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Name: Laser Haas
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Anywhere USA
Home country: United States
Current location: NOMADIC
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2008, 12:12 PM
Number of posts: 7,805

About Me

Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

Journal Archives

Judge Rules evidence of Romney/ Bain Cap organized crimes is forbidden. Whistleblower Banned

This is a follow up to my previous threads on my 12 year battle with Mitt Romney/ Bain Capital

(see threads (here))


After being forbidden to enter evidence for 8 1/2 years - the court scheduled a hearing (once Romney lost election)

And - on December 4th at 10:30 a.m. - the Court changed its mind and said NO.

Ruling contrary to law - the court said she is Ordering the Clerk to FORBID/ Block my evidences from the record.

Her Honor [sic] Mary F Walrath (MFW) in the case of eToys;
said she is tired of me and that pointing out [Bain Capital/ Romney] frauds is a waste of time.

The only person that can enter evidence in the records is MNAT, Paul Traub and Barry Gold.
All 3 of these parties have (already) CONFESSED to lying to the court 34 times.

Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital stole eToys for Bain Capital
MNAT, Paul TRaub and Barry Gold - ALL work FOR - Mitt Romney/ Bain Capital (secretly)

This is WHY the Judge is forbidding the evidence from getting "officially" put in the record.

Once it does happen - the FBI must seize (RICO) Bain Capital.

In other words - Mitt Romney / Bain Capital is above the law - for now and evermore!

In 3 weeks - I 'm going to file any brief - above Her Honor's corrupt reach.


I wrote a story on DailyKos (I know G-d forbid) - because I'm more familiar with using HTML there.

It explains what is going on

Here's my WHITE HOUSE - Petition - calling for a federal investigation
(after all - is that really too much to ask for?)

PLEASE SIGN the Petition (DU helped it get to over 1000 signatures already)?


this is my response to a comment below by Jim Lane
who purports that my pleading and/ or claims are without merit.

While I do not allege that the particular commentor has any personal animus to my plight, it's readily apparent by the snide remarks and assaults upon me (and obtuseness to the true facts/ issues at hand) that others would rather pounce on a victim/witness of Mitt Romney/ Bain Capital like a mob; rather than see a proper investigation.

This arresting of human decency is both inexplicable and intolerable. It amazes me that good conversation by many, can be destroyed by a few bad faith parties. This case is special and the outcome has great significance (one way or another). This is why I supported James Traficant, Rick Convertino, Mo Hurley, Richard Fine and others such as they - who stand tall against tyranny, cronyism and corruption - for the sake of the greater good. They are made victims twice - thus, so shall I be.

Unlike Sam Adams and his "chains" quote - I would simply ask that those who rush in to kick me while I'm down - please Reconsider? Not for my sake (after all Romney/ Bain and bad faith federal agents are out to destroy me - so your words are minor at best)

But = for the sake of the integrity of this realm and good debate - PLEASE look at the facts in full and reconsider your stance?

To that end - I'm posting my case in a nutshell (my comment below) here - for the sake of clarity.

Bain Capital cohorts lied & schemed to become eToys fiduciaries;
so that Bain Capital (and thus the POTUS wannabe Romney)
could get rich enough to buy things like Clear Channel.

Utilizing such methods is illegitimate and an assault upon our Constitution by enemies Domestic!

It MUST be stopped At ALL COSTS!
(including my suffering those who rather let the bad guys win and see the innocents demise).

1st of all - The Merits.

MNAT is Debtor counsel and has confessed to lying to the Chief Justice

Paul Traub is creditors counsel - who confessed lying to the Chief Justice

Barry Gold who was (secretly) Paul Traub's partner
was placed inside the eToys estate post-petition
(AFTER - the United States Trustee "FOREwarned" them NOT to do the very crime they did in secret)

(PLEASE see parts 19 & 35 of U.S. Trustee Motion to Disgorge for $1.6 million
http://petters-fraud.com/DisgorgeMotion_TBF_1_6_Million.pdf )

The US Trustee also concluded (without knowleged of the other 100 crimes now discovered)
that Fraud on the Court (by Officers for the Court) had transpired (see part 35 of US Trustee Disgorge Motion Supra link)

Additionally, Barry Gold testified ON the Stand and in his Declaration (Under Penalty of Perjury)
that the affairs of eToys were negotiated by "extensive" arm's length negotiations
between Debtor and Creditor
(that is between Barry Gold as Debtor and Paul Traub [his illegal Secret partner] for Creditors)

Their CONFESSED acts of Perjury & Deliberate Fraud are (at the bare minimum) 34 ACTS

The Judge stipulated, in her OPINION of Finding of Fact and Conclusion of Law that NO perjury was documented.
And she then Declined (contrary to Law 18 USC § 3057(a)) - to Notify & Refer the matter to the US Attorney
(which was BEcause - the US Attorney was Bain Capital's Colm Connolly - who would have had to Recuse himself)

(See OPINION pages 50 to 52 on Barry Gold
http://www.deb.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/opinions/judge-mary-f.walrath/etoysmnatfees.pdf )

also - the Judge (apropos) cited the case of In re Benjamin [Benedict] Arnold's
stating that it would be "WRONG to punish plaintiff and reward conflicted attorneys"
(see page 16 of her Honor's [sic] OPINION)

The LAW (under Section 327(a)) - MANDATES that the parties who failed to disclose
MUST be disqualified (In re Middleton Arm's is adopted by the 3rd Circuit and cited by US Sup Ct)
It is UNambiguous.

The robbers were told NOT to rob the bank - did it in secret anyway - and got caught (because I turned down a bribe)


Whereupon - the Police then handed them the keys and let the robbers remove me from the case.

Stating that my pleadings have NO merits is contrary to the facts found

It is the application of law (and decency) that is in place here.

I'm a victim/ witness/ whistleblower - being punished for doing the right thing.
And ostracized out of my career, home, savings etc
by the very persons who swore an oath to protect U.S. from enemies foreign and Domestic

THEREfore - please explain how I don't have a case?

And - WHY you would rather see Mitt Romney & gang get away with it all
while being granted the additional benefit of destroying the victim/ witness?

Tell the DOJ to Investigate Mitt Romney's Serial Fraud and Perjury

Source: PoliticusUSA.com (and reporter Rmuse)

Perjury is considered a serious offense as it can be used to usurp the power of the courts resulting in miscarriages of justice, and after investigating Willard Romney’s record while head of Bain Capital, it appears that committing perjury was standard procedure for him and his surrogates.

Romney’s surrogates working in several bankruptcy cases also made false declarations and committed perjury to be creditors and debtors’ counsel in eToys bankruptcy. A bankruptcy court golden rule that “mandates all disclosures of conflict of interest” was deliberately unheeded by Bain Capital’s secret law firm and Paul Traub who committed several acts of perjury by failing to disclose conflict of interest that will be addressed in a hearing that was set to take place December 4, but has been rescheduled to March 2013. Bain’s secret law firm convinced the Delaware bankruptcy court that on Tuesday, instead of addressing the acts of fraud and corruption in eToys bankruptcy, they will have a Status Conference to discuss the hearing in March. It is still a prime opportunity for eToys shareholders who were bilked out of their investments to address the court with their concerns regarding perjury that allowed Bain Capital to get eToys for free.
The Department of Justice cannot allow the miscarriage of justice by any American under any circumstance, and because Romney is no longer running for public office, he is no longer above the law. It was understandable, but egregiously wrong, for the DOJ to ignore Romney’s perjury in filling out disclosures and filings with the FEC and SEC during the campaign for the presidency, but as a loser and regular citizen, he must be investigated and held accountable as any other American. It is true that an investigation into him and his son’s connection to an $8.5 billion Ponzi scheme, and concealing over $15 million from the auto-bailout are being pursued, but the Justice Department must conduct a thorough investigation into all of the accusations of racketeering and criminal malfeasance that will inevitably lead to serious charges and if there is justice, a far-reaching RICO investigation. To expedite an investigation by the Department of Justice, a petition on We the People-WhiteHouse.gov website petitioning President Obama to instruct the DOJ to investigate “fraud & confessed, deliberate acts of perjury” may help bring Willard Romney and Bain Capital to justice, and now that he is no longer a candidate for public office, there is no reasonable excuse to allow this liar to escape justice any longer.

Read more: http://www.politicususa.com/doj-investigate-mitt-romneys-serial-fraud-perjury.html

We have a hearing tomorrow - where it was my desire (and Civil Right) to enter evidence of the crimes in 2001 that Mitt Romney/ Bain Capital benefited from (and seek to be "retroactively" retired from).

Despite the fact that Bain Capital (secret) attorneys have confessed to 34 acts of Perjury and also admitted that they intentionally deceived the court in the eToys case - The JUDGE has ordered that the culprits do NOT have to respond to my allegations and has post-poned my evidence hearing to hold a farce hearing. (She actually Ordered on November 20th that I had until November 20th at 4 p.m. to respond to the Bain Capital attorneys request that my hearing by post-poned).

What transpired is eToys went public and the MNAT law firm represents Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital in Delaware. The stock soared to $85 - but eToys received less than $20. MNAT lied to become eToys attorney and asked the judge for permission to destroy books & records in May 2001 (because we learned that they were hiding cash and eToys may have NOT actually been bankrupt).

Then, Michael Glazer (see Rolling Stone's Taibbi article "Greed and Debt" The Truth About Romney and Bain) - who was CEO of Kay Bee (and worked with Paul Traub at Stage Stores) - arranged for their Bain Capital assistant to become eToys CEO. They threw me out and sold eToys to Bain/ Kay Bee for less than pennies on the dollar. Then Bain Capital's attorney (MNAT) with Barry Gold (Bain Capital's Stage Stores Assistant working for Michael Glazer) and Paul Traub as Creditors Attorney (who really was a partner with Barry Gold and worked for Romney since NeoStar in the 1980's) - ALL LIED and said they had nothing to do with Bain/ Kay Bee.

When I try to submit evidence of this (which would force the Dept of Justice to do a Racketeering indictment of Bain Capital and a seizure of Mitt Romney's off shore accounts) - the evidence is always BLOCKED from being entered into the public record.

This is because a Bain Capital attorney became the Delaware United States Attorney on August 2001
(REMEMBER - Mitt Romney wants to be "retroactively" retired from August 2001 - back to February 1999 - and then go look at Colm Connolly's RESUME at the Dept of Justice Office of Legal Policy http://www.justice.gov/archive/olp/colmconnollyresume.htm

If we let Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital get away with OPENLY breaking our laws, assaulting our Constitution and corrupting our Department of Justice - how much skullduggery do you think they will do in secret?

For more background - you can read the other DU Thread


PLEASE - [br]Sign our White House Petition [br] calling for a honorable investigation of Mitt Romney/ Bain 2001?


Please Sign White House Petition to Investigate Mitt Romney/ Bain Capital Fraud 2001

For 11 1/2 years - I've been fighting this cumquats and beating them up - winning many battles. (Closed a couple of law firms, helped put some billionaire fraudsters behind bars and made many bad faith Federal Employees RESIGN).

Now that we got a focus on Mitt Romey's / Bain Capital - true nature;
I need your help to get 25,000 signatures.

Mitt Romney's Bain Capital stole eToys.com by federal fraud & perjury. We forced the lawyers to confess to lying under oath and deliberate fraud on the court 34 times. What they keep Covering UP - is the fact that they are also connected to Mitt Romney/ Bain Capital.

Toys R Us is in possession of the stolen property of the eToys federal estate - using federal CORRUPTION!
See DU Thread here http://www.democraticunderground.com/1014315589




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