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Gender: Female
Current location: New Jersey
Member since: Tue Mar 4, 2008, 03:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,206

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My 1,000th post on DU!

Woo-hoo! And a great day for this to happen. I feel that I have arrived, even though I've been lurking since at least 2006, but joined in 2008.

As a techie, I will say

There's NO WAY you just release software like that into production. There should have been multiple rounds of user-acceptance testing before this final rollout. "Experimental" software (sometimes called beta) is something that a company hands out only to the most avant-garde users/developers; end users would only come into contact with such software with plenty of notice that there's no implied warranty, and any adverse experience is their problem.

This issue sucks a$$, and just burns me up. Even if it were thoroughly tested, the fact that they're using the "experimental" label to circumvent the statute, is very unethical.

Christie has ALWAYS cared about NJ

Unlike a lot of politicians on both sides of the aisle, Christie was born and bred here, and made his career here. He didn't hop around the country to try and make name for himself. As our AG, he fiercely rounded up many of the corrupt people who were bleeding our state coffers dry, and successfully won (or settled, in a few cases) ALL those prosecutions.

In the last week, it feels like I've become a Christie apologist on this board, but I don't care.

It pains me to see people inject his weight as they criticize him, because we howl when the Limbaughs of the world speak derisively of women, or speak in fake Black ghettoized accents as they mimick the President or another Black person in politics. How is anyone here better than that when they make derogatory remarks about Christie?

When the Palins of the world rose to prominence, they had no quarter with Christie. Christie has even worked closely in the beginning of his term with someone who came from the VERY powerful south Jersey Democratic boss Norcross' machine.

Christie worked with Mayor Cory Booker and Arne Duncan from the Obama administration to make education reforms in the state. He was an advocate, particularly as it pertains to school choice, an issue that IS very popular with inner city minority parents. Yes, public schools must be improved, but in the meantime, if a few kids can be given the chance to escape, why not? Do you see Obama's children attending inner city schools?

When he was attorney general, Christie's prosecutions were as vigorous as you see his efforts now to bring to New Jersey the help and attention that we need.
My parents escaped a dictatorship to come to this country. We could afford the best schools in our old country, and that's where they sent us. Everywhere in the world that's what people do: send their kids to the best schools they can possibly afford. Leaving for an even better opportunity helped us to live to fight another day, and still support those who are left behind.
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