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Profile Information

Name: Laser Haas
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Anywhere USA
Home country: United States
Current location: NOMADIC
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2008, 12:12 PM
Number of posts: 7,805

About Me

Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

Journal Archives

UPDATE "Haas v Romney" Racketeering: 9th Cir Appeal Show Cause Response

On October 18, 2013, yours truly sued Willard Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, Goldman Sachs and a plethora of cohorts for civil racketeering. Various versions of the Complaint were updated; and (of course) Defendants made Motions to dismiss (under FRCP 12(b)(6)). The District Court in Los Angles, ruled that the case is frivolous as an excuse to block my poor man status (where I'm homeless).

Subsequently, the 9th Circuit ruled that it concurred with the District Court - of the appeal being frivolous; because the parties are immune from prosecution due to the bankruptcy Barton doctrine (a U.S. Supreme Court case from 1881 of Barton v Barbor). The 9th Circuit said that I could pay the filing fee of $505 and file a simultaneous "Show Cause" Response as to why the the case isn't frivolous.

It's NOT frivolous; because I'm blessed with confessions to intentional Frauds on the Court!



Thus, the question remains (as the picture above from Davidicke.com queries) - is Willard Mitt Romney a criminal; and can an indigent, armed with all the evidence anyone would ever ask for (including confessions) - ever have a chance to bring such a oligarch Robber Baron to justice.

The District Court dismissed the First Amended Complaint (FAC) with prejudice (meaning I'm not permitted to file any amendments). But to the contrary of that posturing (of protecting Mitt from prosecution) the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) filing of a 12(b)(6) Motion by the Defendants (especially one full of lies/frauds); automatically grants a petitioner the right to amend.

Hence - I've supplied my 3rd Amended Complaint (3AC) - (here)

The District Court argues that I've failed to state any colorful claims whatsoever; and that I could never improve on the drafting of my complaints. Anyone who looks at what I filed years ago and the filings now, would most certainly see that even a pro se poor guy can read, grow, learn and do better.


9th Circuit Order Laser Haas pay $505 and Supply a "Show Cause" Response


Per the 9th Circuit's Order of August 21, 2001 (here), I had to pay the $505 filing fee by September 11, 2014 and file proof of payment with a Response, immediately thereafter.

Believe it or not, 5 different Republicans gifted me the $505 to pay the fee!

Here's my response that I argue, as before, the Defendants are perpetrating frauds on the court; and still continuous in covering up other criminal conspiracies (such as eToys being sold to Bain/Kay Bee for discounted prices; because the attorneys for eToys were secretly working for Bain Cap/Kay Bee).

This is my Show Cause Response

It names Attachment A - the 3rd Amended Complaint

Attachment B - TBF Stage Stores Supplement (a 7 page proof Paul Traub lies a lot)

Attachment C - US Trustee Motion to Disgorge Traub's TBF for $1.6 million
(and proof that Traub was forewarned NOT to do the crimes he did - which was deliberate fraud on the court)

Attachment D - eToys counsel (MNAT) Destroying evidence (Books & Records) to help MNAT's client Goldman Sachs

Attachment E - Creditors Committee Chairman Affidavit testifying his own attorney (Traub) deceived him

Attachment F - Time Stamp proof I told the DOJ Public Corruption Task Force about federal corruption
(and then they Shut it down SEE "Shake-up roils federal prosecutors" L.A. Times March 2008)

Attachment G - Transcript PROOF that the eToys bankruptcy court said we could see the bad guys

Attachment H - eToys attorney (MNAT) who was also my court approved filer - Forgery saying I waived $3.7 million
(if anyone reads the item - it is a pee poor forgery - because it states ITEMS 10 & 11 - that I can get paid)

Attachment i - Both of my court approved contracts that contain indemnification clauses against willful misconduct in eToys

For anyone, especially sophisticated justices (who are supposed to give pro se parties some latitude) - to say that there's NO case whatsoever and that all the items are frivolous; simply isn't true. At the end of the day, they can rubber stamp Mitt Romney, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs getting away 'Scot Free' with their organized crimes and retaliation against victim/witness;

But they can't call such - Justice!


Whistleblower Who "Conquered" Countrwide, Being Retaliated Upon (GAP 3pt series).

Whistleblower.org (a/k/a Government Accountability Project), is permitting the executive Michael Winston, who blew he whistle on CountryWide (and was labeled by New York Times Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Gretchen Morgenson as conqueror of CountryWide{here} ) to do a 3 part story on his {Michael's} ordeal of telling the truth about shaky situations to ratings agencies like Moody's. Michael Winston was repeately harassed by upper management, to lie and refused.

Mr. Winston (labeled as Wall Street's greatest enemy) continues to be victimized/retaliated upon; instead of being rewarded.

Story background by SALON.com


Michael Winston's (pic above from Salon.com) surreal story is getting much praise (as it should), by activist online. In SALON.com's August 2013 article "Wall Street's greatest enemy: The man who knows too much", Salon's online journalist David Dayen details how Michael Winston continues to be assaulted by the ones who gained unjust enrichment.

As verbatim by David Dayen;

So now, a successful high-level executive for 30 years, he has been embroiled in seven years of lawsuits with Countrywide and the company that bought it, Bank of America. His determination to speak out against multiple violations of law at Countrywide earned him retaliation, and eventually, he was frozen out of corporate boardrooms, unable to find a new job. He won a jury verdict in his case, but after two and a half more years of fighting, an appellate court reversed the ruling in highly unusual circumstances.

I keep hearing about whistle-blower protections,” he {Winston} tells Salon, exasperatedly. “It certainly didn’t happen for me.


For those of you who have followed our battle against Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and Romney; you are well aware that the courts bend over backwards, to help make sure whistleblowers aren't encouraged to do the right thing. From Snowden, to Assaunge, to myself and many others like Mr. Winston; the powers that be - simply don't want an David v Goliath victories.

As concluded by Salon's David Dayen;
The lesson is clear: If you object to the corrupt practices at financial giants like Countrywide and Bank of America, you will be marginalized and financially ruined. And even if you think you’ve won, over time you will lose. “No one who receives a jury verdict can feel safe,” Winston said. His actions – filing a health and safety complaint and refusing to misrepresent material facts for the company – are supposed to be protected by law. None of that mattered. Says Winston, “If I can’t get this case heard, why would any whistle-blower speak up?”


I've got some good news in my case against Romney & gang;
because (believe it or not - due to Republican's helping) - the case is continuing.

As for me, I'm well aware that - even if any court ever permits the evidences to be entered - chances are the powers that be will make sure I never get back what they stole from me and many victims. Be that as it may, I'm extremely well pleased to see that Michael Winston did the right thing; and hope/pray others - too - may tell their tales of woe, in bringing down illegal corporate (white collar fraud) wrong doings.

Please take the time to read GAP's Whistleblower.org Michael Winston's 3 part series "A Whistleblowers Story" (part 1)!

Bain Cap Digs Clear Channel into Big Debt & Exits Sensata w/Stock Offering of $0 to Sensata

For those following the never ending battle of exposing Romney and his Bain Capital as nothing more than modern day Robber Baron doing contemporary bust outs; we present you with the news of Sensata's stock offering that gets Sensata zero benefit and the telling of the tale of Bain Capital's restructure of Clear Channel Communications debt load - massive.

Romney's Sensata Exporting Jobs

For some background on Sensata, we turn to Think Progress's 2012 story "Romney Invested In Company That Is Outsourcing Jobs, Forcing Workers To Train Their Chinese Replacements"

The story reflects that;

Workers at Sensata Technologies, a business based in Freeport, Illinois, have been protesting Mitt Romney’s campaign stops across the country all summer because the company, which is owned by Bain Capital, is laying off workers in order to hire employees in China. Bain took control of Sensata in 2006; last year, it took over the Freeport plant and announced that it would layoff 165 workers and close it.

Some of the workers, according to Sensata employees, have been forced to train their Chinese replacements, adding insult to the injury that was their looming job loss.

To get an insider's picture of Sensata, there's a HuffPo story by a Sensata worker "My Pain is Romney's Gain". Meanwhile, in the Think Progress story, they go on to reflect that the Sensata deal was (purportedly) well after Romney left Bain Capital.

However - the question that remains unanswered is ---

Does Romney (pic above provided by Think Progress) still own Bain Capital?


Bain Capital is Exiting Sensata as Stock Offering Gets Nothing to Sensata.

Can't give you too much on this part of the story; because it is a link to a paid subscription site (and most likely an issue they are seeking to keep swept under the rug). It appears that Bain Capital is (quietly) exiting Sensata; which is peculiar because (usually) after stock offerings - parties are forbidden to exit as it sends an uncanny (shaky) message.

As reported by Topix (here) - it states that;

Sensata Technologies will not receive any proceeds from this offering. The offering is expected to close on BofA Merrill Lynch and Citigroup are acting as underwriters of the offering.

Topix links to Sys-Con Media story titled "Sensata Technologies Holding N.V. Announces Secondary Offering by Selling Shareholders"; and that story iterates the following --

ALMELO, Netherlands, Sept. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Sensata Technologies Holding N.V. (NYSE: ST) today announced that existing shareholders (the "Selling Shareholders" have agreed to sell 15,050,632 ordinary shares in an underwritten public offering. Sensata Technologies will not receive any proceeds from this offering. The offering is expected to close on September 10, 2014.


The begging question is - are the "Selling Shareholders" Bain Capital?
Clear Channel Communications Huge Debt Load of $20 Billion

Meanwhile, back at the Bain Capital mysfunctional ranch; there's the issue of Bain Capital's & Thomas Lee Partner's acquisition of Clear Channel Communication's being dug further into debt. With the only answer to the problem (outside of a bankruptcy filing) - is to find more suckers to place Clear Channel under more debt.

As reported by MediaPost Publications via Media Daily News story (here) of "Clear Channel Still Juggles Debt" - the online article states that --

Still laboring under $20.7 billion of debt -- most of it assumed in the deal to take the company private, engineered by Bain Capital and Thomas H. Lee Partners in 2008 -- Clear Channel Communications is furiously juggling financial obligations with yet another debt offering, which will be used to pay off debts coming due in the near term.


Sooner or later, the scheme of putting off till tomorrow, the pain you are causing today - is going to catch up with Clear Channel. As I've iterated before (from my personal experience) Romney's gangs are bad businessmen - as to their ability to actually (consistently) have business maintain growth & profitability. Guitar Center is in questionable health too (though the CFO thereof begs to differ - HERE).

Romney's Bain Cap. is great at sucking out the cash life and playing around with the carcasses.

Tick Tock!

Victims Have NO Voice: Woe Unto Thee with Bad Memories!

In my quest against manifest injustice, I often come upon other victims who seek my assistance - in their battles against tyranny, cronyism, corruption and being a victim of injustice. My very first lesson to them -is that;

No One Else Cares...

This saddens them, even takes away some hope; but it is a lesson that they must learn (better to despise me for saying so - than to learn the hard way). If they hang up and/or quit emailing me - I persist to get them back online/on phone; telling them that

No One - that is - except for people like me!

By "people like me" - I mean other victims. In the most recent thread on the issue of rape, there's much banter about how the banter on "Discussionist" is by mean and cruel people. Such is the result of the anonymity of the web. We are allowed (and to a great degree - even encouraged) to be anonymous behind a fictitious name.

One thing hit me hard, is the remarks of many; and as I was picking upon which particular commentary to focus upon - this one by 'BainsBane' hit home (for those who have followed and/or read anything about me - you'll understand why). The issue is, it doesn't matter how hard your story is - as a victim - UNLESS, someone else talks about it.

BainsBane has a comment upon the thread "I was threatened with rape today: NSFW". TDale313 made the following comment (here);

I am sorry and disgusted by this

And this shit does need to be taken seriously. It's a violation and an attack, even if there is no intention to physically act on the threats.

I really hope the admins will reconsider adding misogyny to the ToS. I am also disheartened by the response that the real problem was not so much the troll or the system at discussionist or here, but the fact that someone dared to post it here and say we might just have a problem here. Sigh.

Now, I give a hat tip to TDale313 for being an intellectual with a unique approach;
as is exampled by his sig line of;

I've overheard your theory "nostalgia's for geeks" I guess sir, if you say so.

------------------------------------------------------------------Some of us just like to read- Lady Gaga, Applause
BainsBane had this to reply (here);

I have a great deal of trouble wrapping my head around that kind of reaction

It is so completely inconsistent with people's views on, for example, transparency in government

Now, don't get me and/or TDale313 and/or BainsBane - wrong; just because we are all coming from different dynamics of similar issues and convictions, doesn't mean we have abject forethought. BainsBane is an intellectual too, as is detailed by her pic as a sig line;


Captivating, even more so, than BainsBane remarks and position on the subjects - is here Profile page and the following;

Self-deleting on requests from host

BainsBane has the following conclusion upon here (reportedly) deleted thread - that;

The idea of reducing feminism to purity tests is an insult
----------------------------------and demeans issues of human equality that many liberals care deeply about.


What's at issue, is that of character. Most of U.S. here on DU, have good character and seek to battle the dark side via unity of purpose and efforts. This is a good thing. Unfortunately, individuals are not given their proper attention - unless the subject matter touches another - and another - and another.

Victims - Have NO Voice!

Until others talk about your issue, it is as if you are in space, without a helmet (violating physics not getting frozen by the negative 200% vacuum of space) and uttering words that aren't there;

because there's no one to hear - the words that cannot be carried - in a void....

It is a shame that life is so. That you can't simply be a victim of a circumstance. How much more better the world would be that instead of worrying - if someone gives a damn; that we could immediately go to a person and/or group that cared and knew how to help you resolve & move forward.

Be that as it may, I continue in my quests. Today that not only includes finding a way to bring down Romney when no one else seems to care (even here at DU); but also another victim of Romney-esque "Bankruptcy Ring" racketeering via the corrupt Chief justice of Florida's bankruptcy court - the Honorable {sic} Paul Hyman.

Meryl Lanson and her husband Norm, once had a chain of clothing stores titled "Baron's". Her accountant took millions and then their attorney talked them into bankruptcy and another (purported) friend, was the receiver/trustee who would turn things around for them.

Instead - they stole the Lanson's company - and robbed them of their life's savings.

Today, Meryl is a survivor (at 65) of Breast cancer and surgery to remove. Her husband Norm is not faring so well. His cancer of throat (at age 75) is taken a toll; and Meryl, with her son - are right now - at the Emergency room.

Tearing my heart apart and demonstrating that others do care, on the way to the Emergency room, Meryl sends me an email alerting me to the fact that she's headed that way; but her parting words are about my recent developments and sense of hopelessness. As Meryl states;

On the way to the emergency room with Norm;
getting you an item you need from PACER - hang in there please xoxoxo....

G-d bless Meryl Lanson and her family (she makes this 58 year old weep)!

------------------------------------------------Along with the BainsBane's and TDale313 of the world it is readily apparent

Victims have NO voice - until others care!


In the next few days, as broke as I am, it is my intent to form an Anti Manifest Injustice Forum.

There has to be a place where we can go - that others will care - and misogny (those ebols who don't care about victims) - are simply ignored.

As BainsBane states in her Profile page - misogny (frowning upon victims) isn't a good thing.

A victim (even a potential one) shouldn't have to point out the intensity of their pain - to seek solace and justice;
and then also have to deal with apathy, laxity (and - even worse) the despicable!

As detailed by BainsBane..

Instead, there is mocking of feminist concerns. In the midst of a very long thread, someone asked for links proving misogyny. Since I did not want to call out or malign any particular member, I provided a list of ISSUES that I associated with misogyny. Someone PMed me to say how much they liked that list and asked me to create an OP. I did so here.

I listed concerns, issues. No where did I present it as a test or insist if anyone disagreed with me on some or most of those issues they were a "bad person." The point was to inform about positions that some of us who are feminists find concerning. It was also to point out that misogyny means more than the commonly understood definition of hatred of women but also refers to persistent discrimination against women. Many people are unaware of the latter meaning.

I hope & pray for a world where we start - each day - to care more about the hope and pursuit of good;
instead of the desire of self.

I'm just sayin.....

City Too Corrupt for Florida - is Spared (being dissolved by the State).

That phras "City too Corrupt for Florida is Spared" is an actual title to a CNN story (here). The city of approximately 500 persons, of Hampton, Florida reportedly annexed a small part of the highway nearby; in order to garner "speed trap" revenue via traffic ticketing.

Then the mayor was arrested for drugs (Osycodone) and various investigations abounded.

State Legislators Sought to Dissolve Hampton, Florida - as a city - due to corruption

As reported on Wikipedia (here), in November 2013

the city's mayor was arrested for selling Oxycodone.[4]

On February 10, 2014 auditors from the Florida Joint Legislative Auditing Committee presented 31 violations of state law, city charter and federal tax requirements to state legislators.[5] The city made $211,328 ticketing people driving its 1,260 feet of U.S. Highway 301 during 2012,[6] giving the city an unenviable reputation as a "speed trap".[7] The committee will formally ask State Attorney Bill Cervone to investigate any potential criminal activity, and a number of state representatives and senators are pursuing the dissolution of Hampton.[8] In the wake of the controversy, many city officials have resigned.[9] State legislators visited Hampton on March 28, 2014 to see if the issues had been solved.[10] They have agreed to let Hampton stay incorporated, because the city planned to retract the annexation of U.S. Highway 301 and decommission its police force. Hampton also has accounted for budget shortfalls, and reformed its city council proceedings


CNN - "City Too Corrupt for Florida is Spared"

I was alerted to this saga by a comedy routine repeat on this morning's radio show in Los Angeles. The joke was "How corrupt does a city have to be, for some one to care about it - in Florida". Which brings me back to the title of the CNN story by CNN journalist Ann O'Neil a City Too Corrupt for Florida.

Brilliant title - apropos (maybe) - but accurate, HELL No!

A more precise depiction of the scenario should be "Hampton, Florida, THE Most Caught Up City on Corruption". Even if, arguendo, the speed trap revenue ratio to the city's budget is one of extreme largess; doesn't make any substantial logical basis for the claim of "Too Corrupt for Florida". More than likely, those corrupt and CNN (I believe is corrupt also) seeks to U.S. and the citizens of Florida from the other flagrant shenanigans going on; by focusing in on ye little old town.

A better title too, is "Steal Big - Only if you are big"

Here's a link to the actual video by CNN, with a title thereupon a little less demeaning of

---------------------------------"The Most Corrupt Town in America?"

As is obvious, putting the question mark at the end, turns the whole story into a different paradigm. It begs the question - instead of making the statement. The way reporters dupe U.S. is nothing less than scandalous (just plain wrong).


City Police Force Swelled to 19

Yup - that's correct - ye liddle ole town of Hampton started having visions of life extraordinary. If you are getting paid big, the path of least resistance is to find a way to get paid big - at a faster pace. But CNN and/or its reporter - doesn't stop there - as is readily apparent by the story's remark that;

Already a notorious speed trap, the place gained even more infamy as a symbol of small-town corruption when the legislators threatened last month to yank its city charter. Late-night comedians mocked Hampton as "too Florida, even for Florida.
Granted, the journalist points out that "Late-night comedians" did the slur; but even that reporting isn't pure (as it was one comedians remark - repeated {but credited} by many). The specific comedian being Conan O'Brien; whom this particular journalist only remarks upon in the following paragraph (and then - only by 1st name).

Be that as it may, the real story of importance is that the City Mayor resigned (reportedly from jail), as did many other officials; and they not only returned monies questionable - they gave up the highway speed trap.

That - is a good thing for the zipper bye's of Flordia.........

As reported by CNN, the Florida legislators yielded on their plan to disband Hampton, Florida - stating;

But even as Conan and the rest of world cackled, even as investigators carted boxes of documents out of Hampton City Hall, even as some residents pointed fingers, others rolled up their sleeves and started to turn their city around.

In just four short weeks, they came up with a plan that convinced state Rep. Charles Van Zant and Sen. Rob Bradley to spare their city. They won an uphill fight nobody thought they could win.

"Thank you for the work that has been done," Bradley told the crowd of 50 gathered Friday at Victory Baptist Church. "You've got a lot more to do, but boy. ..." He clearly was impressed, and so was Van Zant, who said, "You've done yeoman's work. I think you've done well."


My question (that shall never be answered) - is - what actually brought the corruption down (as a fighter of corruption - I'd really like to know). Was it the fact that some retiree got ticketed more than once? Did the cop recruitment set off some type of "good ole boys" alarm that "Hey guys, these greedy stalwarts are going to ruin a good thing for the rest of us"? Or did they actually ticket a corrupt official and/or make one jealous?

I'm just sayin......

Romney's 2016 Achilles Heel is eToys.com Fraud, Colm Connolly & Laser Haas

Apparently, there are (purported) legal minds among us here at DU; who give their loyalty to other places 1st. They wouldn't dare - EVER - publicly say a bad word about Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and/or Willard Mitt Romney. Far better rewards for joining the dark side and helping oligarch Robber Baron's beat up on indigent victims.

Who knows - you too can become a Romney brown noser and get filthy rich.

In spite of all the banter to the contrary, of judge's ruling all across the country - that Romney & his (RICO) gangs are lord - and yours truly is an insignificant amoeba;

the truth be told - I've got Pitten's by the proverbials!


A bunch of disingenuous persons claiming to be lawyers, follow me around, on my postings, constantly barking I'm not an attorney (no {c}hit) and then they say I don't have a case; because the courts don't say I have one. They aren't telling the truth and refuse to address any allegations straight on.

Romney's Achilles Heel is the time period 1999 to 2001 - and eToys.

More specifically, The Learning Company, Kay Bee, Stage Stores and eToys.com (just to name a few). These are cases he has to continue to lie about and WILL continue to lie about; in order for him to become POTUS in 2016. Make NO mistake, he who dreamed of riding a white horse into the White House said he had "The Vision" (after all - Mitt believes he's going to be a g0d someday).

His problem remains (retroactively) - to be Colm Connolly, eToys and yours truly.


MNAT is eToys attorney. Unfortunately for Mitt, MNAT is also his attorney, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs too. Paul Traub is also Romney's counsel at Stage Stores. working under Barry Gold, who worked for Michael Glazer.

Romney=Bain Cap=MNAT=Goldman Sachs=eToys.com=Kay Bee=Paul Traub=Stage Stores=Michael Glazer & Barry Gold.

There's already irrefutable corroboration that Michael Glazer knows how to take a bribe and make Mitt happy. Just look at
Matt Taibbi's September 2012 Rolling Stone cover story "Greed and Debt" a True Story of Romney & Bain Cap. Taibbi retells what I told him about Kay Bee fraud - this way;

At the time of the KB Toys deal, Romney was a Bain investor and owner, making him a mere beneficiary of the raping and pillaging, rather than its direct organizer. Moreover, KB's demise was hastened by a host of genuine market forces, including competition from video games and cellphones. But there's absolutely no way to look at what Bain did at KB and see anything but a cash grab – one that followed the business model laid out by Romney. Rather than cutting costs and tightening belts, Bain added $300 million in debt to the firm's bottom line while taking out more than $120 million in cash – an outright looting that creditors later described in a lawsuit as "breaking open the piggy bank." What's more, Bain smoothed the deal in typical fashion by giving huge bonuses to the company's top managers as the firm headed toward bankruptcy. CEO Michael Glazer got an incredible $18.4 million, while CFO Robert Feldman received $4.8 million and senior VP Thomas Alfonsi took home $3.3 million.


What the big deal is - Michael Glazer paid this "dividend" to himself and Romney's Bain Cap; and then followed it up with filing bankruptcy of Kay Bee. How long would you or I last, if we bought into a company, took out millions and then filed bankruptcy?

I'm just sayin.........

Stage Stores Fraud as Explained by Matt Taibbi

This one I have to give credit to Matt's team on their own. Taibbi had cancelled our conference call and went to press before we discussed all of these issues. It is a shame; because there's (was) a Pulitzer Prize waiting in the wings for Taibbi. Unfortunately, it's not all his fault - after all - he doesn't control the presses.

Here's what Taibbi said about Stage Stores;

Romney was right in the middle of this radical change. In fact, according to The Boston Globe – whose in-depth reporting on Romney and Bain has spanned three decades – one of Romney's first LBO deals, and one of his most profitable, involved Mike Milken himself. Bain put down $10 million in cash, got $300 million in financing from Milken and bought a pair of department-store chains, Bealls Brothers and Palais Royal. In what should by now be a familiar outcome, the two chains – which Bain merged into a single outfit called Stage Stores – filed for bankruptcy protection in 2000 under the weight of more than $444 million in debt. As always, Bain took no responsibility for the company's demise. (If you search the public record, you will not find a single instance of Mitt Romney taking responsibility for a company's failure.) Instead, Bain blamed Stage's collapse on "operating problems" that took place three years after Bain cashed out, finishing with a $175 million return on its initial investment of $10 million.

But here's the interesting twist: Romney made the Bealls-Palais deal just as the federal government was launching charges of massive manipulation and insider trading against Milken and his firm, Drexel Burnham Lambert. After what must have been a lengthy and agonizing period of moral soul-searching, however, Romney decided not to kill the deal, despite its shady financing. "We did not say, 'Oh, my goodness, Drexel has been accused of something, not been found guilty,' " Romney told reporters years after the deal. "Should we basically stop the transaction and blow the whole thing up?"

In an even more incredible disregard for basic morality, Romney forged ahead with the deal even though Milken's case was being heard by a federal district judge named Milton Pollack, whose wife, Moselle, happened to be the chairwoman of none other than Palais Royal. In short, one of Romney's first takeover deals was financed by dirty money – and one of the corporate chiefs about to receive a big payout from Bain was married to the judge hearing the case. Although the SEC took no formal action, it issued a sharp criticism, complaining that Romney was allowing Milken's money to have a possible influence over "the administration of justice."

What Taibbi Missed - in cancelling his August 2012 conference call with Laser Haas.

  1. Michael Glazer was a Director at Stage Stores too

  2. Glazer is now the CEO of Stage Stores

  3. Barry Gold was the "Director's assistant" at Stage Stores

  4. Paul Traub's TBF law firm was hired for Stage, by Barry Gold

  5. Barry and Paul own Asset Disposition Advisors (ADA)

  6. ADA works the Kay Bee Toys bankruptcy (illegally)

  7. MNAT represents Bain Cap in the $100 million Kay Bee Fraud

  8. Paul Traub asked to be the prosecutor of Glazer and Bain $100 million


Strange thingy is - I did tell Matt Taibbi about Colm Connolly. Rolling Stone decided to get rid of eToys, Laser Haas, Colm Connolly (and - said to say - Matt Taibbi).

MNAT from 1999 to August 2001 partner -is Colm Connolly

Want to know why this particular attorney at law is so awesome a piece of evidence? Real Simple! Mitt claims to be "retroactively" retired from Bain Capital as CEO, in August 2001; back to February 11, 1999. That just so happens to be the same exact time that Colm Connolly was a MNAT partner. Before then, Connolly was the Assistant U.S. Attorney in Delaware.

After August 2, 2001 - Colm Connolly was THE Delaware United States Attorney!

For 7 years, we kept giving proof of eToys, Kay Bee, The Learning Company and Stage Stores frauds to the Delaware United States Attorney's office. Not once, in those many years, did Mr. Connolly ever inform me (when he kept declining to investigate and/or prosecute Romney, Bain Cap, Goldman Sachs, MNAT, Traub, Glazer and Barry Gold)

that Colm Connolly was a partner in the crimes!

Here's the Department of Justice, Office of Legal Policy - Colm Connolly Resume


How does an organized crime (Racketeering) boss, get away with billions and billions in frauds, over and over again? One way is owning a federal prosecutor over your case. If Taibbi had reported all of this, instead of living it up to little old me; then (perhaps) Nixon would be the 2nd most notorious President.

Romney would have been arrested - immediately after he lost!

Be that as it may, the 9th Circuit is browning up to the sophisticated criminals (there's some soon to be vacant SCOTUS seats). Even if Romney's gang does me in (there are many dead already, in this case {Marty Lackner, eToys shareholder Robert Alber had to shoot/kill career criminal Michael Sesseyoff and then there's my & Connolly's - John {Jack} Wheeler).

No matter what happens to me - these Truths are immortal;
and (chiefly) public docket / federal archive records irrefutable.

Romney's Continuous Organized Crime & Federal Corruption of eToys

Romney was CEO of Bain Capital in 2001.

Glazer was CEO of Kay Bee in 2001

Barry Gold and Paul Traub worked with Glazer & Romney 2000/2001 at Stage Stores

MNAT handled Romney's merger of The Learning Company with Mattel

Bain Capital $83 million Kay Bee fraud by MNAT

eToys.com was sold to Romney/Bain=Glazer/Kay Bee for tens of millions.

Paul Traub lied to become eToys Creditors counsel

MNAT lied to become eToys Debtors counsel

Traub and MNAT snuck in Barry Gold as a post-bankruptcy petition CEO of eToys.

Then they booted me out (when I wouldn't take a bribe and reported it to the DOJ)

And that person was MNAT's Colm Connolly.

IF YOU DON"T Understand this - write down your questions.

------------------------------------------- Can Al Capone "retraoctively" retire from his organized crimes?

Can Capone make Frank Nitti the fed prosecutor

---------------------------------------------- and then claim statute of limitations for failure to prosecute?

Bankruptcy Fraud runs for 5 years, from the closure of the case; and etoys.com bankruptcy case (DE Bankr 01-706) - is still open (soon to close - after 13 1/2 years). This is a CURRENT crime and the SOL will still be running - when Pitten's runs in 2016. MNAT betrayed its court approved client and the Law firm would close - if this case breaks. If you think we can't close law firms with the truth; then look up Hutchins Wheeler, Traub Bonacquist & Fox, Dewey Lebouf, Dreier LLP and Rothstein.

Racketeering also includes Bankruptcy Fraud statutes......

Goldman Sachs would never be trusted to do another IPO again - IF - this story comes out in full.

As for Bain Capital - I don't understand why the feds haven't seized it already;
I'm serving them up on a silver platter - as the largest Racketeering seizure of all time.

It ain't rocket science people

I'm just sayin......


Why do we tolerate corruption; and babbling BS?

Everyone acts as if corruption is undefeatable. No one, especially attorneys at law; dares to discuss corrupt courts.

Do you know what "Color of Law" is?

Rick Perry rigged the Cameron Todd Willingham investigating committee; changing those in charge and shutting down the report.

Governor Cuomo did the same thing with the Mooreland Commission.

The DOJ Public Corruption Task Farce in Los Angeles,; was shut down by GWB's Tom O'Brien (Air Guard fly buddy) in March 2008; and he said that

There were NO public corruption cases to prosecute.

United States Attorney NJ (Chris Christie) gave his former boss (USAG John Ashcroft) a $50 million No Bid contract "Deferred Prosecution Agreement";

And then Christie was rewarded with Governor gig; as he gives away billions to his supporters by robbing pension funds.

Why do we tolerate such blatant corruption?

Do you remember what they use to call a target of federal investigations, giving a federal prosecutor. a $50 million dollar payment

To defer any prosecution?

BREAKING (my will they think) NEWS: 9th Circuit Rejects "Haas v Romney" for Racketeering

On October 18, 2013 - yours truly sued Mitt Romney & gang for Racketeering; because Congress and the Supreme Court of the United States affirmed that an ordinary citizen can become a "Private Attorney General" to fill in "Prosecutorial Gaps" (See U.S. Sup. Ct Sedima v Imrex {here}).

A week ago - (I just got the word Friday) - the 9th Circuit rejected the "Haas v Romney" as frivolous.

What blows my mind, is that the 9th Circuit is supposed to be "THE" liberal Circuit Court in America. Everyone who wants to see justice in my case - really believed the issues would get a fair shake there. After all, a trial is all I'm seeking, so that a jury may determine the weight of the evidence. The evidences - by the way - are pretty substantial;

as I'm armed with a thing called CONFESSIONS!


Is Willard Mitt Romney a Racketeer?

Now, before you scoff (or get assuaged from making a true logical conclusion due to the 1/2 baked banter of trolls) - stating RICO is only for mobsters; 1st consider what the definition of a mobster is. Do you think it only means the Italian Mafia? (shame on ye).. Can it not also mean (as pic'd by Ann Werner from Liberals Unite above) a Wall Street Robber Baron?

Organized Crime is what the 1970 Racketeering Influence & Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act is all about. Think of it as the Al Capone Act (which many judges argues it is - but was not named so - to prevent Capone from being glorified). If you'll remember, Capone was consider "untouchable" by any local, state and even federal prosecutor. Either they were bribed and/or too scared to take Al Capone's organization on (which some calculating parties said was a Trillion dollar empire by today's standards).

And - if you'll remember - Capone was taken down by "untouchables" for Tax Evasion.

----------------------------------------------Now (of Romney's Tax secrets) - how apropos is that!

Mitt's evading of prosecution includes the fact that he lied upon his Federal Election Campaign Finance OGE 278 Form that MoveOn.org sent a letter requesting a federal investigation for; but we've heard of NO investigation (cause Pitten's is going to be POTUS in 2016 - but more on that in another thread). You can see MoveOn.org's well reasoned complaint titled "Legal Analysis Outlines Potential Crime In Mitt Romney's Financial Disclosures". MoveOn.org has it 100% correct; but there's no response noted by the feds.

Here's my SEC proof that Romney was still CEO of Bain Capital in 2001 (here).

The crimes that I've got Romney as a RICO boss upon, include Federal Election fraud, The Learning Company (that no main stream press reported about); which is a $3 Billion dollar fraud upon Mattel Toys. Kay Bee Toys $100 million (that was reported by me to Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone and made a part of his September 2012 Cover Story "Greed and Debt". Also in "Greed and Debt" you'll see the issues of Stage Stores and Kay Bee; where Romney formed Stage Stores by fraudster Michael Milken's money - because the Judge's wife was an executive in the deal.

Taibbi missed a few things (cancelling our conference call);
such as Michael Glazer was at Kay Bee and Stage Stores
and Romney was still CEO of Bain Capital in 2001 (see - here)!

In the Kay Bee Toys case, Michael Glazer was CEO, who paid himself $18 million and Bain Capital $83 million; before he filed Bankruptcy of Kay Bee in 2004. MNAT law firm that handled the merger of The Learning Company, is only in Delaware. MNAT is representing Bain Capital of the $83 million fraud in Kay Bee (see the proof - {here}). Paul Traub asked to be the one to prosecute Michael Glazer and Bain Capital - and (when I tried to get him punished for that crime) the Delaware Department of Justice had the evidence stricken from the record (here).

Proof (here) - in Romney's Stage Stores - that Barry Gold & Traub's TBF worked there.



Romney is a Racketeer - Who Owned a Federal Prosecutor - Colm Connolly

As you can see by much of the evidence, EVERYWHERE we go - it is the same players (Romney, Bain Capital, Goldman Sachs, Paul Traub, Barry Gold, Michael Glazer and MNAT law firm); but they are never prosecuted. In The Learning Company (merged in Delaware), Colm Connolly was the Assistant United States Attorney in 1999 (See his DOJ OLP Resume - {here})

- The Case that ties it all into Racketeering.

In Stage Stores, owned by Romney, Michael Glazer (also CEO of Kay Bee Toys at the time) is now CEO; but was a Director at Stage Stores, with Jack Bush, in 2000/2001. Bain Capital acquired Kay Bee in 2000. At that time Paul Traub and Barry Gold worked together on other Romney cases such as Jumbo Sports too.

Barry Gold was also the director's assistant who hired Traub's TBF firm at Stage Stores (proof - here).

In our eToys case, the Delaware Bankruptcy Court approved my company (CLI) being the court approved Liquidation Consultant (see Court Orders - {here}), Though Romney's Bain Capital bragged they were buying eToys.com assets for $5.4 million. See NY Times discussing another eToys bankruptcy (Parent Company) and detailing the history (here) that states;

EToys filed for bankruptcy protection in 2001 and its assets were bought by KB Toys, one of the nation’s biggest toy retailers, for more than $5 million. KB Toys, which filed for bankruptcy in 2004, filed again this month. It has already begun going-out-of-business sales.

What is bogus about all of that, is the fact that MNAT lied to become eToys Debtor's counsel. Paul Traub lied to become eToys Creditors counsel. And then they schemed to put in Barry Gold as CEO and tossed me out (because I made Romney's Bain Capital bid tens of millions of dollars). By tossing me out, MNAT, Traub and Barry Gold could get back the extra millions to their boss.

In 2004, I found proof that MNAT worked for Romney's Bain Capital at The Learning Company and also worked for Goldman Sachs. MNAT confessed Goldman Sachs; but never admitted (to this very day) it works for Bain Capital. If MNAT ever does admit - the Law Firm Will CLOSE; because MNAT sold out a client - for the sake of a secret client.

MNAT even had eToys Books & Records DESTROYED (see - {here})


Colm Connolly was a Corrupt Federal Prosecutor

Going back to that Department of Justice Office of Legal Policy Resume of Colm Connolly (here); we can take note of the 2 most important things about "retroactive" Romney/ Colm Connolly.

Mitt claims that he was "retroactively" retired from Bain Capital as of August 2001; back to February 11, 1999. If you will gaze upon Colm Connolly's resume, you will see that he was a MNAT partner from 1999 to August 2001. That is the same period of time that "The Learning Company", Kay Bee Toys, Stage Stores and eToys frauds all transpired - in the BILLIONS of dollars.

But, on August 2, 2001- Colm Connolly became the Delaware United States Attorney;
who buried Romney & gang from investigation and/or prosecution for 7 years.

Now - I ask you - does my case seem frivolous to you

---------------------------------------- Or do you see where there's a Prosecutorial Gap?



Airline Gives Unaccompanied Minor to Wrong Person: Abductor (not that) Jennifer Lopez

It was the Jennifer Lopez thingy that caught my eye. How is it that a major news source doesn't have to put up a disclaimer (like I did in my title) - clarifying the obvious - that isn't so much so, until you read the story?

This is upon my Facebook page - by WTSP 10 News - stating;

WTSP 10 News
AIRLINE MIXUP: This little girl's dad is trying desperately to get his baby back after she flew on Delta as an unaccompanied minor. The airline gave her to the wrong person - and the person they gave her to was just released from prison.

{The wrong person is a Jennifer Lopez - but not the one we know - who was imprisoned for having hubby beaten/crippled}.

and then my FB page asks this question...

How would you handle this?


This is the link to WTSP website that (apparently) is reporting a local Houston station (KPRC) and CNN.


It states that;

The 7-year-old was flying as an unaccompanied minor,

but was turned over to her mother-- who just got out of prison and shouldn't have custody of her.


The story continues to reveal the details that;

{the child} was picked up by a relative -- but not one who is supposed to have custody of her. Angelina was greeted and taken by her mother -- 39-year-old Jennifer Lopez.

Butler -- who lives in Cincinnati -- still bears the injuries from the last time he saw the mother of his child. He walks slowly with a pronounced limp.

He was too emotional to talk to us on camera -- but says six years ago Lopez and several accomplices beat him severely and kidnapped Angelina and another child.


So - as my FB page asked -

How would you handle this?


Father & Daughter Reunited

Fortunately - they were reunited quickly - as the father flew down and picked up his daughter.


Wonder if the mother Lopez - will wind back in prison - for picking up the daughter;
and/or - if another family member arranged for all this to happen.

May never know.....

What if the story title had been Jennifer Lopez's daughter abducted by - Jennifer Lopez....?

I'm just sayin.......

CBS News: Americans Pessimistic - Blame Wall Street & Washington

On CBS News this morning (Aug. 29) - CBS News contributor Frank Lutz displayed a focus group to poll on the current state of affairs. He offered a question of - whether or not - the people would take a check to leave the United States.

When he polled those there and asked who blamed Wall Street alone - only 1 person raised their hand. Same result when he polled the question of "do you blame Washington D.C. alone". However, when he asked how many felt that it was both Wall Street and Washington D.C. to blame - everyone else raised their hands.

Here's a link to the video (that I'm not techy enough to place here);
and the pic is by CBS




What say ye -

Do you blame Wall Street


--- or both?
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