicles - we will discuss

    [center] [div style="display:inline; background-color:#FFFF66;"] Romney, Bain Capital's
    - Habitual Obstruction -
    via Destruction of Evidence

    ........... Everyone is already aware that Romney is a pathological liar
    ---------------------(or "flip flopper" as his Clear Channel stations would tell through Rush Limbaugh's ilk).

    See Rachael Maddow's story on Romney bogusness

    .......... Romney destroyed his Olympic records and his staff bought up all his hard drives when he was Governor of Massachusetts. In our eToys case, Romney/Bain Capital snuck in their attorney as my/eToys attorney. Doing so by massive acts of Perjury to a chief federal justice (this is already confessed). But the Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell ("MNAT&quot law firm was not punished; because in Romney's world lying under oath is not Perjury. As a matter of fact, MNAT asked for (while pretending to be an opponent to Bain Capital) - the Destruction of eToys Books & Records.

    [center] [div style="display:inline; background-color:#FFFF66;"] BREAKING NEWS Bain Capital Pays Media Outlets to Keep Silent on Bain[/center]

    [center] American Bridge Killed Any Efforts to Disparage Bain Capital[/center]

    ------- Now, if you think Romney/ Bain Capital efforts to obstruct justice and stymie efforts against Bain Capital are just limited to the offices/positions he already held, then you must not have read my other recent posting here on DU - at Breaking News.

    ............Turns out that what I was saying all along is true - main stream was "Bought Off" by Bain Capital. Even American Bridge is guilty of SELLING OUT.

    See the link and read the HuffPo and Buzzfeed stories posted on DU ( HERE );

    Part 5 of these Romney the Racketeer Chronicles is - Listing of Felony Violations.
    May 21, 2013

    American Bridge, Top Liberal SuperPAC, Had Secret Ties To Bain Capital

    Source: Huffington Post reprint of BuzzFeed story


    A top liberal SuperPAC in the 2012 election had undisclosed financial ties to the private equity firm Bain Capital — something that some people close to the group say interfered with its core mission of attacking Bain veteran Mitt Romney’s business record.

    (as HuffPo links to BuzzFeed which continues the story)

    American Bridge 21st Century PAC was launched in 2012 as part of a multi-pronged Democratic effort to define and defeat the Republican nominee, a project of David Brock, a former conservative reporter best known as the founder of the liberal media monitoring group Media Matters. By last January, it had amassed a vast store of opposition research, most of it focused on Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital — and on the hard-edged private equity practices that would help define the Republican as an out-of-touch millionaire.

    But in January, as Romney’s nomination — and the line of attack — became clear, American Bridge’s top fundraiser took a stand. In a series of meetings through the first half of 2012, several people close to the group confirmed, fundraiser Mary Pat Bonner demanded that the group avoid any public attacks on Bain. That’s because, two sources said, two top Bain executives are key contributors to the network of organizations maintained by Brock and Bonner, which includes Media Matters and American Bridge. And some familiar with the group’s work say it deliberately pulled public punches against Bain — though not against Romney — through much of the year.

    “Anything that was discussed doing publicly in regard to Bain, even if it were just a quote piling on, was either shot down immediately, or there was a question, ‘Could Mary Pat be OK with this?’ And the answer was always no,” said one person privy to the group’s internal conversations. The group’s political staffers were “unhappy” about the conflict — but accepted it and tried to work around it, the source said.

    Read more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/20/american-bridge-bain-capital_n_3310094.html

    The reason I linked to HuffPo linking to BuzzFeed - is HuffPo has a neat picture series. If one pic paints 1000 words - then there are 42,000 of them at HuffPo.

    Here's the link to BuzzFeed story direct (also found on HuffPo)

    Some of you are now following my Romney the Racketeer Chronicles. Now you can see why, even with confessions of lying under oath, intentional frauds on the court and ironclad proof that Romney's Bain Capital beat a federal investigation; because they possessed their very own corrupt federal prosecutor (Delaware United States Attorney Colm Connolly).

    American Bridge is a SELL OUT!
    May 21, 2013

    Deja Vu on the Hill: Wall Street Lobbyists Roll Back Finance Reform, Again

    Source: Rolling Stone Magazine Reporter Matt Taibbi

    It's becoming an annual tradition: Spring rolls around, and while nobody is looking, Wall Street quietly lays siege to Washington and reaches a hand out to yank the last remaining teeth out of the government's financial regulatory head.

    In the last two weeks, we've seen two major developments here. There was a wave of deregulatory bills that snuck through the House with surprisingly bipartisan support, and a series of regulatory decisions by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission that will seriously weaken the already-weak Dodd-Frank reform legislation, particularly with regard to derivatives trades.

    But this is the key to understanding how financial lobbyists succeed in getting what it wants on the regulatory front: They never stop. It's not a war of ideas, it's a war of resources. You march up the Hill with some crazy idea about overturning a bill prohibiting bailouts of companies that engage in risky derivative trades, you get knocked down, and you march up again, then you march up again, and again

    Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/blogs/taibblog/deja-vu-on-the-hill-wall-street-lobbyists-roll-back-finance-reform-again-20130521?utm_source=dailynewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter

    [center]I truly adore Matt Taibbi and his work [/center]

    (Though I must also disclose that I do have a person bone to pick with him of my being part of his sourcing of his September 2012 story "Greed and Debt&quot .

    Taibbi might have been able to get Romney indicted when Mitt was running for POTUS; but the powers that be cancelled his & my conference call. So he missed my KEY facts (like Michael Glazer as CEO of Kay Bee - was also at Stage Stores).

    Be that as it may - Taibbi is one of the heroes of the common man. The voice tossing slings & arrows of truth against the powers that be. Matt Taibbi keeps a large audience focused upon the obvious and remains one of our few voices of verity.

    They (the nefarious hordes upon Wall Street like Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs) - fleece U.S. without remorse or relent. And then they utilize those unjust enrichments to assure they get more chances to perpetrate White Collar Grand Larceny. Like Taibbi said in his other recent article

    [center][div style="display:inline; background-color:#FFFF66;"]EVERYTHING is RIGGED

    May 20, 2013

    Romney the Racketeer Chronicles - Part 3: Pathological Retroactivity

    In Part 1 ( here ) - I ranted "prequel'ee" on and set the stage. It Part 2 ( here ) "Seedy Money" - we see the details that Romney started Bain Capital with Salvadoran millions connected to "death squads" (because crooks go to crooked flows). Then Pitten's expanded his racketeering empire with Junk Bond Fraudster Michael Milken's monies for Stage Stores. The reason Romney was able to do so (instead of the feds seizing the monies of Milken's) - is due to the fact that the Judge presiding over Milken's case, had a wife who was (in essence) partner's with McMitten's.

    In this one - we will look at Racketeering forcing the pathlogical flip flopper (liar) and why he is "retroactive".

    Before we do, let's have a word from our sponsors (okay, not a sponsor, but an humorous note /video).
    Romney would have brought upon U.S. (had his quest for POTUS got done) -



    ........ In future "Part"s of the Racketeer Chronicles, I'm going to break down each and every criminal violation, 1 by 1 - in the same fashion a federal prosecutor would file such. (It really is rather easy, they have the forms online and a copy of the United State Attorney Manual ("USAM&quot - HERE ). So a money laundering one (for those Off Shore Tax Havens) would look thus;


    Sample Indictment—Money Laundering, 18 U.S.C. § 1956(a)(1)(B)(i)

    NOTE: This count is based on the facts of the concealment listed above.
    On or about the 15th day of June, in the Central District of California,
    Willard Mitt Romney ,

    as defendant herein, did knowingly conduct and cause to be conducted a financial transaction affecting interstate commerce, that being the expenditure of a $millions of dollars of the eToys debtor in possession, of Los Angeles, California; which filed bankruptcy in Delaware by grand larceny and bankruptcy fraud, did then cause those unjust gain monies to further the racketeering enterprise, with subsequent profits placed in Off Shore Tax Havens known/unknow.

    The defendant Willard Mitt Romney utilized various entities, including eToys, Stage Stores/Liquidity Solutions, Bain Capital's Kay Bee, along with Michael Glazer, Greg Werkheiser, Barry Gold, Paul Traub and U.S. Attorney Colm F Connolly to succeed in the schemes & artifices to destroy a public company and defraud federal estates.

    Defendant Willard Mitt Romney did so knowing that the transaction was designed in whole or in part to conceal and disguise the ownership and control of the proceeds of the specified unlawful activity, namely bankruptcy fraud, and that the property involved the proceeds of some form of unlawful activity.
    All in violation of many federal statutes, including, but not limited to Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1956(a)(1)(B)(i) and;

    to assure the success of the plots & ploys, defendant Willard Mitt Romney now claims to have "retroactively" retired from being CEO of Bain Capital in August 2001, back to February 1999; which is the same exact time period that U.S. Attorney Colm F Connolly worked for Bain Capital's law firm MNAT as a partner as Colm's Dept of Justice Office of Legal Policy Resume does give irrefutable evidence thereof http://www.justice.gov/archive/olp/colmconnollyresume.htm

    Thus - there can be no arguments for Statute of Limitations!

    Organized Crimes from 1999 to 2001 that helped Romney's RICO Empire acquire Clear Channel Communications

    1. MNAT merged Romney's entity 'The Learning Company with Mattel' losing investors Billions of $
    2. Stage Stores Sells Granite Bank to World Bank for $150 million
    3. Glazer, Traub and Gold move over to eToys - on opposing sides - and help Goldman Sachs kill eToys
    4. Bain Capital is paid $83 million by Glazer (who pays himself $18 million) and files Bankruptcy of KB
    5. Kay Bee and eToys are in bankruptcy multiple times, stealing from creditors, winding back at Toys R Us

    [center][div style="display:inline; background-color:#FFFF66;"][big]Mitt Romney IS a RICO boss[/big][/center]
    [center]The picture is by a great gal name Maggie Jean (from DK realm)[/center]
    ------- Mitt Romney is a RICO boss with Nitti like guys as co-Defendants in this case. They are violating the federal statute of the Racketeering Influenced & Corrupt Operations (“RICO”) Act of 1970 - conscientiously and copiously. Doing so without remorse or relent. Wherefore Romney and his co-Defendants Barry Gold, Greg Werkheiser. Michael Glazer, Colm Connolly and Paul Traub, are ruthless, being without remorse or relent in their criminal pursuits. They obviously are guilty of violating § 1962(c) – which states that;
    .......... “It shall be unlawful for any person employed by or associated with any enterprise engaged in, or the activities of which affect, interstate or foreign commerce, to conduct or participate, directly or indirectly, in the conduct of such enterprise’s affairs through a pattern of racketeering activity or collection of unlawful debt”.
    As Part 2 details, MoveOn.org petitioned the U.S. Government to investigate (and prosecute) Mitt Romney for either lying on his Federal Election Campaign Finance Form OGE 278 - or on his SEC filings. It is a fact that he has done both. The form states (falsely) that Romney had nothing to do with Bain Capital, in any way, after February 11, 1999 (because he thought he destroyed all the evidence - that is Part 4).

    But Pitten's got caught by EVERYBODY - so his campaign claims Romney is "retroactive".
    [center] Martha Stewart went to jail for 6 months for lying to 1 federal officer
    how long should Romney go to jail for Perjury acts to become POTUS? ]/center][hr][br]
    Romney has been able to get away with his organized crime spree;
    because he possessed his very own United States Attorney (in Delaware).
    Picture is of Corrupt U.S. Attorney - Colm F Connolly
    see his Dept of Justice Office of Legal Policy Resume
    NOTE: How Connolly's tenure at MNAT is the same time as Romney's RICO crime spree[/center]

    ----------It was speculated by a court that the Racketeering Influence & Corrupt Operations Act {“RICO”} statute of 18 U.S.C. § 1962 (c) may have been named after “Rico” [the gangster]. As reflected in the Illinois case of Parnes v. Heinold Commodities, Inc., 548 F. Supp. 20, 21 n.1 (N.D. ILL. 1982). Where the court surmises;

    ..........“Although undocumented, there may be a connection between the acronym RICO and the gangster charter “Rico” played by Edward G. Robinson in the classic film Little Caesar (1030). Based on Al Capone, Robinson’s “Rico” created an archetypal image of an organized crime figure which must have been known to the framers of the RICO law, and which persists in the American imagination to this day”.

    [/center][/ceenter]Al Capone went to jail - nor for organized crimes - but for Tax Evasion. Need I point out how apropos that is to Mitt Romney? When you corrupt the judicial process by buying a federal prosecutor, you then cannot seek Constitution protection for Statute of Limitations. PLUS - Bankruptcy SOL's do not begin until the cases close. Romney's Racketeering Gang kept eToys bankruptcy case open (my company) for 12 years now

    [center] - to make sure there's NO federal Investigation
    Part 4 - Mitten's Obstructive Ways of Leaving No Evidence Trails
    May 20, 2013

    Girls Poop too!

    I know - this is out of the zone; but - every once in a while - we need to chuckle.

    Cause - Girls poop too.


    These gals are famous for their Rush Limbaugh bashing - with "You Slut"


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