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Profile Information

Name: Laser Haas
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Anywhere USA
Home country: United States
Current location: NOMADIC
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2008, 12:12 PM
Number of posts: 7,805

About Me

Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

Journal Archives

Breaking: Judge Dismiss "Haas v Romney" Case Against Defendants Gold & MNAT

Source: Federal District Court Los Angeles Docket Item 66

IN CHAMBERS ORDER: (1) GRANTING Defendant Barry Gold’s Motion to Dismiss [18]; (2) GRANTING Defendants Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnel LLP and Gregory W. Werkheiser’s Motion to Dismiss [20]; and (3) CONTINUING Hearing on Plaintiff’s Motion to Amend [26]

The allegations of the proposed Second Amended Complaint do not cure this jurisdictional defect. The gravamen of plaintiff’s complaint against Gold and the MNAT Defendants is that they abused their authority in their roles as appointees of the Bankruptcy Court. (See, e.g., Dkt 26: Proposed SAC ¶¶ 114, 117, 348-350, 449-450.) For this reason, the claims against defendants Gold, Werkheiser, and Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnel LLP are DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE.

Read more: http://petters-fraud.com/clocked_di_66_apr9_2014_order_to_dismiss_via_barton_doctrine.pdf

In fighting Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and Mitt Romney, the courts have (for more than a decade now) ruled contrary to the Constitution and allowed the White Collar fraudsters to receive nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

This court obviously wants nothing to do with the case; and is tossing it out the easiest way possible. Hope the justice is retiring - before the higher courts toss the case back at him. Dismissals "with prejudice" can NOT happen - without adjudication upon the merits. Even the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) states openly that the ruling from 1881 "Barton doctrine" doesn't apply when misconduct is involved.

Please see the linked item below that says {at the very end} the following;.


However, in the unlikely event of misconduct, this rule will not act as a shield. In addition to adverse consequences in the nonappointing court, the offending party may find it difficult to obtain bankruptcy court approval for fees incurred or future appointments.

PRESS RELEASE: Haas v Romney RICO - Judge Approves Mitt Romney's Extended time to Answer

On October 18, 2013, yours truly sued Willard Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, Goldman Sachs (and their co-Defendant attorneys, cohorts) for many violations of the Racketeering ACT of 1970. *(See previous DU thread on my Press Release November 2013 - {here} - and the actual {initial} Press Release - {here}) .

Since then, after the Defendants were properly/time served their Summons in February 2014 ( See Docket Stamped Proofs of Serve {here} and {here}).

April 2, 2014 -

Romney's co-Defendants includes his law firms and one law firm partner (Colm Connolly) who was (secretly) arranged to become the United States Attorney in Delaware in August 2001 (the same time Mitt wants to be "retroactively" retired). Defendants Goldman Sachs, Paul Traub and Colm Connolly have failed to respond (and we will move for Default judgment soon). The MNAT law firm, Greg Werkheiser thereof and Paul Traub's partner (Barry Gold) have put forth Motions to Dismiss case and Objections to Amended Complaint.

When the Clerk of Court put in the fact that the Summons were SERVED in "compliance" with Fed.R.Civ.Proc - that is when Mitt Romney put forth his request to me to extend time. I granted it (because the court most likely would have granted it anyway) as I'm putting forth a Motion to Amend my Complaint(s). I can't object to a party not answering a Complaint I'm no longer utilizing.

It's now going to get VERY real;
because the giant (Goliath) is paying attention.

And I'm not even a David by compare - I'm just an amoeba to those goons!



For more background on this case see

Wall Street Journal "eToys investors claim conflict at law firm"
(Note: I'm the source of the story)

Rolling Stone Taibbi "Greed and Debt"
(Note: also one of the sources)

New York Times "Rigging the I.P.O. Game"

Causing Bain Capital to CANCEL IPO of Toys R Us a few weeks later

Additionally, there's many other stories about this case on the web (though not by main stream). Such as the one by Ann Werner (who provided the above picture) at Liberals United. Ann Werner's story "Romney Sued for RICO in Fed Court" received over 30,000 Facebook "likes". There's also Addicting Info's story "Romney Slapped with Racketeering Lawsuit" (which rec'd over 125,000 Facebook "likes" and "Shares".

RMuse at PoliticusUSA.com

The writer who goes by the moniker "Rmuse" of PoliticusUSA.com, has written a plethora of stories about this case and wrote one (when the election was over) "Meet the Man Battling Romney & Bain for 12 years".

Rmuse also has the stories "Public Records Reveal Romney Benefited from Corruption (Colm Connolly) and Racketeering". Rmuse knew I was studying the RICO laws and kept a lid on it (until I filed the case) and then wrote "One of His {Romney's} Victims Files Racketeering Case"

We'll know soon enough, come April 14, 2014,

IF this case is going to trial!

Professor Turley's Blog: New Mexico Police Shoot Homeless Man (in his BACK) - for Camping?

It is telltale of the way our nation is going and of the Police State mentality that is becoming prevailing. As almost a regular occurrence, one can turn on the news or Google to hear of a guy in a wheelchair wielding a pencil as a weapon getting shot, combined with Stand Your Ground babbling banter (while - on the other side of the spectrum - a woman who was physically thrown in the air, out of her house by her husband - is put in jail for 20 years for only shooting the wall to warn him to "back off" {it working by the way}).

So now we have a tale of woe - a homeless man is shoot to death - In the BACK!

And the Albuquerque,New Mexico Police Chief Gorden Eden proclaimed praise for the shooting


“We are proud of the way in which we interact with the community in our continuing collaborative problem solving efforts.”

See the Video for yourself and determine IF you think the shooting was necessary


Here's a fact pointed out by Professor Jonathan Turley's blog (here)

Since 2010, the Albuquerque Police Department has been involved in 37 shootings — resulting in 23 deaths. Critics has said that the city police have shot more people than the NYPD during the same period did in New York despite the fact that New York is 16 times larger than Albuquerque.

Please read (if you need to) Professor Jonathan Turley's Blog story

"New Mexico Police Under Fire After Video Shows Officers Shooting Homeless Man In The Back"

Yours truly has worked on many cases of brutality, mayhem and homicides untimely (Trayvon Martin; Veteran in White Plains, NY {Kenneth Chamberlain} mistakenly dials 911 and is shot/killed {story - here} and homeless guy Kelly Thomas beat to death by Fullerton Police {see Wikipedia - HERE})

and this one ranks right among the top of as how bad it is getting out there to be shot by someone - Needlessly!

What say ye?

THIS JUST IN from {un}Orange Realm: Judge Rules in Laser v RMoney - GUILTY!

It simply can NOT be. Would the honeorable cuort pull a prank on me this day? I had to look at it twice to make sure it says what the thingy says. I simply can't frigg'ng believe it (and neither will you).

You must see it for yourselves.


Hobby Lobby case: Justices skeptical of White House position

Source: Politico Pro

The Supreme Court expressed skepticism today of the legality of the Obama administration's refusal to accommodate for-profit companies' religious objections to the Obamacare contraceptive requirement.

A majority of the justices seemed particularly doubtful of the administration's claim that for-profit companies have no religious rights under federal law.

The Obama administration says the provision advances a “compelling” government interest in promoting preventive health care and that it does so in the least intrusive way, without unconstitutionally impinging on religious freedom.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/03/hobby-lobby-case-supreme-court-104999.html?hp=l3

It is real simple premise.

If your entity is a Non-Profit, you can "express" your political views;
but you CAN'T impose them on your staff and the public.

A corporation (such as the U.S. Government) - can NOT impose their political beliefs on others.

For profit businesses can't hope to treat the public at large as et al consumers;
but put doctrines contrary to law (and common sense) to enslave workers to owners beliefs.

Ted Nugent would start a gun company tomorrow and compel everyone to own a gun!

Romney's Bain Gets Away with Stealing eToys.com (he thinks)!

Yesterday, March 12, 2001, the Delaware Bankruptcy Court issued an order permitting Barry Gold, Paul Traub and the law firm of www.MNAT.com to wind down and close the eToys bankruptcy case(s). This is making Mitt Romney jump for joy that his worries about the "retroactive" era of August 2001, back to February 11, 1999 - are now (he hopes) finally coming to an end. Romney hopes that he and Bain get away 100% 'Scot Free' for Stage Stores, Kay Bee and eToys frauds.


The greatest plans of mice and men don't always go the way the planner wishes.

Yours truly is an amoeba trying to swing the tigers tail to a stand still. It ain't easy taking down big sleazy; but I've been at it now for 13 years and I'm not going anywhere.

Because I've GOT THEM.

Just need one (just 1) honest public servant - to do their job.



Bankruptcy FRAUDS Massive

Stage Stores Bankruptcy Fraud includes Romney's law firm Traub, lying under oath.

In 2000, Romney owned Stage Stores (funded by fraud monies from Michael Milken and a corrupt judge whose wife was a partner of the deal {see Rolling Stone Taibbi story "Greed and Debt"}). Paul Traub and Barry Gold worked for Romney's Stage Store bankruptcy case under Michael Glazer (who is now the Stage Stores CEO (see Stage case filings - here and here).

Traub's TBF law firm was required by law to be disqualified from Stage Stores, for lying under oath!.

But = it {TBF} wasn't disqualified!


As seen on Bain's website

Romney's Learning Company Merger Cost Mattel Investors $3 Billion

One of the cases Bain was able to pay off American Bridge not to discuss during the 2012 Presidential Election, is that of 'The Learning Company' {Learning}. In 1999, Romney/Bain law firm of MNAT, did merge 'Learning' with Mattel Toys (see SEC filing {here}). Mitt and his gang caused Mattel investors to lose $3 Billion; but Romney and associates wound up with 12 million shares of Mattel Toys. (see stories - {here} and {here})

The Learning Company merger with Mattel is one of THE Worst of All Time!


Kay Bee Toys $100 Million Fraud

Again, it is all the same players. Barry Gold is in Kay Bee bankruptcy through his company Asset Disposition Advisors (ADA) that he owns with Paul Traub (who is the court approved attorney for Kay Bee Creditors). Glazer is the CEO of Kay Bee who paid himself $18 million and Bain $83 Million before filing bankruptcy of Kay Bee (again, please see Taibbi's story "Greed and Debt".

THAT's Bankruptcy Fraud (Traub on one side, Barry Gold, Glazer whom he worked with at Stage on the other).

But wait, it gets even better (or actually worse). MNAT is the firm that is representing Bain about the $83 million in fraud (see Kay Bee bankruptcy filing with MNAT's signature {here}). Now, let's see if you can guess who asked the federal court to be able to prosecute Glazer and Bain?

That's right - no other than Paul Traub (see Kay Bee case request to be prosecutor - {here})

This, of course, keeps monies flowing to Romney (who is now claiming to be 'retroactively' retired from these organized crime spree era of time); but Mitt brags of getting millions each year from Bain Capital; and one CAN"T keep profits from Fraud! (See New York Times article on Romney's benefiting from the shenanigans - {here})


ROMNEY's WHOLE GANG Conspires to do eToys Fraud

Goldman Sachs took eToys public in 1999, where the stock zoomed above $80; but eToys got less than $20 per share. (See New York Times March 2013 story "Rigging the IPO Game". Guess who represents Goldman Sachs in Delaware? That would be Romney's law firm of MNAT.

So MNAT lies about its connections to Goldman Sachs, Romney, Bain and Mattel to become eToys attorney. Traub lies about Romney, Glazer, Barry Gold, Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs to become eToys Creditors attorney. Then they announce they're going to sell eToys to Bain/Kay Bee (while Romney was still CEO) for a mere $5.4 million. Yours truly and my company (CLI) are hired to handle the liquidation - and we stop the sales. Romney's Bain becomes upset when I force Glazer's Kay Bee to bid tens of millions of dollars to buy eToys assets.

So the Fraudster bring in Barry Gold!

That's right, Traub nominated his partner and co-worker Barry Gold to become the eToys post-bankruptcy petition President/CEO of eToys. Then the crooks, having seized eToys from all sides, toss out yours truly by telling the DE Bankruptcy Court that we WAIVED our rights to be paid $3.7 million in commission for selling eToys to Bain/Kay Bee for tens of millions of dollars. Romney then retires as Bain's CEO and a partner of MNAT (Colm Connolly) is arranged to be the Delaware United States Attorney. Connolly then refuses to investigate and/or prosecute MNAT, Bain, Traub and Barry Gold, even AFTER I'm able to find Smoking Gun proofs that force some confessions to lying under oath to the chief justice. Yesterday, that same chief justice approved Romney's gang stealing eToys.

And that Ain't Right!


Now that you know the rest of the story, you may wish to look at Newt Gingrich's "King of Bain" film on Youtube. It too - is a fraud upon everyone - HIDING - all these frauds that I told Gingrich's camp about. However, what most people don't know is that Sheldon Adelson funded both Romney and Gingrich. Plus it was a Romney former aid who produced the King of Bain documentary. With the links and stories provided above, you can now do a Paul Harvey;

because you now know - the rest of the story

and that makes this a Good Day!


Romney and his gang now believe they're going to get away with it all.

EEEAAANNNTTTT! - Justice is coming, as the truth is TOO glaring and obvious;
and yours truly isn't giving up, No matter how many corrupt federal persons wish to let Mitt go

Scot Free!

Romney's Racketeering Litigation Heats UP: Motions to Dismiss are Remiss.

On October 18, 2013, Mitt Romney and his gang (literally) were sued in Los Angeles Central District Federal Court of California. The case is about Bust Outs and Bankruptcy Ring conspiracies, perjuries, frauds and retaliation against victims/witnesses for more than a decade. My main beef is the eToys bankruptcy that is still open after 13 years.

BACKGROUND on case and some links

While Romney was still CEO of Bain in 2001, Kay Bee and some attorneys pretending to work for eToys, perpetrated massive frauds and betrayed their court approved clients (eToys & creditors) for their secret ones (Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital). They got caught and confessed lying under oath; but they were permitted to continue to rob. The reason why is Romney's law firm (www.MNAT.com) was able to arrange for one of their own to become the United States Attorney (they have to come from somewhere). To see others writing what happened you can look (here) (here) (here) and (here).

As you can see by the picture above (compliments of Ann Werner from Liberals Unite) - no matter what goes on in the world, Mitt the Pitts keeps making money. Even during the election, his group had connections to the voting machines and the advertising agencies. Thus, when Romney loss, he still made money.

I'm trying to change all that.

Essence of Plaintiff's Gripe against Romney & Gang

It's real simple what is going on in the cases, Romney and his gang are Above the Law. Proof of that is the fact that the MNAT law firm and Paul Traub have both confessed lying under oath to a Chief federal justice at least 33 times.

Martha Stewart went to jail for lying to a lowly FBI agent!

Though judges swear an oath to adjudicate upon the merits to rich and poor alike, we all know the real world doesn't work that way. However, this doesn't mean we should all lay down and lick Romney's boots. Frug HIM = they abducted my daughter (at least took credit for it) and tried to beat eToys shareholder Robert Alber into submission. In turn, Alber shot and killed career criminal Michael Sesseyoff.

Conflicts of Interests

What the case is all about, is conflicts of interest. MNAT was the court approved firm for eToys and Traub's TBF firm was court approved for the eToys Creditors. MNAT helped Romney merge The Learning Company with Mattel Toys (by the way, TLC merger cost Mattel investors a $3 Billion loss). Also, MNAT represents Bain in other issues (like Kay Bee case). Traub worked under Michael Glazer (CEO of Kay Bee) while Glazer was a director at Stage STores for Romney (Glazer is now the CEO of Stage Stores).

The problem with all of that, is the fact that eToys was sold to Bain's (while Romney was still CEO) Kay Bee company (while Glazer was CEO) and neither MNAT, nor Traub, have DISCLOSED their links to those parties. Then eToys assets were going to be sold to Bain/Kay Bee for $5.4 million (see e Commerce Times story - here). Yours truly (through my CLI company) halted that sale and forced Romney's Bain/Kay Bee to pay tens of millions of dollars to buy eToys bankruptcy assets. Then, MNAT and Traub put in Paul Traub's partner (Barry Gold) as eToys bankruptcy case President/CEO; and no one informed the court.

When MNAT, Traub and Barry Gold (Romney's GANG) sold eToys to Bain/Kay Bee





UPDATE - Plaintiff files a Motion to Amend Complaint - Defendants File Motions to Dismiss

Motions to Dismiss by Romney's Gang are REMISS

Our Los Angeles federal court case number is 2:13-cv-7738. Defendants are responding, saying they weren't served a copy of the RICO Complaint in a timely/proper fashion. This is just more "Legal Horseplay" (as noted by the DailyKos cartoon above by Jen Sorrenson in his DK Diary Legal Horseplay (here). This is my proof that Mitt Romney's attorney was served (here).

MNAT's (and Greg Werkheiser at MNAT) Motion to Dismiss is (here)

Barry Gold's Motion to Dismiss (here).[br]

PLAINTIFF's Amended Complaint "Haas v Romney" for Racketeering (here).

What is the problem with the Defendants Motions to Dismiss, is that they are Remiss (because they are attempting to be successful of organized crimes. To this very day, neither Paul Traub, who worked for Romney's Stage Stores (here) (NOTE - if you look at the very end of the PDF, Barry Gold is the one who signed to hire Paul Traub (here), Nor Barry Gold (who is Paul Traub's partner and also worked for Stage Stores) and nor has MNAT,

have admitted their DIRECT connections to Romney, Bain, Kay Bee, Glazer.

That's a crime.

So is the fact that - AFTER - MNAT and Traub confessed lying to a Chief Federal Justice, she said (in 2005) it was simply TOO late to remove MNAT from the eToys case (but here we are 9 years later). Then MNAT tells the DE bankruptcy court justice (after admitting lying under oath) that yours truly "waived" his right for CLI to be paid ($3.7 million).

All those who believed I waived my right to be paid - Please Raise your Hands!

The Police (US Trustee) told them (in ADVANCE) to NOT replace eToys executives with anyone connected to them. Traub went ahead and did it in secret. Then MNAT, Traub and Barry Gold have BETRAYED their court approved clients, for the sake of their secret (and much more lucrative ones) - Romney, Bain, Kay Bee and Goldman Sachs.

They are Above the Law now;
the question is - will they stay that way!


Romney's TAX Day - Complaint Hearing

I find it quaint that the day we will ALL find out if this case is going to trial, is that of April 14th, 2014. Right before Tax Day - Romney may get taxed a Racketeering lawsuit. Al Capone was "untouchable" as one above the law too. He could amass Legal Horseplay like no other, in his day. But then, when one who wouldn't be bought, came onto the scene, Capone was Taxed into prison. The whole reason yours truly has a case against Romney and gang, is the fact I turned down a bribe to be his partner.

How apropos is that!

IF ANYONE cares to see some of the hundreds of articles related to this case, you can go to this link. Of course the one story that I'm one of the sources of ("Greed and Debt" at Rolling Stone - {pic below}) - is now a sad reminder that Taibbi is no longer there.



Picture of the Rolling Stone cover story

"GREED and DEBT" A True Story About Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.

Career Advancement by Lethal Injection: Prosecutor Lies to Execute Willingham, Becomes Judge

Have you ever heard or read about the man (Cameron Todd Willingham) whom Texas Governor Rick Perry allowed to be put to death for his reported arson that resulted in the death of his 3, very young - little girls? Those of U.S. who tried to save Cameron from execution had become well aware of the issues about the jail house informant and junk forensic science that was (reportedly) the sole reasons for Willingham's conviction and subsequent execution.

Or so we thought!

Turns out there are other reasons, besides the one (criminal) bogus "forensic specialist" - simply making up stuff - so he could get paid for his "expert" testimony when prosecutors sought a conviction. It is now been revealed that the Navarro County District Attorney (John Jackson) intentionally deceived the Parole Board, to assure Cameron Todd Willingham would be executed.

In my opinion that is murder!

In my 2nd stage in life, with a new founded career of battling against injustice, there's not many stories that go far beyond my vex mode of anger, straight into instant sadness and the swelling of tears; except for the case of Cameron Todd Willingham.

Picture yourself being on death row. There are many guys (and sometimes a gal) all hoping to escape the grim reaper by claiming they are innocent. Some shot policeman. Others are sociopaths. Others had robberies go wrong and result in homicide. Then there's people who hired hitmen instead of seeking divorce. He you are among them - waiting execution; because everyone knows your the monster who burned your kids to death by arson.

Except for the fact - Cameron really didn't do it!


Advancing One's Career via State Sponsored Murder

Prosecutor Jackson, who is now a judge, is now publicly documented to have lied to the Board of Pardon and Paroles, to assure the execution of Willingham would take place. The only thing decent about Governor Perry, is his remarks that Romney was unelectable. Outside of that, I've much disdain for Governor Rick Perry who also did his part to make sure Cameron Todd Willingham was Executed!

There's a documentary about the case - with a trailer upon Youtube (below);
and here's what the film makers state;

In 1991, Cameron Todd Willingham's three daughters died in a Corsicana, Texas house fire. Tried and convicted for their arson murders, Willingham was executed in February 2004 despite overwhelming expert criticism of the prosecution's arson evidence. Today, Willingham's name has become a call for reform in the field of forensics and a rallying cry for the anti-death penalty movement; yet he remains an indisputable "monster" in the eyes of Texas Governor Rick Perry, who ignored the science that could have saved Willingham's life. Equal parts murder mystery, forensic investigation and political drama, INCENDIARY documents the haunted legacy of a prosecution built on "folklore."


Background of the entire case

Here's my orange realm 2011 story titled; "Political Murder 101 - The Lethal Injection of Innocents"

It references earlier reports, transcripts and such that can be found at the Innocence Projects article;
"Cameron Todd Willingham Wrongfully Convicted & Executed in Texas".

Here's the NEW - Innocence Project story on the Smoking Gun proof the DA lied to assure the execution;
"New Evidence Suggestions Willingham Prosecutor Deceived Board of Pardons and Paroles"

There's more good commentary, videos and discussions on Professor Turley's Blog
"Texas Executes 500th Prisoner Since 1976"


Yours truly worked this case, the Kelly Thomas case, Troy Ray Davis, Trayvon Martin and others. They all seem to have the common elements of abuse of authority to assure state sponsored murder - regardless of the evidences. It breaks my heart to my groin that we didn't get any justice in any of those cases.

But it makes me happy that I can now pursue impeaching a judge and campaigning against Perry!

I'll end this with the note that - perhaps - Cameron Todd Willingham went to the great beyond, having 13 years to always feel guilty that his girls suffered and died, even though it was not his fault. Willingham went to his fate, probably welcoming the end of it all. His remarks stay with me to this very day.

Cameron Todd Willingham's last words;

“The only statement I want to make is that I am an innocent man convicted of a crime I did not commit. I have been persecuted for twelve years for something I did not do. From God’s dust I came and to dust I will return, so the Earth shall become my throne.”


WTF - Hotel Staff Tosses Out My Frequent Rewards Number.

Life isn't easy, when you're the one trying to take down a big sleazy (my lawsuit against Romney). I've been homeless, car-less, jobless and (oft times) feeling hopeless, in my works against despotism, cronyism, tyranny and corruption. Once in a while, I team up with another (down on his luck) party; and we share a room cost together and get to take a shower where we sleep (instead of having to travel to the rec center and pay $1).

From my prior days of flying dozens of times a year and staying at hotels everywhere, I know how to utilize frequent miles and rewards cards - best. Today, when I went to use those frequent/reward points to get a couple of free nights stay (it is raining here in SoCal); I find there's no points recorded for on my account. When I go to the hotel and ask the front desk why not - she said

"you booked with Hotels.com - and we don't give you cheaters on prices any credit for your frequent stays".


Mitt Romney, Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital Served Summons for Racketeering

Our lawsuit versus Mitt Romney, Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital (et. al.) is now in its 130th day. Over a week ago (in a timely manner) we served the Summons of Complaint upon the Defendants.

I used 2 different parties to attempt service on Mitt Romney.
Proof of attempted Summons service and delivery to Mitt's attorney - (here).

Proof of Summons Service upon Goldman Sachs (here).

Bain Capital Proof of Summons service - (here).

More to come - and they have to answer within 21 days.
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