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Member since: Thu Mar 6, 2008, 11:52 PM
Number of posts: 10,287

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state by state speak your mind about......alaska

another state i have in fact visited
natural beauty and nice people
i saw moose(s) and everything smaller,glaciers and mountains
and delicious fireweed(?) jelly
each post will be linked in the coresponding state forum/group

state by state with....arkansas

another state i have visited
beautiful mountains great food
went to winrock farms to see the santa getrudis cattle
best biscuits ever

state by state speak your mind on.....california

never been
always plays well on tv
i like my land mass with less mobility

state by state speak your mind about...the district of columbia

i know i know its not a "state"
still it has its own culture and feel as if it were
so i include you d.c.
i have been to dc many times from a child to an adult
i never get over the thrill when the buildings come into view
the capitol
the white house
the mall and all it contains
i noted in another of these that i am a vacation historian and dc is a treasure trove
from the strip joint downtown that the feds used to run (got it in a judgement) to secret tunnels all over town this place is awesome
the smithsonian alone would take an actual week just to see everything and that means no stopping just looking lookning looking
this is truely the golden city on the hill for the us
it is our rome our athens
it is humid as satans buttcrack in the summer though so plan well
i forgot the cherry blossom festival another must see event

state by state speak your mind about...florida

this is my state
i am mixed in my feelings
this place is at once the most beautiful and ugliest place there is
she is an enviromental dream being turned into a nightmare
she is the love of my youth
a place where the fish jumped and the animals ran
where you would hide in the sea oats in the summer to see the turtles make their yearly pilgrimage
we lived on the edge of the future and the past here
we are a troubled place
all the worlds ills are represented here
she is mine
my flowery lands
my florida
i love her
i hate her
i love her so

state by state speak your mind about...colorado

another state i hope to visit
i have never been so not much to say on this one
i have the idea its a very beautiful place
my chef is from colorado he seems ok

state by state speak your mind about...georgia

another mixed bag
as a gator i see georgia and say...meh
i cannot leave florida without going into it and its huge
takes forever to cross unless you go the coastal route
and then
there is savannah.....the best town in the south
there are others like her old grande belles who will flip up their skirts and dance
but savannah......she does the cancan with no bloomers
and atlanta is a history tour all its own
milledgeville the only city designed to be the state capital and then unused
stone mountain is a work of wonder despite the story it tells
and then there is the appalachian trail starting in north georgia
georgia is worth the trip

state by state speak your mind about...hawaii

the only state to have a royal family
beautiful islands in the pacific
gateway to asia for many
i have always wanted to go to see the beaches, the ocean floor,the volcanos and the monster surf
known mostly as a vacation spot hawaii is an agriculural hot spot
cattle,and fruit shipped all over the world
i will go someday

state by state speak you mind about... idaho

idaho has great potatoes
it is called the gem state because every known gem is found there
star garnets are found there and high in the himalayan mountains very rare
i understand there is good ski-ing there and the trout fishing is unbelievable
i hope to one day travel to idaho it looks beautiful

state by state speak your mind about...indiana

indiana i have been through one time driving
it was pretty and pastoral
many farms and a lot of farming
several cities of good size
indianapolis was very impressive
the largest road kill i have ever seen was the deer all along the side of the interstate
huge creatures but not the best way to see them
indiana is another place i hope to return to with more time to explore
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