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Profile Information

Name: Laser Haas
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Anywhere USA
Home country: United States
Current location: NOMADIC
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2008, 01:12 PM
Number of posts: 7,805

About Me

Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

Journal Archives

The fact that you are working hard for a friend of my well known adversary

Doesn't endear...

Oh look, call the oligarch police, it's a truther

First rule of oligarch club...there are no rules for oligarchs. Second rule of oligarchy...no mere mortal gets to question a to be coronated queen.

Next rule of oligarchy club, during any election or law making sessions...Votes! We don't need no stinking votes.

Oligarchs need willfully blind and 100% loyal vote counters.

Nothing worse than mere citizenry dangling principles

Long Hail the Queen v the Your Fired Reality King

And, should any truther dare to point out a fault of the queen...oligarch squad shall arrest him and take away his privileges....for true voters who think are the real enemies of the oligarch club.

Now...Prepare....it is time for U.S. Enough is Enough revolutionaries to hold a block party for our oligarch lorders.

You know

..........................................block, block, block

After banter of FBI leaks possible

Ive been wondering the same thing

Hashtag Drop Out Hillary Going Viral

As a loyal Bernie supporter, IMO, it is long overdue. The bullying by fellow progressives has been alarming. The court ruling today...that she may be compelled to answer questions ..adds fuel to the fire.
Every dang day HRC's News Networks has pushed, prodded, manipulated and more, with DNC's DWS right there screaming...for Bernie to quit.

Not so nice...now that the shoe fits Hillary's foot, with Twitter folks marching out the hashtag

Let the banter ...B E G I N

Judge Leaves Open a Hillary Clinton Deposition in Email Case

Source: National Law Journal

A federal judge in Washington issued an order on Wednesday that left open the possibility that Hillary Clinton could be subpoenaed to testify about her use of a private email server as secretary of State.

Read more: https://shar.es/1eJkmV via @TheNLJ

Ha! Holder Says He's Pissed: Who Dares Question USAG Flawless Record?

Um... me - that's who. I'm calling your "pissed", "nonsense" and "could - would" remarks to NPR's Michel Martin, complete and udder bull chit! Ya should have let sleepin dogs lie, there, former United States Attorney General Eric Holder. No one really cares about a story titled "Eric Holder: No Apologies for Return to Big Law".

As expected, you did what we all knew would be done - it was your time to get paid.

You could have ended the "I'm proud to be a big law guy" declare, with that sole premise, of your not apologizing for your returning to big law. Though, arguably, your entire tenure as United States Attorney General, with your buddy Lanny Breuer as head of the Criminal Division, resulted in near zero prosecutions of top Wall Street fraudsters. Basically (and this seems to bother everyone who once could compel press conferences, many) nobody really cares where you went, or what you want, any more.

Just sayin...... yer 15 minutes - plus - was up.

We all do appreciate your works on stopping the prosecution of Senator Stevens; but your consummate failures to free Governor Siegelman is infuriating and appalling.

Your dropping of the Black Panther prosecution, holding the line that water boarding is torture, and your stance on DOMA is also commendable. Too bad you didn't do more, along those lines.

HOWEVER - when it comes to proper prosecution of Wall Street - your administration - has an untenable "could - would" position.

I'm pissed, and as you soon may learn, the hard way, (and if you are thinking ill - "gotcha" - I'm talking through legal channels) either your policy of plausible deniability, as in the Fast & Furious debacle, or your inherit of bad apples buried deep within, or chickens in the ranks - and/or worse (given one of your former's was granted a $50 million NO BID Deferred Prosecution Agreement - fostering motivations of possible millions, giving others reasons to look the other way).... resulted in many "prosecutorial gaps" looming large, during your tenure.

You are being given one chance - less than 2 weeks time - to admit you made a mistake. So that you may do the right thing and redact your "This is one that pisses me off" remark. For, whether your defense is that you were in the dark, or not, your tenure against Wall Street is marred - greatly.

Do the right thing and admit you made a mistake (not just one, more than a few) and we can all get along.

If not - we'll go to civil war - in our courts of law; and your administration failures will become bad faith posturings, instead of oversights/ mistakes.

PIC from National Law Journal
of Eric Holder Jr.
Photo: Diego M. Radzinschi/NLJ

For the rest, we are addressing the recent National Law Journal article Eric Holder: No Apologies for Return to Big Law where Michel Martin, of National Public Radio, is quoted as posing to former USAG Eric Holder, the following question:

about the criticism he has gotten for not indicting Wall Street executives for the role they played in the economic crisis that began nearly a decade ago

To which, former USAG Eric Holder defended his record on Wall Street, as flawless - stating:

“This is one that pisses me off,” Holder said. “It’s nonsense.” Holder said his office and that of the U.S. attorney in New York were willing to bring criminal cases against banks if the evidence had met the standard of proof needed.

“The reality is that if those cases could have been brought, they would have, Holder said, stating that instead, the department sought and won “record-breaking civil settlements” that helped those who were harmed by the meltdown.


And, if you have read any of my rants on our eToys public company being destroyed - intentionally - by Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital, then you are already aware that Eric Holder's administration did make some slip ups.

Fact of the matter is, Marc Dreier, Tom Petters, Allen Stanford, Kay Bee, eToys, Okun 1031 and dozens of other national fraud schemes are all - believe it or not - part of an overall racketeering enterprise.

We have continuous crimes and cover ups, extraordinary, transpiring during Eric Holder's tenure; and now during Loretta Lynch's.

Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital executives, along with their law firms, are continuously, to this very day, doing premeditated Obstruction of Justice, Intimidation of Victim/Witnesses, Mail/Wire Frauds, Racketeering, Scheme to Fix Fees, Feeding Ponzi Schemes, Destroying Evidences, Bankruptcy Fraud, Securities Fraud, Corruption and so much more.

All because the last 20 years of USAG's, simply refuse to investigate, much less prosecute, Romney or Goldman Sachs.

Just a few weeks ago, I swore testimony to Assisted United States Attorney's, about homicides resulting.

Basically, they said not possible (like I can forge death certificates) - and told me to jump through more hoops.

FFFFF--------------- THEN.

I'm done doing lap dances, begging for some public servant to do their frigging job.

It's not that Eric Holder's staff didn't have the brains, brawn, or experience in the complicated (yet very simple) matters of Wall Street frauds and laws; because Eric Holder, himself, was a federal prosecutor, who even worked the Public Integrity Section and was also a D.C. Judge.

The issue remains, as Bernie Sanders points out so well - there's one set of laws we all must abide by;

The Oligarch'aire class continues to remain - above the law.

Enough is Enough, already, Senator Sanders is spot on and Eric Holder has made a real errant statement that must be redacted.

Or I'm going to make him eat his words.

Just sayin.......

I'm the one who has the right, unequivocally, to be pissed - at USAG Eric Holder's - claims to have a flawless record.

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