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"You wanna fight for your home? Then we'll fight with you!" I love this video!

Occupy Wall Street ‏@OccupyWallSt
"You wanna fight for your home? Then we'll fight with you." Twice Thou - 'The Bank Attack' http://ow.ly/eyPhR #ows #occupy @F_TheBanks

OWS linked to this great video done by Anthony Ennis who is a professional recording artist.

"The Bank Attack" project was born in the belly of City Life/Vida Urbana's weekly BTA/Bank Tenant Association meetings in 2011 by Antonio 'Twice Thou' Ennis, a professional recording artist since 1985. Empowered and inspired by City Life's 'Sword & Shield' method of fighting back against social injustice and in particular the big banks, he wrote this rally-song to galvanize thousands of underwater homeowners for the historic (RttC) Right to the City national protest against Bank of America headquarters in Boston, MA on September 30, 2011 an action for which Antonio was a lead organizer and national spokesperson for over 3,500 demonstrators. The song has since become an anthem for the movement with a renewed commitment of solidarity among collaborating organizations.

Since 2009, instead of negotiating a loan modification with Principal Reduction to allow him to stay in his home of 46 years, Bank of America (the servicer) is trying to foreclose even though Mr. Ennis could afford his home at the current real-value. After receiving several dissatisfying loan modifications, one of which increased his monthly payment by $1,000 he turned to his passion and profession of producing hip-hop music to shame the big banks for their predatory business practices.

What he describes after trying to get a small home mortgage modification, is exactly what happened to my friend. She, like Ennis, could easily have afforded to stay in her home with a slight adjustment to her mortgage payment, which she qualified for under the President's bill to help 'Main Street' stay in their homes. Instead, as happened with him, they RAISED her payment! Were they just playing cynical games or what? Because this happened to thousands of other people after being approved for a mortgage reduction.

This is a great video, like a mini-documentary and it's great to see that people on their own are fighting back and joining other groups to do so.

But what do they waaaaant? They have no message!!

What do you think? Do you understand their message?
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