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state by state speak your mind about...mississippi

i have been to mississippi a lot
she is a glorious place from the coastal bayous of the south to the piney woods of the north
she leads the world in farm raised catfish i dont know if you are a catfish eater but i am and farm raised catfish has a more palatable meat
so yay catfish farmers!
she also is a major producer to this day of cotton
she has played hostess to man for well over 10000 years and has extensive earthworks relating to these ancient
there is a darkness to her also that cannot be overlooked
in 1860 as war loomed every other human in mississippi was a slave
over half of the population
but at the turn of the next century over 2 out of every 3 landholders was an african american
this is one of the places made sacred by the blood of martyrs in the civil rights movement
the place the blues were born in and where elvis is from
its where you can trade your soul at midnight at a crossroads in the middle of nowhere
mississippi is still part of the past but also part of the future
go to mississippi and find out

state by state speak your mind about...minnesota

i have met amny minnesotans and they are all so far good folks
the foods are a little different (think lutkefiske)
the land is beautiful and the state is the land on 10,000 lakes
thats a lot of lakes
minnesota is 80% as old as the earth
that is older than any other place
it has always been there
many huge corporations are headquarted in minnesota
many great writers and musicians also come from minnesota
they have the 10 largest gdp among the states
logging mining and agriculture all are extensive
as is the tourism business from its many waterays and lakes
minnesota has a lot going on

state by state speak your mind about...michigan

i have seen michigan across a lake
its a place that resonates with a lot of americans who havent been
detroit flint cadillac saginaw these towns changed america more than once
the american car experience is almost the word "michigan"
but that isnt all the first soft drink vernors is a michigan invention
dominoes and little ceaser were both founded there
christmas tree? yup theres michigan again supplying american again
and yet this great place
this linchpin of america
has been left a dowager
this great builder of our nation deserves our respect

state by state speak your mind about...massachusetts

nice place maligned because of its pay what you get mentality as taxachusetts
one of the cradles of our republic
i may be mistaken but i think maine and vermont were cut from a larger massachusetts
great chowder and other seafood
between the history and the food massachusetts is a good visit spot

state by state speak your mind about...maryland

maryland is a lovely place
i have been several times and i am always surprised by how southern it is in its customs
the western part of the state is rural and farmy while the eastern coast is more urban and cityfied
i enjoyed my trips to baltimore to see the shipyards
we won a world war from the baltimore shipyards
if you have a chance to visit the state is full of history from the revolution to the civil war and right up to today
maryland is a beautiful place well worth the time invested in visiting
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