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Profile Information

Name: Laser Haas
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Anywhere USA
Home country: United States
Current location: NOMADIC
Member since: Mon Apr 21, 2008, 01:12 PM
Number of posts: 7,805

About Me

Love BB, Laser Tag, Poker (Tournaments only). Work with Occupy camps. Willing to help you in your fight for justice (let's discuss it).

Journal Archives

Ha Ha - Justice Ginsburg snarky explanation of falling


Former Charity CEO Pleads Guilty To Multi-Million-Dollar Political Corruption Scheme

Source: Justice Department Press Release

The former CEO of a charity headquartered in Springfield, Missouri has pleaded guilty to her role in a multi-million-dollar political corruption scheme that involved bribes and campaign contributions for elected public officials in Missouri and Arkansas, announced Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and U.S. Attorney Tim Garrison of the Western District of Missouri.

Marilyn Luann Nolan, 68, of Springfield, pleaded guilty before U.S. Magistrate Judge David P. Rush on Friday, Nov. 9, to one count of conspiracy to embezzle and misapply the funds of a charitable organization that received federal funds.

By pleading guilty, Nolan admitted that she conspired with others from 2008 to June 30, 2017, to misapply millions of dollars of the charity’s funds for substantial, undisclosed payments to lobbying firms and political advocates, monetary and in-kind contributions to the campaigns of candidates for public office, and to bribe public officials. Nolan also admitted that she knew her co-conspirators defrauded the charity in order to enrich themselves, and her.

Nolan began working at Alternative Opportunities Inc., in 1992. In 2015, that company merged with Preferred Family Healthcare Inc., after which it continued to be known as Preferred Family Healthcare. Nolan was the chief executive officer and oversaw the charity’s lobbying and governmental affairs activities.

Read more: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/former-charity-ceo-pleads-guilty-multi-million-dollar-political-corruption-scheme

Aunt Crabby calls Bullshit on Trump, Putin, Korea PACT


Justice Department Requires Six Broadcast Television Companies to Terminate - Refrain From Unlawful

Source: DOJ News

Justice Department Requires Six Broadcast Television Companies to Terminate and Refrain From Unlawful Sharing of Competitively Sensitive Information

Proposed Settlement Preserves Competition in Broadcast Television Advertising Markets Across the United States and Requires Cooperation in Ongoing Antitrust Division Investigation


The Department of Justice announced today that it has reached a settlement with six broadcast television companies — Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc.; Raycom Media Inc.; Tribune Media Company; Meredith Corporation; Griffin Communications; and Dreamcatcher Broadcasting LLC — to resolve a Department lawsuit alleging that the companies engaged in unlawful agreements to share non-public competitively sensitive information with their broadcast television competitors.

The Justice Department’s Antitrust Division filed a civil antitrust lawsuit today in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to challenge the unlawful exchange of competitively sensitive information among these six broadcast television companies, their sales representatives, and other broadcast television groups. At the same time, the Department filed proposed settlements that, if approved by the court, would resolve the lawsuit’s alleged competitive harm alleged in the complaint.

“The unlawful exchange of competitively sensitive information allowed these television broadcast companies to disrupt the normal competitive process of spot advertising in markets across the United States,” said Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim of the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division. “Advertisers rely on competition among owners of broadcast television stations to obtain reasonable advertising rates, but this unlawful sharing of information lessened that competition and thereby harmed the local businesses and the consumers they serve.”

According to the complaint, the six broadcast television companies agreed in many metropolitan areas across the United States to exchange revenue pacing information, and certain defendants also engaged in the exchange of other forms of non-public sales information in certain metropolitan areas. Pacing compares a broadcast station’s revenues booked for a certain time period to the revenues booked in the same point in the previous year. Pacing indicates how each station is performing versus the rest of the market and provides insight into each station’s remaining spot advertising for the period.

Read more: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/justice-department-requires-six-broadcast-television-companies-terminate-and-refrain-unlawful

A simple Twitter chart GIF explains global warming in 35 seconds


Tenn. Court of Appeals Landmark Decision Against Law firm Estate Abuse

Most recently, an online Twitter account stated that finding Justice is a quest to ferret out an invisible door in a hidden hallway, on a blacked out island, on a invisible moon; which is not far from the reality many victims learn, suffering from manifest injustice.

But, every once in a while, courts do the right ruling.

A higher Tennessee court has sustained the fact that lawyers and associated trustees breached their fiduciary duty in the handling of the estate of Woody Darken.

The landmark of this particular case is that Woody passed away naming his 2 sons as Trustees; and the Darken boys requested the bookkeeping of their fathers assets from their Law firm thar also represented their father.

Even after the court ordered production of the accounting and that the law firm submit to binding mitigation, the law firm.staunchly refused to comply.

You can read about the details at StopProbateFraud.com


They Were Stopped at Texas Border: Nightmare had just begun

Source: NYT

MCALLEN, TEXAS—The Border Patrol agent, she remembers, was calm when he tied her to the tree and put silver duct tape over her mouth. He said very little.

She was a 14-year-old immigrant who had just crossed the Rio Grande illegally, travelling with a teenage friend and the friend’s mother from Honduras. They had hoped to surrender to the Border Patrol and stay in the United States.

But instead of taking them in for processing, the agent, Esteban Manzanares, had driven them to an isolated, wooded area 16 miles (25 kilometres) outside the border city of McAllen, Texas. There he sexually assaulted the friend and viciously attacked her and her mother, twisting their necks, slashing their wrists and leaving them, finally, to bleed in the brush. Then he led the 14-year-old girl to the tree.

“I only asked him why he was doing this,” she recalled. “Why me? He would only say that he had been thinking about it for days. He had been thinking about this for days.”

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/12/us/rape-texas-border-immigrants-esteban-manzanares.html

Crack up of the day - an awesome lady



Magnitsky ACT Bill Browder - Son's APP - Replaces Small Case Lawyering

Bill Browder is the international corruption fighter / whistleblower who lost a friend (Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky) to speciousness, related to Putin & Russia; which has resulted in worldwide efforts known as the Magnitsky ACT that President Obama signed into law - concerning human rights issues.

Bill's son, Joshua, is a Stanford student who created an app taking aim at make attorneys at law, obsolete.

As per the Wall Street Journal ( here ):

Taking the Law Into Your Own Handheld

Some attorneys are unhappy with a new app automating simple legal actions

Joshua Browder is an ambitious young man. A 21-year-old computer-science senior at Stanford, he aims to make lawyers obsolete, at least for humdrum troubles such as parking tickets, disputes with landlords, and small claims for which legal fees would wipe out much of the compensation.

Why not wipe out the lawyers instead? In September Mr. (Joshua) Browder launched a free iPhone app called DoNotPay, which he describes as the world’s first robot lawyer. Entering your details, you “swipe to sue” and can, among other things, fix your credit report, get bank-fee refunds, and claim payouts in class actions you may not know about.

Mr. Browder acknowledges apps won’t “be arguing before the Supreme Court anytime soon.” But “for a simple case, where someone has stolen your security deposit, I think there’s no reason why you have to have a lawyer.”

If there’s a righteous quality about Mr. Browder, it’s probably in his genes. His father is Bill Browder, the British-American portfolio investor who made impressive sums in Russia before falling foul of Vladimir Putin and becoming the strongman’s most vocal Western critic. Joshua Browder is a great-grandson of Earl Browder (1891-1973), the Communist Party USA’s presidential nominee in 1936 and 1940. The young Mr. Browder is sure Earl would approve of DoNotPay, “even if he wouldn’t agree with all of what Silicon Valley does.”


FL & GA Candidates should remember GOP protesters in 2000


They screamed, yelled, lied and bullied; and we all know what happened next!
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