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Name: Catherina
Gender: Female
Member since: Mon Mar 3, 2008, 02:08 PM
Number of posts: 35,568

About Me

There are times that one wishes one was smarter than one is so that when one looks out at the world and sees the problems one wishes one knew the answers and I don\'t know the answers. I think sometimes one wishes one was dumber than one is so one doesn\'t have to look out into the world and see the pain that\'s out there and the horrible situations that are out there, and not know what to do - Bernie Sanders http://www.democraticunderground.com/128040277

Journal Archives

Video of Bernie Sanders passionately defending LGBT Military Members 20 yrs ago

CNN: The Bernie Sanders surge

By Errol Louis, CNN Political Commentator

Updated 2308 GMT (0608 HKT) August 30, 2015

(CNN) Hillary Clinton has far more money, name recognition, endorsements and political experience than any of her Democratic rivals. Her legion of high-profile supporters have made the case that she will inevitably win the Democratic nomination for president.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the coronation: It's not time (yet) for all-out political panic, but Clinton and her team have very good reasons to be worried about the sharp and steady rise in support for presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.


Back in 2007, I conducted an hour-long public discussion with Edwards about his views on poverty. I later saw him campaigning in the icy cold of Iowa the day before the 2008 caucuses, and I can confirm that his message found support in the Hawkeye State, where just under 13% of residents are living in poverty and a little more than 28% are classified as low-income working families, making $47,000 a year or less for a family of four.


"This feels like 2008 all over again" is how J. Ann Selzer, the pollster for the Des Moines Register, described the latest poll and the Sanders surge. If that's true, Clinton will have to consider taking a hard left turn, which would mean fully renouncing her support of NAFTA and TPP and competing with Sanders as an economic populist.


If Clinton doesn't act quickly, she'll run the risk of losing Iowa and New Hampshire -- along with any semblance of an argument that the Democratic nomination for president is hers for the taking.


Belinda Carlisle: "Yes, yes, i switched teams...my candidate!"


Like dominoes.

when you look into his eyes, it's just cold. No soul

Anyways I decided to settle a point of morbid curiosity. I took the opportunity to clear up some rumours I had been hearing concerning Kaibile training. I had heard that on the first day in ‘hell’ each recruit is given a puppy which they must name, love and keep as a pet for the duration of the training. Cute, right?

On the last day they supposedly cut off its head and eat it.

So I asked Geronimo, ‘…did you ever have a dog?’

¡Tan rico!

So delicious!

He immediately replied without any prompting from me, smiling at the memory.

¡Estaba muy hambriento!

I was very hungry!

I didn’t think he would be so straightforward about it.

¿Te sentiste mal?

Did you feel bad?

¡No no! No había comido en tres días.

No no! I hadn’t eaten in three days.

Excellent! That’s exactly what the US needed to keep its Central American dictatorships propped up in the 70s and 80s – dehumanized super soldiers.

Although, if the training is as bad as Geronimo made it out to be then its no surprise he jumped at the chance to eat his pet pooch Pedro.

¿Cuál era su nombre?

What was his name?

No me recuerdo.

I can’t remember

He really didn’t give a shit about the dog.


I can't believe these monsters are still walking around free, with total impunity after what they did to people here. It takes a special kind of hole in your soul to bash babies brains against a wall while their mothers are screaming in agony.

Not just millennials. Fast growing Sanders constituency group on facebook is WOMEN

DWS let every1 know the debate schedule is up to her & there is no recourse

"1 The DNC debate schedule is fixed and could only be changed by the DNC chair.

2 I am the DNC chair.

3 Therefore, the DNC debate schedule cannot be changed in any way."

but haha "We're super thrilled to hear that people are so eager to participate in our debates!"

To think some pretend that's *democracy*. Democracy will bite you in the ass yet Debbie.

Can Movements in Guatemala and Honduras Usher in Change?

Can Movements in Guatemala and Honduras Usher in Change?

This content was originally published by teleSUR at the following address:
http://www.telesurtv.net/english/analysis/Can-Movements-in-Guatemala-and-Honduras-Usher-in-Change-20150822-0011.html If you intend to use it, please cite the source and provide a link to the original article. www.teleSURtv.net/english

25 August 2015 - 10:25 AM
Can Movements in Guatemala and Honduras Usher in Change?

Tens of thousands of Guatemalans and Hondurans have taken to the streets in recent months to protest government corruption and multimillion dollar embezzlement of public funds, calling for an end to impunity and resignation of presidents who’ve seen what remained of their credibility dealt a heavy blow by massive scandals.

But while some have hailed the moment of popular discontent as a “Central American spring,” others remain cautious about overestimating the potential of broad and politically sporadic movements to achieve any lasting structural change.

In both countries, the constitution of the new popular movements has been novel. In a show of social mobilization not seen since the 1940-50s “democratic spring” in Guatemala and the 2009 post-coup national resistance movement in Honduras, middle class and urban outrage has brought new forces to the streets.

Guatemala: “They robbed us of everything, including our silence”

While many Guatemalans have long suffered the effects of economic inequality and lack of resources, waves of corruption scandals in various public institutions that began to surface in April have mobilized people across demographic and class lines with initial outrage giving way to broader demands.

But Guatemalans continued to take to the streets, taking up the cheer “this has only begun” alongside placards bearing slogans like “no more corruption” and “resign now”. Independent investigations led by the U.N.’s anti-impunity body CICIG are still uncovering the details and extent of the corruption, believed to directly implicate Perez Molina as its mastermind.


As Bridget Brehen of the Guatemala solidarity organization NISGUA told teleSUR, the major involvement of the urban middle class is a notable turn in the historic organization of Guatemalan social movements. “Struggles for justice for crimes of the past and to defend lands and territories against resource extraction have been a strong current of resistance in Guatemala and led by primarily by directly impacted Indigenous and rural communities and leaders,” Brehen explained. “The CICIG-led investigations unearthed a level of corruption in public institutions that had not previously been known and that impacted large swathes of urban-based Guatemalans.”


But despite the energy and urban involvement, the struggle to achieve the revolutionary potential of such widespread outrage is a major challenge in the face of a political stronghold unlikely to cede power easily. In Guatemala, this is the new age of a decades-old power struggle that has seen progressive and revolutionary alternatives crushed by repressive and U.S-backed military governments.


Honduras: Corruption and impunity in post-coup politics


This content was originally published by teleSUR at the following address:
http://www.telesurtv.net/english/analysis/Can-Movements-in-Guatemala-and-Honduras-Usher-in-Change-20150822-0011.html If you intend to use it, please cite the source and provide a link to the original article. www.teleSURtv.net/english

In Spanish

Bernie Sanders Update: Plan for Enormous D.C. Rally Gains Steam

Bernie Sanders Update: Plan for Enormous D.C. Rally Gains Steam
As RSVP's top 100,000, the Sanders campaign is seriously considering

By Brent Budowsky | 08/28/15 10:34am

Enough is Enough Rally Facebook group. (Photo: Screenshot/ Facebook)

Here is the latest news about the Facebook-driven grassroots movement proposing a huge march on Washington this fall to support the presidential candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.):

I wrote in a column on Monday that advocates for the D.C. rally planned to present the idea to the Sanders campaign when their Facebook page collecting RSVP’s for the event reached 100,000. The number of Sanders supporters who RSVP’d rose from 87,000 on Monday to 100,000 by mid-week and by Friday morning had climbed to 108,000.

The grassroots activists spearheading the D.C. rally proposal formally presented the idea to the Sanders presidential campaign in a conference call late Wednesday. After the conference call, Charlie Ryan, a leading organizer of the movement to hold the Washington rally, told me: “I thought the call went well. There was interest in learning what the vision for the event is, what benefits we see from such an event and enthusiasm for our efforts but they weren’t in a position to make any commitments.”

As this column is published Friday morning the Sanders campaign has not yet signed on to embrace the proposal but movement organizers are optimistic and the 100,000-plus people who have already RSVP’d to attend the rally have good reason to be excited. Attendance would almost certainly rise well into six figures which would make this rally the largest campaign event, by far, for any candidate running in 2016.


To paint a portrait of what a progressive march on Washington by Sanders supporters might look like, and future progressive marches on Washington that I predict would attract one million progressives to the Washington Mall, let me end today by quoting in full one man’s well-stated version of a manifesto for the proposed Bernie Sanders rally, which can be found on the Facebook site promoting the idea, from Charlie Ryan:

When our African American brothers and sisters continue to be victims of institutional racism in America; we say-ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When women still do not have pay equity in America; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When our soldiers and their families continue to suffer in perpetual, senseless wars; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When too many families live in fear of deportation, with no path to citizenship; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When Americans, regardless of their race, religion, disability or sexual orientation cannot realize the full promise of equality; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major country on earth; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When the top 0.01% own more wealth than the bottom 90%; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When so many young American families cannot afford quality, affordable childcare; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When billionaires are buying our government and our politicians; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When our banks continue to put our economy at risk; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When our infrastructure is crumbling around us; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When we have more of our people incarcerated than any other country on earth; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When we have American’s working for starvation wages; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When we have millions of Americans with substandard or NO health care; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When our citizens are being crushed by student loan debt; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When our seniors cannot afford to live out their lives in dignity and security; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When our young people are discouraged from higher education because their families can’t afford it; we say-ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When our country and our planet are suffering from the effects of climate change; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When corporations get huge tax breaks while American children go hungry; we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

When cowardly politicians attempt to suppress our right to vote we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

These are just a few of the reasons we say- ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

These are the reasons why we need YOU to help reclaim OUR country.

When we stand together there is Nothing, Nothing, NOTHING we cannot accomplish!



Read more at http://observer.com/2015/08/bernie-sanders-update-plan-for-enormous-d-c-rally-gains-steam/#ixzz3k8yi0gH6

Bernie Sanders' Prepared Remarks at the DNC

Remarks at the Democratic National Committee
August 28, 2015

Twitter Facebook Email Link

Thank you for inviting me to be with you today, and thank you for the hard work that all of you do every day in trying to make our country a better place in which to live and raise a family.

I understand that there are Republicans who proclaim how much they love America, but how much they hate the people who work in our government or who participate in the political process. I disagree. In my view, participating in the political process and strengthening democracy — as you do — is one of the most patriotic things we can do as American citizens, and I thank you all for your efforts.

I only have a few minutes, so let me jump to the points I want to make:

When I announced my candidacy less than four months ago, I think that it’s fair to say that few took our campaign seriously. But a lot has changed in these last few months.

All across the country we have drawn some the largest crowds of this campaign, including many young people who have not previously been involved in the political process.

Hundreds of thousands of people have signed on with our campaign as volunteers and are already hitting the streets and phones.

We have, I believe, received more individual campaign contributions than any other presidential campaign, some 400,000. And in this day of super-PACs and huge campaign contributions I am proud to tell you that our average contribution is $31.20.

Most importantly, few would deny that the issues I am running on are generating a great deal of energy and enthusiasm in our grassroots campaign, a campaign that is calling for a political revolution.

The Republicans did not win the mid-term election in November. The Democrats lost that election because voter turnout was abysmally low, and millions of working people, minorities and young people gave up on “politics as usual” and stayed home.

Let me be very clear. In my view, Democrats will not retain the White House, will not regain the Senate, will not gain the House and will not be successful in dozens of governor’s races unless we run a campaign which generates excitement and momentum and which produces a huge voter turnout.

With all due respect, and I do not mean to insult anyone here, that will not happen with politics as usual. The same old, same old will not be successful.

The people of our country understand that — given the collapse of the American middle class and the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality we are experiencing — we do not need more establishment politics or establishment economics.
We need a political movement which is prepared to take on the billionaire class and create a government which represents all Americans, and not just corporate America and wealthy campaign donors.

In other words, we need a movement which takes on the economic and political establishment, not one which is part of it.

We need a movement which tells corporate America and the wealthy that you will start paying your fair share of taxes.

We need a movement which tells Wall Street that when a bank is too big to fail, it is too big to exist. That we will reinstate Glass-Steagall and break up those huge banks which have a stranglehold over our economy. That we will create a financial system which provides affordable loans to small and medium size businesses, not maintain a financial system which is an island unto itself – designed to make huge profits for the few.

We need a movement which will work with the trade union movement to end our disastrous trade policies, and that includes defeating the disastrous TPP.

We need a movement which says that every worker in America deserves a living wage, and that we will raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour over the next few years; that we will provide pay equity to women workers and that we will end the international disgrace of being the only major country on earth that does not provide at least 12 weeks of family and medical leave, not to mention paid sick time and vacation time.

We need a movement which says that, when real unemployment is over 10 percent and youth unemployment is off the charts, we need to create millions of decent paying jobs by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.

We need a movement which tells the Koch brothers and the billionaire class that they will not be able to continue buying candidates and elections and that we will overturn this disastrous Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision and move toward public funding of elections.

We need a movement which understands that climate change is real, is caused by human activity and that we need to lead the world in transforming our energy system away from fossil fuels and into energy efficiency and sustainable energy. And that includes defeating the Keystone pipe line.

We need a movement that says, in a highly competitive global economy, that all of our people who have the ability, the qualifications and the desire, will be able to get a college education regardless of the income of their families because we will make public colleges and universities tuition free – and we’re going to pay for it through a tax on Wall Street speculation.

We need a movement which, once and for all, will end institutional racism in our country and reform a very, very broken criminal justice system. We must not continue being the country in the world with more people in jail than any other – disproportionately people of color. We must become the country in the world which invests in jobs and education, not in jails and incarceration.

And when we talk about bringing our country together, we cannot forget that there are 11 million people here who are undocumented. We must provide legal protections for them, we must pass comprehensive immigration reform and we must provide a path towards citizenship. And we must be clear that the racist and un-American idea that we are going to round up millions of people in the dead of night is unacceptable in this great country of ours.

You are looking at a former congressman who did not believe George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld and who voted against the war in Iraq, one of the worst foreign policy blunders in modern American history. And you are looking at a senator who will stand with President Obama in preventing Iran from getting a nuclear, but will do it in a way that prevents another war.

Let me conclude by saying this: We will win in 2016, not just the White House, the U.S. Senate and U.S. House, but Statehouses all across the country because we are going to create an unprecedented grassroots movement which taps into the American people’s desire for real change in this country.


Bernie up NOW (in seconds) at the DNC

CSPAN link: http://www.c-span.org/video/?327791-2/martin-omalley-bernie-sanders-dnc-summer-meeting


He's being introduced now and about to come on stage
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