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Member since: Thu Mar 6, 2008, 11:52 PM
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state by state speak your mind about...new jersey

or as we will refer to her throughout "jersey"
jersey is an interesting state. sinatra was from hoboken
the battle of trenton was an important revolutionary war battle
jersey has been getting a low class black eye in the media with a lot of low rent "reality" shows
but thats not really jersey at all i mean you have drunk assholes in your state too i bet
jersey loves a toll road
jersey is the garden state and once you get away from the coast it is kind of farmy
jersey and jersey residents have helped shape who we are today by shaping our common past
i have never been to new jersey but if i get the chance to visit.....fugetaboudit

state by state speak your mind about...new hampshire

i will start by saying i know nothing about new hampshire except is was named for old hampshire
so as i write i will do some research and tell the interesting bits
it was once its own country after seceding from great britain
it holds americas first primary
it has many industries from textiles to logging
it has voted for dems for president only 6 times 3 of them during fdr's terms
new hampshire seems to be the epitome of the "yankee" independence
new hampshire is another place i want to see
and remember du "live free or die"

state by state speak your mind about...montana

montana is a place i have never been to
my wifes sister has a cabin there for trout fishing and hunting but i have not gone yet
when i think of montana i see a cowboy on his horse moving across a wide open plain under a huge open sky
i have learned the state has great outdoors action from the fishing mentioned to hiking birding and wildflower watching
there are fabulous parks there yellowstone and glacier national parks are both there
the little big horn happened here (i admit as a native this one makes me smile)
only 2 states have more microbreweries
montana is on my list of places to visit and hopefully soon

as a side note if you are following these and wondered about the days i miss recently i have my late brothers daughter and her new husband visiting florida
my fine state
for the first time and i apologize for the delays as i show them why florida in fact does NOT suck
i am continuing through to the territories but i sometimes may be a bit late as life intrudes

state by state speak your mind about ...Missouri

i have friends there
it isnt southern but it seems like it is
politically it has been a bellweather state
st louis is the gateway to the west with a very nice arch to prove it
it also was a very important shipping stop on the mississippi river
historically Missouri has had a checkered past
the Missouri compromise fed into the civil war and the mormon wars exiled citizens and confiscated their lands
Missouri has led the way on a lot of american history
the pony express started there and so does the oregon trail
these opened the west to us all
its the show me state
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