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Name: Laser Haas
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Anywhere USA
Home country: United States
Current location: NOMADIC
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2008, 01:12 PM
Number of posts: 7,805

About Me

Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

Journal Archives

My Letter Requesting Trump Halt SEC Pick

This is a copy of the letter (HERE) I just sent by White House email, and also tweeted to President Donald Trump, respectfully requesting (and somewhat insisting) that the President cancel his Goldman Sachs crony pick to head the SEC.

Specifically, I opened with;

RE: Troubling matter of insufferable pick to head the Securities Exchange Commission

Dear Mr. President;

The truth needs no disguise
-------- your Justice Department has an intrinsic rotten apple problem
---------------- and the Goldman Sachs crony pick to be head of the S.E.C. will make it far worse!

Please allow me to introduce myself and apologize for bothering you; but it needs be? I’m most commonly known as Laser Haas (or Laser the Liquidator) whose company (“CLI”) was the Delaware Bankruptcy Court approved fiduciary presiding over the eToys bankruptcy case (DE Bankr. 01-706).
It is nationally significant & important to gather your Administration’s attention to dynamics of profuse “prosecutorial gaps”, I’ve witnessed and reported, over a protracted time, concerning billions in material adverse, interstate, “harms”, upon thousands of persons, by “enterprising” agents.

Unfortunately, you’ve inherited rotten apple issues apropos to your pick to head the S.E.C., as justice has been hindered, aided, and abetted by prior bad faith watchdogs, who were incompetent, or willfully blind, or outright duplicitous, including “revolving door” observable dynamics of fed venality.

Precisely, Goldman Sachs personnel, associated parties & firms (including fed corrupts), have been engaging in assuring success of RICO efforts, of Wall Street fraud and unjust enrichments. This includes, but is not limited to, misfeasance & malfeasance, obstruction, bribery, retaliation, bankruptcy fraud, lies, betrayal of clients, and frauds upon multiple courts. Also RICO “predicate act” violations of Intimidation of Victim/Witness & Retaliations resulted in deaths. Goldman Sachs and its crony firms, or any affiliated party, especially from the double-dealing law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell, has benefited from this. Your S.E.C. pick is thus akin to Nitti having auspice over Al Capone cases; which, one would hope, Mr. President, you would most certainly agree, could never be allowed to occur!

For those of you unaware, I've been battling Goldman Sachs & Mitt Romney, for a decade plus (see some of the media stories here - here - here - here - here - and here). Whereas, specifically, Goldman Sachs took eToys public, ripping us off of $600 million; and this resulted in bankruptcy, where I was top dog, selling eToys to Bain Capital, for tens of millions.

Then racketeering fraud occurred; because Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital owned a U.S. Attorney, at their DE Law firm

This man - Colm Connolly - was a corrupt United States (revolving door) Attorney and his resume at the Department of Justice Office of Legal Policy (who knew there was such a thingy) provides undeniable proof he was a MNAT partner from 1999, until 2001 (August 2001); and then Connolly became top dog, as the ONLY U.S. Attorney, over our eToys related cases (but I didn't find out until 2007).

This is the link (HERE) to the DOJ resume of Colm Connolly; and this pic, below, is what you will find



[font size=4 color=burnt]Issue Apropos to Trump's pick for SEC[/font]

Germane to the issue is the absurd notion we can have our President of the United States pick a Frank Nitti gang like guy to be head of the federal agency in charge of Al Capone cases. And the Senate push to rush the confirmation of Goldman Sachs law firm, of Sullivan & Cromwell guy (Jay Clayton) to be head of the SEC - is absolutely outrageous.


This is Page 2, of my 3 page letter to President Trump.

Of many undeniable facts, Goldman Sachs took eToys public, in 1999, breaching its fiduciary duty via a pump-n-dump stock fraud “spinning” scheme (please see N.Y. Times March 2013 article by Joe Nocera, titled “Rigging the I.P.O. Game” {primarily about our eToys}).

This “Rigging” story notes the stock price of eToys rocketed (our notes state $85 per share) when the public company was only permitted, by Goldman Sachs, to get less than $20 per share, (as improperly split - spun back - a good portion of windfall unjust enrichments, to choice handpicks).

Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell (“MNAT”) silently represents Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital (a partner in the RICO Bankruptcy Ring of our eToys {see In re: Arkansas 3rd Cir. 78 F.2d 645}), when MNAT asked for, and received (by concealing of MNAT’s conflicts of interests) the Delaware Bankruptcy Court’s chief justice, Mary F. Walrath, abusive approval of the MNAT law firm (p/m/k Greg Werkheiser) to become & remain the court’s appointed Debtor’s counsel of the eToys cases.

MNAT, Paul Traub (and Traub’s secret partner, Barry Gold, as post-bankruptcy petition eToys executive officer), usurped me, to reduce sales prices to Kay Bee and eradicate my CLI entity approved litigation against Goldman Sachs, in the New York Supreme Court case #60805/2002, of eToys, renamed ebc1 after Bain Capital stole eToys, v Goldman Sachs (to get recompense for the IPO fraud).

While benefiting from overt acts (false affidavits), MNAT nominated Tom Petters Ponzi “control” partner Paul Traub, who was also eToys court approved Creditors’ counsel, and subsequent partner of New York attorney/fraudster Marc Dreier - to be our eToys prosecutor of Goldman Sachs.

Hence, via racket treachery, Goldman Sachs sued Goldman Sachs; and eToys lost a billion $$$!

Heretofore, I’ve informed the FBI, S.E.C., Justice Department, OIG, Public Integrity and others, of these facts, dozens of times over as many years; but they decline due to numerous reasons that the DOJ would be embarrassed. Including the March 2008 shutdown of the Public Corruption Task Force (and threats against agents). Additionally, Colm Connolly was an observable, unethical, self-dealing, federal prosecutor (retired), who was both the Assistant United States Attorney, from 1992 – 1999; and then Mr. Connolly became top dog, nominated by George W. Bush, August 2, 2001. (Sad to say, he’s not the only one, there’s AUSA James Lackner, too and his dead brother Marty).

Colm Connolly and James Lackner are worthy of germane homicide investigations!

And this is final Page 3


In the interim, Colm Connolly was partner of the MNAT law firm, from the period of time, of 1999, until August 2, 2001. This era of time, of 1999, to August 2001, is apropos, (retroactively speaking). Proof of Colm Connolly hollowness is documented by the DOJ’s very own website (of the lesser known “Office of Legal Policy”), of the historical resume of Colm Connolly.

Furtively, Sullivan & Cromwell assisted these schemes, and the deliberate destruction of our eToys public company (which I had saved, in 2001) by omissions and overt acts. Including, but not limited to, Sullivan & Cromwell aiding & abetting Goldman Sachs criminal conspiracy, via MNAT, Paul Traub, and coconspirator Bain Capital, after Bain Capital was aided into the ‘The Learning Company’ by Goldman Sachs (Mattel was subsequently merged with The Learning Company, aided by MNAT, causing catastrophic losses in the billions; which was covered up by the “switching sides” of Connolly; and Bain Capital is also deserving of a RICO seizure of its Toys R Us, and yanking of its Mattel stock).

Arguably, if Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital can so blatantly & flagrantly break the law, with undue influence of a few fed prosecutors; then it reasonable to presume massive material adverse harms will only get exponentially worse, once one of their close nit (revolved door) own, is put in charge of the very federal agency charged with the duty to protect U.S., investors & our Constitution.

Thousands lost billions and people are dead, untimely, due to justice being stymied, visibly!

Respectfully, I must ardently request, Mr. President, you cancel any & all Goldman Sachs affiliated parties from having authority at Justice Department agencies? You didn’t create this debacle, but you can drain a nasty swamp cesspool, if you so choose to do so! Also, please understand, time is of the essence, and the right thing must be done, to put an end to the insanity. Unless I get a response, very quickly, I will consider it negative notice, compelling me to escalate the matters, judiciously!

Evidences are easy to verify, and I’ve dared the DOJ to arrest me, if all stated isn’t true. We are even blessed (so to speak) with confessions; and one would hope you would agree, Mr. President, that we can never allow any Capone types to “retroactively” retire from their organized crimes? Nor permit can our nation permit anyone connected to Nitti-types to be federal watchdogs, over RICO cases!

/s/ Laser Steven Haas
eToys related cases whistleblower

Again, if you need see the actual item, this is the link (HERE)

And this is my actual Tweet to President Donald Trump



Donors to Journo Barrett Browns Defense SUE DOJ

Long Island Press brings us news about donors to activist/ Journalist (and former Political Prisoner) Barrett Brown defense fund - suing the DOJ to protect their identities.


A federal complaint filed in California accuses the Department of Justice of trying to collect the names of anonymous donors to a legal defense fund for journalist Barrett Brown, who had been imprisoned for four years prior to his release in November.

The class-action suit was filed in U.S. District Court in Northern California on Monday, claiming a United States Assistant Attorney and the FBI agent at the center of Brown’s 2012 arrest subpoenaed WePay, the host of a crowd-funded legal defense fund, for the identities of anonymous donors and the amounts they contributed.

Here's the link to the story


This is a link to the Anon remarks on Barrett's case


Seems to me, the feds never intend, to leave Barrett alone.

Met Greg Palast Discussing Vote Fraud Dynamics

Last nigt, dozens of us (including various joirnalists such as HoffPo's Lance Simmens) were crammed into West L.A.'s BookSoup on Sunset Blvd, to be entertained & rnlightened by Greg Palast, eho was sogning his new book

[center][font size=3 color=orange] THE BEST DEMOCRACY MONEY CAN BUY [/font]

[font color=burnt] A TALE OF BILLIONAIRES & BALLOT BANDITS[/font][/center]


During @Greg_Palast Facebook podcast, with untold thousands watching, we learned about apropos troubling matters, like purging terms such as "caging" and other suppression tactics to block mostly democratic voting persons,

Including a multi term elected official vote was denied!

According to Mr. Palast, over 7 million voters were illegally 🚫 last year; and that includes the Democratic tens of thousands in Michigan, where Hillary lost by a few thousand.

Greg Palast's book & activism is an immediate call to action. It doesn't matter what party affiliation you have, denying your Civil Right to vote is an assualt upon All of U.S. and sedition against the Constitution of the United States.

PLEASE follow this true American leader, hero and relentless activist who is fighting for All of U.S. ..at http//www.GregPalast.com and Twitter @Greg_Palast

And get his book which has plenty of cartoons by renowned activist Ted Rall who was fired by the Los Angeles Times under false pretense.

Palast also helped promot Ted Rall's up coming Motion Picture working with the greats of Ed Asner, Rosario Dawson, Shailene Woodley, Ice-T, Richard Belzer and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


Swedens Dep. PM Trolling Trump via All Women Facebook Photo

This is how we have to do it. Take it to Trump with thumps....like this one.

This is from Florida Times story


Sweden's deputy PM is causing a stir after posting an image appearing to parody Donald Trump's signing of an anti-abortion executive order.

Isabella Lovin, who is also the country’s climate minister, published a photo that shows her signing a new law surrounded by female colleagues.

The image has drawn comparisons with Mr Trump’s photo in which no women were present.

Within hours the post was shared and liked thousands of times on Facebook.

Link to the story


Goldman Sachs Shares Up 4.5% after Trump's Orders on Dodd-Frank

Source: Razor Forex Trading

Investment bank stocks had one of their best days on Friday after President Trump signed an executive order to start rolling back the 2010 Dodd-Frank bill, which was passed in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

One of the biggest gainers today was Goldman Sachs Group with a whopping 4.57 percent gain on the day, closing at $240.95. This was one of the biggest one-day spikes in GS shares, second only to the 5.94% surge on November 9, 2016, which was driven by Trumps electoral victory.

As of today, Goldman shares are only about $10 away from taking out the all-time high at $250.70, recorded on October 29, 2007.

Read more: http://www.razor-forex.com/2017/02/goldman-sachs-shares-shoot-up-45.html?m=1

It's about to be a Goldman Sachs Wall Street Robber Barons, feeding frenzy

And everyone wants in on the action

Donald Trump is Breaking His Promise to be Tough on Wall Street

Source: Hufgington Post Blog

If there was ever doubt that President Donald Trumps tough talk on big banks was an empty show, his first 12 days in office have put it to rest.

Trump is governing like a run-of-the-mill, deregulating Wall Street crony, despite his populist campaign rhetoric: His partys platform pledged to return to the Depression-era Glass-Steagall Act, which broke up big financial institutions by separating investment and commercial banking; he vowed to close a tax provision that saves private equity managers billions of dollars; he lambasted his opponent for her ties to Goldman Sachs, and he assailed the banks CEO in an election ad.

Dodd-Frank is a disaster, he said. Were going to be doing a big number on Dodd-Frank.

Tossing out Dodd-Frank would mean gutting huge swathes of rules restricting big banks, including intricate capital standards and the annual stress tests regulators use to make sure banks wont need to be bailed out to the independent Consumer Financial Bureau.

Read more: http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5890c587e4b02772c4e98b79?

UPDATE: Feb. 3 ― President Donald Trump signed executive orders on Friday that halt the Obama administrations conflict of interest rule for retirement savings and order a review of the 2010 financial reform rules meant to make banks more stable and less likely to need bailouts.

Woo Hoo -Yuuge surprise- Ct dockets my letter (may end GSachs head SEC)

Just spoke to a reporter, who has been working a different angle on our case against Colm Connolly (real big surprise coming); and, in the need for news corroborative, just learned my letter to 8 SDNY State & Federal Judges, has been docketed.

Woo Hoo! -- About to get some justice
This letter (HERE) documents various items of proof, against Paul Traub, who is a Romney, Connolly, GSachs - crony (like Nitti); and it has (finally) been docketed, after some considerable (uncanny) delay.

[br] [hr][br]

The issue at hand is Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital have partnered up, doing Racketeering, aided by the "Brown Bag King of New York" - Paul Traub - who was assisted by a corrupt federal prosecutor (former partner of Goldman Sachs / Bain Capital law firm of MNAT.com).

Nearly everyone - now - understands that the "revolving door" of federal personnel, with Wall Street, aides/abets white collar fraudsters (like Romney, Paul Traub & Goldman Sachs), to often able to get off - totally - 'Scot Free'

and that ain't right!


Hopefully the DAMN Wall of protection is about to burst.

Again - I say - Woo Hoo!

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