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Name: Laser Haas
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Anywhere USA
Home country: United States
Current location: NOMADIC
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2008, 01:12 PM
Number of posts: 7,805

About Me

Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

Journal Archives

Romney Sued for RICO in Fed Court

Source: Press Release Friday October 18, 2013

Romney Sued for RICO in Fed Court

By Collateral Logistics, Inc.,
CEO Steven (“Laser”) Haas
([email protected])
October 18, 2013

Los Angeles – Steven (“Laser”) Haas owns Collateral Logistics, Inc., (“CLI”) locally. Haas sued Mitt Romney for $100 million today for Racketeering in the Central Federal District Court in Los Angeles at 3:47 pm. The case was assigned to the Honorable District Justice Stephen V. Wilson presiding; and Magistrate Justice Alicia G. Rosenberg to hear discovery motions.

Nature of Proceeding

The case is titled “Haas v Romney” and is assigned docket number CV13-07738. District Court Clerk’s office remarked that it may take several days to scan in the initial Complaint.

CLI’s owner Steven Haas (more commonly known as Laser) was compelled to file the Complaint in an alternative venue. The Delaware Bankruptcy Court Justice Mary F Walrath refused to address issues that Plaintiff Haas alleges are frauds upon the court and organized crimes by RICO Romney and his Gang.

Civil Racketeering complaints permit a plaintiff to become a “Private Attorney General” to address issues of “Prosecutorial Gaps”. Plaintiff Laser Haas claims that such prosecution gaps exist. The litigant alleges the former United States Attorney in Delaware (Colm F Connolly) had been a partner at the MNAT law firm in 2001. MNAT represents Goldman Sachs/ Bain Capital.

Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital are named as Co-Defendants

Also named in the lawsuit as “Defendants” are Goldman Sachs (who took eToys public and is accused of fraud), Bain Capital (that bought Kay Bee Toys in 2000) and Michael Glazer (CEO of Stage Stores and Kay Bee who worked with Bain/ Kay Bee to buy eToys) and Barry Gold (who worked as director’s assistant at Stage Stores and then became a post-bankruptcy petition President/CEO of eToys in May 2001. Plus Paul Traub is named (who confessed in 2005 that he was secretly Barry Gold’s partner). Mr. Traub was also partners with fraudster Marc Dreier and named by the Federal Receiver over Tom Petters Ponzi as “controller” thereof.

Colm Connolly was also named as “co-defendant” personally.

Read more: http://petters-fraud.com/haas_v_romney_lawsuit_press_release.pdf

Above pic provided by Rmuse at PoliticusUSA.com


Previously, yours truly tried to address this issue in the Delaware Bankruptcy Court; but the judge and clerk there played unlawful/unethical games and refused to docket the October 24, 2012 filing - until November 6, 2012 (where Romney couldn't be hurt by the press learning the facts).

See the Delaware Bankruptcy Court filing of October 24, 2012 - online at Scribd (Here).

This is the Los Angeles California Federal District Court Complaint filed today (here).

If Mitt and his Gang do not manage to get the filing put under SEAL - or dismissed by corruption - the trial promises to be a doozie. Our Racketeering complete has Razor sharp teeth.

PIC provided by Rmuse at PoliticusUSA.com


SUMMING up the Racketeering case in a nutshell.

Romney WAS the Bain Capital CEO when the following frauds transpired

  1. The Learning Company (worst corp merger of ALL time - lost $3 billion)
  2. Stage Stores (formed with Michael Milken fraud monies & corrupt judge]
  3. Kay Bee Toys (CEO Glazer paid himself $18 million and Bain $83 - then filed Bankrutpcy}
  4. eToys (a case that provides proof of federal corruption extraordinary)
  5. U.S. Attorney Colm Connolly was a Bain law firm partner

Civil RICO (Racketeering Influence Corrupt Organizations Act) permits any U.S. Citizen to become a "Private Attorney General" to go after people who are falling between the cracks in "Prosecutorial Gaps".

Romney, Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs are (always have been) - Above the Law

Federal corruption is protecting him in "Deal"aware.

We're going to see if the same holds true in California.

If the media picks this up - the evidence is So Strong - the RICO loses

ROLLING STONE September 2012 Cover Story by Matt Taibbi "Greed and Debt" The True Story About Mitt Romney and Bain Capital; details part of the Racketeering case.

That Mitt got his moneys for Stage Stores from junk bond fraudster Michael Milken;
because the judge's wife was a partner of the Stage Stores deal.


That Michael Glazer (CEO of Kay Bee) paid himself $18 million;
and Bain $83 million - before filing bankruptcy of Kay Bee.

That documents fraud and corruption in the past;
and our eToys case demonstrates how it evolved worse.


ROFL - Ya gits a 3 smiley award for this one Hissyspit


Former Democratic Congressman Disbarred for Calling Judges Corrupt

Don Bailey's website states that he is committed to fair and equal justice for all Americans. The former Congressman Don Bailey found himself to be harshly punished and ultimately disbarred for daring to say that there are Federal Judges who are acting in a corrupt/bad faith manner.

What happened to Don Bailey is not unique, as the system tyrannically punishes any critic.


Yours truly just so happens to be a victim of tyranny, cronyism and corruption. Thus, on the subject of the judiciary and/or our federal agents/ systems of justice acting in bad faith, I'm somewhat biased.

Unlike what others - who defend those we make allegations against - say that I'm a lawyer hater; such is simply not true. Yours truly LOVES the Law, our Constitution, our system of justice and the Code & Rule of Law. Beyond a shadow of any doubt, the Law is our friends. It provides resolution of disputes via a well thought out protocol to assure civility.

It is the abusers of the public trust, whom I've got problems with. And - apparently - so does Don Bailey. Those stalwarts in our systems of justice who hold to the mindset that corruption is impossible; they are obviously being illogical. Humans are imperfect. Millions of humans are involved in our systems of justice. Therefore, by the law of probability and outcome; there are GOING to be Bad Faith public servants who snake their way into a position of public trust.

I'm reposting this story from the orange realm;
because I can - and it is worth discussing as much as possible.


Former Congressman Don Bailey Call's Judges Corrupt
--------------------------------& Loses BAR Card: Professor Jonathan Turley Blog Defends

One critic of judicial over reach and abuse of power, is Law Professor Jonathan Turley. You can see his opine of Don Bailey's case upon the Jonathan Turley Blog story titled; "Former Pennsylvania Congressman Suspended From Practicing Law Due To Criticism Of Judges"

Professor Turley is no slouch of the system - as his accolades are many and distinguishable far beyond the norm (see below the fold). The Professor sums up his view on the case succinctly, with the following remark;

"I tend to favor the free speech values in such cases. In the Indiana, I fail to see how emails criticizing judges should be the basis for discipline. This is a matter of professional opinion. What do you think"?

As one punished by tyranny, cronyism, corruption and assaulted by "circle the wagon" members of the BAR, on a regular bases; I'm biased more than most about this particular issue. It is easy for me to be a Don Bailey fan. Therefore, I'll quote Don Bailey and provide quotes of the punishing body; and ask the same question of the reader - that Professor Turley hath done;

"What do you think"?

BACKGROUND Law Professor & Attorney at Law - Jonathan Turley's BIO

First Amendment activist and blogger Professor Jonathan Turley is an exceptional attorney at law. Jonathan Turley has represented Members of Congress who challenged the Libyan War, workers at secret facilities such as Area 51 and Oak Ridge Nuclear.

Also Professor Turley represents Florida activist Dr. Ali Al-Timimi accussed of being the American leader of a terror organization and David Murphee Faulk, the NSA Whistle-Blower.

Jonathan Turley also has been a consultant to HomeLand Security as well. His Blog is recognized by the American Bar Association as a Top 100. With many accolades and notes that go on beyond extraordinary. You can see more of his BIO (here).


Former Congressman, Lawyer & Activist Don Bailey

Don Bailey is a former Democratic Congressman of Pennsylvania. His law firm's website "Don Bailey Law" details the fact that Don Bailey was born in Pittsburgh, served in Vietnam, went to Law school, who then became a Congressman winning a relection that gerrymandering made sure would not happen again. Mr. Bailey has other notes from his BIO that shows he won the Democratic nomination for Auditor General of Pennsylvania' but lost his bid to become Governor.

Suspension of Don Bailey's License to Practice Law

You can, if you desire, read PennLive's extensive stories of this particular case from beginning, to what the BAR now believes is "The End" of Don Bailey's legal career (here).
According to PennLive (The Patriot-News of Central PA) - Don Bailey is a "Controversial Attorney" who just had his license to practice law suspended for 5 years. The Bar and Supreme Court of Pennsylvania state the suspension is warranted; because Don Bailey's allegations were deemed to be baseless.

by Whom - is the question?

Opening Statement of Respondent Don Bailey Aug 11 2011

As noted by one of the comment parties upon Jonathan Turley's Blog on the Don Bailey saga, "annonymously posted" provided links to a Civil Rights Activist Law Network blog (here). The 1st link has commentary and also provides sub links to things like an interview with Don Bailey that is recorded upon Bailey's website (here). Apparently the video is now redacted. But there are more sublinks, including an appeal to the Third Circuit (see the appeal on Don Bailey's fines - here).
Yours truly has been before the Third Circuit and finds it to be corrupt also!

Thus, in all likelihood, Don Bailey is not going to get a fair review of the facts by the Third Circuit Court of the United States in PA. In our eToys case - that Circuit - stated the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure "don't apply" to our eToys case. Chances are the Circuit will find NO Rules (other than corruption) will apply to activist Don Bailey's case.

What Bailey said to the Governing Body Hearing his case;

------------------------ Opening State of Respondent

Mr. Chairman, Mr. Fulton, and Attendees,

I very much appreciate the opportunity to defend myself, to the extent I can under the limitations I must endure, against charges that I wrote in a pleading that certain federal judges were misbehaving. I confess that I did so. Because objectively speaking, they were. And I also confess that I still believe every word that I said.

The Federal judicial system, at least in the Middle District of Pennsylvania, has been corrupted by certain errant and dishonest judges. There is no need to address what we have suffered, as of late, in our state judicial system. And even greater than the injustices that I am suffering right here are the deprivations of American citizens who deserve, but have been denied, their day in court. Political and personal misconduct by judicial officers continues in our system. The evidence is overwhelming. Favoritism, selective law firm influence, cronyism and political retribution are common place. Corruption in Pennsylvania has become a pervasive way of life. There isn’t a lawyer, nor is there a functionary in this system, who is not aware of these facts. And just because there’s always been some wrongdoing doesn’t mean this is okay. There are two generic classes of victims in this orchestration. The unfortunate spill off reflects on the large maturity of our judges, the decent and honest judges whose service we are privileged to enjoy, countless citizens are required to depend upon a class of dishonest and corrupt public officials to try and seek redress of their grievances. There is no greater example of the corruption which exists in Pennsylvania today than this very proceeding. Pennsylvania’s so-called Lawyer’s Disciplinary System is a fraud. If a lawyer dares to complain then his or her profession and livelihood are threatened and destroyed. Furthermore, as Paul Killian’s behavior demonstrates, in one place you apply standards, in the next place you don’t, it all depends on who the favor is being done for".

Then, Don Bailey concluded by stating;

Please allow me to finish with a brief personal story.

… We found the disjointed chopped skeletons of over 200 people who had been marched out of Nam Hoa in 1968. Their names had been on a list because they had said things critical of the Communists. That’s all they did. They had criticized the political structure. Now the story, which is true, is certainly an exaggeration to press the point here. But how far removed is this so-called hearing or process? Perhaps not as far as some of you would like to think? You would take my right to earn a living, but more important my right to represent people that not one of you has the courage to stand up and fight for. That I voiced substantive criticisms is not important. You haven’t the slightest interest in the accuracy or efficacy of what I said about these judges’ and their misbehavior. Your only fear is that someone will hear what my clients and I said and might pay attention to it. You see what you seek to stop is any attorney saying anything critical of any judge at any time. The judicial system charged with the responsibility for protecting American citizens from First Amendment intrusions by the government is the greatest abuser of all.


Summing it all up - What do you think?

Do you believe the process was fair to Don Bailey? Was the punishment just? Are we allowed to criticize our judiciary in this country? Do you feel you will be punished, if you tell the truth about judicial biasness? Do you FEAR your federal systems of justice?
I say it's all B.S. - but I'm a victim burnt by judicial tyranny, cronyism & corruption.

Thus kit is better - as Professor Turley asked - What do YOU think?

Are Judges Inherently Too Big to Fail & Too Big to Jail?

UPDATE - Romney La Jolla Mansion Plans Roiled by Tony Ciani

Of this one person (Pitten's), yours truly is an expert. For I'm the man who has been battling Bain Capital and Mitt Romney for 12 years (see PoliticusUSA.com article by Rmuse - here). It was not my quest to stop a politico - it is my duty to seek arrest of an organized crime boss (who now desires to steal some of California public property and call it his very own). Thus, Tony Ciani and I are kindred spirits.

Romney wants to steal and Ciani and I are the only one's saying NO!

I can tell you this one thing for certain. Mitt Romney and his gangs (including Sheldon Adelson seeking a "friendly" U.S. Attorney General) - spent a BILLION $ -

and Romney DIDN'T Make it!

Just a few days ago, we rushed out a LBN thread titled "San Diego Channel 10 News Interviewed Ann Romney & Tony Ciani on La Jolla Coastal Commission Appeal". It was a follow up piece to another DU thread "Mitt Romney's La Jolla Mansion is Not a Done Deal" - that discussed how Anthony Ciani (an architect who used to live on Romney's Dunemere neighborhood) - fought Romney's California Coastal Commission requests to "expand" Mitt's property boundaries to devour public beach. As remarked upon in my initial DU thread on the La Jolla mansion scheme - titled "Anthony Ciani Roils Romney's Mansion Plans"; Tony Ciani doesn't care who Romney is, what he stands for and what offices he seeks to hold. Mr. Ciani is -

fighting Mitt Romney; because it's the right thing to do.

Now you can see the recent Channel 10 News interview of Ann Romney & Tony Ciani (here).

It is not of any consequence; but it's a prequel of what is bound to be a doozie.

Stay Tuned!

PICTURE of Romney home in question...


San Diego Channel 10 Interviews Ann Romney and Tony Ciani on La Jolla Coastal Appeal

Source: Anthony Ciani

San Diego Channel 10 News will air its interview of California native Anthony ("Tony" Ciani and Ann Romney, tonight, October 1, 2013 at 11 p.m. Pacific time.

At issue is the Appeal by Tony Ciani, of Mitt & Ann Romney to build their La Jolla, California home to a larger size and consuming more of the beach that Tony Ciani claims is owned by the City/public.


Here's a previous Democratic Underground thread of mine - with more details.

There's also a new story - today - from the local news "Lo Jolla Light" titled; State commission to consider appeal of Romneys’. This is what Tony Ciani initially stated were the issues at hand;

I will be sending you copies of my Appeal Form and supplemental letters supporting the reasons for my appeal. There's a lot of stuff. There are several key issues, but it is complex. Here is a Background:
The project is located on the beach front. It is a 0.25 mile long pocket sandy beach between two rocky points. The sand fluctuates as much as 30 feet annually, summer to winter. Some times all of the sand is transported offshore by back-to-back storms. The largest 20 foot plus waves can "close out" offshore the entire point to point.

The area was first subdivided in 1902. It was romantically called "Neptunia" (an era when the gods appealed to the Bohemian human spirit.) The part of the subdivision Romney's lot is on was NOY subdivided in 1902 and was sand dunes left open, called "Playas de las Arenas." It was sold, then sold again in 1921 to a guy from New York (wouldn't you know.) who immediately built on part of the dunes, not on one of the subdivided numbered lots on the number blocks. His name was Phillip Barber, and he continued to randomly build houses or sell reas of the dunes for others to build on (Folklore has it, that he gambled and when he lost he would trade a piece of the dunes for his debt....he went bankrupt, but left a beautiful house that was eventually bought by Cliff Roberston who as a kid delivering papers there, dreamed of owning it.. The tract of land, now all houses is known as the (exclusive) "Barber Tract."

Like Cliff, I also delivered papers in the Barber Tract (from 1956 - 60.) When I graduated from LJHS I became a lifeguard and worked my way through college. I am very familiar with the area and the beaches. To complete the picture: I married, joined the Coast Guard, after which, I came back to apprentice for local architects commencing in 1970, just when the environmental laws were coming on line. I fell in love with the notion of citizen participation to help carry out those laws; one was the California Coastal Act (CA), which was enacted as a statewide initiative in 1972. At that point, I was somewhat put off by what architects were designing, and more interested in protecting the ocean, land and resources, and the public's enjoyment of them. My wife and I were very lucky to buy the last lot (then known as "The Dune." since it was all that was left) The woman who owned it wanted us to have it despite higher all cash offers; we got it. When we realized that it was treasured, I started a petition to create a "Special Assessment District" but we were the only ones willing to contribute to it, so we built our house there. We lived there from 1975 to March 2012, and moved to Pacific Grove.

Read more: http://www.lajollalight.com/2013/10/01/state-commission-to-consider-appeal-of-romneys%E2%80%99-home-rebuild-and-beach-ownership-issue/

Previous thread on the story (here)

My 1st Democratic Underground story titled; "Anthony Ciani Roils Romney Mansion Plans"

Appreciate the wonderful good faith attention to detail.

Changing the auto notice is a great thing.

Keeping jury comments in check a GREAT thing.
(suggest a limit on number of words. Maybe not the 160 of Twitter; but 3 or 500)
{NOTE: I'm guilty of being verbose myself}.

Yours truly is all over the realms in a campaign to stop RWNJ tyranny;
and I can tell you - without a doubt - DU is the BEST system out here for Progressiveness.

Please Keep UP the great works;
and I'm glad to see such due diligence to a troubling matter.

If someone other than I would tell the tale, we could end Pitten's biz career NOW.

Unfortunately, being a victim of Romney's organized crime spree is of little consequence. Everyone inherently turns a deaf ear when a victim speaks out. Mitt's team offered yours truly a bribe of $850,000 and a chance to become his partner and - Not only did I tell them to take their offer and shove it - I reported them to the Department of Justice.

The reason the DOJ didn't arrest Mitt Romney is his "retroactive" secret.

And no one will tell the tale.

No one will believe me.


RS Taibbi Refutes Forbes Brown nose of Goldman Sachs w/cases like eToys

Whether or not you have been following my battle with Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and Mitt Romney, you are going to absolutely adore this tidbit. Just a few days ago, the Federal Bankruptcy Court announced it was permitting a settlement of eToys v Goldman Sachs for $7 million to go through. At the same time the justice refused to place the case settlement under SEAL from public view.

You can read thread (here) - Bloomberg Businessweek (here) and New York Times Joe Nocera's OpEd on eToys case titled "Rigging the I.P.O. Game" (here). There's also the story by Reuters Tom Hals that details issues about the case but gets his title wrong "Goldman Sachs finally ends litigation over 1999 eToys IPO".

EAANNNTTT! - Reuters gets it wrong; because the eToys v Goldman Sachs has only just begun!

- - - Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital Conspired to Destroy eToys via Perjury, Fraud & Grand Larceny.
Yours truly is the fiduciary to liquidate eToys for the best money possible. Believe it or not, the Delaware Bankruptcy Court approved 'moi'! Be that as it may, the attorney for eToys (MNAT) lied about its connections to Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital to become eToys attorney. - AND THAT:S A CRIME!.

- - Also, Paul Traub lied to become the Court approved attorney for the eToys Creditors Committee. Then MNAT and Traub put in a brand new President/CEO in eToys (Barry Gold) and illegally tossed out yours truly. Upon the success of their schemes & artifices to defraud, MNAT destroyed eToys evidences to protect Goldman Sachs and Paul Traub, with his "partner" Barry Gold then reduced the prices of eToys bankruptcy estate assets to Bain Capital (while Romney was CEO).

THAT's Federal Bankruptcy Fraud, Conspiracy to Defraud, Perjury, Bribery, Grand Larceny etc. etc.,

But there were NO investigations and/or prosecutions; because an MNAT law firm partner because the U.S. Attorney. For seven (7) years, Colm Connolly refused to investigate his former partner/clients. Of course Connolly FAILED to disclose the conflict of interest issue that he was directly linked to "Targets" of a federal investigation.

---------------------- That's FEDERAL CORRUPTION!

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone Speaks out about eToys.

Rolling Stone Matt Taibbi's story "Greed and Debt" talked about part of our story. In the September 2012 Rolling Stone cover story "The True Story About Mitt Romney and Bain Capital" Matt Taibbi discussed how Romney did bad faith things with a corrupt federal justice in Stage Stores and then how Michael Glazer (CEO of Kay Bee) paid himself $18 million and Bain Capital $83 million - before Glazer filed Bankruptcy of Kay Bee.

- - Normally, you would see the feds seizing assets, arresting dozens of people and grabbing that $100 million being looted from a national retail chain before bankruptcy was filed. However, normally you would not have organized criminals pulling these stunts while possessing their very own corrupt United States Attorney.

Corruption is as corruption does for POTUS wannabe Mitt (the Pitt's) Romney.

For some un-revealed reason, Rolling Stone would not let Matt Taibbi speak about eToys in the Greed and Debt story. Then, right when the judge handles the settlement of eToys with Goldman Sachs, a Forbes guy (Harry Binswanger), in a manner Taibbi calls "Ayn Rand devotee" comes out with babbling bull [c]hit story titled;

"Give Back? Yes, Its Time for the 99% to Give Back to the 1%"

- - As reported by Taibbi, Binswanger actually compares Goldman Sachs to Mother Teresa and claims that Goldman Sachs has done infinitely more for mankind. If the stalwart had said GS has done infinitely more for White Collar organized crime, then he could be applauded. Outside of that, Binswanger is simply NUTS. He wants anyone over $1 million to live Tax Free.

- - Rolling Stone Matt Taibbi responded with the following remarks - quoting our eToys case;

Binswanger clearly knows nothing at all about Goldman other than that it's nominally a bank, and his answer is just a parade of Randian clichés here about how successful banks make money. Asked the same question twenty years ago about a different bank, his answer would have been exactly the same. This would be like someone asking me about A-Rod's steroid use and me answering with a bunch of Bernard Malamud quotes about the sacred art of hitting.

Just for yuks, let's fill Binswanger in on some of the ways Goldman has made its money over the years. This is just the stuff they've been caught for, by the way.

• Way back in 1999, several eras of corruption ago, Goldman serially engaged in manipulation of the IPO markets, including illegal tactics like "spinning" and "laddering," where insiders and top bank clients would be allowed to buy shares in new companies at severely discounted prices, sometimes in return for investment banking business or for promises that those insiders would jump back into the bidding later to jack up the price artificially. In a famous case involving eToys, Goldman paid a $7.5 million settlement for allowing insiders to buy shares at $20, far below the $75 shares the company traded on opening day. The secret discounts might have cost the company hundreds of millions of dollars. The firm went bankrupt in short order, by the way.


[center][div style="display:inline; background-color:#F4FA58;"] "I thank Matt Taibbi - GREATLY " [/center]

-- for figuring out a way to get in words about eToys. The powers that be want to bury the Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital - Mitt Romney massive frauds getting off (thus far) - 'Scot Free' due to the Federal Corruption. Sheldon Adelson paid out a reported $100 million to get a "friendly" United States Attorney General once Romney got elected;

-------------------------------------But Romney Didn't Make It!


Goldman EToys Settlement Approved as Judge Refuses to Seal Terms

Source: Bloomberg Business Week

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS:US), this year’s biggest underwriter of U.S. equity offerings, received court approval of a $7.5 million settlement with creditors of defunct EToys Inc., according to an attorney for the creditors.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Mary Walrath in Wilmington, Delaware, today also denied a request to seal terms of the accord, which ends more than a decade of litigation, Julia B. Klein, a lawyer for the creditors, confirmed in an e-mail. The creditors claimed the bank botched the online toy retailer’s initial public offering by pricing the shares too low.

Goldman, based in New York, denied any wrongdoing or liability and settled to “avoid further expense and distraction,” according to court documents. The settlement was reported earlier by Reuters.

Both sides sought to keep the terms undisclosed, claiming they contained “confidential and sensitive” material. The U.S. Trustee, an arm of the Justice Department that monitors bankruptcy cases, argued that the terms should be made public.

Read more: http://www.businessweek.com/news/2013-09-19/goldman-etoys-settlement-approved-as-judge-refuses-to-seal-terms

PLEASE TAKE NOTE - Mitt ROMNEY "retroactively" seeks to bury the eToys case/story!

- - Democratic Underground is blessed with the fact that yours truly trusts this realm completely. Sad to say that this is the only place I feel this way. The blessing for DU, on this particular story, is the fact that yours truly is the wrench in the works of Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital's efforts in organized crime.

It is a fact of public docket record that my company - Collateral Logistics, Inc., ("CLI" - was the court approved fiduciary over eToys during the time that Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital were benefiting from fraud. Their attorneys offered me a bribe of $850,000.00; which was turned down and reported to the Department of Justice. As a result - Mitt Romney purportedly Resigned as CEO of Bain Capital in August 2001. On August 2, 2001, Romney's law firm has a super big secret that everyone is trying to sweep under the rug.

Mitt Romney lied on his Office of Government Ethics 278 Form Addendum - to bury the eToys case.

- -

Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital are engaged in Racketeering, to destroy eToys.com

- - It really is a simple story of organized crime being able to get away with it due to federal corruption to benefit a POTUS wannabe. The proof of bad faith is already in the public docket record and discussed by the media everywhere. The "Disgorge Motion" of Traub, Bonacquist & Fox ("TBF" law firm for $1.6 million states in parts 19 & 35 that the parties were forewarned NOT to violate Conflict of Interest statutes. But the culprits went ahead anyway and inserted a Romney cohort as CEO of eToys who then sold eToys to Bain/ Kay Bee (while Romney was still CEO of Bain) - for vastly reduced prices.


- - You can see the Wall Street Journal story of July 2005 "eToys investors claim conflict at law firm". Then jump forward to Newt Gingrich's "King of Bain" documentary (which was a 'Red Herring' decoy funded by Sheldon Adelson & Produced by a Romney aid). King of Bain notes that Romney/ Bain Capital is ruthless in the cases of Stage Stores and Kay Bee; but skips the all important eToys case.

Additional information can be found in the September 2012 Rolling Stone cover story "Greed and Debt". That article is written by activist Matt Taibbi of his detailing the "True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital".

- - Matt Taibbi also goes into the cases of Stage Stores and Kay Bee; and details the more specious issues of how Romney got his funding of Stage Stores from junk bond fraudster Michael Milken - because the judge presiding over Milken's case had a wife who was profiting from Romney's Stage Stores deals. Then Taibbi goes into how Michael Glazer as CEO of Kay Bee paid himself $18 million and Bain Capital $83 million; before filing bankruptcy of Kay Bee.

Taibbi missed the fact Michael Glazer was also a Director at Stage Stores (who is now CEO).

Working as director's assistant in Stage Stores is Barry Gold who then hired Paul Traub's TBF law firm. Mr. Traub failed to disclose many conflicts of interest to the court of Stage Stores and got caught. He was forced to file a Bankruptcy Rule 2014/2016 Affidavit as a Supplemental Disclosure.

- - Paul Traub admitted he knew Barry Gold and Jack Bush (co-Director with Michael Glazer); but Paul Traub kept his mouth sealed about other Conflict of Interest issues and got away with fraud. The Bankruptcy Code & Rules, as written by Congress - mandated that the court expunge Paul Traub's TBF firm from the case.

Instead they punished the stock holder Dov Avni for blowing the whistle (with a $380,000 fine).
eToys case provides proof of Federal Racketeering by Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital.

- - In 1999, the Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell ("MNAT" law firm merged The Learning Company with Mattel. Most people are unaware of the fact that Mitt Romney and his associates were the owners of The Learning Company. Thus MNAT is linked to Romney, his associated parties and Mattel.

Also in 1999, eToys initial public offering ("I.P.O." was handled by Goldman Sachs. As reported by the March 2013 New York Times OpEd article "Rigging the I.P.O. Game" - Goldman Sachs pumped-n-dumped eToys stock in a SPINNING scheme. The entire New York Supreme Court case of eToys (renamed ebc1 when Bain Capital stole the eToys.com domain names) - versus Goldman Sachs - was placed Under SEAL.

But journalist Joe Nocera found Proof of Goldman Sachs knowledge eToys stock was worth $80.

--- In 2005, MNAT confessed it lied about knowing Goldman Sachs, in order to become the Delaware Bankruptcy Court approved counsel for the eToys Debtor. Paul Traub also confessed his firm lied about being connected to Barry Gold, when MNAT and Traub placed Barry Gold inside eToys as the CEO.

These schemes allowed Goldman Sachs to Destroy eToys and Bain Capital to steal eToys for pennies.

- - When yours truly turned down a bribe by the bandits and reported them, that is when Mitt Romney (purportedly) RESIGNED as CEO of Bain Capital in August 2001 and "retroactively" retired back to February 11, 1999. At the same time, the pirates upped the ante in Kay Bee Toys. As is reported Michael Glazer paid himself $18 million and Bain Capital $83 million, then Glazer filed bankruptcy of Kay Bee Toys.

MNAT represents Bain Capital concerning the $83 million fraud and Paul Traub (believe it or not) actually had the unmitigated gall to ask the court over the Kay Bee case, to be the one to prosecute Glazer and Bain Capital. As par for the course, Paul Traub fails to inform the Delaware Bankruptcy Court of his direct connections (conflict of interest) with Bain Capital and Michael Glazer. You know these are crimes; but why aren't there any arrests? That is because of Mitt Romney's other (vastly more important) "retroactive" secret. As remarked above, Mitt Romney claims he resigned "retroactively" from Bain Capital as CEO in August 2001; back to February 11, 1999. That is not only - Coincidentally - the same exact time of The Learning Company, Stage Stores, Kay Bee and eToys frauds. It is also the same period of time that Colm Connolly was partner of MNAT.

On August 2, 2001, Colm Connolly became the United States Attorney in Delaware;
who then buried (for 7 years) any investigation/ prosecutions of the massive Perjury & Frauds.

Reuters Reports that Goldman Sachs FINALLY settles eToys case for $7 million.

- - As is obvious from the facts in the public docket record, there are many issues of Perjury, Fraud and Federal Corruption in these cases. Because Al Capone seeks to settle with Frank Nitti on how much they can keep from the hundreds of millions of dollars they stole and how much they will give back (settle) - this is obviously a BOGUS deal.

Reuters story is "Goldman Sachs finally ends litigation over 1999 eToys IPO"

- - The Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Reuters stories detail the fact that Judge Mary F Walrath said NO to sealing the documents and Yes to paying the law firms (Pomerantz and Wachtel) that did the Settlements. Don't know why the judge is now deciding to be half ass about the affair. All along before, her Honor {sic} has not gone by the law. She actually ruled that 34 acts of lying under oath is not Perjury and that MNAT's forgery stating yours truly waived his CLI rights to be paid $3.7 million is valid.

Be that as it may, Reuters chose a poor wording for the title. It ain't over tills it's over - and yours truly has a birthday on October 31, 2013. Will see who gets spooked about what - at that time! Not everyone in the federal system of justice is corrupt. It only takes one Eliot Ness "Untouchable" to bring down a tax cheat Capone.

Yeah, I know - apropos!


These bandits think they are Too Big To Fail


Too Big to Jail

but I'm going to try to change all of that - and makes this photo reverse the story.


[center][div style="display:inline; background-color:#F4FA58;"]" You've just "Met the Man Battling Romney & Bain for 12 Years". " [/center]

Laser's Petters-Fraud website has court documents LINKS providing PROOF of DOJ Cover Ups )

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