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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 04:51 PM
Number of posts: 12,409

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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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Canada brings down ax on TV, film funding


"MONTREAL -- Canuck pubcaster CBC, federal film and TV funder Telefilm Canada and the National Film Board of Canada will all be subject to swingeing 10% budget cuts in the next three years.

The ax dropped Thursday as part of the national budget announced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative government. "

OK, Canada, I ask this question with all due respect: what the Blazes is happening up there? Harper has at best 40 percent of the vote, yet he gets to pull crap like this and try to build the oilpipeline of ecological doom?

No, I am not trying to be snide, I was just surprised.

Sanford cops sought warrant to arrest George Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin shooting


Samples from article:

Asked to confirm that the police recommended a manslaughter charge, special prosecutor Angela Corey said:

"I don't know about that, but as far as the process I can tell you that the police went to the state attorney with a capias request, meaning: 'We're through with our investigation and here it is for you.' The state attorney impaneled a grand jury, but before anything else could be done, the governor stepped in and asked us to pick it up in midstream."

A capias is a request for charges to be filed."

So, all the racists will have to admit that even the Sanford cops wanted to arrest the guy, so why did the local DA decide NOT to? The plot sickens and thickens.

Zimmerman injured? I call BS

OK, let's examine the scenario. Let us say Trayvon had managed to injure Zimmerman (man, guess he had steroids in the skittles.) Let's say Zimmerman did get his nose busted, and was bleeding.

Now, anytimes someone is injured at a scene, the police offer to get the ambulance, why?

Because people have bled to death after what seemed like a not so serious injury, and then the loving relatives S-U-E. This is especially true in Florida, where ambulance chasing lawyers grow like weeds, and advertise heavily. This is true even in fender benders. People can refuse, of course.

But, who is to say that should have been Zimmerman's call to make. Even if you plead self defense, you still have to be tiried by a jury, which means that until he at the very least made bail, he was supposed to be in CUSTODY. Usually when someone injured is in custody, they get treated, even if they are handcuffed to the f---ing gourney. They can scream "I don't want no f--Ing doctor" til the cows come home, and the PD will simply make sure they see the doctor, not because they are kind, but to COVER THEIR ASSETS.

Of course,none of this happened, and if it did, it sure as hell was not documented, which means, in that fact alone, the sanford PD violated procedure, and opened themslves up to a lawsuit. There is nothing stopping Zimmerman can sayign he has "headaches" now, and knowing Florida, there would be many lawyers foaming at the mouth to suesaying that this guy is messed up for life because they did not offer him the ambulance.

right wing gun kooks

Here is an ugly little thought:

If this "stand your ground law" stands and Zimmerman goes free, think of all the well armed GOP folks in Tampa who might "feel threatened."

But then again, if things get sticky, the Fox news folks will simply call them insane, like Jared Loughner.

Haley says brokered convention not bad


From the article:

"We have had twice - three times really - Governor Romney looked like he was poised to begin coalescing, and each time he lost the next week, and now we're at another juncture," Barbour said

"Whether or not we have an open convention is up to the primary voters who are left between now and there," Barbour said. "If it is a convention where we get there with nobody having the vote, [that is] not necessarily all bad."

Friends, this is a sea change. We have the former head of the GOP, arguably, one of the more powerful people to have held that office ever, especially when compared to the current GOP head, Michael Steele. Here he says outright that a brokered convention is tolerable. That of course means that the GOP is making preparations for a scenario that would have been unthinkable even in 2000 or 2008.

I consider this a warning shot, especially to those of us smiling because we know Mitt vs. Obama in a debate would be a wash. Please remembers, these people have NO respect for rules, and they know they can crown anyone in Tampa, and still have the superpacs backing them 100% They also know that they have little to lose by ditching Romney, as frankly, if brand Romney has not begun to gel by this point, it will not be ready in time to beat an incumbent.

Odd question about Mitt getting beat in Dixie

And let's be honest, he is getting beat up in Dixie. He has Florida and VA, which are two state which are this close to being northern due to former New York Transplants.

A) Does Dixie shun him, if so why?
B) does this mean he will try to get a real Dixie running mate?

Dennis K, whereto now?

Of course, now that Marcy kaptur and dennis K were forced to fight (something no doubt planned by the GOPigs) there is a lot of talk about Dennis. Many think he is a saint, many think he is a fool. I say neither.

Dennis was, a mass of contradictions:

Was he one of the few that tried to remind this party what we were supposed to be about before Clinton turned us into the leftward branch of the Republicans? Yes

Was he one of the few that would seriously try to force people to look at matters like War and Poverty? Yes.

Was he also foolish for thinking that he could win the presidency? Yes

Was he also follish for never really trying to go outside his district base, which meant he never strayed away from a Cleveland choir of faithful? Yes

The key thing is...he needs to figure out how to work in the current climate. He does not need to c ompromise one thing, but he needs to know how not to preach to the same choir, nor use the same strategy.

For example...suppose he was to save up and run for Senator. Make a one two punch of Sherrod and Dennis.

Or governor, which would make him a much better candidate for presdient, especially as, on both sides, we have seen that Senators are way too averse to conflict (and yes, I put Obama and Hillary in that category.)

Or, in the meantime, his bluster is used in the one place where it could do a lot of good, and give him money and face time in preparation.

YES, I do mean CURRENT TV...and not just as a guest of TYT.

Suppose the GOP brokers in Tampa

What is the plan if they do get Mitt to drop out? My fear is Jeb Bush and palin will try to ride in messiah style.

The harm can be that the Dem super pacs may wats emoney fighting Romney, only to have the GOP do a switcheroo at the end.


Can Mitt do Dixie?

Outside of Florida, a state which has a mixture of Dixie and Latin America, Mitt has not won a southern state? Is this an elephant in the room?

I ask because I wonder if Newt is holding out for Dixie, saying "you know the folk in the South ain't votin for no Mormon.." If nothing else, all he would have to do is hold out till Texas votes, because of Mitt cannot win Texas or any other Dixie state, than the GOP will realize that one of their lynchpins of power may slip.

PS: how much you want to bet that Ron Paul dives out before Texas?
Posted by DonCoquixote | Wed Mar 7, 2012, 03:35 PM (5 replies)

latest MSNBC results


Comment...If Rick wins Ohio and TN, Jeb will already be planning to broker the convention in Tampa, seriously, WTF?
Posted by DonCoquixote | Tue Mar 6, 2012, 09:45 PM (3 replies)
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