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Name: Catherina
Gender: Female
Member since: Mon Mar 3, 2008, 02:08 PM
Number of posts: 35,568

About Me

There are times that one wishes one was smarter than one is so that when one looks out at the world and sees the problems one wishes one knew the answers and I don\'t know the answers. I think sometimes one wishes one was dumber than one is so one doesn\'t have to look out into the world and see the pain that\'s out there and the horrible situations that are out there, and not know what to do - Bernie Sanders http://www.democraticunderground.com/128040277

Journal Archives

Thoroughly disgusting

Bu this comes as no great shock. Obama recently sent 200 marines to Guatemala as part of a US led international force to fight *drug trafficking*, this right after President Molina said he thought a better approach would be to legalize drugs. Obama's immediate response was to dispatching Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano and Joe Biden to the region to warn and threaten. And also to pledge more US funds. (Austerity? What Austerity?) Did you guys vote on this? Did it go through Congress? Oh that's right, we're just supposed to sit back, relax and *trust* Obama.

Obama's *normalizing* these shameful imperial ventures.

The part they're leaving out is that when multinationals need your land, you're conveniently fingered as a drug dealer. Pheasants get mowed down here regularly without so much as an apology because they won't give up their land. Disgustingly enough, the weapons used against them are provided by Israel, the biggest arms dealer in the region.

... because of the international political scandal surrounding the Guatemalan army's human rights record, U.S. training of officers and troops can not be carried out "openly." So, he said, "help comes in the name of Strong Roads, of democracy, of human rights, of ecology and of anti-narcotics assistance."

While there was no direct military aid to Guatemala in 1994, economic aid reached $30 million and anti-narcotics aid was at least $40 million, according to U.S. government sources. The Clinton administration has also proposed the renewal of International Military Education Training for the Guatemalan army, but Congress denied the request.

Moreover, Guatemalan security forces continue to receive weapons and, according to human rights advocates in the country, training from one of the United States' closest military allies -- Israel.

An international expert on political-military relations in Guatemala City who asked to remain anonymous said Israel has "filled a market" for guns in Guatemala that the United States was not filling "for political reasons." He said Guatemala security forces get Israeli training and weapons under the rubric of "training for presidential security." According to statements from Interior Minister Carlos Enrique Reynoso Gil, published Feb. 13 in the Guatemalan daily Siglo 21, Guatemala was to receive a shipment of "extremely sophisticated" weapons in February from an Israeli merchant for the national police force.

Another report, published Feb. 11, announced the sale of Israeli semiautomatic weapons to Guatemalan civilians. NCR visited the company that claimed in a Yellow Pages advertisement to be the exclusive retailer of Israeli Uzi submachine guns. An Uzi, which can be purchased with a permit requiring a psychological exam, costs approximately $2,000, a company representative said. A Visa or Diners card may be used.

The gun shop was located approximately six blocks from the Guatemalan police academy, a few blocks from the residence of the Minister of Defense -- and across the street from the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala City.



"Strong Roads hides under a camouflage of social and humanitarian assistance. Do they think they can fool us with this today like they fooled us with mirrors 500 years ago?" - Armando Cu, Guatemalan journalist

Lemme tell you, from down here in Central America, we can't even tell you've had any elections in the last decades. It's the same sick policy accelerating at an astounding pace. The only difference is that right now a new faction on the Left is providing plenty of cover because shhhhh you must not criticize the emperor, you must just clap your hands to the chorus and *trust*.

Not impressed America. In fact the world is becoming increasingly disgusted. And we're certainly NOT trusting you down here either.

"the country that swaggers about lecturing everybody about the rule of law, democracy and human rights is the same country that ignores international law, practices extraordinary rendition, tortures, wages illegal wars, finances mercenaries, uses unmanned drones to carry out extra-judicial killings, allows military commission and indefinite detentions, denies due process, and so and so forth. " - Gart Valenc

From what I understand she did. If he was on Fanapt, he was getting his prescription from an MD

I'm sure more will come out but this kid was not stable. He was talking a very strong drug, FDA-approved only for treating schizophrenia, called Fanapt that's on record for causing psychosis in many patients. One of it's listed possible side effects is "Mood or behavioral changes, or thoughts of hurting yourself or others."

Now let me tell you a little about Fanapt:

Fanapt: the rise and fall of an antipsychotic

Fanapt is born

Cooked up in the labs of Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Fanapt was intended as a replacement for Clozaril, a true blockbuster with, unfortunately, an expired patent. That meant Clozaril could be sold cheaply, generically, and Novartis could no longer command the high prices they had come to count on. Enter Fanapt.

Fanapt is dumped

During the development process, Novartis ran into problems. Whatever they found, it wasn’t good, because they basically tossed Fanapt into the garbage.

But another pharmaceutical company, Vanda, snatched it up and ran with it - all the way to the FDA.

Vanda goes to the FDA - and loses

In July 2008, the FDA issued a “not approvable” letter on the new drug. (In other words: no dice, Vanda.)

Vanda ignores the FDA - and wins

Vanda did none of those things. Instead, in November, they simply resubmitted the drug to the FDA, using leftover data from the original clinical trials.

It was such a jaw-dropping long shot that Vanda’s investors couldn’t get rid of stock fast enough. Stock prices fell below $1, and the company’s worth plummeted to less than cash on hand. At Vanda, there were layoffs and cutbacks, followed by a proxy fight trying to force Vanda to shut down, sell off its assets, and give any remaining money back to the shareholders.

Then, on May 6, 2009, stock analyst Adam Feuerstein observed something strange: “Hell froze over Wednesday night, right before a squadron of flying pigs took to the sky.”

For reasons only clear to the FDA, the new schizophrenia drug had been approved.



Since we can't highlight, I'm changing yellow to bold

Fanapt may cause aggressive/violent behavior (frequent).

This drug may also cause the following symptoms that are related to aggressive/violent behavior:

Hyperactivity (uncommon)
Impulse control problems (uncommon)
Mania (uncommon)
Restlessness (uncommon)

Medical Source Information
Yellow highlights indicate symptoms related to aggressive/violent behavior.

Psychiatric side effects including restlessness, aggression, and delusion have been reported frequently. Hostility, decreased libido, paranoia, anorgasmia, confusional state, mania, catatonia, mood swings, panic attack, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia nervosa, delirium, polydipsia psychogenic, impulse-control disorder, and major depression have been reported infrequently.



There is no amount of money that can guarantee treatment. You can lug your kid to all the top psychiatrists in your area but as long as Pharma owns our Healthcare system and Wall Street owns our Pharma, these are the results.

That kid probably didn't even realize he was killing children. For all we knew, he could have thought they were invaders from Mars come to destroy earth.

Capitalism, ain't it grand? Everyone needs to make a quick buck of someone and it's the little guys at the bottom, the weakest ones who pay the price. Adam Lanza too, despite his mother's money is one of the little guys at the bottom, who got pumped full of drugs instead of treated, cause that's what our industry does, it pumps our kids full of drugs to mask the symptoms instead of treating anything.

I feel immense sorrow for everyone involved, the children, the mother, the killer, the grieving parents... I have a feeling the mother did all she humanly could.

I hope no one here ever has to deal with this in their children because it can happen to any of us.

Highlights from Egypt, Dec 11 2012 / Huge Protest. IMF Loan. Selling Egypt

Previous thread: "View profile
Highlights from Egypt, Dec 10 2012 (Part 2) Tahrir Under Attack. Gunshots Molotovs thrown in tents" here: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10021957747

Livestream link, what little commentary there is is mostly in English http://www.livestream.com/worldwidespeakout

Last night:

Egypt Independent ‏@EgyIndependent

Attackers descend on Tahrir Square, protesters wounded http://dlvr.it/2cjQXx

Some 10 protesters were injured in an armed attack in the early hours of Tuesday in Tahrir Square, where an open-ended sit-in has been staged since 23 November.

Unknown attackers fired birdshot at protesters in the square. Nine suffered injuries to their arms and legs, while one protester suffered from a head injury.

The attack caused a wave of chaos in the square, with protesters chanting "the people want the fall of the regime" in response, before calm eventually returned.



This morning:

Rawya Rageh ‏@RawyaRageh

MT @mokhbersahafi: Thousands quickly fill in islamists rally as dozens of minibuses from provinces bus in morsi supporters" #Egypt

2 hours ago:

Andy Carvin ‏@acarvin

#egypt RT @cliffcheney: Protesters pounding on metal portion of wall at presidential palace. Army on other side. video http://cc.posterous.com/protesters-pounding-on-metal-portion-of-wall

Basil El-Dabh ‏@BasilElD

People now attempting to disassemble a wall using metal chains

1 hour ago

The Daily News Egypt ‏@DailyNewsEgypt

Protesters manage to break wall outside presidential palace. #Morsy, #Egypt. #DNE via @BasilElD

Highlights from Egypt, Dec 10 2012 (Part 2) Tahrir Under Attack. Gunshots Molotovs thrown in tents

Previous thread - "Highlights from Egypt, Dec 10 2012 (Part 1) Yesterday's Taxes Rescinded (or Postponed rather) Today": www.democraticunderground.com/10021954986

Nada Wassef ‏@Nadawassef

Apparently #Tahrir is under attack,tweeps reporting molotov&gunshots used in attack,assailants unknown. #Egypt 1:18 am

Mostafa Hussein ‏@moftasa

BREAKING: Attack by unknown assailants on the sit-in in #Tahrir square. People reporting gun fire and molotovs being thrown on tents.

Evan Hill ‏@evanchill

.@shorouk_news reports "more than 20 thugs" attacking the Tahrir sit-in, using shotguns.

Egyptocracy ‏@Egyptocracy

1.17am EET: Gunshots in #Tahrir. Protesters running around to secure entrances. #Egypt screenshot from OnTV: pic.twitter.com/wJSPcdza

Worthwhile to note that Facebook went down in Egypt 10 minutes before this attack took place. Just noting that for the record.

Google Revenues Sheltered in No-Tax Bermuda Soar to $10 Billion

Source: Bloomberg News

Google Revenues Sheltered in No-Tax Bermuda Soar to $10 Billion

By Jesse Drucker - Dec 9, 2012 11:01 PM GMT-0600

Google Inc. (GOOG) avoided about $2 billion in worldwide income taxes in 2011 by shifting $9.8 billion in revenues into a Bermuda shell company, almost double the total from three years before, filings show.

By legally funneling profits from overseas subsidiaries into Bermuda, which doesn’t have a corporate income tax, Google cut its overall tax rate almost in half. The amount moved to Bermuda is equivalent to about 80 percent of Google’s total pretax profit in 2011.

The increase in Google’s revenues routed to Bermuda, disclosed in a Nov. 21 filing by a subsidiary in the Netherlands, could fuel the outrage spreading across Europe and in the U.S. over corporate tax dodging. Governments in France, the U.K., Italy and Australia are probing Google’s tax avoidance as they seek to boost revenue during economic doldrums.


“The tax strategy of Google and other multinationals is a deep embarrassment to governments around Europe,” said Richard Murphy, an accountant and director of Tax Research LLP in Norfolk, England. “The political awareness now being created in the U.K., and to a lesser degree elsewhere in Europe, is: It’s us or them. People understand that if Google doesn’t pay, somebody else has to pay or services get cut.”


Read more: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-12-10/google-revenues-sheltered-in-no-tax-bermuda-soar-to-10-billion.html

What's that about Austerity again?

Highlights from Egypt, Dec 10 2012 (Part 1) Yesterday's Taxes Rescinded (or Postponed rather) Today

Previous thread, Highlights from Egypt, Dec 9 2012 (Part 1) Grand Treason, can be found here: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10021950316

The National Salvation Front categorically rejects the constitutional referendum

Mass protests on Tuesday

Presidential decrees for huge tax hikes on utilities and goods to satisfy the thugs in the IMF didn't go over well at all

Less than 10 hours after State Organs announced the tax hikes, they were rescinded

Gregg Carlstrom ‏@glcarlstrom

So now Morsi *isn't* raising taxes (yet), because he realizes they'd be unpopular with "the Egyptian street": http://bit.ly/YSKoRa (Arabic)

Hani Shukrallah ‏@HaniShukrallah

#MB in power: raise sales tax (hit poor), don't raise tax on rich; issue secret decree, announce week later, take back next morning! slick

sherief gaber ‏@cairocitylimits

Holy shit this is getting ridiculous "Egypt president Morsi halts tax hikes, calls for dialogue" http://english.ahram.org.eg/News/60166.aspx

Egypt president Morsi halts tax hikes, calls for dialogue
In a statement in the early hours of Monday, the Egyptian President suspends the implementation of tax increases announced Sunday afternoon
Ahram Online, Monday 10 Dec 2012

Egypt President Mohamed Morsi has retracted his Sunday decisions to increase tax burdens on the Egyptian people, and ordered the government to carry out a "social dialogue" on the measures before implementation.

In a statement issued on his official Facebook page at around 2 am on Monday, Morsi said he had put on hold the measures of raising sales taxes on a wide range of consumer goods and services that were made public Sunday afternoon.

“(The President) does not accept that the Egyptian citizen carries any extra burdens without consent. His Excellency has decided to halt the (tax raising) decisions until the degree of public acceptance is made clear,” the statement read.

The measures represent the implementation of an economic programme that Egypt has proposed to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in order to be eligible for a $4.8 billion loan. They are aimed at reducing public deficit through increasing state revenue.



Edit: Gameela Ismail ‏@GameelaIsmail

@Bassem_Sabry not ANNULS,but SUSPENDS decrees.We will protest 3pm in Cairo at the cabinet,central bank &governorate buildings nationwide

((Tax Details))

Ahmed Ateyya ‏@Ateyya

#morsitaxes: 10% on stock market profits, 18% on cell phone bills, 15% on land fertilizers, 10% on rents, 200% on beer, 150% on liquor
Retweeted by Cherif Barakat

Highlights from Egypt, Dec 9 2012 (Part 1) Grand Treason

Previous thread, Highlights from Egypt, Dec 8 2012 (Part 2) Martial Law, here: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10021948174

Ahmed Ateyya ‏@Ateyya

Breaking: Public prosecutor orders to investigate charges of Grand Treason against Baradei. Moussa, Sabahy

30m Ahmed Ateyya Ahmed Ateyya ‏@Ateyya

Breaking: Public prosecutor investigate charges of "conspiring for a coup" against Mortada Mansour, Bakry, Tahany El Gebaly

Highlights from Egypt, Dec 8 2012 (Part 2) Martial Law

Previous thread, Highlights from Egypt, Dec 8 2012 (Part 1) Martial Law here: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10021946100

@cairocitylimits Breaking: Morsi cancels temporary power grab, insists on vote on permanent power grab enabled by temporary power grab.

Highlights from Egypt, Dec 8 2012 (Part 1) Martial Law

Highlights from Egypt, Dec 8 2012 (Part 1) Martial Law

Previous thread, Highlights from Egypt, Dec 7 2012 (Part 4), here: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10021942792

shaimaa khalil ‏@Shaimaakhalil

1st statement since protests,#Egypt army calls for dialogue to end crisis over #Morsi's powers,warning it will intervene to stop violence


Egyptian President Said to Prepare Martial Law Decree http://goo.gl/dODke by @kirkpatrickNYT #2011


In a statement read on state television, a military spokesman warned Saturday of “disastrous consequences” if the crisis gripping Egypt was not resolved and he urged new dialogue as "the best and only way" to overcome the standoff. The military also pledged to protect state institutions, according to media reports.

“President Morsi will soon issue a decision for the participation of the armed forces in the duties of maintaining security and protection of vital state institutions until the constitution is approved and legislative elections are finished,” the state newspaper Al Ahram reported, suggesting that the martial law would last until at least February. Parliamentary elections are expected to be held two months after the constitutional referendum, which is scheduled for next Saturday.

The paper reported that the defense minister would determine the scope of the military’s role. Military officers would be authorized to act as police and “to use force to the extent necessary to perform their duty,” the newspaper said.

A need to rely on the military to secure a referendum to approve the new charter could undermine Mr. Morsi’s efforts to present the documents as an expression of national consensus that might resolve the crisis.



Highlights from Egypt, Dec 7 2012 (Part 4), MB issues urgent call to its supporters

Highlights from Egypt, Dec 7 2012 (Part 4)

Previous thread, Highlights from Egypt, Dec 7 2012 (Part 3), here: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10021942199

MB issues urgent call to its supporters via facebook and TV announcement. Failure to show up is not an option.

Tonight could get very, very ugly as this is an almost carbon repeat of what happened last time.


Gihan A ‏@just_me_g

# Egypt Watch LIVE for the whole world to see what's going on and how this weak corrupted regime must GO
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