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Member since: Thu Mar 6, 2008, 11:52 PM
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state by state speak your mind about...north dakota

i did not believe in north dakota until about 10 years ago
i thought it was a fantasy to even out the flag or something
i live in the touristy part of florida and we see every tag from every state
never seen a north dakota tag
but my dad went to work there and he says its really a place so i have no choice but to believe him
food processing and farming are the high priority jobs
when they admitted the dakotas as states they intentionally shuffled the papers so as to not know which was admitted first
dakota rivalry
we have the native people,scandanavians germans
there are no real tourist attractions there
i hope someone on du can confirm the existence of north dakota

state by state speak your mind about...new york

awww new york the big apple
well the big apple is in new york
a state with serious duality a large populous state with americas most populated city within
when you say new york you usually mean the city but it really is so much more
lets start with the city though.one of americas oldest and most definitive places and histories
bought for a robbers pittance by the dutch from natives
the natives selling rights to land of their neighbors
how much more USA does this story get? the imprint of new york city is all over this world
madison avenue homogenized us starting in the 50's and the big 3 networks finished the job via hollywood outsourcing
wall street can cripple a government half a world away over a bad sandwich at lunch
and we would be naked without new yorks garment districts (not really but models would work less and do we really need tyra banks and naiomi campbell with free time?)
and then you leave the city and there are villages and farms and mountains and rolling hills
most steeped in the gestation of this continent a historically magic tour of history
we are a better nation for new york
what a place!

state by state speak your mind about...new mexico

when i think of new mexico i picture a john wayne movie set
tall buttes and mesas in the distance and desert scrub all around
i think it may have some of that but not as much as some of its neighbors
its a rocky mountain state with snow peaks and such
every type of animal is represented there from chipmonks to cougars
pretty much annexed from mexico in the 1840s wars
in 1861 the csa claimed it as a territory
because of its border status it has had a latin influence throughout its existence and 46% of its population is descended from spanish colonists
it has the largest native population of any state except alaska
new mexico has archeological sites that go back to the mogollon and the anasazi (1200 bc)
history and nature combined to make new mexico a great place
i cant wait to go
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