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Member since: Thu Apr 17, 2008, 04:51 PM
Number of posts: 13,475

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A disabled librarian from Tampa, Florida

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question re: the debt ceiling

We know that the holdouts in the house are often ones who want to hold the economy hostage via the "debt ceiling", the ones who want at social security. Since we know these people have gained power, what measure does Biden have to stop this?

I remember back in the Obama days, there was tlak of a "trillion dollar coin>"

Eric Idle Is Tired Of Comedy Giants Like Dave Chappelle Crying "Censorship"


choice cut from article, but read the whole thing, as it worth it, especially as the right wing trots John Cleese out.

On the topic of censorship, Swisher naturally asked Idle if he had any thoughts on Dave Chappelle’s constant claims that he is being silenced while getting paid $24 million per special to complain about how canceled he is. Said Idle, “Where does he say it? On SNL … Well, you’re not being that much canceled, are you? If you were in your room complaining, I’d have a lot more sympathy.”

if we win Georgia

does this mean we get a TRUE majority, and by that mean one where we can tell Sinema and Manchin to STFU?

It wasn't the 'red wave' pundits predicted, but what's here is still pretty bad


I do not mean to diminish joy, but we still have to keep focused and realistic, as this article from Tampa shows. here is a good cut from it.

In any event, Democrats outran the fundamentals and avoided a bloodbath a la 2010 or 1994. Not that they should pop the champagne. They only defeated expectations.

Trump quisling Kevin McCarthy will probably be the next House Speaker, even if he’ll spend two absurdly long years with his balls in the Freedom Caucus’ vice. And Democrats might need a December runoff in Georgia to win the Senate—and if they lose, not only will America suffer the indignity of having to endure Senator Herschel Walker for the next six years, but Mitch McConnell will once again be able to block Biden’s judicial nominees for any or no reason whatsoever.

Just because things could be worse doesn’t mean what’s here is OK.

if we keep the house and senate, the FIRST THING is

start impeaching Thomas and raise the number of Supreme court justices. We must undo the damage Mitch and Trump did.

to the Florida Democratic party

I understand the DU rule about critiquing Democrats.
I understand that was put to prevent real ratfucking hijinks from both the GOP, and the jill Stein/Jackpine Radicals that were using DU to stab at us.

THAT BEING SAID, there is a serious problem with the Florida Democratic party. It is one thing for them to be Centre left, it is another to be so scared of appearing left that you shot yourself in the foot.

Are you honestly going to tell me that the best we could get was Charlie Crist? What sort of Stockholm syndrome do we have where the only person we fell comfortable running is someone whose main job was to destroy us?

I heard people blame our mess on the fact we did not run Gwen Graham instead of Andrew Gillum. Well my friends, for all of Gillum's flaws, he almost won the last race, and put up a lot stronger showing than Crist ever did as a democrat. We went from a race that could have been won, to a race that was blasted.

I am happy we ran Demmings, even though she also did some leftie punching too, but of course, already people are saying we should have run someone more like the Florida Voters, and we all know what that is code for.

As far as Rubio, as a Latinx, let em say this, all my fellow Hispanics who voted because you gate gays, hate blacks, or because you got lucky enough in business' to not have your money stolen (yet) you will reap the whirlwind. I admit the Democrats need to make better outreach, instead of whining about why the Latino vote is nto just a natural given the fact they know the good old boys hate them (and they do hate you mi amigos, and you know it, y tu sabe.) But that does nto mean that Latinos who voted for Rubio are voting for him to kiss Trump's ass, and for high prescription drugs all because he says it will slow down cancer research. Well well Marco, maybe the problem is despite grants, despite charities, drug companies are not interested din anything that doe snto make obscene profits, especially since you made sure they got no competition from Canada.

But let me nto digress. The Florida Democratic party needs to stop acting like Jobbers. The term comes from Pro Wrestling, where the jobber is the person paid to LOSE to the main event. The idea is to look just good enough to LOOK like a sincere opponent, but lose. A lot of Florida Democrats are well paid jobbers. Yes Charlie, I am talking to YOU.

Charlie, you did a bad enough job as a republican governor, stop helping Republicans to get elected governor. And all you cenrtists trying to drga the party to the right, asll you will do is weaken us, because you will allow the GOP to set the agenda.

and that is why I am hoping to get out of this state.

Woke War III: Graham Norton Beefs With John Cleese And J.K. Rowling


choice quotes:

"The Irish actor, author, comedian, and five-time BAFTA winner addressed Cleese’s complaints about the shifting tides of social awareness, saying, “It must be very hard to be a man of a certain age, who’s been allowed to say what he wants for years, and now suddenly there’s some accountability. It’s free speech, but it’s not consequence-free.”
J.K. Rowling had a sensible and definitely-not-blown-out-of-proportion response to Norton’s comments, tweeting, “Very much enjoying the recent spate of bearded men stepping confidently onto their soapboxes to define what a woman is and throw their support behind rape and death threats to those who dare disagree. You may mock, but takes real bravery to come out as an Old Testament prophet.” Unfortunately, Rowling used up her 280 characters on that diatribe, so she wasn’t able to attach her source on Graham Norton supporting “rape and death threats.”

9/11 at 21

I will confess that in a week where the news has become a thick pasty blob, it can be hard to remember 9/11 but impossible to forget it. We are still stinging from it, not just because of the dead, but because that set in motion many things that will continue to do damage. This is when the Media really came into it's power, realizing that it was not only possible, but profitable , to drive stampedes over the cliff. It was when America lost it's prime position in the world, for both bad and good. I say this because we had not appreciated at the time that we were being led along a path that would destroy us as much as others, be it with high debt to China, or the effects of Climate change. We did not realize that common sense was not very common, and that yes, the right wing really would love it fascism to the point where they would they would make killing other Americans an accepted part of practice.

As much as I think getting older makes you wiser, it does not. It can, but there must be a lot of vanity left behind, to exchange fort hat wisdom, and time will tell if we can make that change, as a nation, and as people.

Biden's right. You're not going to reform the MAGA movement--you have to crush it


This is a perfect antidote to those that love to attack the left for being too harsh. Many of the centrists seem to talk as if our goal is not to protect the rights and liberties of the party's base, but that we have to spend our efforts trying to beg the rigths to see thigns our way, while they smash our heads in.

Take this nonsense:

"The Washington Post’s editorial board cried over Biden’s supposed appeal to partisanship instead of patriotism. “You don’t persuade people by scolding or demeaning them, but that’s how the president’s speech landed for many conservatives of goodwill,” the edit board scolded."

Are these the same "goodwill" people that let Trump do things that even Reagan would not try? How much longer are we to let our people die while we search for people to throw us the crumbs?

To any that would kick Elizabeth now

I can admit, there were times I was angry with her, especially about Diana. However, from her work in the Second World war, to helping form charities, I can say that she was one woman that tried to do her best for her country, which is more than can be said of many. I see many who can buy and sell her in the UK, not trying half as hard to represent their nation.

Best wishes Queen Elizabeth.

PS: Yes I know there is a LOT to be dealt with, from the new PM, to Brexit, to Boris et al. Yes there is the question of who gets to sit on that throne, and all the sordidness involved. I can even be bold to say that neither Charles nor Andrew seem up to the task. But for now, let us mourn the end of an era.
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