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laserhaas's Journal
laserhaas's Journal
March 26, 2013

Real close to getting indictment of Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital - see News stories

Ladies & Gentlemen;

For those of you who have followed our battle against Romney and his cohorts; we are getting "real" close to seeing some justice.

Take a look at "Rigging the I.P.O. Game" by New York Times reporter Joe Nocera. The NY Times story details the fact that - in 1999 eToys went public with stock price to $85; but the company only received less than $20. Goldman Sachs was the agent who made the rest of the money vanish. It IS a criminal enterprise (association in fact known as a Bankruptcy Ring -[see Third Circuit Court of the United States case of In re Arkansas {here}]) - that has stopped the case from being indicted. The Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnel ("MNAT&quot law firm, has confessed it lied about Goldman Sachs, in order to become the eToys attorney.

What main stream media has failed to report upon, is the fact that eToys was sold for less than pennies on the dollar to Bain Capital/ Kay Bee Toys in 2001. MNAT is also the law firm (secretly) for Bain Capital.

Paul Traub has worked for Romney/ Bain - for decades. Traub's law firm, TBF, paid Barry Gold 4 payments of $30,ooo each, from January to May 2001. Barry Gold is secretly Traub's partner. They were "caught" about this and confessed the fact in 2005. That part of the story made it into the Wall Street Journal story "eToys investors claim conflict at law firm".

Also not reported by the press, but a fact, is that Mitt Romney owned Stage Stores (funded by fraudster Michael Milken - where the judge over the case, had his wife as CEO of Palais Royal stores that was merged into Stage Stores [See page 4 of the Rolling Stone story by Matt Taibbi {here}].

Michael Glazer, the CEO of Kay Bee, who paid himself $18 million and Bain Capital $83 million, before filing bankruptcy of Kay Bee, was also at Stage Stores as a "Director" for Mitt Romney with Jack Bush of Dallas Texas. Working for Jack Bush and Michael Glazer as a "directors assistant" - was Barry Gold, who hired Paul Traub's law firm and "got caught" by whistleblower Dov Avni. Romney sold Granite Bank to the World Bank for $150 million, under secrecy. Dov Avni only owned $4500 worth of stock - but the Racketeers managed to persuade the judge to Fine Dov Avni $389,000 and send the U.S. Marshal's after him 6 times.

Then MNAT lied to become eToys attorney and Paul Traub lied to become eToys Creditors attorney. Though they MNAT and Traub have confessed - in part - to some of their crimes. They did "Believe" that Mitt Romney was going to become POTUS and appoint a "friendly" United States Attorney General (like Mr. Adelson wanted). Then they could totally get away SCOT FREE!.

But - OOPs - Romney didn't make the cut!

Meanwhile, MNAT and Traub decided that they would oust the head of eToys (yours truly - Laser Haas) and insert a better prepared President/CEO in eToys to handle the $50 million in cash remaining. They put in Barry Gold (Paul Traub's partner).

Thus we have MNAT = Bain = Kay Bee = Glazer = Romney. We also have MNAT = Goldman Sachs.

Also - Romney = Glazer in stage = Gold = Traub.

By transistive logic of A=B and B=C therefore A=C; everyone is all together. Including the fact that Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital are partners with Paul Traub in Tom Petters Ponzi (here).

Thus Romney/Bain/Kay Bee/ Glazer paid less than pennies on the dollar for eToys in 2001. Even when Laser forced them to pay $10 million for eToys.com name. MNAT, Traub and Barry Gold simply made [c]hit up - to reduce the price to $3 million (and a scheme was hatched to give that back to Bain Capital too).

MNAT also asked for - And Received - permission to Destroy Books & Records in eToys, to cover up the crimes.
MITT ROMNEY's Bain Capital, in Collusion with Goldman Sachs - Owned a United States Attorney

Now, you may think you have so much that Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital should be arrested already. And you ARE Correct! - However, we have another little problem. The head federal prosecutor in Delaware, Colm F Connolly (U.S. Attorney from August 2001 to 2008) - did REFUSE to investigate and/or prosecute MNAT, Traub, Goldman Sachs and/or Bain Capital/ Romney/ Glazer for the entire 7 years that he was in office.

This is BECAUSE - Colm F Connolly was a PARTNER of www.MNAT.com from 1999 to August 2, 2001
(for those of you in the know, that just so happens to be Mitt Romney's "retroactive" period).

You can see Colm Connolly's RESUME at the Department of Justice Office of Legal Policy -

Now, if you think you have the rest of the story - you are truly mistaken.

There are judges promoted OFF the case, Executive office of United States Trustee's director resigned (and joined the dark side with OFF Shore Tax Haven Frauds). Paul Traub was partners in many other frauds - like Marc Dreier and Tom Petters

There's also material adversity in the billions of dollars, kidnappings, mayhem and murder.

Meanwhile, please take a look at the new story yesterday, by Rmuse at PoliticusUSA.com;
"Too big to fail should never mean too big to jail"

And Stay Tuned for "Ethicsgate" and soooo Much MORE to come!

We can get these organized criminals arrested - Please help spread the word?

March 22, 2013

DOJ babbling B.S. letter to Senator Sherrod Brown and my Response to DOJ today!

Some of you may have noticed our quest to get Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital indicted for Fraud & Perjury Conspiracies, over the last decade. Thanks to Romney's Hubris, justice is finally coming.

A week ago, Joe Nocera of the New York Times posted this story "Rigging the I.P.O. Game".

It went amoeba viral to the Legal networks and got spanked upon bogusly, by Goldman Sachs tools such as D%LBook. As a result I've now made some interesting new friends who brought to me a letter from the Department of Justice Office of Legislative Affairs to Senator Sherrod Brown that asked them to explain why they are not prosecuting large financial institutions for fraud (like Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital).

You could drive an aircraft carrier through the holes in the DOJ's babbling B.S. banter (see letter here);

Here's my response (Laser's March 22, 2013 Letter to DOJ).

How Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital have gotten away with the massive Racketeering acts, is the fact that they (for a time), possessed their own handpicked U.S. Attorney (Colm Connolly was an attorney from one of the "mutual" law firm www.MNAT.com ).

Justice may finally come to our case.

If the DOJ continues to fail to do their job - then I will try to do it for them!

March 11, 2013

Goldman Sachs I.P.O. Fraud in eToys Discussed by N.Y. Times (Op/Ed by Joe Nocera)

What we have here, is a failure to communicate!

I'm reposting this from News Breaks (learning DU Rules). It is a New York Times Story by Op/Ed journalist Joe Nocera entitled; " Rigging the I.P.O. Game ": This is just the tip of the story. It is a classic "pump-n-dump" tock scheme.

This case of "organized crime" involves both Goldman Sachs and Romney's Bain Capital.
(You are being blessed to have privy to the REAL "retroactive" secrets).

My entity (CLI) was the Delaware Bankruptcy court appointed fiduciary (to maximize returns at a minimum of expense).

The attorney in Delaware for Goldman Sachs has already confessed to lying under oath to the Chief Bankruptcy justice in the eToys case (01-706). Additionally, the counsel for Goldman Sachs in Delaware also (furtively) represents Bain Capital.

Our eToys case, who I am, the fraud on the court, by officers of the court that was perpetrated (admitted "intentional&quot via more than 30 erroneous Rule 2014 Affidavits. Was NEVER properly investigated and/or prosecuted;
because of the "other" (retroactiv) secret.

A partner of the eToys Debtor's counsel law firm, from 1999 to August 2001; became the United STates Attorney on August 2, 2001. Then the CEO of Bain Capital resigns and, two weeks later, announces his run for Governor of Massachusetts.

He who has ears to hear and eyes to see. Good people (and bad) have died, in order to preserve this fiasco to become the telltale insight into how an mob boss almost became POTUS.

The TRUE "retroactive" secrets "may" bring down two monopolistic, ruthless empires. (Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs). [That is, of course, if we live in a legitimate world. Which USAG Holder stipulated {correctly} - that we don't].|Rigging the I.P.O. Games]" - (the eToys classic pump-n-dump stock scheme involving both Goldman Sachs and Mitt Romney's Bain Capital).

You should read the story first (here) - and then come back to thise discussion for further insights.

For further background on who I am, you can read either the Wall Street Journal "eToys conflicts" story.


Rmuse at PoliticusUSA.com story that I reposted here on DU;
"Meet the Man Battling Romney for 12 years"

This story is the "missing link" from Matt Taibbi's Rolling Stone (Sept. 2012) - cover story;
"Greed and Debt" The True Story About Mitt Romney and Bain Capital"

What Taibbi missed (when his Editor or GC cancelled our conference call) - is the fact that the SAME players are in Stage Stores, Kay Bee and eToys (including Michael Glazer).


Here's some excerpts from the New York Times story by Joe Nocera;

The plaintiffs [eToys] charge that Goldman Sachs had a fiduciary duty to maximize eToys’ take from the I.P.O. Instead, Goldman purposely set an artificially low price, so that its real clients, the institutional investors clamoring for the stock, could pocket that first-day run-up. According to the suit, Goldman then demanded that some of those easy profits be kicked back to the firm. Part of their evidence for the calculated underpricing of eToys, according to the plaintiffs’ complaint, was that Lawton Fitt, the Goldman executive who headed the underwriting team and was thus best positioned to gauge the market demand, actually made a bet with several of her colleagues that the price would hit $80 at the opening. (Through a Goldman Sachs spokesman, Fitt declined to comment. Goldman denies that it did anything wrong, about which more shortly.)

Recently, however, I came across a cache of documents related to the eToys litigation that seem to tilt the argument in favor of the skeptics. Although the documents were supposed to be under seal, they were sitting in a file at the New York County Clerk’s Office, available to anyone who asked for them. I asked.

What they clearly show is that Goldman knew exactly what it was doing when it underpriced the eToys I.P.O. — and many others as well. (According to the lawsuit, Fitt led around a dozen underwritings in 1999, several of which were also woefully underpriced.) Taken in their entirety, the e-mails and internal reports show Goldman took advantage of naïve Internet start-ups to fatten its own bottom line.


What the New York Times story is missing - is the fact that -the attorney for Goldman Sachs is also the law firm for Bain Capital. Goldman Sachs wanted a "defunct" eToys to cover up the pump-n-dump scheme. It is about to ALL come out that Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs (secret) law firms - LIED to get their positions in the Delaware Bankruptcy Court.

One Goldman Sachs/ Bain Capital law firm is www.MNAT.com

The other furtive firm is Paul Traub's - Traub Bonacquist & Fox firm ("TBF&quot

MNAT lied to become eToys attorney - and then Traub's firm lied to become the eToys Creditors attorney. They were going to sell everything to Bain/ Kay Bee (Michael Glazer and Romney [STILL CEO at the time]) - for $5.4 million.

Yours truly came on board (with my CLI entity) and forced them to pay tens of millions and pursued firing Goldman SAchs.

They compensated by taking Barry Gold from Mitt Romney's Stage Stores and putting him in as eToys President/CEO - ILLEGALLY!

Now that Romney has lost the election and cannot deliver on his promises - the JIG is UP!


A previous version was posted yesterday (here)
- on News Break
- and locked because I'm a newbie

March 10, 2013

Rigging the I.P.O. game

Source: New York Times

ONCE upon a time, in a very different age, an Internet start-up called eToys went public. The date was May 20, 1999. The offering price had been set at $20, but investors in that frenzied era were so eager for eToys shares that the stock immediately shot up to $78. It ended its first day of trading at $77 a share.

What they [NY Sup. Ct documents] clearly show is that Goldman knew exactly what it was doing when it underpriced the eToys I.P.O. — and many others as well. (According to the lawsuit, Fitt led around a dozen underwritings in 1999, several of which were also woefully underpriced.) Taken in their entirety, the e-mails and internal reports show Goldman took advantage of naïve Internet start-ups to fatten its own bottom line.

On Thursday, Goldman Sachs issued a statement that read, in part, “We did not engage in quid pro quos for allocation of hot I.P.O.’s, and none of the decade-old documents distorted by the eToys litigants suggests otherwise.” I have posted a variety of the documents on The Times’s Web site, so that readers can decide for themselves what story they really tell.

Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/10/opinion/sunday/nocera-rigging-the-ipo-game.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

This is a piece, akin to Matt Taibbi's Rolling Stone Sept 2012 cover story ("Greed and Debt" The Truth About Mitt Romney and Bain Capital)

They are PIECES to a giant Racketeering puzzle.

I'm the court appointed fiduciary who has been trying to get Romney, MNAT, Traub, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs indicted for 12 years.

This tigers tail is hurting and the beast is about to be slain.
http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/business/news/etoys-investors-claim-conflict-at-law-firm-592819/ ]

eToys IPO lawsuit Re-Opens in New York Supreme Court

The BIG secret is Goldman Sachs Delaware law firm (Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnel www.MNAT.com ) - is also Bain Capital's law firm.

Romney wants to be "retroactively" retired as Bain Capital's CEO from August 2001 back to February 1999.

Colm Connolly was MNAT"s partner from 1999 to August 2, 2001.

After I told them to shove their bribe offer up their behind.

Mitt Romney RESIGNED as CEO of Bain Capital in August 2001.

He then announced he was running for Massachusetts Governore August 22, 2001

Colm Connolly became the Delaware United States Attorney on August 2nd 2001

And made sure no investigations and/or prosecutions transpired for 7 years.

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