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James O'Keefe In Court On Harassment Charge By Conservative Blogger

Another bizarre incident in the ongoing saga of James O'Keefe. Still living with his parents and still on probation, he can't seem to stay out of trouble, with women.

The case was dismissed, but the story the woman told sounds a bit like the other incident where another female colleague of his was described by the CNN reporter he had set up a 'sex trap' for, as looking dishevelled and as if she had been crying, when she decided to warn the reporter not to go onto his boat as she was disturbed by what he was planning to do. That woman apparently chose not to go along with his schemes either.

Harassment complaint against Westwood muckraker James O'Keefe dismissed


The Nov. 21 complaint by Boston-based conservative blogger Nadia Naffe alleged O’Keefe became verbally and relentlessly abusive to her after she told him she was backing out of his next “undercover” film project, in downtown Manhattan during the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Naffe, represented by lawyer John Weichsel in her Nov. 21 complaint, told Karch O’Keefe picked her up from the train station in Newark on Oct. 2. The two drove to O’Keefe’s home, where he lives with his parents, picking up alcohol along the way.

While at his house, Naffe said, she became involved in a dispute with O’Keefe and told him she no longer wanted to be involved in the film and wanted to be dropped off at the nearest train station.

She told the court O’Keefe initially refused to bring her to a train station and insisted she stay overnight in a barn at his parent’s property. Naffe said she threatened to call the police.

Nadia Naffe, Conservative Blogger

She says she was eventually driven to Penn Station in NY by O'Keefe and one of his friends who, she says, had to support her (she claimed she had found it hard to 'move and control my muscles' the previous evening) into the car and that she passed out in the car and did not wake up until they reached the train station.

She also claims that after she took a train to Boston, she discovered that some things were missing from her luggage, including 'underpants and a wireless mouse'.

Her story gets even more bizarre. She claims that some later he offered her money, but she refused it and doesn't know why he offered it to her. However, according to her, he began harassing her, sending her messages and that mutual friends were giving her messages from him.

More harassment occurred, in the form of a video that she claims he put on his website, in which he called her 'filthy' and 'a tramp'. The video has since been taken down she says.

“He made me out to be a tramp,” she testified. “He used other people to torment me.”

However, Karch, the judge in the case, dismissed it because he could not find evidence that the harassment occurred in the town in which O'Keefe lives.

The judge did advise her that she could file a civil suit against him.

This is her blog where she writes about politics http://redcounty.com/nadia-naffe"]Nadia Naffe

Nadia Naffe is a blogger and conservative activist. She has served as Tampa editor of Red County since 2009. Naffe began her career in politics as a field director with the Republican Party of Florida. Following that assignment, Naffe was appointed to serve as a regional field director for Bush/Cheney '04. In this role, she was responsible for establishing strategic relationships among various coalitions in 12 of the most vote-rich counties in South West and Central Florida.

Prior to that, Naffe served as the founding Chairwoman, of the University of Tampa College Republicans, helping to build student chapters across the state. After the 2004 elections, Naffe returned to the private sector where she led the internet marketing division for an automotive dealership. Most recently, she was responsible for fiber-optic data sales for a Fortune 500 telecom company.

Naffe holds a bachelor's degree in marketing from the Sykes College of Business at the University of Tampa. She has served as a volunteer or advisor on numerous statewide and local campaigns, dating back to Jeb Bush’s successful campaign for governor of Florida in 1999, when Naffe coordinated student volunteers to promote Bush’s “A+ Plan” education reforms and advocated state funding for charter schools.

Shameful that this guy is treated with kid gloves by the so-called 'liberal media' and was allowed to destroy ACORN with his lies and dirty tricks. And worse, after ACORN was exhonerated and his lies and tricks exposed, the media never corrected the story. He must have some pretty powerful friends.

Apparently Nadia Naffe was supposed to 'work' with O'Keefe on the destruction of Occupy Wall Street but for some reason, she says, she backed out of it.

Some day he is going to really hurt someone. There is something really wrong with this guy.

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