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sabrina 1

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Member since: Sun Mar 30, 2008, 05:51 AM
Number of posts: 62,325

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Erica Garner's Incredibly Moving & Powerful Commerical Endorsement of Bernie Sanders ...

If you don't cry while watching this, if you are not outraged that we live in a country where this could happen, if you are not moved to try to do something to STOP IT, regardless of politics, just as a nation, a citizen of this nation, then you are not human imo. Does ANYONE other than Bernie Sanders among our 'leaders' CARE? THIS made me cry.

Erica Garnerís Commercial Endorsing Bernie Sanders for President

For anyone who doesn't know who Erica Garner is, she is the daughter of Eric Garner, the man who was brutally and illegally choked to death by an NYPD officer while several other officers watched as he cried over and over again 'I can't breathe, I can't breathe'. And when the case was sent to a GJ, no charges were filed. How do you tell YOUR daughter what kind of country you live in when THIS is common practice of our Civilian Police when it comes to AAs and other minorities?


From Erica's Blog:

Last week we made a commercial to express to the world exactly why I am endorsing Bernie Sanders for President. The Sanders team allowed me and my team full creative control of this video so this message is 100% my message and my views! They had a totally different idea of what should be done, but true to form with Senator Sanders, he listened to me, didnít tell me he knew better and I was not practical and this is what we produced.

The Senator didnít reach out to me all of a sudden because he needs help with Black people. He didnít put out a press conference announcing that we would be working together. He didnít force me to frame my support of him around a subject matter that special interest groups that support him can get behind. They said we are glad to have your support, how do you want to plug in. You will see a lot of Black leaders handing out endorsements, think to yourself, have they historically been a rubber stamp for the establishment? I hope this expresses why I think Bernie is our guy!


If Bernie becomes President, I hope Erica would be part of his administration. She is an amazing woman ....

Also on JPR

Why Does The DNC Keep Backing Only One Woman For President? We Have Some Great Qualified Women Dems

Barbara Lee

Elizabeth Warren

Nina Turner

And a whole lot more. Add your own choices.

I NEVER hear those who say 'I'm voting for Hillary because I want a Woman in the WH' even CHALLENGE the Male Establishment who choose our candidates, as to why we women are supposed to accept just this one woman over the past decade.

I've been wondering this for a long time. Why does the Male Establishment think we deserve NO CHOICE among Women Candidates while they have promoted several Men for the position?

And why do women accept this?

Why Bernie Is More Trustworthy on Foreign Policy Than Hillary:

Whether to go to war or not to go war is probably one of the most important decisions an elected official can be asked to make.

War means loss of life.

It means putting our troops in harm's way.

And it means the lives of untold numbers of innocent men, women and children.

I can't think of any more decision an elected official can be asked to make than this.

Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were presented with that decision while in a position of trust given to them by the American people.

It's important to note that many ordinary people knew that the President who was asking for the Authorization to go to war, was lying to the American people.

This is Bernie Sanders explaining why he would not give that authority to President G.W. Bush:

This is Hillary Clinton explaining why she was voting for giving that authority to President G.W. Bush:

Bernie Sanders showed incredibly good judgement and foresight when he cast his vote against the AUMF that day.

Hillary Clinton showed extremely bad judgement and frightening lack of foresight when she cast her vote that day.

We need leaders who both good judgement and foresight who we can trust not to make mistakes when faced with such onerous decisions.

THIS may be one of the main reasons why I support Bernie Sanders.

I trust him never to send our troops into harms way unless the this country is in imminent danger.

He has been proven to have been tragically right in his assessment of the terrible consequences of that invasion.

Hillary now calls her assessment 'a mistake'.

Evolving is great, for ordinary people. But we not need leaders who have not yet evolved on major issues such as War and when this country should go to war and when it should not.

We need people who are capable WHILE in office of making such serious decisions.

Iowa a Virtual Tie Decided By The Tossing Of Coins! Incredibile Win For Bernie!

Just months ago, December airc, Hillary was 30 points ahead of Bernie!

I remember all the polls being posted here, gleefully.

Well last night Bernie and his supporters blew all those predictions and polls to pieces.

Bernie CAN contest the result of this election which is so close no one can call it a clear win.

And here's why his campaign SHOULD ask for a recount, just one example:

I watched CSpan's coverage of Des Moines. Similar thing happened, 3 people were missing at the final count.

Bernie's people wanted a recount. Unlike what you read from Davenport, in Des Moines there was a quick hand count, and that was it.

Bernie has stated he 'wants all the facts' but has not yet asked for a recount.

Whatever he decides, it would be far more respectful to the process for Hillary to tone down her claims of winning..

I believe she declared herself the winning three times last night, whether she used the 'word' or not, when I saw her speech I thought it was over, when it was far from over.

I don't know what Bernie's campaign is thinking re asking for what they are entitled to, a recount, but as things stand, if he lets them stand, this race was a virtual tie.

And it is an amazing victory for Bernie.

Now on to New Hampshire.

Wait. Three Caucus Results Decided by Coin Toss? Hillary Wins All Three. Affecting Outcome.

Just heard that three caucuses results were so close they decided to toss a coin. Hillary won all three coin tosses.

Right now, the race is down to 3 delegates between them.

If Bernie had won those coin tosses, he would be ahead right now.

Has this ever been done before??

Just heard on MSNBC that this doesn't normally happen.

Also that it is not a 'trivial' thing since when it's this close, those coin tosses can make the difference.

I wonder who tossed the coins?

MSNBC: Still too close to call! May Not Be Able to declare a winner tonight.

Bernie 'we are in a virtual tie'.

Hillary declared herself the winner two hours ago!

Even Establishment Pundits saying 'It was a mistake for Hillary to declare victory before the process was complete'.

Shameful of Hillary to so disrespect the democratic process.

'Bad Blunder on Hillary's part' say news commenters.

I Am So Proud Of My Candidate, Bernie Sanders Today And of His AMAZING SUPPORTERS!

I am proud because he refused to engage in the same old dirty politics of lying about his opponents and demonstrated that no, you don't have to do that to run an incredible campaign.

His campaign has been the most exhilarating experience of any political campaign I remember.

I am proud that his political ads focused on the American People and not on his Opponents.

Even though from the beginning Hillary's campaign engaged in the same old smear campaigning, Bernie rose above them and so did his supporters.

I am proud that Bernie and his supporters stayed focused on why this election is probably one of the most important in our lifetime.

I am mostly proud that he kept his promise and refused to take secret Corporate Donations and proved that Politicians do not need their bribes in order to run a great campaign.

Because that is the #1 issue that must be resolved before we can even begin to fix anything else.

He has made history, several times, during this campaign.

One of those times was when he refused to TALK ABOUT HIS RELIGIOUS BELIEFS slapping down, finally, the notion that a President of the US must be a Christian! Reminding the Corporate Puppet who asked him about his faith, to remember the Separation of Church and State!

Thank you Bernie Supporters, you are the most amazing people I have ever worked with on a political campaign.

to DUer questionseverything for the reminder of John Lennon who told us he wasn't the only dreamer of a better world. Those photos show we are not either:

Who would have thought in May, 2015 that Bernie Sanders would be in Iowa tonight as a serious challenger to the presumed, inevitable nominee?

But he is, and just that fact alone means that he and we have already won!

Think of the Supreme Court, I am: David Brock, Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill, Citizens United, Hillary

What do all of those names and titles have in common?

A group calling themselves Citizens United helped get Clarence Thomas nominated AND confirmed to the USSC.

But his nomination was in jeopardy when Anita Hill was called to testify wrt sexual harassment which she endured at his hands that basically should have eliminated him from any consideration for that nomination.

Anita Hill instantly became the target of the most vicious, anti-women, angry Right Wing factions and their 'noise machine', after she testified under oath as she was ordered to do.

Iow, had it not been for the all out war waged on Anita Hill by the far right, led by David Brock who lied about and smeared a woman with an impeccable reputation until then, today we might not be saddled with that extremist, Clarence Thomas on the SC, who completed his obligation to those who put him there with the passage of their dream legislation, and the country's nightmare, the ruling with the Orwellian Title, Citizens United.

But that wasn't the first we heard of Right Wing Smear Monger, David Brock.

Brock also played a large role in the Impeachment of Bill Clinton!

Which brings me to Hillary Clinton!

As a Champion of Women and the woman who exposed the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy in which David Brock played a large role, surely SHE of all people, would not only avoid any association with such a 'Dark Actor' as they call such people in the UK, but do all she could to eliminate such destructive elements from our system of Government?

Brock, after enriching himself from his role as part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, slithered over to the Left where he appears to be recreating a similar model to the one he was so much a part of on the Right

These are the ENEMIES of Democracy.

So what would Hillary Clinton, Champion of Women, such as Anita Hill, who helped expose the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, have to do with such a person as David Brock?

Had you asked me a few months ago, I would have assumed she would have nothing to with such a vile human being.

But I would have been wrong.

Shamefully, Hillary Clinton is now closely aligned with David Brock.

Brock runs her Corporate Funded Super Pac and is now using it to continue to do what he does best, what he did to Anita Hill and Bill Clinton.

With her campaign's assistance and in her name, he is now doing it to Bernie Sanders for Hillary, what he did to us, to Anita Hill and Bill Clinton for the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

As Sanders' spokesperson, Briggs, said last week: 'She should be ashamed' of this association with Brock. And he's not the only one!

Almost every vile attack on Bernie can be traced back to this Right Wing Smear monger.

Almost every lie told can also be traced back to him.

THIS is the epitome of all that is wrong with our system.

Brock, ironically part of what FACILITATED Citizens United, is USING it now to put his 'skills' to work on Hillary's behalf.

Iow, to smear yet another good human being, Bernie Sanders, who like Anita Hill, also has an impeccable reputation.

Shameful betrayal of all those who stood up on HER behalf against this vile smear monger.

We are constantly reminded to 'think of the SC' during elections season.

This election season we are thinking about it, more than ever before

Think about Citizens United, Clarence Thomas, David Brock and Anita Hill and then think of Hillary Clinton and ask, why is she associated in ANY Way with this Right Wing smear monger, and why would she condone his Rovian tactics which so harmed women AND her husband, Bill Clinton, not to mention this country?

I don't know the answer to that.

Bernie Sanders doesn't either he has stated.

I do know that this is one more reason why I support Bernie Sanders.

Because of the Supreme Court!

Why did Mrs. Greenspan Automatically Think of Hillary When She Saw This Ad?

The ad is based on what Bernie's whole campaign is based on, the disastrous effects of money in our electoral system.

When she interviewed Bernie today Mrs. Greenspan asked him 'why have you decided to go negative against Clinton in your latest ad?

Bernie asked her if Hillary's name was mentioned in the ad?


He asked if her campaign was mentioned in the ad"


I thought it was a strange question considering the ad focuses on the issue that is so important now to a majority of Americans.

Maybe Mrs Greenspan was thinking of Hillary because like every other politician practically in DC, she is beholden to Wall St.

Anyhow, she said it, not Bernie. It's a great ad, btw.

Unelectable = Can't Be Bought By Wall St

It's laughable to see the constant trotting out of this most ridiculous meme when it comes to someone who has proven how very electable they are.

The idea that we little people don't have the mental capacity to see how illogical it is to make such a claim about any politician who has been elected, could only come from the fevered brains of inside DC Think Tanks, hired, sort of like mafia goons, to come up with this nonsense by those who themselves actually know how stupid these talking points are.

However, in our current corrupt and rigged system there is SOME truth to the meme.

Not the one they wish to portray of course, but we little people actually CAN decipher these talking points and see the ridiculousnees of them for ourselves.

The truth is, what they MEAN by unelectable is:

'listen you honest, smart, ethical, authentic politician,, you think you can be President if you don't take the bribes we are offering you? Not in the system WE have rigged to make sure no one like YOU will ever be elected to that high office where you think your job is to NOT represent US.'

But let's take them literally just for fun:

Hillary, we are to assume, IS electable. Well, I agree with that since she was elected twice in her political career. That's on the plus side.

However, Hillary was unelectable for the office she is now seeking again, in 2008. Sure she's free to try again, but that means she's tried already and failed to be elected.

Bernie, we are to take from the ridiculous talking point, is NOT electable. I have to logically disagree with that since the man HAS been elected over and over again over the past several decades.

Is it just me, or is this one of the most ridiculous, not to mention easily disproven talking points ever?

I hope a lot of Corporate money was wasted on this one!

Finally, Bernie has NEVER lost a Presidential Primary Nomination yet.

Hillary HAS lost a Presidential Primary Nomination.

So, and I'm just trying to follow the logic, if there is any, of the morons who are attempting to push this most assinine meme on intelligent people, it would seem to me that these highly paid, not-too-bright Think Tanks would serve whoever they are working for better by not insulting the intelligence of the average voter.


Bernie has proven himself to be the MOST ELECTABLE Democratic Candidate in this race.

Hillary has a mixed record on electability and nowhere near as long as Bernie's proven record of electability

I'm glad they brought it up actually.

If electability is what we are to worry about Bernie is definitely the candidate who should get the Nomination.

Every time I hear that word, 'unelectable' I, and every other person with a few functioning brain cells, know what it means:

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